Sex games 1

My wife and I got married in the 1970s, We lived in Nashville and it was full on party time. We were a very social couple and went to parties nearly every weekend. There was always lots of pot and drinking. My wife was was a full blown exhibitionist. She wore mini skirts, short dresses and see through halter tops. She was a very popular dance partner at the parties. She would press her body to men and her bald mound on their legs.
One night we were at a very raucous party. Everyone was stoned and having a great time. At midnight the hostess announced that we would go skinny dipping in her pool. It was a warm summer night with a full moon. We all stripped and jumped into the pool. There was a lot of groping and fooling around going on. My wife and I went to the shallow end of the pool and were dancing to the music coming from poolside speakers. We were enjoying the feeling of being naked, outside and feeling each others body.
One of our friends came up to us and tapped me on the shoulder. He asked if he could have a dance with my wife. I smiled and said sure. I watched them dance. She molded her body to him and put her arms around his neck. He rubbed his cock all over her body and was slowly humping her. They danced to the next song. I could see her nipples hard and rubbing along his chest. When the song ended they were intertwined in a passionate tongue twirling kiss.
She came over to me. Her chest was flushed with arousal. I smiled at her and asked if she was having a good time. She responded by kissing me and twirling her tongue around mine. I whispered to her would you like to fuck him. She sheepishly nodded yes.
I called him over to us and said let’s go back to our place for a nightcap.
We said our goodbyes and got in our car. I could smell her arousal. He followed in his.
When we got to the house they sat together on the couch and I went to make drinks. When I came back they were kissing and he was caressing her breasts. I put on some dance music and they started swaying to the soft sounds. I moved behind her and pressed my erection between her ass cheeks. She was caught between two hard cocks and was moaning. I said lets move this to the bedroom. When we got there she said lets all get naked. His cock was pointed straight up and my cock was throbbing with excitement. She led him to the bed by his cock and I sat in a chair watching.
She clutched him and began rubbing her body all over him. He started finger fucking her. The room smelled of sex.
He got up on his elbows above her naked body. She reached down

and guided his cock into her cunt. He began to gently thrust into her and she rose up to meet him. After a few minutes he began to pump faster and she started moaning and talking dirty “Ahh fuck me Ohh watch meeee.”
From my point of view I could see her cunt grasping him and the veins on his cock were pulsing. He froze and I could see him shooting into her. She screamed “I’m coming, I’m fucking coming.” He collapsed on her and they shared an few tender post coital moments.
At this point I said to him, my wife and I need a few moments alone. He got dressed, kissed her and left. I went over to the bed, pulled her to the edge and buried my face into her steaming, dripping cunt. I licked and slurped while she moaned. I got up, put my prick into her wet cunt and we fucked like animals.

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