My Mom the Sex Therapist

I always thought it was a strange profession but apparently there are actual PhDs in this field. Mom even had a team of surrogates that she’d recommend to certain people with different sexual complications (always joked that she was running a legal brothel).

We lived in the city, my dad was never around due to his work overseas. On the surface I was just a normal guy. One week when dad was out of town I saw mom in her office looking intensely over her notes,


I walked in on her and she jumped.

“Jesus, Jason! You scared the crap out of me!”

“Sorry mom. Just looked like you could use a break,” I said.

“Yeah, you know I could. Crazy stuff you hear day to day in this job.”

We both got up and started dinner. While we were eating she still looked distant. Finally, she broke her train of thought.

“Honey, what do you think of me?”

“I think your great mom. Why?”

“Ok. Let me rephrase. Do you find me attractive?”

“I mean…your pretty…but I don’t know I’ve never really thought about it,” I said (believe it or not it was the truth), “what’s up?”

“I’ve got a new case that is borderline crazy to me. Two people, very normal, not crazy, they have a great sex-”

“-come on mom. You know about how the details of your job can weird me out sometimes.”

“Yeah sorry,” she said, “can you just let me talk it out. You don’t have to pay attention.”

I rolled my eyes, “alright.”

“Ok. So back to this couple. Great people. Perfectly normal. It’s just…”

“…ok mom, you’ve gotten to the big part. Spit it out.”

“…well. She’s his mother.”

I actually wasn’t surprised, mom had come home with some crazy stories.

She continued, “it’d been so long since I’ve encountered an client who was involved in incest…and it usually didn’t entail a consensual relationship. It’s so strange. She raised him.”

I thought for a second, “was she…attractive?”

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“She was gorgeous actually. Used to model in her younger years. She said that it was the best relationship she’d ever had and the taboo of it all made the sex all the more passionate. She likes the idea that her son and her have that closeness between them and they get to share the most intimate feeling with someone they know they’ll always have. It was almost touching but I had to advise against it.”

I thought for a second, “are they hurting anybody?”

“No. They seem perfectly happy. I just can’t imagine that scenario. Can you?”

“I guess I’ve never thought about it,” I said.

After dinner we both went to bed. I woke up to some noise in my moms office. I walked in and she turned down the monitor.

“Mom? Why are you still up?”

“Jason, did you know there is a whole genre for this type of thing? I’ve been reading up on it, even looking at porn. It’s fascinating really.”

“I’m going to bed,” I said.

“Ok honey, I’m sorry I’ll try to keep it down,” she said.

She didn’t though. One thing about your mom being a sex therapist, they believe that it’s ok to express yourself sexually. It’s normal and healthy. So my parents never hid the fact that they were having sex, or even masturbating. They did it in private but I had to understand, from an early age that it was normal and they were not going to be ashamed about it if I accidentally heard or saw something…I had to get over it.

So I heard mom starting to masturbating. I texted her “keep it down please. I really do need to sleep.”

The text back wasn’t surprising, “when you pay the bills you can complain. Earphones.”

A couple of weeks past, dad called and said he had to stay another few weeks in Singapore.

Most afternoons Mom would come home fascinated by her mother-son patients. Within a few weeks time they’d convinced her, the sex therapist, that their mutual relationship was healthy.

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“Alright mom, I’m done. Let’s talk about something else.”

“Ooh ok. When’s the last time you masturbated?”

(She always did this. Turned it on me so she could keep me engaged in her conversation.)

“Fine. Keep going about your mother-humping clients.”

She continued. It really did fascinate her. Apparently she was starting to see the taboo nature of it all erotic.

“I’ve masturbated to some excellent stories. Got me off faster than the guy on guy stuff I used to watch.”

“Mom! Please! For the love of God I’m going to have to see a sex therapist if you keep going.”

“Well. Sorry you can’t express yourself like I can,” she said.

“Mom. You are reading and watching stuff about sons and their mother’s having sex then telling me, your son about your, experiments.”

“Yeah. Your probably right, it is weird. Taboo in the greatest sense,” she said as she walked past me. She put her hands on my shoulder and started to massage me. “So when dad and I let you visit one of my surrogates when you turned 18, which one did you use?”

“Melanie,” I said closing my eyes

letting her thumbs dig into my shoulder muscle.

“Melanie? The older one. Interesting why?”

“She was the one I was attracted to.”

“I see,” she said, “what do you two do?”

“I didn’t go all the way. We kissed. Petted. That’s about it. Felt weird getting the “ok” to sleep with one of my mother’s hired helpers.”

“Did you get to see her breasts?”

“Yes,” I said, I could feel my groin getting a little tight in my jeans thinking about it.

“What did you do to her breasts honey?” Mom’s voice sounded lower.

“I uh…I put my mouth on them and suckled,” I said, now my manhood was fully erect.

“Good baby. Your mother likes to hear that.” She started reaching down my chest, I surprisingly didn’t mind one bit. The farther down my chest she got the more I could feel her breasts on the back of my neck. I could feel her breath on my hair.

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“She’s your mom dude,” I kept saying to myself, trying to snap myself out of it. I looked back behind the couch and I found mom now bare chested with nothing but red lace panties on.

“Honey, it’s ok if you don’t want to do this,” she said, “but mommy wants to if you are comfortable.”

At this point I wanted to. My penis was bulging, I thought I might come right then and there.

“Ok,” I said sheepishly, “I’m a little nervous.” I could feel my body shaking.

“That’s perfectly normal honey. I am too. It means we’re excited. Our body’s are trying to get us to mate by flooding our body with nervous energy. It’s more fun if we can prolong this feeling.”

Mom really was an expert. I didn’t know what this feeling was but I did know I didn’t want it to go away.

“Now come to mommy. Take off your jeans first but not your boxers.”

I did as mom told me to. I walked over to her naked body and stood in front of her, eager for the next instruction. She walked a little closer, my mom was towering over me, her hand on my arm and then leaned in, “now kiss mommy.”

We kissed. I could feel her hand make it’s way to my hips. She began kissing me on my chest very slowly till she got to me boxers which she removed very slowly. I could feel every thread on them and felt the hop of my penis as it was exposed to the outside. She touched my penis.

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