Elder sister’s video call

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Tony,my elder sister got married as she left for Pune with her husband and it seems that home is in curfew as our relatives left after her marriage,so i am too alone but Mohit,a 21 years guy with tall figure of 6’0 feet ,physique looks athletic ,fair complexion have made himself busy in classes as well as with friends,so my old addiction for porn videos as well as drinking beer , starts again and i am too busy in my life.my elder sister Tony,a 22 years gal ,as her white complexion,height of 5’6 feet,busts seems 34 inches,waist measures 26 inches and butts of 36 inches,got married as she is in Pune with her husband.so we two have made lot of distance after her marriage and even we talk quite often and one evening,she called me on my mobile………….

“Hi Tony
(She)hello how are you?
(Me)fine and you
(She)fine but one thing i have noticed after my marriage
(Me)sure you can reveal it
(Tony)you even don’t talk to me,is there any problem from my side
(Me)no actually you know that i don’t love to talk on phone ,so
(Tony)oh i see,i will call you at 10:00 pm as my hubby is out of station ,we will talk via video call
(Me)as you wish,if no problem mom will also join us
(Tony)no ,talk will be personal.”

And as our conversation ends,i put my clothes and walked out of home,so going to market area as i am regular in drinking beer out of home but after 3 months of married life, Tony will be in conversation with me through video call,is making bit suspicious as walking towards market area,i am thinking about him.so i am in market area as i walked to a shop and bought 3 cigarettes to smoke ,than moved to wine shop and have a cane of beer as i moved towards a deserted path,so while smoking cigarette ,i opened the cane of beer and now standing near road side,i am drinking it but my mind is on sister’s video call as it’s 07:25 pm only.lets see what’s in the card as i have my beer ,so i walked again towards wine shop and there,i bought a cane of beer as i moved towards a deserted park,so while sitting behind dense bushes,i opened the cane as i lit a cigarette to smoke,so second cane of beer is making me well drunk and my open eyes are refreshing the memories of past as both brother and sister got physical inside bus or in native village but as three weeks were for her marriage,she have never seen me like a lover,never given me chance to even touch her.so as i finishes my drink,i throw cane there but still thinking of past as i want to make myself bit normal before going home,so i am smoking cigarette and lastly, it’s 08:10 pm as i moved out of park and walked to home.so as i frisked inside,mom as well as dad is sitting on sofa as they are watching t.v and i moved inside my room as i started removing my clothes,so i am in my undies only as i took my Bermuda and walked inside washroom to get refreshed.now i am too hot as i opened the cascade and starts having my bath,so i have my bath as i rubbed my wet body and than put my bermuda on waist, so i slept on bed as my eyes are closed.later on ,mom came inside room as night bulb is making dim light in room,she asked…….

“Mohit,are you o k?
(Me)yes mom
(Mom) o k ,come and have dinner
(Me)I will have it after an hour.”

So she left my room as i got slept on bed but my mind is still thinking of sister’s video call as 25-30 minutes will clear my doubts.now i wake up as i took my mobile stand and put it on bed ,so putting slight up of bed can make our video call more visible as our whole body will be seen to each other.

It’s 10:05 pm as i walked towards door and looked inside dinning space,so parents have left after their meals and i closed the door as i sit on bed,so after a while,mobile started ringing as i received the call and after 2 months or so ,we both are looking eachother’s face as she is looking hot in her red baby doll dress,she smiled……….

“hi Mohit
(Me)hello Tony,are you fine?
(Tony)yes enjoying my life with hubby
(Me)nice but you are alone in home
(Tony)yes,your brother in law is out of town for two days
(Mohit put ear phones )oh i see,you are feeling alone ,so called me
(Tony sits on her knees)sure dear,let see your married sister’s hot body after got married.”and she have put her dress up to waist as her red G string is visible to me, even her vagina is in my eyes as her transparent panty is making me hot,so as i got look of her strong thighs,my cock is getting harder inside bermuda and now,Tony hold her breast on dress as she starts squeezing it hard and i smiled……..”you are too sexy baby, dress is of honeymoon
(Tony pressing her both boobs)yes look at your sister’s vagina as well as boobs
(Me)oh no,your boobs are bigger in two months only
(Tony)yes my hubby have sucked it a lot
(Mohit pulled his bermuda)oh see your brother’s cock, it’s dying for your hole.”

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