College friend visit me and wife

College friend visit me and wife

Me and Geeta had a good sexual and adventurous married life, specifically since Ketan had played with her on couple of times.


Just to let everyone know, Geeta is my Indian, hindu wife and I had shared her previously with a stranger we met via Craigslist. We both are well settled in career and like to have some fun on side. Although it’s mostly me encouraging her to try something different. Lately, we had not much time to try something sexually adventurous.

This was till one of her college friend, Khan phoned to mention that he will be in town next week and will like to meetup. I know Khan from days of our college and he was one of the most popular guy around. He was 6′ tall with gym body and heavily involved in sports, which made him very popular among girls. He also belonged to well off family which meant he could impress the young college girls with the flashy sports car. He was not much close to me but Geeta knew him well and they were both participant in a dance competition where they were partners.

Khan called to inform us and told her he was going to come down on Saturday evening to meet us at our home. That’s typical of the guy to self-invite himself. Both Geeta and me were OK with it as we knew him from College and were happy to share some memories from some of the best time of our youth.

Geeta was unusually excited since Saturday morning. I had to ask her if she was also one of the girl who had the crush on Khan in college. She laughed it off and said that’s a silly thought. Anyhow, she spent some time getting ready and went for the Indian traditional saree, we ordered some food from outside as Geeta did not fancy spending all afternoon in the Kitchen. I also got some Whiskey, Vodka and beer for the evening as I knew that Khan was a heavy drinker.

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Khan arrived promptly at 7, he was well dressed and brought along him a nice bottle of Red wine. He gave a hug to Geeta and settled down for some nice Indian starters with drinks. We started off with beer and some memories of days in college including the fancy-dress parties, sports day and fresher’s events. Geeta was also drinking so it was getting tipsy all round.

I did notice a lot of eye contact between Geeta and Khan. He also put his hands over her shoulder on couple of occasions. I did not think much of it as we all knew each other for some time. Soon we moved to dinner and followed with a round of Whiskey and Baileys for everyone. By now I could sense lust in eyes of Khan and he was not letting go any occasion to touch Geeta. This was turning me on too and I was enjoying the soft flirting between the two.

When Geeta excused herself for washroom; Khan told me what a lucky man I was to have a hot wife like that. I was about to thank him when he followed with telling me she got the perfect tits and how I must be enjoying those each night. Firstly, it was bit rude to talk like that about my wife in front of me while he is sitting in my leaving room; secondly how is he supposed to know how lovely her tits were? Anyhow, I was in complete state of bewilderment and was unsure how to respond to that. He moved closer and told me that don’t worry I have seen it all when we were in college. Now this was a shocking revelation. I said, how do you mean? That’s when he mentioned that during dance sessions, he got close to Geeta and how on one occasion he asked her to visit his flat for extra practise and that’s where he fucked her hard. She had a good time with him but never met him again for sex as she got intimidated and that she was in a relationship with me.

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When Geeta returned, Khan stood up and took Geeta in his arms. He followed with a kiss on her forehead and then moved towards her lips. She was shaking and not sure how to react. At this point, Khan mentioned he has already told me about session they had in college. Geeta closed her eyes and allowed Khan to draw her closer. Next I saw my wife kissing Khan in my leaving room. The liplock went on forever, at least I felt it that way.

Khan asked if I could fix another drink for both. As I was moving towards the kitchen to get the drink sorted; he moved Geeta to sofa and proceeded with opening her top. When I returned, Geeta was in just her Bra and panties, each part of her body being kissed by Khan. He had her under total control and she was giving herself up to all his moves.

Khan took the drink from me and offered a sip to Geeta. He then told me how much he missed fucking my wife. He asked me to unhook her Bra so he can see those tits again. My hands were shacking when I unhooked the Bra of my wife so Khan could play with them. Next he pulled her panties down. Khan started taking his own clothes off and I could see the 8′ tool he had, no wonder the girls fell for him.

Khan got Geeta on the sofa and proceeded with inserting his big tool in my wife’s wet pussy. By now she was moaning and looking me right in my eyes. Khan maintained a good rhythm while telling me what a tight pussy Geeta has.

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Khan moved her to doggy position and asked me to give her a drink while he continued pounding that pussy. Geeta came multiple times that night and was well exhausted. After the good fucking, Khan left for night and Geeta came to me for a long kiss and a blowjob.

She was well thankful for allowing me to fuck Khan. As per her, he was one of the best fucker she met and did not want to go this opportunity.

The plan now was to meet Khan again before he leaves for his home town…

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