A mother and son bond over, and in, their favorite beverage

A mother and son bond over, and in, their favorite beverage, It was the summer after my 18th birthday. I had just returned home one afternoon after a quick run to the grocery store. I went to pick up some milk to get the family through the rest of the week. I have twin sisters, and between us kids and my parents, we go through things like milk and juice fast. I made sure to pick up a lot, just to be sure.

When I walked into the kitchen, I found my mom standing bent over with her face in the fridge. Normally I would just say “Hi” and keep walking, but I noticed that she was clothed in nothing but a small white bath towel. I could tell she had just gotten out of the shower. Her smooth, shapely tan legs were beaded with drops of water, and there was a small pool around her beautiful little feet.

I felt myself get hard immediately upon seeing her. I had kept my fascination with my mother’s body a secret since I had first noticed it around age eleven. I usually managed to keep it under control, but her wet body was causing the towel to cling to her cute, petite ass, and I got the feeling that my pants had just shrunk two sizes.

I tried to make casual conversation.

“What’cha doin’, mom?” I asked, setting the crate of milk bottles on the kitchen island.

“Oh”, she said, suddenly rising from the fridge, her silky black hair clinging to her neck and shoulders, “I didn’t hear you come in, sweetie. I thought you might have gone to the movies with everyone else. I was just looking for something to drink. I took a really hot shower and got thirsty. What’ve you got there, darling?” Besides a raging hard-on?, I thought as I watched this wonderful, wet goddess shift her weight to one foot and arch the other one adorably against the side of the fridge. Damnit, that’s your mom! Stop thinking about it!

Those graceful wet feet slipped across the kitchen floor as she abandoned the fridge and approached the island.

“Just some milk,” I replied, hastily swallowing the nervous lump that had formed in my throat. I worried that she might see my erection, so I stepped closer to the counter, leaning against it.

“Wow, you got a lot! Good; we go through stuff like that too damn fast in this house. You know, I think I’d like a glass. How about you?”

“Um, sure, mom.”

We stood in silence for a moment until my mom suddenly giggled. I loved her cute school girl giggle. It was amazing that a 38 year old woman could still sound 16.

“Well”, she laughed, “Aren’t you going to get us some glasses?”

“Oh”, I said, coming to, “Um…you’re closer to the counter, right?”

“Yeeeeees”, she said coyly, “But a handsome young man should be polite and get his mother a glass, no? I mean, I’m practically naked, and the only things holding this towel up are my hand and these.” She playfully heaved her chest up a bit, hinting to me that the towel was sure to come off if she had to remove her hand to grab two glasses.

“Oh, right, sorry”, I awkwardly blurted out. “Um, okay, but could you close the fridge door while I get them? You know stuff like that bothers me.”

“Sure”, she said in that cute little voice of hers, “I can’t believe I spaced like that.”

As she turned to close the door, I took the opportunity to adjust my pants and hide my erection. I did my best penguin walk across to her side of the island, reached into the overhead cabinet, and pulled down two glasses. When I turned back, I was shocked to see my mother bending over… completely naked! Her sultry back was turned to me, her perfect ass in the air.

“Whoa”, I said as I narrowly avoided walking right into my own mother’s exposed butt, “I’m sorry, Mom! I-,I didn’t see-”

“I’m sorry, oh, damnit”, she said hastily, “The damn towel fell anyway.”

I crossed to the other side of the island and set the glasses down, nearly dropping them. My hands were shaking, and my cock was now at full attention.

“I didn’t see anything mom, I swear!”

“No, no, it’s okay. It was my fault. It’s okay, sweetie, really!”

She gave me that reassuring, angelic smile that had always given me comfort throughout my childhood. If her body made me want her as a young boy, it was her smile and her laugh that made me love her.

“Here,” I said as I poured her a glass of milk and set it down, my hand trembling.

“Thanks.” She took the glass and pressed it to her lips. I almost spilled milk on the counter as a poured my glass. She had such a graceful way of doing everything, even just drinking a glass of milk. Her fingers held the glass delicately, the way I always imagined the might hold my –

No!, I thought to myself. This is your own mother, dude! You’re not supposed to think that way about her!

She must have noticed me staring at her, because she smiled a little, which caused her to spill some milk down her chin. She giggled and hastily moved to wipe it away, but part of me wished she wouldn’t. You see, as the milk trickled down her neck, her chest, and between her breasts…I found myself cumming furiously in my pants.

She took a small corner of the towel near her breasts and wiped away the creamy dribble now forming a porcelain river between her gorgeous B-cups. Meanwhile, I could feel hot globs of cum working their way down my right leg and drying my cock to the inside of my boxers. I suddenly felt myself flush, and I could only imagine how red my face was. I don’t know why, but the sight of that cold, perfect white milk spilling between my mom’s warm caramel breasts just set me off like nothing ever had before. I was dizzy and all I could think about was getting out of there. Worst of all, despite the fact that I had just shot what felt like a gallon of cum, I was still painfully hard!

“Maybe you should get dressed mom,” I said shakily as I set my glass down and walked out of the room. I heard my mom saying something after me, but I couldn’t make out what it was. My heart was pounding in my ears, and all I could think about was getting upstairs and locking the door to my room.

I spent the next 45 minutes masturbating furiously. I jerked off a lot back then, but it had never been like this. The thought of my wet mom in nothing but a towel would have been hot enough to get me off plenty of times all by itself, but when I thought about that milk spilling down between her breasts, pooling sweetly in her cute little belly button and working its way down to what I could only imagine had to be the most wonderful vagina in existence, then down her legs and to those adorable feet…

The thought of licking that milk off her wet body got me off four times in 45 minutes, a record for me! At last I was spent and fell asleep with one of my t-shirts still wrapped around my cock.

When I woke up it was dark, and I could hear my dad and sisters pulling into the drive way. I decided to take a shower, and jerked off a couple of times in there, as well. I felt so disgusted with myself, but all I could think about was my mom gasping and writhing as I used my tongue to tickle her belly button while I lapped milk out of it. I hated my dad for having the wonderful privilege of being able to make love to my mother any time he wanted, especially since I had overheard my mother asking him several times why they weren’t having sex much anymore.

When I dried off (and got off, again), I dressed and headed downstairs for dinner. The family was seated around the table, and the only open seat was next to my mom.

“Hey, kiddo!” she called as I came down the stairs. “Your dad brought Chinese!”

I immediately noticed that my mom was wearing a thin yellow summer dress and white flip-flops. She had a yellow ribbon tied in her hair with a daisy on it. I grew impossibly horny the moment I saw her, my mind going straight to an image of her laying on the kitchen island in that tiny dress, pouring sweet milk on her breasts which heaved beneath the flimsy wet fabric.

“You know what, I’m not really hungry. I’m gonna go hang out at Stephen’s house. I’ll see you guys.” I raced out the door before anyone could say a word to me. I didn’t go to Stephen’s house, though. Instead, I went to the old tree house in our backyard and sat alone for a while, staring at my mom through the dining room window. Despite all the jerking off I had done that day, I felt my cock swell. I reached into my pants and began to stroke myself. I loved the way my beautiful mom gracefully crossed her legs, the way one flip-flop dangled alluringly from her cute little foot with its candy-yellow painted toenails. I even thought about how much like my mother my older sisters looked, and I began to imagine them all, mother and sisters, pouring creamy milk all over each other and slowly, seductively licking it off each others’ wet bodies. I knew it was wrong to think about this stuff, but that was what made it so amazingly hot. I came so hard that I actually shouted out, “Oh fuck!”.

For the next week or so I avoided my mom like the plague. I was still embarrassed about what had happened, but even more, I was still aroused, and if just thinking about her gave me a painful erection, I knew actually being around her, smelling her, hearing her sweet voice and laughter, would all push me over the edge again.

That next Saturday, my father and sisters went out again to see another movie. I was invited, but I didn’t feel like being in the car with my mom, who I didn’t know had also declined the invitation. I thought I would have the house to myself. I sat down at the computer in the living room and began searching the web for advice on incestuous fantasies and how to deal with them. Everything I read that should have helped me only made me hornier, though, so I left the PC and decided to watch TV instead.

Ten minutes later I heard the wheels of the computer chair squeak, and turned to see my mom staring intently at the computer.

“Oh, shit, you scared me, Mom! I didn’t know you were here.”

“Obviously not, kiddo. You forgot to delete the history on the computer.”

My heart turned into a lead weight when she said that, and I felt myself turn beet red and start to tremble.

“Mom, I-”

“You don’t have to say anything to me about it. In fact, I kind of suspected. I always have. I’ve noticed the way you look at me. To be honest, I always thought it was cute, but this…”

“Mom, I’m so sorry. Really, it was just something I was curious about. It wasn’t about you!”

“No, I think it was. I mean…do you want to do this stuff with me? To me? I saw what you posted…about my body, about how turned on you get when I wear this yellow dress…”

I got up and ran upstairs as fast as I could. I couldn’t think. Everything was fucked up. Everyone would find out what a freak I was, and my mom would never talk to me again. I thought about what I would do, about getting as far away from here as possible.

I tried to calm myself down and think clearly. Sitting down on the bed, I put my head in my hands and tried to breathe slowly. That was when I heard a small knock on the door.

“I’m coming in, sweetie.”

My mom’s voice, of course, and I had forgotten to lock the door. She walked in and though I knew it was stupid, I couldn’t help but notice what she was wearing. It was that dress, the yellow dress of desire I was sure had destroyed my relationship with my mom, the person I cared most about in the world.

“Mom, I’m sorry, okay? I…I can’t help it. I know it’s wrong, but-”

“Shhhh.” She sat down on the bed next to me and pulled my head over to rest on her shoulder. She put her arm around me and began stroking my hair. I had an amazing view down the front of her dress, but I couldn’t really enjoy it.

“It’s okay, sweetie. We can talk about it. How long have you felt…this way…about me….?”

“Forever, mom, or at least since I’ve been old enough to think about sex.”

“Do you think about me when you…you know, when you-”

“All the time, mom. So much recently, to tell you the truth, especially since the other day when-”

“When you saw me naked, right?”

“No…well, yes, but…that wasn’t really what I thought about.”

“What did you think about, baby?”

“The milk. The bit you spilled on yourself. I kept thinking about it flowing between your..breasts…and down your belly….and I would get really…well, I’d get horny! Is that was you want me to say?!”

I got up and stormed over to the corner of the room, furious with myself for telling her all this.

“You probably want me to leave, mom, and I can’t blame you. I’ll get some stuff together and stay at Stephen’s ’til I find another place.”

“Sweetheart, just come sit down for a minute. C’mon, right here.” She scooted over and patted the bed. “Come lay your head in my lap like when you were little.”

I was reluctant to go near my mother, this beautiful saint, this wonderful angel who I adored and had now betrayed, but I couldn’t say no. I lay down on the bed and put my head in her lap. She began to rub my shoulder and stroke my hair.

“Sweetie, it’s really okay if you have these thoughts. At your age, everything is a turn on. Hell, staring at a blade of grass could probably get you horny.”


“Besides…it’s not like I don’t notice you, too. I mean, when you walk around here with no shirt on, or lift weights with your dad in the garage.”

At this my body stiffened, and my cock began to harden. Where was she going with this?

“So, you notice me, too?” I asked, suddenly sitting up and looking into my mom’s glowing face.

“Yeah, I do. And to be honest, I…”

She blushed, turning fire red, and I pressed her hand to encourage her to finish her thought.

“The other day,” she continued, “I noticed your erection. When I went to close the door to the fridge, I saw it reflected on the door. I…I dropped my towel on purpose.”

I was shocked, to say the least.

“Why?” I asked like someone who had just been tortured and asked no questions.

“Your father never seems to notice me nowadays. It…it was nice to get some attention. I even noticed when you came in your pants.”

I turned away, blushing, and now trembling as well.

“It’s okay, sweetie. I had to fight to stop from smiling. I didn’t do the milk thing on purpose, but I could kind of tell that that was what set you off. As you were leaving, I tried to ask if…well, if you would help me clean it up. I was hoping it could lead to more.”

My mom reached over and brushed a strand of hair from my face. She leaned forward and lightly placed a kiss on my cheek. I went stiff with a mixture of fear and excitement I had never felt before. My stomach bottomed out and my cock threatened to blast through my pants.

Then I noticed her hand rubbing my leg and working into my inner thigh.

“Mom, what-”

“Shhh, just kiss me, baby. It’s okay.”

I didn’t need time to think. The most beautiful woman in the world, my own mother, had just asked me to kiss her. I leaned in and pressed my mouth hard to her waiting, open lips, felt her tongue instantly start tracing forbidden shapes against her own baby boy’s lips until I stopped it with my own. She began to lay back, pulling me with her. I pulled myself up more on the bed and in a few moments I was laying on top of her, practically inhaling my mother in a hard kiss. I felt and heard her moan beneath me, grinding her hips and digging her perfect little feet into the sheets at the foot of my bed. I cupped her chin in one hand while I moved the other to feel her stomach through the thin fabric of her dress. Even that flimsy material felt like layers of steel and chain mail as I thought about the soft, smooth body beneath it, now writhing with wanton and sinful lust for the fruit of its own womb. I knew then, right or wrong, I was going to make love to my mother.

I moved my hand lower and began to run it up her deliciously smooth thigh. She let out a gasp that was muffled by my hungry mouth devouring hers. I opened her legs a little more with one of mine and pushed my hand still further up until I encountered her bellybutton. I flicked a finger in and out of it, tracing its shape with a fingertip. My mother’s breathing grew more rapid, and she suddenly moved to a position where she could wrap her legs around me. I felt them lock around me, and peering at the mirror across from the bed, I watched with wonder for a moment as my reflection lay atop his mother, her beautiful feet in the air above him, her gorgeous mouth nipping and licking at his neck.

My mother. My neck.

It was finally going to happen.

I turned back to my mother and placed a kiss on her cute little nose. She smiled up at me.

“You’re so romantic, sweetie,” she laughed. “Be honest with me: have you…”

“Done this before? No.”

“Are you sure you want this? I mean, your first time should be with someone you love.”

I laughed then, a warm, affectionate chuckle like I’d never heard myself issue before, completely unlike my usual cynical snickers.

“Mom, if you only knew how much I love you, how long I’ve wanted you, you’d know how perfect this is.” I planted quick little kisses all over her face, making her shriek and giggle playfully and run her hands up and down my back and up to my hair, gripping tightly as I began kissing slowly down her chin to the nape of her neck.

“I take that as a yes?”

“Yes, mom. I’ve always loved you. I hardly notice other girls.”

“Except your sisters.” She giggled again and hugged me close as I started to blush hotly.

“Don’t worry, baby, it’s okay. But right now, I want your mind on me, okay?”

“Yes, mom. Always…”

Our mouths locked together again in a deep, hard kiss as I reached further up her dress to cup one of her breasts. I flicked my thumb softly back and forth over her gumdrop nipple before I took it between my thumb and forefinger, tugging slightly in a gentle milking motion. Then I remembered the huge crate of milk chilling in the fridge. I was immediately filled with the most erotic images of my mother pouring it all over her gorgeous tan body.

“Mom,” I said in my best mommy-can-I-please voice, something I hadn’t used in years, “Can we do something…kind of weird?”

“What baby” she asked, still frantically rubbing her hands all over me and trailing kisses down the side of my face.

“I asked…if we could do something weird. I…I want to pour milk on you. I want…to lick it off your body.”

She stopped and gave me a look that worried me for a moment.

Oh great, I thought. Way to ruin your one chance…

“Baby…did you read my mind?”

She smiled seductively and slipped off the bed.

As she traipsed playfully toward the door, she turned and asked, “Do you remember that inflatable pool we bought and never used a few years back?”

“Yeah, it’s in the attic, I think.”

“Get it, and meet me in the kitchen.”

I thought I knew what she had in mind, and my heart began beating so fast I thought it would burst.

I ran to the hallway, tripping over myself so many times that the Marx brothers would have been embarrassed to watch, and finally reached the door to the attic. My legs were almost too weak to make the climb, but after a few minutes of frantic rummaging, I managed to find the pool. I ripped it from the box and jumped down the stairs back to the hallway. I don’t even remember the trip to the kitchen, but when I got there, I was greeted by the site of my mother sitting on the kitchen island with the crate full of milk bottles.

“I think there’s enough here. Hurry up and set that pool up. I called your dad and told him you and I were having a very important talk, and that he should take the girls to another movie. A long one. We have a few hours, but I can’t wait much longer, sweetie.”

I didn’t say a word to her, but immediately began pumping air into the pool. After insufferable eons it was finally filled and set out on the kitchen floor. My mother slid off the kitchen island and stepped into the pool and out of her dress. The sight of my mother’s unclothed body, her bare, supple breasts, her toned tummy, and her smoothly shaved vagina was almost too much.

“Mom, I…you’re so beautiful. You’re perfect.”

“Thank you, sweetie. It means so much to hear you say that. Your father doesn’t seem to think anything of me anymore. In fact…I’d say he’s more interested in your sisters than me.”

“He’s crazy!”


Biting her lower lip seductively, she sat back in the pool and playfully clutched the edge of it with those perfect little toes I couldn’t wait to nibble and lick.

“Well what?” I asked.

“Are you gonna get undressed or does your poor mother have to sit here naked all alone? You’re making me self-conscious.”

“Oh!” My shirt was easy enough to get off, but my hands were trembling and I couldn’t unbutton my pants.

“Come here, silly. So helpless without mommy, huh?” My mom smiled and beckoned me over. I stepped closer and felt my knees almost give out as she reached up and undid my pants. She pulled them down and I managed to step out of them without collapsing.

“Now these,” she said, slowly pulling down my boxers. My monstrously hard cock was now inches away from my mom’s delicious pink lips. I could feel her hot breath on the head of my engorged penis.

“Jesus, you’re twice as big as your dad! I hope it fits!” She laughed as I stepped out of my boxers.

“Mom, I don’t know how long I’ll last. I’m so turned on.”

I expected her to either laugh or say something reassuring. Instead, she grabbed my penis with her delicate fingers and, gripping it hard, she pulled me closer and took the head into her mouth. For a few moments I felt the light of Heaven coursing through my veins. My mom’s wet mouth sucking and licking my cock while her fingers stroked the shaft was too much. I didn’t last more than about fifteen seconds. Shortly after this oral assault on my cock began, I spurted, shouting out as I felt myself suddenly shooting my hot semen into my own mom’s mouth.

“Ah, fuck, fuck mom, Jesus fucking Christ!” I gripped her hair tightly as she continued sucking my still pumping penis. I had no idea it would be so sensitive after I came! Every time I felt her hot, wet lips and tongue stroking my shaft I bucked hard and moaned uncontrollably, sucking in rapid breaths.

“Mom, I…I can’t…please, stop…OH FUCK!” I leaned forward and came again! I couldn’t believe how amazing it felt! Not only did it feel good to be coming into a mouth so wet and soft, but just the thought that it was my mom made this infinitely hotter and more satisfying than any orgasm I’d ever had!

I had to step away from her: My cock was so sensitive by then that every sucking stroke threatened to send me slamming to my knees on the floor. I was shaking all over. I looked at my mom and saw globs of my cum drizzled around her mouth and on her chin. I had even somehow managed to squirt some into her beautiful black hair as I pulled away.

“That felt so good, mommy.”

“Mmm, it tasted good baby. Come here.”

She pulled me close to her face and began kissing me again. This time, she stuck her finger between our mouths and began feeding me cum she scraped from her chin. As I tasted the mix of her saliva and my salty/sweet cum, I felt so dirty and guilty, but that only made it hotter.

When she had cleaned up, she reached down and wiped the remaining cum off my cock, even squeezing some out of the tip. She playfully sucked it off her finger like a lollipop, then pointed at the kitchen island.

“Get that milk and bring it down here.”

I did as I was told, even though my body was now quaking from all the pleasure. I opened the first bottle and watched with blasphemous fascination as my mother began pouring it on one of her beautiful little feet. The white cream splashed and coursed down the soft, smooth skin and between her pretty painted toes.

I reached out and took her foot in my hand. Taking my time, I licked and lightly sucked the cold milk from the top her foot near the ankle down to her toes. I then took all her little toes in my mouth and suckled softly, eliciting a sigh from her that encouraged me to playfully suck and lick her big toe. By this time I was, to my astonishment, beginning to grow very, very hard.

Tracing my tongue lightly under her foot, I began to tease and tickle the bottom of her delicate arch with the tip. As she giggled (I had no idea she was so adorably ticklish!), she began pouring milk down her breasts and beautiful, flat stomach. Still licking and teasing her, I felt around for another bottle and, finally opening it with one hand, I began pouring it on my mom’s legs and between them over her now obviously sticky-wet vagina. My eyes were darting around rapidly: between the wonderful sight of that cold cream coursing over her breasts and my pouring streaming between her legs and over her tongue tempting pussy, there was just too much to look at.

I stood and moved into the pool with her, then, sitting opposite her, I took her other foot in my hand and soaked it with what was left in my bottle. I placed both her feet on my tummy and rubbed them there until my cock was at full attention. Then I began pushing them lower.

My mother took the hint, and immediately began stroking my penis with her tiny, milky feet. Meanwhile, she continued opening bottles and pouring milk seductively over her breasts, tummy and crotch. By now, the pool was beginning to fill ankle deep with milk.

I couldn’t possibly tell you just how tantalizingly sexy my mother looked with that creamy milk coating her perky breasts and hard tummy. The contrast of the white against her caramel-tan skin was so primal and erotic. The chill had hardened her nipples, which she rubbed and pinched with her now empty hands, all bottles now poured into our milky love pool.

“Oh fuck, mom, I’m gonna cum again if we keep this up.”

She stopped stroking me and I leaned forward to lay on top of her. She took me between her legs and we began to writhe against each other. Her back was now submerged in the milk, which began to soak her raven-black hair. She was lapping some of the liquid up from the pool and across her body. This made the flesh between us slippery and sensual: the feeling of my hard body smoothing across her soft one was so perfect, so sinful.

By this time, my cock was frantically searching for my mother’s pussy. I needed to be inside her, but I had never made love to anyone and I couldn’t find the point of penetration.

Moaning against my mouth, my mom whispered between kisses, “Are you teasing me?”

“No, I…I just can’t figure out where to put it…”

I thought she would laugh, but much to my relief and infinite delight, she instead reached between our bodies and wrapped her hand around my penis, guiding it into her body.

I couldn’t believe how amazing she felt. She was tighter than I had expected, and the head of my cock met some resistance as I tried to probe deeper. I was afraid I’d hurt her, though, and I cared too much about my mom to just stab at her. But she suddenly thrust upward while cupping my ass with both hands, forcing me deeper. I found that all the resistance was at the entrance, a squeezing ring that felt very similar to my mother’s lips wrapped tightly around my shaft. The deeper I penetrated, the softer and hotter my mother’s insides became. Still, there was tightness like I couldn’t believe she would posses after three children.

Oh God, I thought, I’m one of those children. I came from this body, this perfect womb I’m now raiding with my cock. I’m fucking my own mother!

Perhaps sensing this thought and how it prompted me to begin thrusting furiously in and out of my mother’s pussy, she looked up at me, her green eyes wide and warm with affection, and whispered, “Welcome home, darling.”

That was it: I began bucking her harder, causing milk to splash between us simply because of the motion of both our bodies. As it lapped up onto my mother’s breasts, I angled my head down and began licking between those perfect milky-tan globes. The bounced up and down around my face as my mother met the thrusts of her baby boy’s bucking hips. She was scratching at my back now, clawing at my shoulders and digging her nails deeper as I struggled to dig my dick deeper into my mother’s womb.

“That feels amazing, baby,” she managed to gasp. She was meeting my thrusts with the same wanton lust with which I gave them.

I moved my head back up so that I was face to face with my mother. “God, mom, you feel so good inside! I can feel you squeezing me inside your body!”

“It feels so good inside me, sweetie! It’s so fucking hot!”

I wasn’t even thinking then of how hard or fast I was thrusting. All I knew was that I had to be as deep inside my mother’s vagina as I could get, which was never far enough. I felt like I had to take her body, be wholly inside her, to ever really be satisfied.

My mind was empty until I suddenly thought of something that neither of us had talked about before we began making love. I knew my father had undergone a vasectomy a few years ago when he and my mother decided not to have more children. My mother had chosen not to get her tubes tied. Only then did the possibility of impregnating my own mother occur to me

Still humping and writhing atop my mom (I couldn’t have stopped if I wanted to), I whispered into her ear, “We didn’t use protection. Should I go get something?”

She didn’t answer, but instead began nibbling my ear, much like she had when I was a child, only sensually and intensely. She then began tracing lustful shapes in my ear with her tongue, and I knew it was too much. I thrust hard, pushing my penis as far into my mother’s body as I could.

“Don’t stop, baby,” mom sighed in my ear. “Mommy’s gonna cum. Don’t you dare stop!”

I trusted my mom, and anyway, I didn’t care at this point what happened later. I only wanted to find release with this angel wrapped around my rough body.

“Come on, baby,” mom panted into my ear, practically begging, “Cum inside mommy! Cum deep inside of mommy, sweetie! Fill mommy with your cum! AH, I’M COMING! FUCKIN’…AAAAAHHH!”

That was it. I let go, allowing the dam of ultimate pleasure to break, flooding my senses with blinding white heat and dizzy frenzy. I let out a bestial moan and nearly collapsed onto my darling mother as I felt myself shooting spurt after globby, creamy spurt of cum deep inside the body of the woman who had given birth to me. I could imagine my hot semen splooshing out into her womb, coating the walls of her vagina with thick white cream. Somehow I just knew, knew, that the womb that had housed and nourished me for nine months would soon do the same for my baby. No, our baby. I had no doubt that the result of this incestuous sin, of pumping my young, potent sperm into my own mothers perfect, warm body would be a forbidden and beautiful impregnation.

I lay atop her for what felt like hours, still pumping and writhing.

“That was amazing,” my mom managed to breathe. “I’ve never come from penetration before.”

I wanted to say something, everything, but I was lost in the spasms still rocking my penis. I just stayed hovered above my mother’s body, still pumping the last of my semen into her belly.

I moaned, trying to mouth something like ‘I love you’ or ‘That was amazing’, but I couldn’t speak.

“Shhh, it’s okay baby, just lay with me.” My mom reached down and helped me pull my cock out of her. I moved next to her and we lay together in our sinful milky pool for some time before either of us spoke.


“What, sweetheart?”

“What if…what if I got you pregnant? We didn’t use protection, and I know you aren’t on the pill since dad got the snip.”

She chuckled and softly pushed my head down to rest against her breasts.

“You let mommy worry about that, okay?”

“Okay, mommy. I love you.”

“I love you too, darling.”

I had never been as happy as in that moment. I wanted to lie with her forever, but after only ten or so minutes we got up and began cleaning up our mess. It wouldn’t be long before Dad and the twins got back, so we both went upstairs to clean ourselves up. I wanted to make love to her again as we showered together, but my cock was too spent to get fully erect. Instead, my mother lightly jerked me off while I pinched and rubbed her clit. It didn’t take long for either of us to come. When we stepped out of the shower, we heard the phone ringing. Mom answered: it was Dad asking if he needed to pick anything up on the way home.

“Yeah,” Mom answered, “You might want to get some milk.”

She giggled, winking at me as I stopped drying my hair to smile at her.

“Yes, honey, I know: we go through stuff too fast in this house.”

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