My mother, sister and me

Incest sex stories, My mother, sister and me, My mom is a small woman standing only 4 feet 10 inches tall but have no doubt who is in charge in our house. My late father was 6′ feet 4″ and I just turned 18 and I’m just over 6’5″ but when mom spoke you could bet dad would just smile and do as he was told. My sister is more like my mom at barely 5′. Both my mom and sister have great figures but neither tip the scales over 100 pounds. They have very large tits for their size but the rest of their frame is small. Both are very slim in the waste and very slim in the hips. To me both are very beautiful women but their petite statue is the first thing anyone notices. I doubt that mom or my sister have a waist over 18 inches maybe less. Most people ask mom how I got here since she weights only 98 pounds and I weight over 220. Mom just laughs and says I wasn’t always this big thank goodness!!

Because of their size my mom and my sister look like little girls and more like sisters than mother and daughter. Even at 40 mom still gets carded sometimes when she orders a drink at a restaurant. After dad passed mom went into a deep depression for over a year. Nothing made her smile or laugh. For the first few months all I can remember mom doing is crying at night. It has only been in the last 6 months that she has started to act somewhat like her self again. Don’t get me wrong, she hasn’t been happy and cheerful like before but she isn’t crying and sad all the time either. Sally and I have done as much as we could to help her but dad’s passing took a heavy toll. I know that sex was always a big part of their relationship because mom and dad were obvious about their affection toward each other. Dad was always making a sexual pass at mom during breakfast or dinner. It would be nothing for him to walk up behind her and reach around and grab her tits and kiss her neck in the middle of the day or take her hand while we sat at the table and put it in his lap and say “Daisy this is for you later!”. He would say something risqué at anytime and anywhere. Once when we were at a family resturant the waiter asked dad what he wanted to eat and dad turned to mom and said “HER!!!”. We all laughed but the waiter got embarrassed. It was a joke to us because we were use to dad’s open sexual references to mom and mom obviously enjoyed it. Dad would even call out to mom when he was heading off to work “Daisy, you better shave it today. It was a little rough on my tongue last night!” Mom would always blush and tell dad to shut up but dad knew she loved the attention. Don’t get me wrong, mom could give as well as take. She would even bring me and my sister into it sometime. Mom would make comments to dad like “Honey, you better get back to the gym or Joey is going to have to finish what you start.” Or “You sure you want this or would you rather have a sweet young piece of ass like Sally?”. All the time rubbing my dad’s cock or flashing her tits just out of view of Sally and me.

I guess since we grew up listening to mom and dad go back and forth like this all the time it was something we were used too. Lately Sally and I even started to joke with mom to get her out of her depression asking her is she was still “shaving” everyday or Sally asking mom if she needed me to “take care” of her nighttime problem. Mom was shocked at first but after a couple of times she started to enjoy the attention. It actually started to make her smile once in a while. I think that really helped her.

What I really wanted to tell you about is this past weekend. It is January and really cold. It started snowing on Thursday and had kept snowing day and night since it started. We were setting records by the hour for the amount of snow. I had gone to the store when we heard the forecast and stocked up with food and drinks and movies so we were set. Heat and lights are not an issue for us since we were pretty self sufficient with our solar heat and generator.

By the time Friday noon rolled around we knew we would be stuck at home. I don’t know about you but I am used to getting some pussy every weekend. I have been sexually active since I was 14 and I know my sister got her first fuck at 15. My girlfriend Barbi loves to fuck and I love to fuck her. She is such a sex pot. She will go down on me anywhere, anytime for any reason. I think she also has an eye for Sally and I know Sally thinks she is hot. I also know that Sally is used to getting a good hard fuck at least once a week from one of her boyfriends. She doesn’t have anyone steady but she has a couple of steady fuck friends. We share our experiences with each other and almost everything else too. It is not unusual for both of us to be in our shared bath in various states of dress. Sally loves to catch me in the shower and look in on me from time to time. I always leave the door unlocked just in case she gets the urge! After growing up in this type of environment with mom and dad letting each other peek and flirt doesn’t seem like a big deal to us.

I know Sally liked what she saw when I was in the shower and I would do my best to give her a show without being too obvious. I’m not into organized sports much but I do like to work out and I guess I took after my dad at just having great genes. My cock is rather large but at my height it looks fairly normal. It is just over 9 inches long and very thick. But when you stand 6′ 5″ and it is soft it doesn’t appear huge that is until it gets hard. When I know Sally is watching I do my best to get a boner and let her have a little glance. The first time I actually could hear her gasp and I could have sworn I saw her licking her lips the last time.

Since our rooms are right next to each other I often hear Sally playing with herself late at night. She may be doing it for my benefit but I really don’t believe she can have a quiet orgasm and I think she has almost worn the mattress out from pounding her pussy so hard!! Some nights I just lay in my bed and stroke my cock thinking about her. We have never gone beyond the sneaking around and peeking in on each other. I guess that is where we have drawn the line.

Mom’s room is at the other end of the house so I don’t know if she pleasures herself but I know when dad was around he would make her cum several times a night. I discovered that one Friday night when I came home early from a date and heard noises coming from mom and dad’s room. I quietly stood outside their door and listened to mom scream and tell dad to shove his big fucking cock deeper into her cunt. After that night I sometimes would come home early from a date or a night out with my friends just so I could listen at their door. I know where Sally gets her moaning and screaming when she cums. Mom was a real screamer and she really let loose expressing her sexual needs especially when she thought Sally and I were gone.

Anyway, it continued to snow heavy throughout the day and by late evening Sally, mom and I knew we were stuck for a while. Mom fixed herself a drink as she usually does when she is staying in and for once told Sally and me we could join her if we wanted. This was unusual but I wasn’t going to question her about the offer. I fixed both of us large, very strong drinks before we settled down to watch a movie. Mom had on one of favorite silk robes that she left partially unbuttoned. I could see she had her bra and panties on under her robe and she was wearing high heels as she usually did. I guessed mom was always trying to look taller as I rarely saw her without her heels on. Mom established her spot at one end of the couch which was her favorite place to sit and Sally grabbed the other end. I guessed being stuck in between two beautiful women was not too bad so instead of sitting in the easy chair I plopped down on the couch in between mom and my sister. I had already started a fire and put in a CD which I though was a comedy that I picked up at the rental place but it wasn’t long after the credits started to roll that the cover and what was on the CD had nothing to do with each other!! I had skipped past most of the ads that sometimes appear on a CD and skipped right to the movie so we didn’t have to watch the preliminaries.

It started out with a woman walking into an office building. She was dressed very nice but also very sexy. Short skirt, low cut top that was exposing very large tits being contained by much too small a bra and dark rimmed glasses. He hair was blond and pulled up on top of her head and she wore very high heel shoes that make a clicking sound as she walked across the office floor. I thought I might like this comedy! Once she got off the elevator she walked into a lawyer’s office where the receptionists greeted her. This girl was dressed even more revealing than the woman that just walked in. Her hair was dark and very short. She didn’t appear to wear a blouse under her jacket and her bra cut almost down to her nipples. She was short, maybe 5′ 2″ tall and her suit was pinstriped with a very short skirt. Her bra was very thin and it was obvious her nipples were hard. As she stood you could tell her skirt barely covered her ass and her heels were not made for walking. After greeting and shaking hands woman the blond was asked why she needed to see a personal injury attorney and was told that it was embarrassing and she would rather only tell the attorney. The receptionists said she understood as she licked her lips, smiled and showed the client into the office where she was greeted by a lawyer.

The lawyer introduced himself and excused the receptionist as he eyed the sexy woman standing in front of him. As the receptionist walked out of the office she looked back and licked her lips again. As she exited the door she left it cracked open as she stayed and peaked in as the blond began explaining her problem. The woman was saying she wanted to sue a doctor because he had made her ugly and undesirable. I don’t know what planet she was from but what I saw was already making my cock hard and I was having a hard time hiding it. I was glad the only light was from the TV and the flickering fire.

The lawyer asked to see what the doctor had screwed up and the woman proceeded to undress very slowly. That is when it dawned on me this was not a comedy!!!

“Mom I’m sorry. The movies must have gotten mixed up at the store. Let me change it.”

Mom looked at me and smiled then patted me on the leg. “That’s OK Joey. Let’s watch this and see where it goes but if you don’t mind would you could pause for a minute while I fix myself another?”

“Of course mom.” With that I hit pause as mom took her glass for a refill. I turned to Sally and mentioned how fast mom had finished her first drink.

“Don’t worry about that Joe. I am sure she can handle it. Just sit back, relax and enjoy the movie.”

There was something strange about the way my sister had said that. I wanted to ask but it was about then I heard mom calling from the kitchen.

“You kids want anything else?”

“No mom. We’re OK for now.”

Mom returned and took her seat but I noticed something different about her. I didn’t know what it was but I knew there was something. Maybe it was the fact that she had let her hair down or that her robe had a couple more buttons undone. It wasn’t unusual for mom to wear heels being 4′ 10″ but these heels were much higher than the ones she normally wore. Also I noticed her nipples were hard and poking through her robe!! I wondered if she had taken off her bra. As she took her seat she was holding the robe around her so it was easy to see her hard nipples.

Mom sat back down and took a big swig of her drink and sat it aside on the table. She patted my leg and told me I could start the movie again but again she didn’t remove her hand from my leg. This time she had her hand much higher up my thigh almost to my crotch. The warmth of her hand and the effects of my drink made my mind wander and my cock get even harder. I was holding my right hand over my hard prick but anyone looking could still see how hard I was and how big I had gotten. I tried to will it to go down but the lack of sex over the past few days had gotten me into a state of extreme horniness. Mom rubbed my leg with her hand high on my thigh and went back to watching the movie.

I looked at her and noticed that her drink was already half gone. Usually she will nurse a drink for an hour or more but this was her second one and it was almost gone in a matter of minutes.

I was glad mom didn’t want me to change the movie because my cock had gotten rock hard after noticing her nipples and was already poking out against my sweats. I only had on a pair of old grey sweatpants and no underwear. With my cock being this hard it would have been impossible to hide if I had to get up. I glanced over at Sally and she was smiling from ear to ear. She was dressed in a blue baby doll outfit that left very little to the imagination. Now that my eyes had gotten use to the dim light I could clearly see her hard nipples through the thin material. She sat with her legs bent under her and she had her leg spread enough so that I could see a wet spot on her very revealing panties. She looked down at my lap and licked her lips. With mom’s hand on my thigh and my sister looking at my hard cock and licking her lips I was beginning to wonder if I had been setup.

The movie continued as the lawyer started running his hands over the body of this luscious woman who by now was standing naked in front of him with the exception of her heels. He bent down and nudged her legs apart as the camera focused in to show a very wet shaved pussy. The woman was standing in heels, hands on her hips and legs parted as the lawyer started to run his fingers on the outside of the woman’s dripping cunt. I looked over at mom as she licked her lips and started gripping my thigh with a little more pressure. Then Sally laid her head over on my shoulder and rested her right hand over top of mine which was still trying to hide my hard cock. Then Sally did something that shocked me she slid her hand under mine and I could hear her moan in my ear. I looked over at Sally thinking about telling her to be quiet but I was afraid that mom would hear me. This is the first time she had ever gone this far but even as I feared mom discovering her holding my cock I was hoping this wasn’t the last time.

So I just looked back at the screen trying to act like nothing was happening as Sally began to squeeze my hard cock. I shifted trying to hide what Sally was doing but Sally just squeezed harder and mom continued to squeeze my leg too.

“Mmmmmm….that looks good doesn’t it mom.” I couldn’t believe what I heard my sister just say. Mom didn’t answer but I swore I heard mom moan. “I bet you would love that to be you right now wouldn’t you? I know I would.”

The movie was now showing the lawyer licking the woman’s cunt as she moved her hands from her hips to his head and moaned in pleasure as the secretary was peeking in through the door. The lawyer saw his secretary and motioned for her to come back in the office. “Sit here and take notes Ms Cherry on Ms Hooker’s condition as I check her out.” The dutiful receptionist took a seat next to the lawyer close to the action. She unbuttoned her top and reached in and pulled one of her large tits out of her bra at the same time sitting back and spreading her legs showing she wasn’t wearing any panties.

I looked at mom as her left hand disappeared between her partially parted legs. I could see flickers of light from the fire at what appeared to be her fingers rubbing her cunt. Damn, she had taken off her panties too! The flicker from the fire was lighting up the room with a warm glow. FIRE!! That was what was running through my cock right at that moment. Without looking my way mom slid over closer to me and moved her hand toward my crotch and down until she was cupping my balls through my sweats. Sally was now holding my cock and mom had my balls in her hand. Her hand was so small that my balls were bigger than she could hold in one hand. I tensed up but then when I realized this is what she wanted I decided to relax and let it happen. My next reaction was to think “fuck it” and let them have their way. I reached pass mom and put my drink on the table next to hers then moved my arms so my right was around Sally’s shoulder and my left was around mom’s. I leaned back and opened my legs wider to give them better access to my cock and pulled lightly against them until I was holding them close. I lay my arms across their shoulders and let my hands dangle over their breast and started to touch their hard nipples very lightly. Mom reached up and opened her robe exposing her beautiful tits then she grabbed my hand and put it on her left tit. I almost shit when mom had me cup my hand around her large breast. I hear a moan from each of them as I played with their big tits.

Mom moved her hand up from my balls and onto the base of my hard cock. “Oh fuck!” was all she said as she took the base of my cock in her hand. As soon as she touched Sally’s hand I saw her look of surprise and then a smile. She grabbed the base of my ridged member as Sally worked on the head. Their hands, like the rest of their bodies, are very small so there was plenty of hard cock for both of them to hold.

I lost track of the movie except now that I looked up I saw the woman being bent over the desk as the lawyer shove his hard cock deep in her cunt. The receptionist was sitting on the desk finger fucking her own pussy and giving the client with a deep tongue kiss.

I lay my head back as my sister and my mom worked on my cock through my sweats. It didn’t take long before I felt Sally tugging at the top of my sweats trying to pull them down. I didn’t hesitate to lift my ass just enough so that she could pull one side down over my hips. The next thing I knew mom was pulling down the over side until my old grey sweats were lying as a heap on the floor and my cock was again covered by my mother’s and sister’s hands. Hardly a word had been spoken between us since the movie started but I guess there was nothing to say.

Mom and Sally grabbed my cock again but it obvious their hands were too small to reach all the way around. “Mmmmmm….what a fucking monster.” Mom mumbled under her breath.

I looked to my left and mom had propped her left foot on the couch and she continued to play with her pussy. I could smell the sweet aroma of her cunt as she pushed one then two fingers into her obviously wet cunt. Mom leaned over laying her head on my chest as I fully grabbed her left tit in my hand. It was much bigger than I though it would be and it felt wonderful. Her nipple was so fucking hard it almost felt like it didn’t belong to this soft pliable breast.

As I looked down Sally was holding my cock upright. It was long enough that the head was pointing above my navel and cum was oozing out the tip. It was only inches from my mother’s face. Sally was slowly rubbing just below the head as mom continued to squeeze the base. All of a sudden I felt a warm wonderful feeling on the head of my cock as mom took my prick in her mouth. I felt her tongue slide over the end of my prick. Her mouth was warm and I tried to raise my hips up to shove more and more of my cock into her wonderful mouth.

“Mmmmmmm… Damn mom that feels good!!!” was all I could say. Sally shifted her position until she was on her knees next to me. While holding my cock with one hand she put her other on top of mom’s head and started to gently push it down.

I pulled the top of mom’s robe aside so I could grab her left tit without the hindrance of her robe getting in the way. Mom was trying to take more and more of my cock into her mouth but it was way too much. Sally moved her hand down but mom could only take about half. I heard mom gag as her daughter tried to force more of my cock in her mouth. It wasn’t so much the length but the width that filled her mouth.

Mom was gagging on my prick while still trying to finger fuck her pussy. Sally got up and pulled her thin little piece of gown over her head and let it drop to the floor. She stood in front of me squeezing her big tits and smiling at me.

“Hold on brother, the best is yet to cum!!!”

Sally moved over in front of mom and dropped to her knees. I watched in amazement as she put her hands on mom’s knees and parted them as wide as she could then leaned forward and removed mom’s fingers from her pussy and proceeded to lick the juice from mom’s fingers. Then Sally then took mom by the hips and pulled her forward until her hips were on the edge of the couch and mom’s wet pussy was directly in front of her. As she leaned in towards mom’s wet cunt Sally reached up with her left hand and again put it on the back of mom’s head. I could see her push mom’s head down again forcing more and more of my cock into mom’s mouth. I thought I was going to explode as I watched Sally start to lick mom’s cunt with her tongue. I could feel mom moan as she was being forced to take more of my cock deep in her throat.

“Mmmmmmm….fuck mom you have a good tasting pussy!”

After being deprived of air for a short while mom had to back off to breath but went right back to my cock as soon as she could catch her breath. With one hand on the base of my cock and her mouth taking just over half my cock in her mouth she now her other hand on the back of her daughter’s head pulling her daughter’s tongue deeper into her dripping pussy. I couldn’t take much more. I started to fuck mom’s mouth as I placed my right hand on the back of her head covering my sisters and was grabbing her left tit with the other.

“Fuck her Joe! Fuck mom’s face! That’s what she needs!”

I could hear my sister’s urge me to fuck mom’s mouth but I didn’t need encouragement. I was on a mission to cum and no one would be able to stop me now. Mom was trying to take more and more of my cock. She backed off a second time to breath but immediately moved her mouth over my cock again like a woman possessed as Sally pushed her head down forcing more and more of my cock down her throat. Suddenly I felt my cock slid down her throat and it send me over the edge. As I looked down my mom had all 9 inched of my prick shoved down her throat as her daughter was licking her bald little pussy. Her mouth was stretched as wide as she could get it and her spit was running down my balls and into my asshole. I pushed as hard as I could into her throat and shot a huge load of cum into her. There was no way much could spill over as I pumped it directly into her stomach.

‘Ahgggggg….Ahgggggggg” was all mom could say as I stuffed her face with my cock.

Mom had to pull away before I had stopped shooting my hot load. As her face cleared the head of my cock I continued to spray her with hot jets of cum all over her face. Sally must have been doing a great job of licking her cunt too because mom started to tense up.

“Oh fuck me baby!! Lick mama’s hot little pussy!! You’re making mama cum!!! Yessssss!!!! Oh fuckkkkk!!!!!”

With that mom had an orgasm as my cum was dripping from her face and running down between her tits.

Moment’s later mom laid back on the couch with her eyes closed and my hand still on her tits. Sally was rubbing mom’s legs and licking her lips.

“Wow, I didn’t expect anything like that tonight kids. That is the first orgasm I have had in almost two years.”

I looked over at mom as she opened her eyes and smiled at me.

“Damn mom! That was fucking incredible. Even Barbi can’t take all of my cock down her throat like you did.”

“Thanks but I did have some help!”

Mom looked down at my cock which was still hard.

“Damn son, you haven’t had enough?”

“No mame! I can go a lot longer.”

Sally looked up at me. “Then do you mind if I try it out? I’ve been wanting to feel that big prick up my little pussy for a very long time.”

I looked over at mom. “Why you looking at me? When your sister if finished I’m going next if you have anything left.”

“Don’t worry mom, I will have plenty for you!!!”

With that Sally pulled her sheer panties off and stepped out of them She moved in front of me and placed one knee on one side of me and her other knee on the other side of me. I reached over with both hands and took her by the hips. I knew I could lift her small frame and place her on my cock. Sally took one look down at my cock between her legs and hesitated.

“You sure you want to do this sis?”

“Yes but I am going to need a little help. Mom will you hold Joe’s cock for me?” Sally put her hands on my shoulders and leaned forward forcing her tits in my face. I took one of my sister’s nipples in my mouth and sucked then moved to the other.

Mom smiled as she reached over and grabbed my cock with her right hand. Then she took two fingers to part her daughter’s bald little pussy. I slowly lowered my sister’s cunt onto my cock head. Mom moved my cock back and forth until the head was entirely coated with my sister’s pussy cream.

I started to lower Sally a little more until the head of my cock was in her cunt.

“Fuck Joe!! That is some big fucking cock you have. I already feel more filled up than I do with Pete.”

“Do you want me to stop?”

“Hell no!!! You better not! I need to get fucked!”

So I began to push down on my sister’s hips pushing more and more of my cock into her little pussy. I got about half in when I heard her moan so I lifted her up until just the head was in her tight little cunt.

“Do it Joe. Give it to me! Don’t fucking stop now. Give that big fucking cock to me you fucker!!! I want it all…Oh fuck yea!!!”

I pushed Sally’s hips down driving more and more of my cock deep into her cunt. Before I could get ¾ of my cock into her pussy I had already hit bottom. I still had over 2 inches to go and I was pushing up against her cervix. I looked down and could see her belly being pushed out by the size of my prick being shoved deep in her.


I pulled her hips up a little and the shoved her down hard! I felt her cervix give and my cock drive deep into her little cunt. All the way to my balls.


“Oh fuck Sally. You have one tight little girl pussy.”

“Give it to her son! Fuck that little cunt and make her cum then you can fuck me!” mom whispered in my ear.

Sally stared moaning and screaming for me to fuck her so I raised her hips up again and then slammed her down over my cock again. I looked over at mom as she sat there with her mouth open and her fingers back in her cunt. She had shed her robe which was now sitting under her tight little ass.

“Do it son! Fuck your sister’s cunt. Shove that big fucking cock deep in her little pussy. Give it all to her!!! Give that giant prick to that little cunt!”

In a matter of seconds and in less than ten stokes my sister started to cum all over my hard cock. I could feel her cunt spasm over and over as I tried to shove more and more of my cock deep in her tight little pussy. I looked down and saw her pussy lips stretched over my cock. Mom got up on her knees beside me so she could get to Sally’s tits. As mom started to suck one of her nipples Sally reached behind mom’s head had held her while she was creaming all over my cock.


Sally bounced up and down on my cock as mama sucked her tits.


With that Sally started screaming until she couldn’t take it anymore. Suddenly she relaxed and fell over onto my chest with my cock still buried deep in her cunt. She was panting hard as she rolled off my prick and onto her back. She had her eyes closed and her legs wide open. The juice from her orgasm was running down between the crack of her ass and it made me want to lick it up. And I would have until I felt mom grab my cock.

“My turn! Make me cum like you did my fucking daughter!”

Mom swung her legs over me while she was holding the head of my hard wet cock in her dainty little hand.

“Oh fuck this is going to be good son! Your mom is so fucking horny and it has been such a long fucking time!! Mmmmmmmmm….”

With that mom lowered her pussy down over the head of my prick.

“Ahhhhh….that feels so fucking good!!!! I just wish it wasn’t so fucking big so I could shove it up my tight little ass!!!”

I was shocked at her revelation that mom was an ass fucker but that didn’t mean that I wasn’t willing to try later. Right now I had my mom trying to take my 10 pound prick and shove it into a pussy make for 5 pounds. As she leaned forward to get a better angle she shoved her big tits right in my face. I reached up and took both her tits in my hands and started to suck her nipples. First the left then the right then the left again.

“That’s it son. Suck mama’s fucking tits! Just like when you were a baby! Suck them baby boy. Harder dammit! Mama likes it hard baby boy. Bite my nipples! Mama likes to get her tits sucked hard and to be fucked hard! Give that big fucking piece of me to me!! Give it to me baby boy!! Give mama that big fucking cock just like you did your baby sister. Shove it deep in mama’s tight little pussy!! Ahhhhhh….oh what a fucking cock you have baby!! Mama loves that fucking piece of meat!!! Give it to me you fucking bastard! Give it to mama hard!!!”

With that mama shove my cock into her cunt as deep as it would go but I hit bottom before I could get balls deep. Mama bounced up and down on my cock but she wasn’t able to take all my cock in her cunt.

“You want more mama? There is more cock if you can take it.”

“Oh fuck baby!!! Ahhhhhh…. Your about to split me open all ready!!”

“Let me help mama!” Sally quickly got up and stood behind mama. She reached around and grabbed mama by her tits pinching her nipples and pulled up. I grabbed mama by the hips and lifted her about two inches.

“Hold on mama!” Sally said as she pushed mama down on my cock. I let go of mama’s hips as Sally shoved mama down as hard a she could pulling and pinching her nipples as she went. I felt some resistance then I felt myself slowing sinking deeper and deeper until my entire cock was buried deep in my mama’s cunt.


Mama leaned over and fed me one of her nipples again. I took her nipple in my mouth and bit it hard while I grabbed her ass and ground my cock into her tight little pussy.


Mama ground down on my cock driving it into her pussy. I could feel her cum running down my balls and into my ass as I started to fuck her cunt. I grabbed her hips again and lifted her up and with her just above me I started fucking her hard from beneath.


I fuck her hard slamming my cock into her tight little opening. I could feel Sally rubbing my balls and I knew they were wet with her and mom’s cum. I kept slamming into mom as she continued to ride my cock. As I shoved mama onto my hard cock I felt something new. Sally was trying to shove a finger deep in my ass just as I was shoving my cock deep in my mom’s cunt. I couldn’t take it anymore.

I hesitated for a few seconds as I felt my sister’s finger slid deeper and deeper into my ass. She started to fuck my ass with her finger as I started to pump my cock in and out of mama’s tight little pussy. I slammed deep into mama’s dripping cunt several times as my sister continued to fuck my ass with her fingers. It didn’t take long before the combination of mama’s tight cunt and my sister’s ass fucking of me sent me over the edge.



I unloaded a huge load of cum deep in mama’s wet pussy. Sally kept fucking me with her finger until she felt me relax and mama leaned over on my chest then she eased her finger out of my ass. I looked over at her as she licked her fingers clean and smiled at me. I had no idea what a nasty little sister I had until tonight. Then again I didn’t know I had such a nasty mother either.

I lean back against the couch as mom rolled off me. I heard a sucking sound as her pussy released my cock. There was a rush of hot cum, both mom’s and mine that started running down my softening prick. Mama pulled her feet up on the couch and as she did Sally leaned over and started licking and sucking my cock of all the pussy juice and left over cum. Mom reached down to her sopping wet cunt running her fingers through the mess.

“Mom just wait there. I will be there in just a minute to clean you up just as soon as I finish with Joe.”

Mom closed her eyes and smiled. It is the first time I have seen her smile in a very long time.

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