Servant is for Mom and mom is for son part-6

Hi users this is the continuation of Servant is for Mom and Mom is for Son series, to understand the story better I insist you to read my previous stories.

Me: So mom how you felt teasing our servant making him ooze out his liquid without fucking.

Mom: It felt wierd at first but later I enjoyed teasing him, making him lust for me. Being infront of him all naked yet he couldn’t do anything, everything was under my control, I could even take control of his urge to fuck me. But yet I needed it badly, watching him jerk made me horny but as planned I have controlled my urges

Me: That’s ok mom, it’s just a part of our game we will know his loyalty towards you. Now I want you to call our servant and invite him, to check if he will be available when we want him to be available.

Mom: Why you want me to invite him now. I don’t understand why we are doing this.

Me: Mom I want to test him if he had learned his lesson for neglecting you. I wanna make sure that he doesn’t repeat his mistake by not coming when we call him.

Mom: Ok son I understood what your plan is. I will call him right away.

I told mom to take a body massage from our servant and jerk his dick while taking a massage, I also told gave mom a viagra for our servant before getting a massage . Mom then took her phone and dialled our servant, asked him to come home right away and as planned he did not deny coming. Mom mixed the viagra in juice and was waiting for our servant, then we heard a knock at our gate. It was our servant, mom then put a maxi on to open the gate and I went in my bedroom and was waiting for our servant to come in.

Mom and our servant came inside house, then servant asked mom.

Ramu Kaka: Yes, mistress you have summoned me and I am here, what can I do for my mistress today.

Mom: I have called you because I was feeling bit pain in my back, so I want you to give me a body massage.

Ramu Kaka: Ok sure mistress, I will do as you say. Your word is my command.

Mom: It’s ok, but let’s have juice first before giving me a massage.

Then mom and servant had a juice, after finishing the juice mom removed her maxi and asked our servant to move the deewan so she could lie on the deewan, mom laid on deewan and her back was visible to me and our servant. Mom boobs were pressed against the matress of deewan and her huge voluptuous ass was naked infront of our servant.

Ramu kaka got massaging oil from the kitchen and poured on my mom’s back. Oil was rolling down from her neck towards her ass and then Ramu kaka took some oil in his hands and started massaging mom’s back with his hands. Ramu kaka was rubbing his hand all over my mom’s body and was initially touching the side of mom boobs, his hands were in reciprocating motion all over mom’s back. Slowly he slides his hands towards mom’s waist and then towards her ass, he grabbed mom’s ass cheeks and gave her ass cheek a tush, after massaging her ass for few minutes he went on the side of the deewan and applied oil on mom’s legs and started massaging her feet then calves. He rolled his hands from her calves to her thighs and slowly he started rubbing my mom’s pussy with his oily fingers. Mom expressions was intensified by our servants touch, she was moaning in her low tone voice. Seeing her expressions and the sound of my mom’s moans Ramu Kaka applied more pressure to his hands and inserted his finger in mom’s pussy.

Soon his hand started to and fro motion making his fingers go in and out of my mom’s pussy, mom was enjoying the pleasure by the servants finger in her pussy. Mom then mover her hand and put her hand on the servant’s pajama and started rubbing his dick, mom then stopped the servant asked him to remove his finger from her pussy and mom rolled herself on deewan and her front body was on display. Now mom asked the servant to massage her front body, servant took oil in his hand and poured some oil on mom’s boobs and started massaging her boobs. Mom took servant’s one hand and positioned his hand on her pussy making an expression to go on, looking at mom’s expression servant understood what my mom wanted. Ramu kaka started fingering my mom’s pussy, he started with one finger at first and then inserted his two fingers in my mom’s pussy and was furiously fingering my mom’s pussy.

Ru kaka was fingering my mom’s pussy with one hand and was pressing and massaging her boob with other hand, meanwhile mom has undone servant’s pajama and was stroking his semi erect dick. Then there was sudden turn in the game, Ramu kaka moved himself up positioning his dick near mom’s mouth, he was massaging mom boobs with one hand and was leaning on her to finger her pussy with other hand. To make things more exciting mom took our servant’s dick in her mouth and started sucking his dick. Mom rolled her face towards Ramu Kaka to take his dick in her mouth, they both were in to and fro motion, where my mom was savouring our servant by sucking his dick and Ramu kaka was fingering my mom’s pussy and massaging her boobs.

Ramu kaka dick was hardened by my mom’s vigorous sucking, both mom and Ramu kaka were enjoying the joy of ecstasy by their harmonal pleasure. Ramu kaka was plunging his dick in my mom’s mouth and increased the motion of his fingers in my mom’s pussy.

Ramu Kaka: Wowww mistress I thought you were angry with me but inviting me for this massage session you have made my day. I could have never thought of giving you massage and enjoy at the same time, I don’t know how but my dick is getting hard again by the savouring of my dick by your mouth.

They continued the thrusting game of hand and mouth and then mom removed Ramu kaka’s dick from her mouth.

Mom: Yes I was angry with you but I thought of giving you a chance to prove your loyalty, so I think you learned your lesson. Now it’s time to serve your mistress, accomplish for what I have called you.

Ramu kaka got excited by mom words, he removed his fingers from mom’s pussy and licked and sucked his fingers. Mom took his hand and and told him let me taste my juices too, Ramu kaka was stunned by the act as he have never seen kinky side yet. Ramu kaka moved mom to the edge of the deewan and parted her legs and got on his knees to lick mom’s pussy.

Ramu kaka kissed in mom’s thighs and slowly moved towards her pussy and licked her pussy, his tongue was rolling on mom’s pussy. He opened mom’s pussy lips to lick her clitoris, mom’s pussy was open her pink flesh in her pussy was visible. Ramu kaka started licking mom’s pussy, his tongue was rolling up and down on mom’s clitoris. Ramu kaka then stood and positioned his dick on mom’s pussy, his dick was all wet due to mom’s sucking. He inserted his dick in mom’s pussy within one thrust jamming hai dick inside mom’s pussy.

A moan skipped from mom’s mouth with the insertion of his dick, Ramu kaka slowly started fucking mom, his dick was going in and out of mom’s pussy. Ramu kaka was ramming his dick in my mom’s pussy and was pressing her boobs, he then leaned on mom and started sucking her boobs while fucking her, mom was moaning in pleasure.

Mom: Aahhh yeaahhhh hmmmm that’s it, give it to me, prove your loyalty to me, give your mistress what she have wanted. Hmmm ahhhhh Ohhhhh keep fucking me, fuck me, fuck me harder, serve your mistress with your dick.

Ramu Kaka: Ohhh yesss mistress I am you loyal servant, I will do anything you want. Take it, have my dick in your pussy, I won’t deny you from next time, I am your loyal slave.

Mom and Ramu kaka was enjoying there inextricable relation, they both were united as one with dick and pussy. There bodies were in action as if they both are one part, Ramu kaka kept ramming his dick in mom’s pussy as if there is no tomorrow. Mom and Ramu kaka was humming with pleasure and ecstasy. I could clearly see our servant’s dick going in and out from mom’s pussy, mom was motioning her ass to keep up the pace with Ramu kaka. Mom wrapped her legs behind Ramu kaka to take his dick deeper in her pussy.

As they were engaged in such fucking relation, they rarely kissed each other. I could hear the tapping noise made by the interaction of there bodies, as Ramu kaka was ramming his dick in my mom’s pussy & his balls were hitting mom’s ass, they both were in unison reacting to each others thrust.

Mom: Ohhh yeah just like that, aaahhhh ohhhh hmmmm I am thankful to myself that I called you. I was horny since morning when I watched you jerk.

Ramu Kaka: Aaahhh mistress everytime I fuck you it’s always a new feel, actually I am thankful that you gave me another chance. Mistress I had a request can I ask you something.

Mom: What is it.

Ramu Kaka: Mistress I want to talk dirty with you, it gives me an immense pleasure while fucking.

Mom: Ohhh you want to talk dirty while fucking me, hmmm ok.

Ramu Kaka: Ohhh thank you mistress. Aahhh you are such a slut I knew you wouldn’t deny my request. You are my whore, you are my cum drain bucket, how doest it feel to take my dick in your pussy.

Mom: Ohhhhh yeah fuck me I am your cum drain bucket, I love taking your dick in my pussy, just like that aaahhhh yeaahhh fuck meeee Hmmmmm.

Ramu Kaka: Ohhh najma my darling mistress, you don’t know how I fell around you, everytime I see you my dick rises to its full attention. You are such a horny slut, I will squeeze out all your juices either it be your pussy juice or your milk in boobs, I will squeeze out all the juices from you. I will have threesome with you, me and my friend will fuck you like a whore.

Mom: Ohhh yeahhh you want to fuck me with your friend haaaa aahhhhh shhhhh, ohhh rammuuuu yeaahh fuckkk meeee, I will be your whore if you keep fucking me like I want to be fucked.

Ramu kaka and mom was in a different world now, a world of dirty talks and pleasure. Ramu squeezed mom’s boob harder and then caught her legs and was ramming his dick furiously in my mom’s pussy.

Ramu Kaka: Oohhhh najma you are a real slut I am gonna cum now aahhhh yaaahhhh aahhhh.

Mom: Ohhh yesssss fuckk mee Aaahhh, fuck me harder I am also about to cum, Just don’t cum in me.

Ramu Kaka: Hmmmm aaahhhh

Mom: Ahhhh yeaahh I am there aahhhh shhh hmmmm.

Ramu kaka controlled pumped his dick with few more strokes and took his cock out and put it mom’s stomach his dick started pulsating to ooze out his juice, but only few drops came out of his dick nad landed on mom’s belly.

Mom and Ramu kaka was still panting to catch some air, Ramu kaka grabbed tissue & wiped his dick with and cleaned cum from mom’s belly, mom was lying on deewan and Ramu kaka sat on the corner of deewan.

Ramu Kaka: Wow madam that felt very good I did knew your kinky side, fucking you with a massage felt really awesome. If I would have not jerked in the morning I would have fucked you again.

Mom: Yeah it felt really good , I am glad that you could make it up at this time too. I thought that you would not not make up this time, but when you massaged and fingered my pussy I could not control myself.

Now after resting for sometime Ramu kaka stood and wore his pajama and mom wore her maxi, mom then asked ramu kaka to leave as she has to go somewhere. Ramu kaka then corrected himself and left from the house.

Mom went behind him to close the gate. I then came out of room naked and went to the gate, as soon as mom closed the gate I caught mom from behind and squeezed her boobs. Mom was so oily that the maxi she was wearing was slipping from her boobs, I continued squeezing mom boobs with lust and started kissing her neck and sucked her earlobe.

Mom: Ahhh sonnn not here.

I grabbed mom from behind and lifted by catching her belly and boob, I took her inside and put her on the same deewan where she was just fucked by our servant. I pulled mom’s maxi and removed the maxi from her body.

Now my oily mom was just infront of me naked, her body was shining under the light due to the oil. I swiftly roved my clothes, my cock was pointing directly to mom.

Mom: Slowly son I am not going anywhere, phewww I never thought even in my dreams that I will get dicks so instantly soon after another.

Me: Mom you may have not dreamt about this, but I will show you the true pleasure of sex which you have never got. I want you to be happy and satisfied, it’s just a begining of your happiest sex life, I want you to enjoy sex as it is meant to be.

Mom: Ohhh son you are making me crazy, you are treating me like a well mannered man, now get going and give me your cock, I want to taste your big thick cock.

Mom started stroking my cock and I was squeezing her boobs trying extract milk out of her boobs, I then laid above mom, my chest was pressing on her boobs. I started kissing her, my lips were engaged on mom’s lips, she was still stroking my cock. I started biting her lower lips and with one hand I squeezed her boob and pinched her nipple, a slow moan escaped from mom.

Mom: Aaahhh slowly son you are hurting me, I have nowhere to go, it’s just you and me now. Seems like our servant is loyal to us now, what do you think.

Me: Ohh yes mom he seems to be loyal, we can proceed with our plan. When you have invited aunt to our house, I just can’t wait to fuck her.

Mom: I have invited her to stay for next week, hope our plan succeeds when she arrives.

Me: Surely mom our plan will succeed, besides she have not taken a cock in her pussy since 20 years. She will be overwhelmed if she gets one, I want to feel her pussy wrapped around my cock, I really want to feel her tight pussy around my cock, I want to be the first man to enter her after 20 years.

Mom was stroking my cock while I was playing with her pussy, my fingers drooled inside her pussy feeling the wetness and I started finger fucking her envious pussy.

Me: I must say your pussy is not loose either, inspite of taking three cocks, though you have been fucked by dad our servant and now me, you still are worth fucking. I don’t know why but every time my cock enters your pussy I rejoice with pleasure, I would not have hoped for anything better than your connecting with you, entering the place from where I came to this world.

Mom: Ohh son thanks for the compliment but I feel that your big fat cock is the reason why my pussy feels tight to you. It is my pleasure to take you to your birth place where you have sprung and grown to be manly.

Hearing my mom’s slutty talk I increased the speed of fingering her pussy, mom was moaning without any hesitation.

Me: Mom what’s about the dirty talk. How you felt talking dirty with our servant, I did not knew that your kinky side is yet to be exposed.

Mom: Ohhh son this is not just the talking, those are my feelings when I get fucked you better get going with putting your cock inside your mom’s pussy now.

Me: Ok mom now get ready to feel your son’s hard and thick cock in your tight pussy, you are my slutty whore mother who is fucked by our servant and yet you are craving for more cocks.

I removed my fingers from my mom’s pussy and inserted them in her mouth to taste her own juices. Mom then curved her body to take my cock in her mouth and she plunged her mouth on my cock, mom put her tongue out to taste my cock. She was swirling her tongue on the tip of my cock, then she opened her mouth and jabbed her mouth take my full length cock in her mouth. Mom was giving me a head and her tongue was still swirling in cock in her mouth, mom gobbled on my cock as if there’s no tomorrow, she then took my cock out of her mouth. Mom deposited saliva on cock, my cock was coated with my mom’s saliva.

My mom then laid straight on deewan raising her legs in air and then directed my cock to her pussy, she positioned my cock above her pussy lips and I made a swift push making my cock to enter her pussy, my cock was making her pussy enlarge with the push. Her pussy lips was wrapped around my cock, my cock moved swiftly inside my mom’s pussy with the saliva coating she deposited in my cock.

Mom: Ahhh you are a pervert son fucking your mom soon after she got fucked by the servant. I don’t know why but it feels really good to take your cock in my pussy, despite of knowing that you are my son it’s making sex more pleasurable.

Me: You are shameless slut mother who gets fucked by her own son, and you are arranging your sister in-law to fuck with your own son.

Holding my mom’s legs and I was ramming my cock in and out of her pussy, with every inch of my cock entering her pussy she would moan and scream my name. She was erotically moaning pleading me to fuck her more and more, as our fucking got intense my mom started talking dirty and was encouraging me to pound her pussy more in a ravage manner.

Mom: Ohhh son fuck your mother harder, make my body galloping for your cock, ahhhh yeaahah like that son fuck me fuck me harder, fuck your mom. Ohhhh my son’s cock is in my pussy, my son’s cock is in his mother’s craving pussy. Yeahhh my naughty son Aaahhh I like the way you are fucking your mother, you are making sure that my pussy is ravaged by your cock.

Me: Ahhhh my whore mother, making out with you was my best decision, everytime I fuck you, everytime my cock enter your pussy it feels different, it feels pleasurable. You will get what you have wanted mother, I am gonna ravage your pussy and mark my cocks territory on your pussy, you won’t be able to feel the same if you take our servant’s cock in your pussy.

I was ramming my cock in mom’s pussy with deep long and fast strokes. Then suddenly I stopped fucking my mom, removed my cock from her pussy and ordered her to change the position, mom quickly turned in doggy style. Mom was now on her all fours, her boobs hanging from her body she was in legitimate position as I wanted her to be.

I was standing behind my doggy styled mom, then I pushed my cock again in her pussy. She sprung out due to quick excavation of my cock in her pussy, I took hold of her broad shoulders in order to pull her back on my cock. My hands rolled from her shoulders to her hairs and I was pulling mom through her hairs, my other hand rolled down to her boob and started squeezing her boob. My hands were acting instinct and without any delay, my mom was fascinated by the position I was fucking her. I was able to enter my mom’s pussy deeper now, my cock was going in and out of her pussy and mom was moaning with pain and pleasure.

Mom: Ahhh yeahhh fuck your mother you are the man of my pussy, your aunt’s gonna love your cock, she will be our sex slave. I am gonna make your aunt your cock’s puppet, I will lick her pussy so my son could have all the pleasure he deserves. Ohhh sonnn just the thought of you fucking her ripened pussy infront of me is taking me to the edge of orgasm, I am gonna make her eat my pussy. I am gonna make her eat my ravaged pussy by my son, ohhh sonnn just don’t stop I am gonna cum soon aaahhhh yeaahhh fuck me harder son, plunge your cock deeper into your mom’s pussy.

Me: Argghhh mommmmm you have become the slut I wanted you to be, you are my precious slut mother. You are the greatest mom how much you think of me, you are gonna make aunt to have my cock in her pussy aahhhh sshhhh yeahhh ohhh mommmm.

Mom: Oohhh yeahh sonnn anything for you, Aaahhh yesss sonnnn I am about to cummm aahhhh, you are helping to taste different cocks, so it’s my duty to arrange another pussy for my son, Aahhh sonnn yeahahh I am there aaahahhh ohhhh I am cummingggg aahhhh ohhhh.

Mom was shaking heavily with her orgasm, I could feel her pussy pulsating on my cock, her pussy juice was drooling down her thigh through her pussy. With few more strong strokes I was near to cum, I started humping my mom’s pussy with long and deep strokes.

Me: Ahhhh mommmm you are making me cum tooo. Ahahhhh mommmm where do you want my load.

Mom: Put your load deep in your mother’s pussy son, I have been waiting to feel a load deep inside my pussy, I want my son’s seed in my womb.

With last strokes I started unloading my cum in my mother’s pussy, I pushed my cock deeper to deposit my sperm, to unload my seed in mother’s womb. My cock erupted the volcano of sperm in mother’s pussy deep down her womb.

Me: Aaahahhh mom take it, I am unloading my sperm in your pussy, I have marked my territory on your pussy. With the load of my sperm in your pussy you are mine now, I would make child out of you with my seed deep inside your womb.

Mom: Ahhh sonn I could feel the hot lava of your sperm deep inside my pussy, deep down my womb your cock seed is have marked it’s territory. Now I am yours forever, from now an deposit all your sperm seed deep inside your mother’s pussy and womb, I would love to have your child in my womb. Just keep fucking me and deposit all your sperm seeds inside your mother’s womb and I will try to conceive your sperm seed to have a child with your seed. I am sure that you can make your pregnant again.

I drove all my sperm in mother’s womb and gave a last push to my cock deep in her pussy and rested my cock in her pussy.

Me: Ohhh mommm,my lovely mother I will make sure to deposit all my sperm in your pussy from now on, I will make sure that you become pregnant with me sperm.

Mom: Ahhh sonnn I have missed this feeling of hot sperm in womb for years, now you have fulfilled my that wish too. I will do whatever required to have your child in my womb, if possible I will consult the gynaecologist we can make babies.

After this I removed my cock from my mom’s pussy, my cock slipped from my mom’s pussy with a popping sound. My sperm mixed with her pussy juice oozed out of her pussy rolled down through her thighs to the sheets on deewan. I laid beside my mom and she rolled herself onto me, her boobs were pressing on my chest, I kissed on her forehead and started caressing her hairs and boobs. We rested for sometime and took a joint bath together, wore our clothes and corrected deewan and changed the sheet on deewan.

So dear readers what do you think lies in the future, what will happen in next story. Leave your feedback and comments.

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