Love Becoming a Cuckold

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I have been in an extremely happy relationship for over 10 years. I knew from the beginning that the woman I was with was very sexual. She had a wild past, and was eager to always try new things.

For the first few years we did everything a couple could do sexually together. Tried all the different positions, role-playing with her being dominant and then submissive, toys, and different places. We would always talk very nasty during sex, and even at times we would watch porn while eating dinner, and talk about the porn scenes. It was during this time that we started to explore the “hotwife” or “cuckold” scenes. We talked about it, fantasized about it, and finally even set down some rules. She was the only one who was allowed to fuck other people, I was allowed to watch and participate as he or she desired.

There were no secrets, complete honesty was the most important thing. She decided that she was going to do men of all ages, races, and body types. We weren’t going to be picky, she wanted to experience a variety of things. I got so turned on as we would watch these porn scenes, that I would just start eating her pussy while she described what was happening in the scene. She would sit on my face and grind her pussy into my mouth, getting my tongue deep in her hole and then letting me slide it into her ass. She would tell me that she wanted to get fucked doggy style with me underneath her and the guys dick sliding into her with my tongue licking her clit. I would eat her out til she had amazing orgasms, and then I wondered if after her orgasm she would still be really willing to do this. So one day after she had gotten her orgasm, I immediately asked her, do you want another guy for real now. Shockingly (although now not so shocked) she said “hell yeah, I wish one was here now.” I said well we need to go online and find someone. So she set up the profiles and placed the ads, letting me read what she wrote, but not letting me edit anything.

It was amazing the amount of responses that came flooding in from her profiles and ads. I would say we had 50-75 emails within two hours. Her profiles and ads, all said to read them fully and if they sent email the subject line had to be their name and they must include at least a picture of them or their cock. So we deleted any email that didn’t comply with the demands she had. So that left about 30 people who fulfilled all the requirements of the ad. So we sat together and looked through each email and picture, she decided she would respond to them all, even if it was a no thank you. So she rejected about 20 of the people due to either distance or availability. Which left us 10 guys that were serious contenders. She emailed those 10 asking how close they were, what their availability was, and then wanted them to describe any experiences they had, or how they imagined the first time together going. All 10 of them responded back within minutes of her emails. She carried on while I was nearby an email conversation with them for the next few hours. Exchanging pictures, stories, details, kinks, fetishes, and more.

I could tell she was getting worked up, so I got down on floor and climbed between her legs and started eating her pussy as she was typing these emails. She would read what they were writing, and what she was replying. And finally she said that this one guy lived just a few blocks away and while he didn’t have the best cock or best physical body, he seemed quite open-minded and was able to fuck her now. I looked up from her pussy and said are you sure, which she replied why not, it is only sex and I love you. So she got his number called him, while I am eating her pussy and asked him if he was really able to come over right now, he said hell yes!!! So she told me to get up and get ready, cause this was going to happen.
She changed into a pair of crotch-less panties and a see through teddy and had me put on t-shirt and boxers. She told me I would answer the door and bring him into the bedroom, then i would sit down and watch things happen. The anticipation was killing me, I was so turned on, my balls were aching from being so hard, and I asked if I at least got sloppy seconds, to which she replied you will get what I tell let you have. Which even made me more turned on. Because the guy lived so close it wasn’t that long before we heard the car pull up and the door close. She had a hot wife porn movie playing, and we heard the doorbell, which got my heart racing. I walked to the door, with my cock tucked away so not as to be poking straight out, and answered to door to my future as a cuckold.

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