He builds life with two wives in Colorado mountains

Seth Connors had a problem. He was in love. He was in love with the most beautiful woman in the whole town and she said she was in love with him. He had graduated high school almost two years ago and still had not talked her into marrying him. Seth and Patrice had been a couple since their sophomore year in high school. Seth was the quarterback on the school football team. He also run cross country and track during the seasons. Although he was a jock Seth was not the typical jock. He was smart. Unfortunately for Seth he had not studied hard enough to get a scholarship to college and his parents were too poor to send him. Instead of studying during school Seth did just the minimum to get by and partied with his team mates the rest of the time. Well, he partied and chased pussy. Seth did like his pussy and being a jock he got more than his fair share. He did listen to his father though. He always made sure he wore a rubber when he fucked his conquests. He didn’t care if they told him they were on the pill or not. He used a rubber. Even if they were protected he believed in being careful so he would not get a disease. After all, the little skanks partied with him and his team mates and he knew many of the other boys didn’t use protection. After all, they were typical jocks. They were the modern day centurions. The football field was their battleground and the women who flocked around were theirs by right of conquest. If there wasn’t enough women to go around so what, they just double or triple teamed them or worse. Was the girl a little hesitant to fuck them? No problem. They were jocks and stronger than the little bitch. Take what you want. Hell, you deserved it. It’s fine. Oh, sure some of the girls cried a little but so what. None of the boys got into serious trouble for it so they said, no harm, no foul. Seth didn’t approve of that kind of ‘coercion’ so unfortunately he didn’t get along well with his teammates. They tolerated him as a goody two shoes while he had been in school.

Seth was smart in another way also. He continued going to school after he graduated from high school. He attended the local junior college where he took a Hodgepodge of courses including agricultural, geology, some machine shop, welding and automotive technology courses. Seth was a typical young person in most ways. He had no idea what he wanted to do with his life so he took whatever course interested him or that he heard was easy to get a good grade in. Because of that it took him longer to finish his two year degree than most. He had way more credit hours than required when he finally completed the last of his required courses for the degree. Seth finally earned enough credit hours to be awarded his Associates Degree. His parents watched proudly when he walked across the stage and accepted his degree from the Dean of the college. Here his formal education stopped. There was just no way he could afford to go on to obtain his Bachelors Degree. His parent’s income was too large for him to qualify for a grant when his small amount of earnings was considered. He refused to obtain a student loan for the money so he was out of luck. He had some vague plans to return to college at some indefinite date in the future “when he could afford it”.

Seth did have what passed for an acceptable job in his small town. He made $7.50 per hour working in a local factory building chairs. Unfortunately he spent almost all he earned on what many would consider frivolous items. Seth drove an old beat up F150 and lived in a small efficiency apartment over his parent’s garage. He had to purchase his own food and even pay the utilities for his apartment. He had been spending a lot of money on the upkeep of his old truck. Over the last year he had completely rebuilt the entire drive train and installed new brakes and bearings. Most of the remainder of his money seemed to trickle through his fingers through no real fault of his own. Well maybe it was his fault. He seemed incapable of telling Patrice NO when she demanded something from him. And that is what she did. She demanded things from him. It was beneath her to ask for them or for her to work and purchase things she wanted with her own money.

As has been said, his problems were many but most all of them were caused by or revolved around his girlfriend who he loved. Like many young men when she said jump he asked how high. Seth just could not live with what she wanted him to do this time though. Hell, he was still living more or less with his parents and was broke all the time because of Patrice. They were supposed to be saving money so they could get married. Unfortunately Patrice thought Seth was her own private bank. If she wanted something it was his job to provide it and no questions asked. If she was out of spending money she demanded money from him and like a dummy he gave it to her. It seemed the more he gave her the more she spent. According to her it was up to him how he did it but he was expected to provide anything she demanded. When he could not afford something she made him pay by either cutting off the pussy or by listening to her disrespectful whining. This time though she was not demanding something that cost money. This time she wanted his pride, his manhood and Seth was seriously pissed. He sat in his old truck and listened to Patrice. It was all he could do to hold his temper. His jaw was clinched and his grip on the steering wheel was so tight his hands hurt and his knuckles were white.

Patrice’s voice was droning on. Seth heard the words but just could not believe them. Finally he broke into her diatribe and said, “NO! This is bullshit. There is no way I’ll let you do that. Just forget it. It aint agonna happen.”

Patrice stopped in mid sentence and looked at Seth in shock. Her mouth dropped open. She felt a surge of anger. She could not believe Seth had not only said no to something she wanted but he had been rude and obnoxious when he did so. She leaned back in the seat and glared at him for a minute then began talking once again. She said, “Seth I didn’t give you a choice. This is the way it’s going to be. You have no choice. I have already talked with Mr. Ashland and told him you would rent the apartment for us. He has the rental agreement completed and is waiting for you to come by and sign it. He needs the first and last month’s rent now and one month’s rent for the deposit. We will move in the first of the month.”

“Patrice I only have a little over $2000.00 in the bank. The apartment will take $1800.00 of that just for us to move in then I will have to pay out the ass for deposits to get all the utilities turned on. Even if I wanted to I don’t have the money for this. And I’m telling you right now I have no intention of doing what you demanded tonight. We’re through. Why in the hell would you think I would spend all my savings on an apartment for us to live in and then let you move fat ass Harold in to be your lover while I paid the bills for you. I thought you loved me. I thought we were going to get married when we saved a little more money.”

“Oh, honey I do love you. We are going to get married. Haven’t I already set the date? Harold and I will just move into our apartment two weeks before the wedding. Harold and I have already picked out the most wonderful place for our Honeymoon too. We decided you would take us to Destin, Florida for a week.” Patrice smiled and continued, “You know how hot I look in my little bikini. Remember how horny you get when I wear it? Just think what it’ll be like when I am laying there and Harold is rubbing sun screen all over my hot body. You always say you love to see me cum. Think what it’ll be like to see me Cumming while he rubs my titties and pussy. Can’t you just see his big cock slamming into my juicy cunt? Oh, honey it will be a perfect week. You’ll see.”

“NO. No way. I don’t even know why I’m talking to you about this shit. Just forget it. We’re through.” Seth started the truck and began driving back toward town. Patrice sat on her side of the truck and glared at Seth. Her mind was in turmoil. She was seething in anger. How dare he thwart her plans like this? Hadn’t she and Harold been working up to this for almost a year now? The way wimpy Seth gave in to everything she demanded of him they were sure he was ready for this final step. She had made sure Seth had seen her and Harold making out several times. At first he had become angry and they had fought but over the last year he seemed as if he came to accept that. She had convinced him it was him she loved and Harold was just a good friend. If she could just get Seth to accept Harold as her live in lover, then she could have it all. She would have a man to support her and a lover to make her feel wonderful. She just didn’t understand how things had gone so badly wrong here.

About twenty minutes after they left the little park they had been talking in Seth pulled up in front of the little apartment Patrice shared with two of the women she worked with. He didn’t even turn off the motor. Patrice sat looking at him. Finally Seth clenched his jaw and said, “Get out. Get out of my truck and get you cheating ass out of my sight bitch. I can’t believe you think I’ll put up with you cheating on me with some asshole and even let him live with us while you are doing it. Just get your ass out of my truck and out of my sight.”

Patrice felt a jolt of surprise that Seth would speak to her in that manner. After that she felt instant fiery hot anger surge through her body once again. She slammed the door open and began to twist her body to exit the truck. The door bounced back and slammed into her knee as she twisted. Seth heard the crack when it hit Patrice and then her instant scream of pain. While she was writhing in pain he grabbed her left hand and pulled the engagement ring form her finger. After that he sat and glared at her until she quit moaning about the pain. Then he said, “Now, get out of my truck and out of my sight.”

Patrice pushed the door open again and slid to the ground. Her knee almost gave out from the pain. She caught herself by holding onto the door to keep from falling. She snarled over her shoulder as she hobbled into her house, “You fucking selfish asshole. This isn’t over. Not by a long shot.”

Seth didn’t see the door open when Patrice stepped onto her small porch. Harold stood framed in the door and watched Seth speed away. He then turned his attention to Patrice. He wrapped her in his arms and said, “What was that all about? Where the hell is Seth going? Why didn’t he come in?”

Patrice began crying and wrapped her arms around Harold. She said between sniffles, “That asshole wouldn’t even consider it. How can he be so damn selfish anyway? I TOLD him I loved him and we wanted to marry him. I even told him about the wonderful honeymoon we have planned. He wouldn’t even listen to me. I never got to tell him about the rest of the plan.”

Harold helped Patrice into the house and to her bedroom. She barely noticed Timmie, one of her roommates’ fiancé sitting with tears running down his cheeks while he watched his fiancée get fucked by her Bull. She was hooked up with one of Harold’s friends from their old High School football team as her Bull now. She constantly screamed out how large his cock was and how fantastic he made her feel while he fucked her. When they got to Patrice’s room Harold laid her on her bed and stood. She lay staring up at him with tears still running down her cheeks. Harold didn’t say anything else to her. He reached down and unfastened his belt, unsnapped his pants, lowered the zipper and pushed his jeans down to his knees.

Harold sat on the bed and finished taking off his pants. He turned to Patrice and grabbed her ankles. As he knelt on the bed he moved her legs apart. He crawled between her splayed legs and flipped her skirt up to her waist. She was not wearing panties. Harold smiled and crawled forward. Patrice was still crying from her anger and the pain in her knee. She tried to close her legs and whimpered, “No. Please Harold. I don’t feel like it right now.”

“Well that’s too bad bitch. I’m your Bull and you know you promised me pussy when you got back from your talk with Seth. Why the hell did you think I was waiting here anyway? I really ought to whip your ass for not getting him in here to watch and clean your dirty pussy tonight but I won’t this time.”

Harold moved farther forward and used his hand to position his cock at the opening of Patrice’s cunt. She was damp but far from well lubricated when he lunged forward. He was fully seated in her tight pussy after three hard thrusts. Harold ignored her scream of pain at the brutal insertion. He hooked his arms behind her hip bones and began thrusting into Patrice’s pussy. He slammed as deeply into her as he could as hard as he could. Patrice let out a grunt every time Harold slammed into her. He smiled to himself. He thought, ‘I’m showing this bitch what it’s like to be fucked by a real man. He looked down at her chest. Even under her top he could see her breasts moving back and forth as he fucked her. He smiled while he watched and listened to her whimper. God how he loved to listen to his little bitches whimper while he fucked them. The only thing that could have been better would have been if her little wimpy boyfriend was sitting in the chair beside the bed watching in defeat like Timmie was in the living room. Harold decided as soon as he was finished with the cunt he would look good ole Seth up and teach him his place in life once and for all. He had worked on Patrice too long to let Seth get away from him. Without the money that Patrice had been providing him from Seth he would have to tighten his belt. His other two Cuckolds couldn’t make up for the loss of Seth’s income. That was one reason he had worked so hard getting Patrice to buy into the cuckold lifestyle. The other reason was he really wanted to hurt that asshole Seth. He had been the big man in their graduating class and Harold still resented that.

Patrice was still crying when Harold felt the cum rising in his balls. She was getting wetter as he thrust. He felt her begin to move with him. Her whimpers of pain were beginning to sound more like pleasure. Harold felt her heels lock behind his thighs and pull him tighter into her little puss. Harold grinned down at her. He held her hips a little tighter and began fucking her faster and harder. He felt his cock tighten. The pleasure became intense. Harold slammed into Patrice one final time and roared his pleasure as cum surged out of his cock and filled her pussy with his seed. As soon as he finished Cumming he pulled from her. He kneeled and used her skirt to wipe his cock clean.

When Harold stood Patrice reached for him and said, “Please don’t leave me like this Harold. I didn’t cum yet. Please come and finish me off.”

“No way slut. You didn’t get your little cuck boy in here tonight. Now I have to go talk to him. You can just finish yourself off or wait for me to get back. You’d better be here when I get back and you’d better be ready for more cock. I’m going to drag that little asshole back here and make him watch me fuck you then we’re going to make sure he knows his place in this relationship.”

Now Harold wasn’t the brightest light in the building. Many would say he was about 26 cards shy of a full deck. What he did next proved that point. He drove over to Seth’s parent’s house. When he saw Seth’s truck parked in the driveway he pulled in behind it. Harold walked to the door still seething in anger over what he considered to be Seth’s disrespect for him. How dare the little cuck thwart his plans and refuse to rent their apartment and marry Patrice.

Harold didn’t even think about what he was doing. When he got to the front door he tried the knob. The door opened. He walked into the house. Seth’s parents were still in the living room watching TV. When Harold came through the door Seth’s father looked up and said, “What the hell are you doing in my house? And who the hell are you? Get out before I call the police.”

Harold glared over at the man and said, “Shut up old man. This doesn’t concern you. I’m here to teach Seth a lesson.” Harold saw a hallway and walked down it. He threw open every door he came to hunting Seth. When he wasn’t in the main part of the house he returned to the living room. He turned toward the kitchen, ignoring the older Connors once again. As he walked he yelled, “Where the hell is that little son of a bitch?”

When Harold entered the kitchen he saw the stairs leading up to the room over the garage and stomped up them. He didn’t even try the knob when he got to the door. He slammed against it and forced it open. He stomped across the small living area until he found Seth’s bedroom. Seth was already in bed but the noise had awakened him. He threw the covers back as Harold came into his room. Harold ran up to the bed and slammed his large fist into Seth’s face. Seth fell back onto the bed and rolled off the other side.

Seth staggered to his feet and met Harold as he came around the foot of the bed. Harold threw another fist at Seth as he yelled, “You son of a bitch. I’m going to beat your ass within an inch of your life then you’re coming back to Patrice’s place and watch me fuck her like a cuck is supposed to do. You have to learn your place in this relationship. You were a total asshole in school and caused me a lot of trouble but now it’s my turn. Patrice told you what you were supposed to do and I expect you to do it.”

Seth ducked back and Harold’s punch missed. Harold lost his balance and Seth struck. He caught Harold a glancing blow on his cheek. Harold stopped moving for a moment and Seth kicked out catching Harold in the crotch. He screamed and bent forward. Seth pushed down on the back of Harold’s head and brought his knee up to meet the rapidly moving head. Harold’s nose crunched onto Seth’s knee and he let out a keening scream. Seth moved to Harold and kicked him as hard as he could in the ribs and stomach area. Harold threw up on the floor.

Seth was trying to decide what to do next when he heard sirens in the distance. He left Harold where he lay and moved down the stairs into the main part of the house. He found his mother crying and holding onto his father.

About that time the police arrived at the still open door. They saw Seth standing beside his parent’s and assumed he was the intruder they had been called to apprehend. He moved rapidly into the room. The officer said, “On the floor asshole.”

Seth looked up in surprise and just stood there. The officer moved to him and grabbed him trying to force him down. Finally his mother said, “No, that’s my son. He didn’t do this. It was another man.”

That woke Seth up and he finally got his brain working again. He said, “Officer it was Harold Pittman that did this. He broke into my apartment over the garage and attacked me. When I left to come down here he was laying in the floor upstairs. Come on, I’ll show you.”

Seth and the officer arrived just as a slowly moving Harold was trying to come back down the stairs into the main part of the house. Had he taken the back stairs out of the apartment into the back yard he might have gotten away. He stood staring at the officer when he came face to face with them. When the officer began putting hand cuffs on him though he resisted. Finally Harold was cuffed and led from the house. Most of the rest of the night was spent giving statements to the officers and agreeing to press charges against Harold.

Of course Harold’s story differed drastically from the one told by the Connors. He maintained he had been invited into the house then they had attacked him. Even the prosecutor was unsure of the circumstances because the front door showed no sign of forced entry. Harold maintained he had been a guest and that the Connors wanted him to be their Bull, that it was all a sick sexual game. Patrice and her friends testified that Seth had been trying to force her into the same arrangement because his parents had one like that and he thought the cuckold lifestyle sounded exciting.

The whole court case became a he said, she said circumstantial case. In the end Harold was acquitted of any crime against the Connors. He was sentenced to time served for resisting arrest. As soon as the court case was over Harold, Patrice and her friends began spreading rumors about Seth and his deviant sexual practices. Finally Seth had enough. He had been arrested twice for brawling when he took exception to comments people made to him about his alleged desire to become a cuckold. One evening Seth entered his parent’s part of the house and said, “Mom, Dad I’ve had enough of this crap. It’s been almost seven months since Harold and Patrice tried to mess with us and things are just getting worse. I’m leaving town. I don’t have a great job here anyway. I think I’ll just go out to that little place grandpa left me in Colorado and stay a while. I’ll try to find some kind of work out there to get by on at least until this crap blows over. If I stay here I’m going to end up in serious trouble when I take one of the assholes out.”

Seth went to work the next day and gave his two week notice. His employer didn’t even try to talk him into staying. In fact, his supervisor, when told Seth had quit, said, “Good riddance. We really didn’t need your kind working here anyway. The employer told Seth to not bother coming back the next day. He offered to pay him through the end of the week if he would just leave and not bother them any longer. It took Seth three days to get ready to leave town. Early on a Saturday morning Seth sorrowfully hugged his mother and father good bye and departed headed for his new life on his little 640 acre plot of ground in Colorado. His old truck was loaded with his bed a comfortable chair, his clothes and a few pots, pans and other dishes. He just hoped one of the old buildings on the place was still in good enough shape he could stay in it. It had been almost six years since he or his parent’s had been there so he really didn’t expect too much.

Seth’s land was located between Silverton and Telluride Colorado back in the mountains. It had a small mining settlement and an abandoned gold mine on it. No one lived in the little settlement and it showed on the maps as a ghost town. Seth had loved the place when he and his parents visited during his childhood. He was looking forward to rebuilding his life there. It was early enough in the spring he hoped he could plant a small garden to supplement his food supply. He also planned to hunt and fish for much of his meat.

After collecting his final pay, paying his final bills and selling the possessions he wasn’t taking with him he had almost $2700.00 in cash. That would have to last him until he found work.

When Seth arrived at the narrow trail up to his place he stopped his truck. He was shocked at the mess he saw. The trail was washed out and almost impassable. There were rocks and deep ditches through it as far as he could see. Nothing but a 4 wheel drive vehicle could possibly make it up the trail. It was in such bad shape he worried about his truck making it. One of the first jobs he would have to do was improve the trail somewhat. He didn’t want it to look too inviting however. He could do without company.

Seth walked almost a half mile up the trail throwing sticks and down trees out of the trail and putting rocks in the worst of the ditches. He was finally within sight of his little ghost town. He hoped he had improved the trail enough he could get his truck to his new home. He returned to his truck and began the nearly three quarter mile drive up into the mountains to his land. The town was almost exactly in the middle of his section of land but the trail twisted enough it was almost three fourths of a mile drive. Seth placed the gearbox in 4X4 LO range and took off in low gear. He was moving so slowly the speedometer barely moved off the zero mark. The old truck was bouncing and rocking almost enough to throw him out. Every so often he would stop and work again on the worst of the ditches to make the road marginally passable so he could move on.

Finally Seth arrived at the mine site. He stopped his truck and surveyed his new home. Most of the buildings had fallen down or the roof had collapsed. The shelter over the mine shaft was still standing. The machine shop and mine office appeared to be standing still and to his surprise their roofs appeared to be in place. He wouldn’t assume they were watertight however. A couple of the other smaller buildings seemed to be more or less in one piece also.

Seth pulled his truck up as close to the covered mine shaft as he could and stopped. He was about 25 feet from the mine office. It was almost noon so he quickly fixed himself a sandwich. Seth began walking around the area while he ate his sandwich and drank a bottle of water. No, he didn’t waste money on store bought water. He had several old milk jugs he filled with water to bring with him. He had no idea if the water coming from the stream beside the mine was safe to drink. One of the things he had to do was get it tested or buy filters to filter his drinking water. Until he did that he would have to boil it for safety.

Seth walked up the stream to where the penstock came out heading toward the mine. He saw it was blocked off and moved the mechanism to see if he could still open it. He finally managed to break the gears loose and watched as water flowed into the diversion. This had been the water used to clean the ore years ago and also to run a small generator for what electricity the mine used. To his surprise there were minimal leaks in the pipe. He closed the gate once again and followed the pipe toward the mine.

When he came to the small generator he tried to turn the water wheel to turn it. It appeared to be frozen. Seth didn’t know if the metal was just rusted together or if the generator itself was seized up. Either way he had some work to do before he had power. If the generator itself was bad he probably didn’t have enough money to repair it.

Seth moved on down the hill to the outlaying buildings. As he suspected most of them were beyond repair. One building, the old general store and bar was still in marginal shape. To his surprise he could even see some shelves and other items inside it. He didn’t try to open the door when he found it to be locked. That could come later. Seth moved on to the machine shop next. It was located beside the flume and generator building.

When Seth came to the machine shop he did force it open. It was a large building, perhaps the size of a basketball court. To Seth’s surprise it was filled with machines. There were lathes, welders, torches and other metal working tools. In the rear of the building was something almost priceless to Seth. There was a D3 Cat dozer sitting just inside a garage bay. There were some other pieces equipment but he didn’t know what they might be. Oh, some of them were obviously mining gear. There were winches, buckets, ore carts and so forth. There was a huge amount of steel beams, pipes and girders as well as some steel plate stacked inside too.

After Seth’s quick journey of exploration he decided he could obtain some quick cash from selling scrap steel if he absolutely had to. Of course that assumed he could clean up the road enough to get it out. Next Seth moved on to the one remaining building—the office. To his surprise he found it to be in excellent shape. Of course it had been the building his family had used when they came on their last trip. It had been kept in better repair because they used it when they visited the site. Seth backed his truck up to the small porch and unloaded his bed and other possessions. He would live it this building for a while.

Seth next turned his attention to the old mine. He hoped there would be something in it that would be saleable. Of course, like many, he had gold fever. He dreamed of finding gold inside but he knew there were only two chances of that–slim and none. Seth had done some research on the internet before he left home. He knew the mining technology used in the fifties and sixties when the mine was closed were not as good as today’s. Most mines left recoverable amounts of gold in the tailings during those days. He had done some research on recovering that gold. As far as he could tell he could not afford the technology to reprocess the tailings even if he had the knowledge to do it.

Seth opened the gate to the mine shaft and carefully began exploring. He was careful, very careful. This was an old shaft and weak in many places therefore very dangerous. Just inside the mine Seth found more ore carts and hand tools. There were even several kerosene lanterns and helmets. He put on one of the helmets and shook several of the lamps. Some of them even had some kerosene in them. He poured the kerosene together into one lamp and found a good wick. He lit the lamp and had light. Off he moved to see what he could discover.

After almost two hours Seth exited the mine. The sun was going down and he was tired. He got his soap and went to the stream for a quick COLD bath. When he returned to the office he made another sandwich had some chips and a can of pork and beans for supper. Seth sat on the porch relaxing and making plans for the next few days. He decided his first priority was to patch the holes in the penstock and flume then try to get the generator running. He had an old small apartment size refrigerator he could use if he could get power. After that he would try and get the dozer working so he could plow a spot for a garden then he would clean up his road somewhat so he could get out easier.

The next five days were long and hard. Seth worked from sunrise to sunset. He tore the generator apart and cleaned it, greased it and inspected everything he could. He worked almost a whole day getting the metal gears unfrozen so the water wheel would turn the generator. He repaired the wiring from the generator to the office building. Early the sixth morning Seth walked up the mountain to the gate on the penstock. He opened the gate and watched the water from the stream flow down the sluice and into the penstock. There were still a few small leaks but he was pleased with the job he had done on it.

Next Seth moved to the waterwheel. He opened the diversion and watched as the water fell on the wheel. It began to turn and the generator turned with it. Revolutions built up, there was a slight hum. The lights in the office flickered to a dim orange glow. Seth smiled and yelled pumping his fist in the air. He had power. He rapidly moved to the office and picked up an ancient volt meter to test the voltage he had. Seth hissed yes once again when the meter showed about 113 volts. He was in business. Seth plugged his refrigerator in and let it begin cooling down. He sat and rested for a moment then moved to the shop and his next project—the dozer.

He opened the large door into the shop and looked around. There were a few electric outlets and a half dozen lights. Seth began checking the wiring in preparation for connecting the shop to the generator. That took a couple of hours but about noon he had power to part of the shop and the lights came on. Now he could work on his dozer.

Seth checked the oil and fuel. The dozer was dry. There was no fuel and no oil in the engine. Whoever had parked it in the building had stored it correctly. The battery had been disconnected also. He drove his truck up to the door and got out his jumper cables. He wanted to see if the engine would turn over before he spent any money on batteries, fuel, oil or parts. Of course since his truck was diesel he could always use the fuel in it.

Seth tried to turn the engine by hand. He thought it moved slightly but he wasn’t sure. He hooked up the cables and climbed onto the dozer. He hit the switch. Nothing. He got off and looked around. He found a couple of wires mice or rats had chewed in half. He patched them and inspected the dozer once more. He could see nothing else. He climbed up once more and hit the switch. The engine groaned and cycled. He let the key go and smiled. It wasn’t frozen. He began making a list of things he needed from town—parts, lubricants, fuel, groceries and so forth. Tomorrow he would go spend some money.

The rest of the day Seth wandered around his little mine exploring and relaxing. He did a few odd jobs but generally speaking he just enjoyed the beautiful spring day. It was early in the season so nights were still cold. Of course this high in the mountains the nights were pretty cool all summer long. Seth went to bed early and rose early. Already he was feeling better physically. He worked long and hard daily and enjoyed the crisp clean mountain air. All he missed was human companionship.

Early the next morning Seth rose and jumped in his truck for the trip to town. He didn’t bother eating breakfast. In fact, food was pretty scarce after the long time he had spent in the mountains already. He decided he would have to go hunting and fishing in a day or two. He knew it wasn’t hunting season but he would take his chances. It was either that or cut way back on meat and he was a carnivore at heart.

The drive to Telluride was not long in distance but it was long in time. He once again had to drive slowly to get off his property to the poorly maintained dirt road. From there the drive was slow but easier until he got to a better road that took him to Telluride. The town was small but being a tourist town there were stores for most of what he needed. The most trouble he had was finding the batteries and other parts he needed to repair some of the equipment on his place. By the time his shopping trip was completed Seth had spent $457 and change of his meager cash stash.

Seth made it home late mid afternoon. He spent almost an hour just unloading his purchases. He figured he had purchased enough canned and dry food to last at least three weeks. His intention was to go into town no more often than once a month but he knew that would not be possible until he was done repairing things around the place. He wanted to only repair a minimum amount of equipment but he did have to do some repairs.

By the time everything was unloaded and put away Seth was exhausted. He was as tired as if he had worked the full day on his place. Seth made another trip to the stream for a cold bath and turned in at full dusk that evening. Seth had purchased some meat in town so he put off hunting or fishing for a day or two. The next two days he spent working on the dozer. Finally just after noon on the second day he got it started. As far as he knew he had lubricated everything that needed it. He had changed all the fluids and filters. He was ready to go if it would move. During his work on the machine he found the undercarriage was maybe only 25% worn. Even though the machine was an early 1950’s manufacture it was in almost new condition.

Seth was grinning like a Cheshire cat when he moved his machine slowly out of the building into the late afternoon sunlight. Seth moved as quickly as the machine would go toward the road and began working on it, smoothing out the holes and ditches. He worked for almost two hours and had almost half the road in good shape before he decided he needed to quit for the day. The light was becoming poor and he was hungry. When Seth returned to the garage and stopped the dozer he looked it over carefully.

Upon his after operation checks Seth found two hydraulic hoses that were leaking. He had been afraid they were too old and rotten to take the pressure of the work. He decided to keep using the dozer the next day and hope they didn’t rupture. He didn’t want to lose his hydraulic fluid but he also didn’t want to make another trip to town this soon.

Seth was within sight of the main road before he decided he needed to stop using the dozer. He didn’t want to rupture the hoses and he wanted to leave the first part of the road in poor shape to discourage people from driving down to his place. He walked to the road and looked back toward his place. He couldn’t see the road improvements. He would just leave the first quarter mile rough and nearly impassable. He would drive slowly when he first turned off the state road into his property.

When Seth got back to his home he stopped the dozer inside the garage once more. He was closing the door when he thought he saw movement inside one of the fallen buildings farthest from the mine. He always carried a pistol for protection from snakes and in the hopes of killing some game for a meal. He moved slowly and carefully out the walk door and toward the building keeping out of sight as much as he could.

When Seth got within sight of the building he stopped and hid while he looked it over carefully. He thought he heard a slight sound, almost a moan coming from within it. Seth moved slowly and carefully toward the building. Finally he came to the side of it and believed he was still unseen. He moved to a window opening and carefully looked inside. There lying on a dirty blanket was an old man. His leg was swollen and bloody. Tending him was an older woman and a younger one. There were three small dirty packs on the floor.

Seth pulled his pistol and held it in sight just inside the window. He said, “Who are you people. What are you doing here?”

The man didn’t even move. The two women jumped and looked toward him. The old woman showed defeat and bone deep exhaustion. The younger woman jerked her head toward Seth and clenched her jaw. Her face showed sorrow, fear and resignation. She said, “Can’t you just leave us alone? Haven’t you done enough to us? Please, just go. We are leaving and won’t tell what we know. Who would believe us anyway?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about. I do know you’re trespassing on my land so I have a right to know who you are and what you’re doing here. Do you need a doctor? That man looks like he should be in a hospital not laying here in an old fallen down building.”

“NO! No hospitals. We have no money and can’t afford doctors. We’re just trying to get back to the reservation. Maybe our people will take us in. Can’t you please just leave us alone?”

Seth moved farther inside the hut and gently pushed the young woman aside. He reached out and took the bandage off the old man. His leg was badly lacerated and filthy. While he was looking at the wound he heard the young woman’s stomach growl. He made his decision and stood rapidly. When he did that both women jumped back and looked scared.

Seth said, “That is a nasty looking wound. Let’s take him up to my house. We’ll clean it and try to doctor it some.”

The two women looked at each other and spoke in a language Seth didn’t understand. Finally the young one said, “We don’t have much choice do we? You’re the one with the gun.”

Seth looked surprised and realized he was still holding his pistol. He sheepishly put it back in his holster then leaned down and picked the old man up. He was skin and bone. He would be surprised if he weighed 100 pounds. Seth moved out of the old fallen down building and walked toward his quarters. The two women followed.

When Seth got to the old office he placed the man on his table and turned on the light overhead. Seth moved to his stove and started a fire then placed a pot of water on it to warm. While the water was warming, then boiling he removed the dirty bandages and washed the wound with soap and water. He washed a lot of dirt and gravel from the wound. He broke several scabs loose and pus ran from the wound.

The young woman was trying to help him as he worked. Every so often he heard her stomach growl again. She would stare at his shelves of food. Finally Seth had done all he could until the water got hot. He turned to the two women and said, “OK. I can tell you’re hungry. So am I. How about I make us some supper while we wait on the water to boil?”

The young woman looked at Seth with a face full of hope. She said, “Do you mean that? You’re willing to feed us too? If you would do that grandmother and I will prepare the meal. Do you care what we use?”

Seth said, “No, I can fix something.”

“NO. You have no call to help us yet you have. We will help you. Sit and let us do what we can to repay your kindness.” The young woman spoke again in the unknown language and the old woman smiled. She scurried toward the area Seth was using for a kitchen and stood. She and the young woman pulled several cans from the shelf and moved a pot over the fire. They began working and soon wonderful smells began wafting through the room as the meal cooked.

After the water boiled Seth took it and washed the wound once more then sparingly poured hydrogen peroxide over it. Afterward he poured alcohol on the injury. The old man moaned and writhed when he did that. Seth next took a good antibacterial cream and rubbed it onto the wound then covered it with a clean dry bandage. Almost the whole right leg from the ankle to mid thigh was scraped and torn on the outside. The knee was swollen badly.

After the man was bandaged Seth moved him from the table to his recliner. He was drifting in and out of consciousness. There was a large bruise on the side of his head and Seth decided that was the problem. He turned back to the table and saw the younger woman cleaning it with soapy water. He sat in his table chair and watched while the women finished the meal. It was just soup but it smelled wonderful. Seth looked over at the younger woman and said, “I’m Seth. Seth Connors. How the hell did the old man get hurt like that and how did you get him here?”

The young woman looked over at the older one and stared at Seth for a moment. The older woman said, “Tell him. I think this is a good man. He has helped us and we are at his mercy.”

The young woman said, “I am Tasha Donner. These are my grandparents Morning Song and Long hunter. We had been living on my parents land in Wyoming. The bank took the land and we had no work and no place to live. My parents could not face the shame and killed themselves. We took grandfather’s old truck and began moving back to the reservation in New Mexico. Our truck died and we began walking. Some drunks decided to have fun with the Indians. They wanted me and wanted to hurt my grandparents. We ran into the woods and got away from them. While we were running grandfather fell and slid down a long rock. We have been carrying him now for two days trying to find someplace to get food and help. We hoped to stay in the old building until grandfather was better.”

While Tasha was talking she and the old woman finished the meal. Tasha served Seth then got herself a bowl. The old woman took a cup of soup and held it for the old man to drink. She kept at it until he drank almost a coffee mug of soup. He went back to sleep and she got herself a cup of soup and had her meal. Tasha and her grandmother waited until Seth stopped eating then they finished the whole pot of soup they had made with the exception of one more cup of broth they saved for her Grandfather.

Seth leaned back in his chair and looked outside. It was fully dark. He said, “Ladies I am tired and need to go to bed. I am going to the stream for my bath. If you want I will let you use my soap and towels afterward.” He laughed and continued, “I’m afraid there’s no hot water but at least you will be clean.”

Seth took a change of clothes, soap and towel and walked off carrying a kerosene lantern. He took a quick bath in the cold water then returned to the office. He handed the soap and lantern to Tasha and said, “Just follow the path if you want to wash up. You may sleep in here if you want.”

Seth looked at his bed with longing then began blowing up his air mattress. He placed it on the floor and rolled into his sleeping bag. He was almost asleep when the women returned to the building. The old woman walked up to him and nudged him with her foot. When he looked up at her she said, “NO.” She motioned toward the bed and said, “Sleep.”

“Dammit what do you think I was trying to do?”

Tasha spoke then, “Grandmother wants you to move to your bed to sleep. It is not right we turn you out of your bed. You had better do as she says. She will not let you sleep if you don’t. She follows the old ways as much as she can in these modern times. She will not sleep on your bed and she will not allow me. If you do not use it then it will remain unused.”

“Jesus! Ok, ok.” Seth started to rise and stopped. He blushed and pulled the covers over himself once more. Granny reached out and pulled the covers from him. He had been sleeping in his underwear and was embarrassed. Tasha smiled and looked at him. Granny did not even change her expression. She just motioned toward his bed once more. When he rose she gently pushed him toward the bed.

After Seth got in bed and covered Granny said something to Tasha in their language. Tasha blushed and disrobed. She had no bra and her panties were so thin Seth could see the dark hair at her crotch. Her grandmother pushed her to the sleeping bag. Seth felt his cock harden. He had been beating off regularly but hadn’t had a woman since Patrice pulled her shit several months ago. He really would like to have some pussy instead of using his hand.

The next morning Seth woke and looked around the room. Granny was lying beside Tasha on his sleeping bag. They seemed to be asleep as was Gramps. Seth tried to dress without waking his guests. The moment he began rummaging around with his clothes Granny woke. When she saw him dressing she woke Tasha. The two women immediately stood. While Tasha dressed Granny moved to the stove and began making a fire. She then put coffee on.

Seth moved from the room and stood on the small porch. He breathed deeply then walked the short distance to the outdoor privy for his mornings needs. After he was done there he moved on to the stream where he splashed water on his face to finish waking up. He stood beside the stream and looked over his small little group of buildings. He needed to decide what to do next. He supposed he should go to town and try to find a job. His money was disappearing way too fast for his comfort. He also wanted to explore his little place more fully. He had not been all the way into the mine. There were two or three tunnels he had not been down at all.

Seth sighed and walked back to the office he was using for a house. There were still several things Seth felt needed to be done immediately at his new home. Besides, he still wanted to do some exploring nearby. On the way back to the office he decided he would take the rest of the week and weekend to fool around his home then he would begin looking for work.

When Seth stepped onto the porch Tasha met him with a cup of coffee. She gave him a small smile when she handed it to him. Seth could smell breakfast cooking. He started to step past Tasha into the house but she stood in the doorway and just pointed at a chair on the porch. She said, “Sit. Granny’s making breakfast. We’ll call you when it’s ready.” Seth sat on the old hard chair watching the sun come up while he drank his morning elixir.

After the meal Granny and Tasha cleaned up the mess. Seth was in the shop working on a couple of the old machines he wanted to get back in shape. He didn’t know the name of one of them. It really wasn’t a machine per se. It was a set of huge strong fingers to attach to the dozer for digging into the ground. He thought he could use it instead of a plow to prepare ground for a garden. He wanted to move the fingers closer together if he could.

Seth heard the women talking and looked toward the noise. All three of his guests had their packs on and they were heading for the trail toward the road. One of them was on each side of Gramps trying to help him hobble around. Seth yelled, “Wait.” He headed toward them almost at a run.

When Seth got to his guests he stood in front of them and said, “You don’t have to leave now. Gramps can’t walk all the way to New Mexico even if the rest of you can. Stay until he is better at least then maybe I can take you back home.”

The three looked at each other and began talking in whatever language they used. Seth thought he really needed to at least know what the language was but he didn’t say anything. Finally Tasha looked back at Seth and said, “We cannot pay. We have less than ten dollars between us. We left that on your table for the food and medicine you have already given us. We cannot promise we could get money to pay you if you take us to the reservation. It would be better for Grandfather if he could stay for another day or two but we did not want to abuse your hospitality.”

“Don’t worry about that right now. Just take Gramps back into the house and let him rest and recover. I’ll be in the shop if you need anything.”

Shortly after they returned to the house Seth once again heard voices talking in their native tongue. He watched when Granny left the building and headed into the woods carrying her pack. He started for her to stop her when he decided not to. He reasoned she wouldn’t leave the other two here alone with him. Perhaps she was leaving to take care of some function or even to bathe in the stream. Soon after that Tasha came into the shop where he was working.

Tasha didn’t say anything after she entered the shop. She stood watching Seth work for a moment then moved on wandering here and there throughout the building. After she had given the shop a good once over she left by the garage door. Seth watched her off and on as she wandered around the rest of the property. When she started into the mine he walked to the door and said, “Tasha the old mine is very dangerous. I haven’t investigated the whole thing but I have already seen some support beams that are weak and shaky. They might collapse at any time. I would rather you not go into the mine but if you think you have to don’t go past the first bend in the main tunnel.”

Tasha looked at Seth for a moment and said, “Ok.” He watched as she disappeared into the mine. Seth started back to work then paused. He decided he should accompany her for safety sake. When he got into the main shaft he saw her standing at the first bend. She had a lantern and was peering down the shaft. He watched her walk over to the first side shaft and peer as far down it as she could.

Seth walked up to Tasha and said, “It’s hard to see far down the shafts with the poor light we can carry. Come on. I am tired of working in the shop. Let’s do a little exploring here. You need to be careful and don’t touch anything unless I say you can. I really don’t know how stable everything is down here.”

Seth and Tasha carefully walked down the side shaft until they reached the end. This appeared to be a more recent dig than the main shaft. It went to the side for about thirty feet then turned back in the direction of the main shaft. About three hundred feet farther along it ended.

Seth and Tasha returned to the main shaft and moved farther into the old mine. When they came to another side shaft they turned and followed it. It, too went about fifty feet to the other side of the main shaft then turned the same direction as the main shaft. A couple hundred feet into the mountain from the turn they came upon some quartz. A small area had been dug out making a small room. The shaft went on for another hundred feet or so and ended.

Once again the two young people returned to the main shaft and turned to go down it. About three hundred feet farther along then came to a cave in. There was a large jumble of rocks almost completely blocking the shaft. Tasha and Seth carefully climbed up on the cave in and shone the light into the shaft beyond. They could not tell how much farther the shaft went. There appeared to be some quartz shining in the light near the far end of the cave in. With a sigh Seth turned and began to carefully back track heading toward the mine entrance. Tasha followed.

As they walked Tasha asked, “What did they mine here?”

“This was a gold mine. My grandfather’s family operated it for years. His grandfather found it during the original gold rush back in the 1800’s. It’s been in our family ever since. Grandpa closed the mine in the late 1940’s or early 1950’s because the vein of gold played out. He was told it was not feasible to try and find where the vein went or to discover if he had mined all the gold out. It never was a very rich mine but it provided a living for the family for years along with what we could make elsewhere. We only worked it part time towards the end. Dad and mom moved away and later, after the mine closed Grandpa came to live with us.

“When grandpa died he left the mine and 640 acres to me. This is all I have in the world now. My parents still live back in Missouri but they only own a small house. Dad works hard but they barely make enough to make ends meet. If I can’t find a job here I may have to sell the land.”

“If you have no job and aren’t making money off the mine why did you come here Seth? I would think you would be better off at home with your family.”

Seth snorted. Tasha saw the anger and sadness battling for supremacy on his face. Without thinking she reached out and touched his forearm. “I’m sorry Seth. It’s none of my business. I didn’t mean to upset you.” She then turned and began walking toward the shop once more. Seth was a step or two behind her. Now his mind was once again considering the hell Patrice had put him through before he left home.

Seth immediately began working in the shop when they got back there. Tasha stood watching for a moment and saw where she might be able to help him by holding items as they worked on them. Without asking she stepped in and began working alongside Seth. She could tell by the way he moved Seth was angry. She felt bad for making him recall whatever it was that had upset him.

During a lull in their work Tasha looked over at Seth once again and said, “Seth please. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to upset you. Please forgive me.”

Seth looked over at the pretty woman trying to help him and gave her a small smile. “I know Tasha. You just made me remember a really shitty part of my life.”

“Can I help Seth? Maybe if you tell me I can think of something to make you feel better.”

Seth laughed and said, “No. I’m pretty sure you can’t help and if you could I damn sure wouldn’t want help with what that bitch wanted me to do…” Seth got a stricken look on his face and turned away from Tasha. He walked out of the building toward the little pool he used to bathe in.

Tasha watched Seth walk away then she followed him. When he sat on a rock beside the pool she walked up and sat beside him. She put her hand on his thigh and said, “What is it Seth? Please tell me.”

For some reason Seth began talking. When he started talking it was like a dam bursting. He told Tasha the whole sordid tale from the time he first began to wonder about Patrice through his suspicions about her up to the time when she and Harold tried to make him their cuckold. He even told her about the problems he had with the people in his home town and why he came to Colorado. To his surprise when he finished talking he felt better. He was sad, angry and wrung out but it felt as if his soul was somehow cleansed.

Tasha sat and listened. She heard and felt the anger, disgust and sadness, the sense of betrayal. She put her hand on Seth’s forearm and said, “I don’t know what to say Seth. I’ve heard of people cheating on their spouse or intended. I’ve even heard about couples who have open relationships but I’ve never heard about someone who wanted to do what Patrice and this Harold guy tried to do to you. I just don’t understand so much about the whole thing.”

Tasha looked up at Seth and continued, “My parents and my grandparents follow the old way. Mother was a white woman and Daddy was 7/8 Indian. We believe the woman belongs to the man yet they are as one. In the old days many Braves had more than one woman. Usually there was only one wife but there could be some women who were slaves to the man. He could choose to use them in any way he desired or to even give them to other Braves. Never was a man degraded as your Patrice and Harold tried to degrade you. The Brave would have killed her and Harold.

Whites would say the Brave was King of his Castle. It isn’t like the wife is a slave or anything but she is secondary to her man. My family still practices the old ways in household discipline and in marriage. The man who wants to take a wife still is expected to provide some ‘price’ to the woman’s family when they agree to let him marry their daughter. If the man wants to share or loan the wife she will, most of the time reluctantly acquiesce. If the woman cheats or indicates she wants another man as I said before she is punished sometimes unto death. It is the Indian way.

“I am almost half white but I am Indian. You have shown great restraint in your actions. You beat Harold when he dishonored your house and entered uninvited. You fought those who insulted and demeaned you afterward. I can see no dishonor attaching to you. You and Patrice were not married when she did this. The dishonor would have come had you done nothing after the marriage. I think we need to talk to Grandfather after he is better. Maybe he can help you with your feelings and problems. He has always had words of wisdom for me.”

Seth looked at Tasha and gave her a weak smile. He said, “I sure don’t feel like I have any honor left. I let them run me away from my home because I was too scared to fight and maybe land in prison. I did nothing to Harold except beat him up the time he broke into my parent’s home. All I feel is shitty because of what they thought I was, what they were trying to make me.”

Seth stood and returned to the shop and his work. Later that evening he finished the cultivator he was working on and attached it to the dozer. He fired up the machine and drove to the area beside the stream that he intended turning into a garden. He spent much of the rest of the day digging the area and removing the largest stones he had pulled to the surface. After he had his garden tilled he returned to the shop and removed his digger. He moved the dozer and hooked up a small offset disc to break up the clumps of dirt and roots. When he finished he had a pretty nice looking three acre plot to grow his vegetables in. He planned to plant his early seeds the next day.

Several times during the late afternoon while he was working Seth had seen Gramps sitting in his chair on the porch watching. When he returned to the house Seth smiled and said, “Hello. You look as if you are feeling better today.”

The old man smiled and said, “Yes. I am much better thanks to you. Just when I begin to think whites are all no good I meet one who shows me otherwise. I thank you for your kindness and help to me and my family. My woman is cooking our meal. Would you sit with me for a while?”

Seth smiled and said, “Sure. I’m tired enough I need to sit anyway.” The two men talked for almost thirty minutes before Tasha came to the door and told them supper was ready. To Seth’s surprise when they entered the office/house he found a table full of food. There were three rabbits fried, potatoes and gravy and a salad made of what appeared to be wild greens.

He looked at the meal and started to talk but Tasha beat him to the punch. She said, “Granny went into the hills today and set some snares for the rabbits. She picked the greens then came back to make the meal. She has put out some traps for fish also. We should have fresh fish tomorrow.”

Once again Seth sat down to a delicious meal. Afterwards he told Granny how good it tasted and then rose. He said, “Well, I’m heading out for a bath. I’ll be back in a few. As he left the building Gramps followed. The two men didn’t speak until they were drying off. Gramps sat on Seth’s favorite rock and looked at him. He said, “Tasha says you have left an unfaithful potential mate. She has told me of your heartache and decision to leave your home for this place. I cannot say I understand what you are going through. I do not. Even in today’s times if one of our women were to do something like that and they were on the reservation they would be punished severely. They would be beat at the minimum. The man might very well be killed.

“I know white man’s law says you cannot do that. In this way I think the Indian way, the old way, is better. I think you are a good man. Perhaps this was the way the Great Spirit chose to test you. Perhaps this is the way he got you to come here so you could care for us in our time of need. I do not know. I do know that everything has a purpose. We just have to see what that purpose is. You are here. This is a good place and you are a good man. You do not need to think about the past. You have solved your problem and it is no more.”

Seth sat listening to the old man. He asked himself, ‘is it as simple as that? Was that a test or just bad luck? Or was it good luck? It would have been much worse if Patrice had waited until they were married to try and set the cuckolding up. He looked around. He loved it here. It was beautiful. It was quiet. He had a place to live even if it did need A LOT of work if he was going to spend the winter in the old office. There were places where the chinking had fallen out from between the logs. He was sure the roof would leak if it rained. The windows needed to be fixed because he could feel air coming through them when the wind blew. He had no job. In spite of all that Seth realized in shock that he was happy. His soul felt light and unconstrained.

Seth smiled at Gramps and said, “You know Gramps you might be right. I feel good. I feel physically more alive than I did back home. I like it here. If I just had a way to make more money so I could live here I think things would be fine.”

The two men began talking about some of Seth’s plans while they sat in the waning sunlight air drying from their bath. Somewhat to his surprise Seth wasn’t self conscious about his nudity. They were still talking when Tasha and Granny came up beside them. Without a pause the two women stripped their clothes off and waded into the stream. They began bathing and talking as were Seth and Gramps. Occasionally Tasha would look at Seth and smile. It seemed she was spending a lot of time facing him while she bathed. Seth felt his cock rising.

Seth stood and turned his back to the three family members. He began walking toward the office. Tasha was smiling when she said, “Seth is something the matter? Why are you leaving in such a hurry?” Granny cackled when Tasha said that.

Seth looked over his shoulder to see the two women laughing and Gramps grinning at him. He said, “I need to get dressed. I’ll see you all back at the cabin.”

This evening the four people visited for a short time before they turned in for a nights rest. All were tired form their day’s work except for Gramps and he was tired from his injuries.

The next week went much as had the few days before. The only exception was Seth going to town trying to find work. He put in several applications in Telluride then moved on to Silverton and Ouray looking for work also. Everyone told him the same thing. They were not hiring. Seth even put a notice on a couple of bulletin boards but knew that was a shot in the dark because he had no phone for them to call and his cell didn’t work out at the mine.

To his surprise his guests continued working around the mine while he was out looking for work. At first he thought they were just making conversation when they would ask him what he wanted to do next around the place. It only took a couple of days before he realized they were working while he was in town. He asked them about it and was told in no uncertain terms they would continue working. He was feeding them and provided a place to sleep. They would repay his kindness in any way they could.

To Seth’s discomfort Tasha continued to tease him and display her body to him in the stream and at night when they went to sleep. One afternoon after Seth returned from Telluride Gramps asked him to sit with him. He said, “I have seen how you look at Tasha. She looks at you in the same way. You want her. We have all seen your cock rise for her.”

Seth felt his face flush. He didn’t know what to say for a moment. Finally he found his voice and said, “I’m sorry. Tasha is a very beautiful woman and she strips right in front of me. I can’t help it. I get hard when I see her. I have never done anything inappropriate to her. I would never do that.”

“This I know. Now I need to know what your intentions are for my Granddaughter. I know you want her. I have seen you make her pussy weep for you. What are you going to do about it?”

Seth shook his head and bit his lower lip. He said, “I, uh. I don’t know what you mean. I’ve been polite. I care for her. She’s very nice but I can’t get involved with her. I won’t. I have nothing to offer her. Hell, I don’t even have a job. I’m not sure I can even support myself here.”

Gramps looked at Seth a moment then he looked around. He knew that Seth owned the mine and 640 acres. He said, “You have much. You have a strong body. You have honor. You are kind. You are not afraid to work. You have people who care for you and who you care for. You own a large plot of ground. You are growing food in your garden. You have game on your land and fish in your stream. You have much that you need. I am sure what else you need you will find a way to get. I ask again what do you intend for my granddaughter? Is she to be just your toy or is she to be more?”

Seth looked at the old man and shook his head. He stood and walked into the cabin. Just before he entered the building he said, “Tasha is NOT a toy. She’s special and I could never treat her any differently.”

When Tasha heard Seth say that she bent her head and smiled gently. She had been trying to hear what the men had been saying outside. She thought she knew and was scared. She was also excited. She felt strangely drawn to Seth. She knew he had no job and not much money but there was something about him…”

Seth rolled himself into his blankets on his bed and tried to go to sleep. When he went to bed Tasha and Granny went out onto the porch with Gramps. He heard them talking for a moment then he heard Tasha’s voice raise. He didn’t know what was being said because they were once again speaking in their Indian language. Shortly thereafter he heard them all come into the building to sleep. He heard rustling as they prepared for bed then he heard the sleeping bag and air mattress as someone crawled into them. He decided he needed to find another air mattress or something so Gramps could have a place to sleep other than his old recliner.

Seth was awakened shortly after he finally got to sleep. He heard moans and occasional sharp yips. The air mattress was rustling from almost constant movement on it. He heard one long drawn out moan ending with a sharp scream. Seth rose on his elbow and looked toward the mattress. In the moonlight streaming in the window he saw movement on the mattress. The covers were thrown back and he saw someone rise from the foot of the bed. There was a raised spot near the middle of the mattress. Whoever was at the foot of the bed moved forward between the… Oh, My GOD. It was gramps and granny.

Seth watched as gramps moved between grannies drawn up splayed knees. He lowered his hips and thrust, then once again. Granny’s arms came up and wrapped around Gramps. She moaned once again. Seth watched as gramps hips began that old dance while he plunged into then withdrew from granny. He heard the slap, slap, slap of their crotches pounding together. The movement became faster and faster until finally after several minutes and three more orgasms from granny gramps slammed deeply into her and groaned. He held his position for a moment then rolled onto his side. They quickly covered themselves and drifted off to sleep.

Seth was hard as a steel bar. He had been gently jacking his cock while he watched his guests fucking on his floor. Shit he was horny. It was bad enough Tasha teased him; no he knew she wasn’t teasing him. She was just bathing and getting ready for bed. It seemed nudity didn’t mean the same thing to her and her family as it had to him and his. The end result was the same though. Seth felt teased. He felt horny. Damn he needed release now in the worst way.

Seth turned the covers back and started to stand. He was going outside to whip his chicken. When he looked up he jumped back. Tasha was standing beside his bed naked as the day she was born. Her nipples were hard as little bullets. Even in the moon light Seth could see the lubrication on her pussy and thighs. He could smell her womanly essence.

Seth looked up at Tasha’s face. He could tell she was panting. He was sure her need was as great as his. He just looked at her. She looked down at his hard cock and grinned. She moved to the bed and pushed him back on his back. Tasha reached down and grabbed his cock as she bent and kissed him. She didn’t break her lip contact while she straddled him. He felt her hand gently lift his cock. She lowered her hips down and he felt her wet pussy make contact with his cock. Tasha moved him around slightly until she found the hole then with a moan she sank down onto him.

Tasha lifted her torso and threw her head upward. He could see her eyes close while she rode him. Her hips made small gentle thrusts, almost a rocking motion as she rode him. She moaned again. Her B cup breasts were bouncing with her movements. Seth put his hands on her waist and helped her move. He began fucking back pushing upward into her when she drove herself downward. Rapidly Seth felt his seed rising. He knew he was not lasting long as he should. In only a couple of minutes Seth groaned out and slammed his hips upward as his sperm raced out of his cock to splash into Tasha. Luckily, thankfully, she was on a hair trigger as was he. When she felt his seed entering her pussy Tasha slammed down onto Seth and screamed out in orgasm. Seth relaxed back onto the bed while he enjoyed the feeling of Tasha’s cunt throbbing, squeezing and relaxing as it massaged his cock while her orgasm continued.

Seth almost didn’t notice when Tasha relaxed and fell to the side. He was asleep before she pulled the blanket over them and snuggled up against him. Seth woke the next morning to the smell of breakfast cooking. He was basking in a feeling of contentment when his eyes jerked open. First he was shocked at the feeling of something soft and warm snuggling against him. He felt a wet spot on his thigh from something hairy and wet and warm. There was a leg thrown over his and an arm over his chest. He remembered what he and Tasha had done the night before.

Seth tried to rise from the bed but fell back under Tasha’s weight. He looked wildly around. Granny was cooking. Gramps was sitting in the recliner watching him and smiling. Seth turned his head to Tasha. Her eyes were glistening in happiness. She was smiling. Seth was just plain scared. Shit. What had he done?

Seth watched as Tasha’s head moved toward his. She stretched and gave him a gentle kiss then threw the covers off both of them. Her crotch was covered with dry and not so dry cum. His thigh was glistening from her lubrication and probably from the remainder of his load from the night before. To his embarrassment he was hard once more.

Tasha moved over him to get up. When she was straddle him she bent and gave him another kiss then grabbed his cock and fed it into her pussy once more. She rode him for several thrusts then moved on off him and padded unembarrassed to the door. He saw her through the window when she went into the outhouse. Seth turned his gaze to Gramps. He knew he was in a world of trouble for taking advantage of Tasha. His stomach was sour.

Gramps had an inscrutable expression on his face. He said, “We will talk after we eat.”

Shit Seth thought as he slowly got out of bed. He knew he was in deep shit and dammit it wasn’t his fault. Tasha got in his bed. She crawled over him and fucked him! He didn’t do anything. Then Seth admitted to himself, that was the problem. He didn’t do anything. When Tasha came to him he didn’t tell her no. He didn’t push her away. He did do something. He allowed her to put his cock in her pussy then he fucked her back when she rode him. He was a selfish asshole. He didn’t know what to do or say to any of them this morning. They were homeless for God’s sake and he took advantage.

Seth was leaving the building when Tasha came back from the outhouse. She walked straight up to him still smiling. She bumped her naked breasts into his chest and gave him a quick kiss. Her eyes were still sparkling. She whispered, “Good morning my man.” She bit her lower lip and continued, “I love you. Last night was wonderful. Thank you.”

Tasha then stepped aside and allowed Seth to wander off in his guilty daze. He was replaying Tasha’s last statement in his mind. She had called him her man. She said she loved him. She said last night was wonderful. Shit. Why did he feel ten feet tall? Why was he grinning and why was his heart hammering? What was this funny feeling in the pit of his stomach?”

Seth didn’t feel much like eating that morning. Finally the meal was completed and Gramps looked at Seth. He didn’t say anything. He stood and stared at Seth for a moment then walked toward the stream and their rock. Seth followed slowly. They sat and watched the stream for a moment.

Gramps studied Seth carefully and began speaking. He said, “Now you have more than you had yesterday. Yesterday you had much. Now you have one of my most prized possessions. It is yours now. It is all I have to repay you for your kindness and hospitality and perhaps for my life. You now have my granddaughters love and her body. It is yours to use as you see fit. I watched your performance last night as you watched mine. You have much to learn. I will teach you. I know you are both young and inexperienced but love and sex should be savored like the finest meal or wine not guzzled in a rush to get finished like some foul tasting medicine. If you take time to love her correctly my granddaughter will shine like the sun. She will return the favor tenfold. Care for my granddaughter in all ways you will have a happy life. She will take care of you. She is now and will be forever your shadow, your lover, your helper and best friend and companion. You are like many young men. You are too impatient, you love too rapidly. We will work on that. She follows the old ways. You will never have to worry about her and how she will treat you. You are her master. You need to learn the old ways also so you know how to treat her.”

About that time Granny and Tasha came to the rock also. They knelt, each before their man and looked up at them. Seth looked down at the women and wondered why they had done that. It was almost as if they were posing for them. Why had they not sat on a nearby stone as they sometimes did?

Seth then noticed the women had on more traditional Indian garb. True Tasha had on a denim skirt and chambray top rather than buckskin but her outfit was decorated with Indian patterns. Granny did have on a buckskin dress.

Gramps looked once again at Seth and said, “Last night after you went to bed I talked to these women. I told them then that Tasha was now your woman. I told them you had purchased her with your kindness to us. You perhaps saved our lives. You have fed us in our time of need and we as a family had to return value. I knew even then that she loved you and you at least liked and respected her greatly. It was enough.

“Tasha knows much of her responsibility to her man under the old way. I will refresh her memory as I educate you in your responsibilities and in the tradition. I know much of the old way has died out, been ignored but in many ways it is still a good way. I know much of what once was possible under Indian law is not possible under the white man’s law today. Nevertheless I will teach you the old way and leave it up to you to set the rules and enforce them in this family. I will also teach you how to pleasure your woman, how to make her cum over and over for hours on end. This I pledge.”

Seth finally found his voice. His first thought was ‘I own her? I can’t own her slavery is against the law!” He said that to the small group. Tasha looked up at him through her eyebrows then glanced down once again.

Gramps said, “Yes, the white man has outlawed slavery and rightfully so. There are other ways to own a person however. You can own their love, their soul and even their body by agreement with them and their family. That is how you own Tasha. I have given her to you and she has agreed to this. Should she ever decide to leave you or dishonor you she will be disgraced in the eyes of her family and tribe. You have the right to dispose of her. Should you do so she might leave you with her honor intact and she might not depending on the reason you get rid of her.”

Seth sat there for a moment longer then he stood. “This is some heavy shit. I don’t know what to think. I need to go to town and see if I can find work. Do we need anything?”

Gramps and Granny shook their head no. Tasha looked up at Seth and said, “I have a small list husband. If we cannot afford something on the list do not buy it. It is on the table where we usually make our list.”

“Ok.” Seth turned and began walking back toward the house. He first heard then saw Tasha come with him. When she got beside him she reached out and took his hand in hers. They walked quietly back to the house. When they got there she kept a hold on his hand, turned to face him and said, “Gramps is right you know. You DO own me. You own my heart and soul. I have accepted his desire that you have me. I…”

Seth broke into her sentence and said, “STOP! Damn it I don’t want you because Gramps told you that you belong to me now. I would NEVER want you because of that!”

Seth stopped talking when he saw and heard Tasha break out in deep sobs. Tears were running down her cheeks as she cried. She tried to wrench away from him and run back into the house. Seth held onto her hand and jerked her back toward him. He said loudly, “Let me finish here! I absolutely DO NOT want you just because Gramps GAVE you to me. I want you because you are a kind, sexy, beautiful, intelligent, hard working woman who I have fallen in love with.”

By the time he had finished talking Tasha launched herself at him. She wrapped him in her arms and jumped up wrapping her legs around his waist. She slammed her lips into his. Seth almost fell from her hitting him. He felt his body respond to hers. His cock hurt from the constriction of his pants when it got hard.

After a few more kisses Tasha slowly relaxed her legs and let them back down so she stood once again in front of him. She was smiling through her tears now. She gently pushed him toward the truck and said, “Go now. We can talk when you get back home.”

On the drive to town Seth thought about what had happened to him and what had been said in the last 24 hours. He was no nearer an understanding when he arrived in Telluride than he had been when he left his home. All he knew for sure was Tasha and her grandparents said she was his now and she said she loved him.

Over the last several weeks Seth had almost given up finding a permanent job either full or part time. He had been lucky enough to get a little day labor here and there. His work in the garage had paid off. He had been in a garage one day talking to the owner about work while he watched him work on a truck. Finally the owner threw his tools down and cursed. He walked toward the office and said over his shoulder, “Come on kid. Let’s drink some coffee while I think about that damn truck.”

Seth and the owner sat talking and drinking their coffee. While they talked the owner was surfing the net looking for an answer to his problem with the vehicle. Finally Seth had asked what the problem was.

The owner said, “I really don’t know. We replaced the water pump. After we finished everything looked fine. We sent the vehicle home and the next morning the owner came back complaining it now had a check engine light. I’ve read the codes and checked everything and even replaced some of the items the book says could be the problem. I still have the light. ”

Seth grinned and said, “Is that all? Heck, if it’s what I think it is I can fix it in an hour or so if you have or can get the right part.”

The garage owner looked at Seth and said, “Hell, I’ll try anything to get that damn thing fixed and out of my shop. If you can fix it for me I’ll give you $50.00.”

Seth said, “Deal.” He finished his coffee and walked out to the vehicle. He got it hooked up to the computer and looked at the problem codes. He questioned the owner about fixes he had already tried. Seth smiled. He began removing the water pump while the owner stood watching him with a perplexed look on his face.

Seth loosened the pump and worked around on the underside for a moment then began tightening it once more. After the pump was tightened again Seth removed a small wire. He showed the owner the wire where the insulation was broken. “When you replaced the water pump you pinched this wire when you tightened the bolt. It broke the insulation and shorted to the block. That gave you a check engine light. We could have just put electrical tape over the broken insulation but in wet weather that might have caused a problem. All we have to do is replace this small run of wire and it should solve the problem.”

Seth replaced the wire, replaced the few parts still off the truck and closed the hood. “Start her up and let’s see what happens.”

They started and stopped the engine several times. They took a couple of test drives. The check engine light didn’t come back on. The owner just shook his head and said, “Who the hell would have thought. I replaced the part that damn wire ran to because one of the codes said it might be bad. It never said to check the wires. How did you figure that out?”

“I worked in a Ford garage for a while when I was younger. One of the mechanics did the same thing you did and it took them a couple of days to figure the problem out. Of course we all ragged him so I remembered it when you told me about this problem.”

That garage was one of the first places Seth stopped this day. Occasionally the owner was busy enough he hired Seth to help on a job or for a day or two. Today was his lucky day. Seth got six hours of work out of him at $20.00 per hour. That made the trip into town worthwhile. He even got the promise of more work the next day.

Seth bought the few small items on the list then he decided to splurge and bought a small present for Tasha. It was only a small bouquet of flowers in the grocery store but he bought it for her anyway.

Tasha was happy when he got home. She was excited over the flowers and gave Seth a deep kiss and hard hug before she skipped off to put them in an old glass jar she used for a vase. After supper that evening they all sat on the porch. Gramps and Granny began Seth’s education on the old way. Over the course of the next week when they were not working Seth was educated. Much of what he was taught he found not only interesting but very surprising.

Seth found out a husband was allowed to beat his squaw if she angered him. For some offenses he could even cut her to put a scar on her body. This was an embarrassment to the squaw because it was a permanent indicator to the tribe that she had not been a good wife; she had displeased her husband greatly or been disobedient. For some infractions he could even tie her to the lodge pole naked for other men and women to use sexually or to otherwise abuse such as stoning or beating her. If he wished he could even sell her to another brave for use as a wife or slave.

Seth learned the brave or husband was master of his house. The squaw could offer advice but the brave’s word was law in his own home. Of course Seth learned it was a wise brave who heeded the advice of his woman—especially about things that fell in her area of responsibility. The woman was responsible for the house, gathering herbs and vegetables to eat and snaring small game. She tanned hides, fetched and carried and did other heavy work as well. She was also expected to make herself available to her man whenever and however he wanted her. Seth read this to mean primarily sexually. The brave was responsible for hunting and war. There were many other things each was responsible for but those were the major ones.

Many times during this time Gramps also took Seth aside and instructed him in the ‘manly arts’. The ‘manly arts’ ranged from hunting to fighting to sex and governing the settlement. A time or two Gramps even called Granny in and used her to demonstrate erogenous zones and techniques to please the woman. He then made Seth do the same thing to Tasha to show his mastery of the procedure. Though this embarrassed Tasha and Seth it did result in much better sex and more enjoyment for each of them.

In early September when the weather began turning colder Gramps came to Seth and said, “When we began staying with you you promised to help us complete our journey to the reservation. We feel now is the time for us to finish our trip home. It is becoming colder here and we miss the weather and our family and friends on the reservation. Would it be possible for you to arrange our return now? We appreciate your help over the summer. We have tried to return your courtesy by helping you in return but it is now time for us to move on.”

Seth felt as if the stuffing had been pulled from his abdomen. He remembered making the promise to Granny and Gramps but he had allowed himself to forget they did not want to stay here in Colorado. He would miss them. He sorrowfully began thinking about how he would get them home when all at once he remembered Tasha had been traveling with them. He almost sobbed when the painful thought of her leaving also hit him. His voice was breaking when he said, “If that’s what you really want, sure. I can help. I can drive you down there in my truck if you don’t mind waiting until this weekend to leave.”

“That would be fine Seth. We will miss you but this is best. You do not have room for us all here and it is not right that you should have to work so hard and pay for everything we have. I will tell the women.”

The next two days were torture for Seth. Several times he thought about begging Tasha not to leave him but he didn’t. How could he ask her to stay with him and leave her family? He knew he was a poor choice for her. He didn’t have a job. He only had part time work on an as needed basis. He had no real prospects. Who was he fooling? It was doubtful he could pay his own way much less the way for him and a woman.

Saturday morning dawned cold and windy. The sun was shining brightly but Seth was cold inside as it was outside. He didn’t even taste the breakfast he was served. The coffee only served to upset his stomach. He felt the acid of every swallow. As soon as the women had washed the dishes everyone loaded into his truck and they took off.

They stopped several times during the trip. The drive really wasn’t very long as drives go but to Seth it was a long, long day. They drove straight through to the reservation just outside Gallup New Mexico. When they arrived Gramps directed Seth down several dusty roads until they pulled up in front of a shack that looked like it was in worse shape than the small office building he was living in.

When the truck stopped they all got out. Gramps walked toward the shack. The door opened and a large heavy set Indian woman peered out. She and Gramps talked for a few minutes then she invited them inside. Seth didn’t understand much of what was said although he was beginning to understand some Navajo.

Tasha sat the entire time beside him holding his hand. She responded when spoken to but did not seem to volunteer information. Finally after about an hour the woman stood and moved to a pot that had been simmering on the stove while they visited. She filled bowls for everyone and brought them to where they were sitting. Gramps was served first then Seth. After that Tasha, then Granny were handed bowls. The woman took her bowl last. The soup was good but not as good as Seth was used to.

When the meal was completed pallets were placed on the floor and everyone went to sleep. To Seth’s surprise Tasha crawled into the pallet with him and snuggled down. She spooned against him and pulled his arm around her placing his hand on her breast. She moaned and seemed to drop off to sleep immediately. Seth, on the other hand, lay awake for a long time. He knew this was the last time he would hold Tasha in his arms and he was heartbroken.

The next morning Seth was awakened by clattering coming from the corner of the room set aside for a kitchen. The smell of coffee set his mouth watering. He was stiff and sore, aching in his bones from sleeping on the hard floor with only a thin pad between it and him. When he was handed his coffee Seth smiled up at the woman and thanked her. She only grunted and moved on.

Gramps came up beside Seth and invited him to go outside with him. They walked behind Seth’s truck and watered the dust. Gramps said, “Before you leave Seth it would give me great pleasure if you would visit the Shaman and Chief with me. I wish to tell them of your kindness and get their blessing on our arrangement.”

Seth couldn’t see what benefit that would be to him or, in truth, any reason for him to do so but he agreed. He truly liked the old man and he loved Tasha. By agreeing to the request he could at least delay his departure and perhaps spend more time with Tasha.

To his surprise when it was time for them to go all three women got into the truck with Seth and Gramps. Once again he followed directions until they arrived at a large building with a flag in the front yard. The sign proclaimed it was tribal headquarters. The building contained a small clinic, library, the tribal offices and a grade school.

Seth followed Gramps into the office section. Soon they were ushered into an office where a large heavy set man sat behind a desk. He was dressed in a suit that looked as if he had slept in it. Another man dressed in more traditional Indian garb sat in a chair to the side. Once again the conversation was held mostly in Navajo. This time many questions seemed to be directed not only at Gramps but to Tasha as well. A time or two she blushed before she answered. She seemed very respectful of both the heavy man who Seth had learned was the Chief and the other man who was the Shaman.

Finally the shaman stood and moved toward Seth and Tasha. He took some items from his bag and stood watching the young couple. The Chief turned his attention to Seth and said, “I have been told of how you helped our people when you found them in your home injured, hungry and without a way to continue their journey. You gave them shelter, medical care and food asking nothing in return. Long Hunter has told me how you and Tasha grew closer as you cared for them. He has told me since he had no way of repaying you for your kindness he gave Tasha to you and that you have bedded her. He has assured me you have been introduced to our ways. Many of us no longer follow the old ways. Some of us follow them more than do others.

“It would please Long Hunter if you allowed us to formalize his arrangement with you before you leave us. This, like many of our ceremonies will be conducted in Navajo. If you are willing to do so we can teach you the proper response in a short time.”

Seth didn’t know how to answer the Chief. He was not even sure what the Chief was referring to. He had helped Long Hunter and his family. They had returned the favor by working on his place over the summer. In his mind it all evened out but he was willing to go along with the request if for no other reason than he could spend a little more time with his friends before he had to return to his now very lonely home.

That evening at sunset Seth was dressed in borrowed Navajo garb and led outside to the fire pit. The Chief and Shaman were dressed in their Indian finery. There were several other tribe members there. He looked around and did not see either Tasha or Granny. He walked up beside Gramps and stood. Soon Granny came in sight and walking beside her was Tasha. Seth stared and felt his cock twitch. Tasha was beautiful. She was dressed in a buckskin dress covered with beads. She was absolutely gorgeous. Seth licked his lips and turned toward her. He started to tell her how beautiful she was but Gramps touched his arm and shook his head no. Almost at once the ceremony began. As the ceremony droned on Seth made the proper responses as he had been instructed. From time to time Tasha also made a response as did Gramps.

After the ceremony the Chief took Tasha’s hand and placed it in Seth’s. Seth and Tasha were then led to a teepee and ushered inside. Seth turned in time to see the flap close. He could see hands tying it closed. There was a small fire burning inside and a comfortable looking pile of blankets beside it. On the other side of the fire were a cooler with drinks inside and some food.

Tasha looked at Seth and smiled. She slowly walked to him and wrapped her arms around him. She pressed her body against him and reached up to give him a deep sensuous kiss. Seth felt his cock spring to instant hardness. He felt her undressing him. Oh, GOD. Was he going to be able to feel her naked body beside him once more? He was almost shaking with his excitement. He reached out and tried to undress her. Tasha slapped his hands and murmured, “No my husband. Not yet.”

Seth pulled his hand away. She had called him her husband again. Oh, how he wished it was true. Maybe then she would not stay here with her relatives. When he was completely naked Tasha guided Seth to the bed then stepped back from him. She began undressing herself. As she did so she looked into his eyes. Her eyes were glistening. Her chest and neck were red with her arousal. Her nipples stood proudly out from her beautiful breasts. He could see her lubrication glistening on her pussy lips and upper thighs.

When she was completely naked Tasha kneeled beside Seth and took his hard cock in her mouth. She licked and sucked on him until he was moaning from the pleasure. His seed rose faster than it had at any time since their first coupling. Seth tried to push Tasha’s head from him. She held on and shook her head no. She began jacking him with one hand while her head moved back and forth on his cock. Her tongue continued to tease the underside of his cock until Seth groaned loudly and thrust his cock as deeply into her mouth as he could. His release was almost painful in its intensity.

After she had completely drained Seth Tasha sat up and grinned down at him. She opened her mouth so he could see his seed then she swallowed. After she swallowed she once again opened her mouth and showed him his cum was gone.

Seth looked at her for a moment then reached for her. He gently guided her onto her back on the sleeping pads. He kissed her. He massaged her beautiful breasts and gently caressed her body. He sucked the secret places on her neck until she writhed and moaned in pleasure. Seth kissed and sucked on her nipples and breasts as his hands caressed Tasha’s beautiful body. Slowly, so slowly he worked downward until he came to the juncture of her thighs. Tasha’s legs were drawn up and spread oh so widely.

Seth moved between her thighs and lowered his head to her secret place. He blew on her wet pussy and gently, just barely touched his tongue to her nether lips. Tasha moaned and thrust her hips upward. Seth licked her thighs, her pussy lips then he centered his tongue on her taint and slowly pressed inward while he licked upward. When he came to her clit he gave it a fast flick with his tongue and smiled when Tasha groaned and thrust her hips upward trying for more contact.

Over and over Seth kissed and licked her pussy while Tasha writhed around on the bed. Finally she was moaning and begging for him to finish her off. She grabbed his head and pulled him tightly against her pussy. Seth grinned to himself and began rapidly flicking his tongue over her hard little nubbin. Tasha thrust her hips up wildly and screamed her release. After she stopped screaming and relaxed onto the bed Seth heard a loud roar and clapping coming from outside the teepee.

Seth looked up at Tasha’s face. She smiled at him and held her arms out toward him. He smiled back at her and knee walked up between her splayed thighs. He bent forward and placed his arms beside her breasts. He bent forward and kissed her. He felt her hips lift upward and thrust toward him repeatedly. She moaned, “Please.”

Seth smiled and lowered his hips. He felt his cock hit her wet pussy and slide upward rubbing over her clit. Tasha gasped and thrust upward once again. Seth moved back and lowered his hips slightly. He felt his cock notch just in the entrance to her love tunnel this time. He thrust slightly and felt the crown sink into her hot buttery depth. Tasha moaned once more and thrust her hips upward again. Seth thrust downward and felt his cock sink almost all the way into his lover.

Seth pulled back slightly and thrust once more. As he thrust downward Tasha thrust upward. They slammed together. Seth made a circular motion with his hips while he held himself as deeply inside Tasha as he could. She moaned once more and he felt her hips making gentle thrusting motions. They began that age old dance. As their orgasm neared their thrusting increased in speed and power until they were slamming together. Both were groaning and grunting as they slammed together slipping deeper and deeper into the abyss until they exploded in orgasm once again.

Once again Tasha screamed out her release. This time she took Seth with her. He slammed deeply into her clasping cunt. He groaned when he felt his cock explode. He almost passed out when his cock throbbed and pumped his seed into Tasha. He grinned and closed his eyes while he enjoyed the rippling of her cunt as it milked the last of his seed from his now shrinking cock. This time neither paid any attention to the loud laughs and clapping hands from their not so secret listeners just outside the teepee. The external noise was just an unintelligible background noise to the lovers.

Seth collapsed onto the bed beside Tasha. He felt her pull the cover over them. He neither felt nor heard anything else until he heard a scratching on the teepee later. He raised his head and saw light coming into the teepee through the many cracks. Seth croaked out, “Yes?”

Gramps voice responded, “Unless you want to remain in bed longer I have coffee for you. I would like to speak with you before you leave this morning.”

Seth looked over at Tasha. She was staring at him with love in her eyes. He didn’t understand how she could do that. He thought she loved him yet she was sending him off to his lonely home. He felt the sorrow surge up inside him. He quickly turned his head so she would not see the tears in his eyes. He stood and pulled his clothes on then exited the teepee.

Gramps was sitting on a bench with his back to the teepee. He was watching the morning sun and the small children playing in the school year nearby. When Seth sat beside him he handed Seth a large cup of very hot, very good coffee. Gramps sat a moment then said, “You are always welcome here. We would like to see you when you have time. We would like to visit you from time to time also if you would allow. I know you have much to do now so I will not keep you. Have a safe journey and take care my friend.”

Gramps stood and walked toward the headquarters building. He never looked back. Seth sat for a moment watching. He could not believe the dismissal he felt he had received from Gramps. He never mentioned Granny or Tasha. Seth figuratively shrugged his shoulders and walked toward his truck. Something must be wrong with his eyes. His vision was blurry. He was having trouble breathing. He felt as if he had just been ordered to leave so he did so.

Seth opened his truck door and climbed into the cab. He had been looking toward the teepee as he did so. He almost returned to the teepee to see Tasha once more. NO. He would not beg. She had returned home voluntarily. She had repaid her families debt and even spent one final night with him. He felt bad about using her as he had but hell; she and her grandfather had made the deal. She was the one that had whored herself out to him for a place to stay and food to eat. Well fuck her.

Seth turned his attention back to the truck when he pulled his door closed. He caught a glimpse of something from the corner of his right eye. He turned his head toward the passenger side of the vehicle. Tasha was sitting there. There were tears in the corner of her eyes.

Seth said, “Tasha! What are you doing here?”

Tasha looked at Seth with a frown. She said, “Where else would I be husband? I thought we were returning home this morning?”

Seth sat a moment. She had called him husband again. She had said “we were returning home this morning”

Seth looked perplexed and said, “What do you mean?” He began to smile and continued, “You mean you’re going back to Colorado with me? When did you decide that? I mean…”

“What do you mean when did I decide that? Don’t you want me to go back with you? Was I just a piece of ass you used for a while then you brought me back to the reservation? I thought you loved me? You said you did! You agreed to accept me as your woman when Grandfather offered. You performed the ceremony last night!”

Tasha was crying and turned her head from Seth. He reached out and grabbed her when she opened her truck door. He pulled her back into the vehicle. “NO! I mean YES I love you. I mean don’t get out of the truck. I thought when Gramps asked me to bring you all home that you were going to stay. I thought you were done with me. I thought that you felt you had paid your debt and were going to stay on the reservation with your family. I decided that if that was what you wanted I would not try to force you to change your mind. I would just go back home and try to forget you.”

“Oh, Seth. Didn’t anything we said sink in at all? I’m YOUR WOMAN now Seth. Grandfather gave me to you. I love you. You said you love me. You went through the wedding ceremony with me last night and we made love in the bridal teepee. The Shaman blessed us.” Tasha gasped and put her hands over her mouth then continued, “Oh my GOD. You didn’t want to be married to me? Is that it?”

“NO. I mean YES I want to be married to you. That isn’t it. I just. I guess I misunderstood. I thought you were leaving me and I wanted you to be happy so I didn’t try to get you to stay. I know I’m not much of a catch. All I have is a piece of ground in the mountains. I don’t even have a steady job. I barely make ends meet.”

Tasha laughed and said, “Oh, Seth. Don’t you realize what you have at all? You OWN a square mile of land. You have a house that is much nicer than many of those here on the reservation. You have a truck that runs. You have a place to grow food. You have all the game and fish we could possibly want on your land. You work when you can and provide all we need. You do not drink to excess or smoke. You are gentle and tender to me and other people but when the need arises you can and do fight. No my husband. You are a maidens dream. Or at least you are the dream of many of the maidens on the reservation. I suspect any of them would go with you in an instant. I would bet a significant number of the married women would go with you also if you offered.”

Seth grinned and looked at Tasha then continued, “You know what? This is dumb. Let’s go home.” He reached out and gently touched Tasha’s cheek then continued, “I love you wife. Now we need to get home. We have a lot of work to do before it gets colder.”

Tasha smiled at Seth and said, “Yes my husband.”

Monday after they returned home Seth and Tasha were in town buying supplies and some building material to use on the office building they now called their house, their home. Specifically he bought Styrofoam insulation in 4″ thick 4X8 foot squares to fasten on the inside walls and put in the ceiling. He also bought some Plexiglas and caulk to put over the windows to stop the draft coming in them. He would fasten the Plexiglas so it could be removed in the summer so they could open the windows.

Earlier in the summer Seth had gotten a job tearing down a small building in town. He salvaged all he could from it for use in his home. He had obtained a better door and most important of all he got enough metal roofing to completely cover the roof and one of the walls of their house. They had replaced all the missing mud between the logs to make the building more wind resistant also. He had even salvaged enough paneling to cover the inside walls after they placed the Styrofoam insulation. He knew the way he was doing the work wasn’t totally correct but he felt it was a stopgap measure until such time as he decided exactly what he would do about permanent quarters.

Seth and Tasha were at the loading dock of the lumber yard when Tasha heard the yard foreman yelling. She saw him berating a beautiful blond of approximately 18 years of age. He was holding her by the arm and she was crying and trying to get away from him. She was dressed in worn, ratty looking jeans and blue chambray shirt. Her face was smudged. She had a bruise on her cheek and one arm.

Tasha walked up and asked, “What’s the problem?”

The man glared at Tasha and jerked the blond by the arm. He continued yelling. He said, “Look damn you. I told you the last time I caught you hiding in here I would turn you over to the police if you ever came back. Now come on.”

Tasha said, “Oh, come on. What did she do that was so bad? Did she steal something from you?”

The foreman glared at Tasha and said, “No, I don’t think she stole anything. Every time she and her man get in a fight she tries to hide in our storage room for a day or two. I can’t have her doing that. If she got hurt or started a fire we could be liable.”

Tasha looked at the two and said, “Let me talk to her please. Maybe I can do something to help.”

The foreman stomped off leaving Tasha and the girl alone. As he was leaving he said, “This is absolutely her last warning. I don’t care what you do with her but get her out of here. If she’s still here when you leave I’m calling the police.”

Tasha gently led the girl to the side where they sat on a stack of lumber. She found out the girl’s name was Charity Farmer. She had been stranded in town with her boyfriend earlier that summer. They ran away from home together after she graduated from high school. He was the proverbial “bad boy” many women seem to flock to. He was 22 years old and had promised to take her to Reno and marry her. They had made it as far as Telluride when their old car died. They lived on what money they brought with them for several days until it ran out. They still lived in their old car and a small tent made from tarps they had taken from the lumber yard dumpsters. The tarps had been originally used to cover the new lumber when it was shipped.

The two young people lived mostly by dumpster diving. They hit the dumpsters behind restaurants and grocery stores for food. Charity had found part time work as a waitress but lost the job the week before. She was fired because the clothes she had were not good enough for her to keep working. The boy took her entire pay check because he said it was a man’s job to handle the money in a family. Unfortunately he spent most of the money on beer and cigarettes. He didn’t let her buy clothes and they bought very little food. She would have starved if she had not been able to eat one meal a day at work. Her boyfriend seemed to eat almost everything they found in the dumpsters that was edible. He had become violent with her. He beat her this time when she told him she had no money and had lost her job because she didn’t dress well enough.

Tasha thought for a moment and said, “You need to come home with my husband and me. We live a long way out of town and you will be warm and safe there. I will see if he will allow that. Wait here.”

Tasha walked to the truck where Seth was tying the load down. She touched his arm gently. When he looked at her she explained Charity’s problem. She asked if she could come home with them for a while. To his credit Seth didn’t even hesitate. He merely told Tasha yes and sent her for Charity.

When Charity and Tasha got to the truck Seth asked, “Where is your car? Do we need to go pick up your things or do you have them here?”

Charity began crying and said, “No. He threw my clothes in the fire when I told him I needed more because they were no good. He laughed and said if they were no good any longer they should be destroyed. While he was burning my clothes I grabbed my purse and ran. All I own now is hidden in the storage shed in my purse. This morning while I was searching the dumpsters for food I saw he had moved his car. I don’t know if he has found some money somewhere and filled the car with gas and left town or if he just moved it. I really don’t care. I just want to get out of here and away from him. The plastic we were using for tents is still where we were parked.”

The three young people climbed into the cab of Seth’s truck. When they were all seated and buckled in Seth said, “I have seen that plastic on the new lumber. If your plastic tarps are in good repair we might be able to use them. If you’ll tell me where you were parked we will go get them and take them home with us.”

Charity directed Seth to the empty lot they had been camped in. The plastic was still there and in good repair so they folded it up and put it in the truck. They also picked up a couple of pans and some other items left lying around. On the way out of town they passed a second hand store. He slowed down and turned into the parking lot.

When he had parked and turned off the truck Seth reached into his pocket and took out some money. He counted out $60.00. Seth handed the money to Tasha and said, “Why don’t you and Charity take this money inside and buy her some clothes? Buy a good mattress for her to sleep on if they have one cheap enough. I think we have room to haul it on top of the load. Don’t take any longer than you have to. I want to get home before it’s too dark to unload.”

Tasha smiled and gave Seth a quick kiss on the cheek. The two women quickly got out of the truck and rushed into the store. It only took them 25 minutes to make their purchases. To Seth’s surprise they purchased a nice looking used regular sized mattress for $35.00. They also bought two pair of denim pants, two flannel shirts, and a pretty sun dress for Charity from the used bins. They purchased a packet of sox and another of panties from the new rack. Tasha proudly handed Seth change in the amount of $2.17.

When Seth carefully drove up his access road he looked over his home. They had done a lot of work during the summer to make the place better to live in. On the days he was in town Gramps, Granny and Tasha had continued working on the old town site also unless they were working in the garden, hunting or fishing. Seth hadn’t done much in the old mine and at present didn’t have any plans to do so. He thought he might scrape some of the tailings from inside to see if he could pan out a few flakes of gold but he never seemed to have time to do so. Seth sighed. He still missed Gramps and Granny.

They unloaded the mattress in the office building then Seth drove into the machine shop where he unloaded the material they were going to use on the house/office. He had lucked out and managed to get a commitment from a couple of the people he worked for part time so he had work for the rest of the week. While he was at work Tasha would do what work she could on winterizing the building. If they were lucky maybe Charity would be of some help too. If she stayed or even if she didn’t they really needed to expand or find larger quarters elsewhere. He had been thinking about renovating the old store and bar. It was almost three times the size of the office. They had to pick up the mattresses they slept on every day so they could walk around in the office. In the store they could have private rooms to sleep in and still have a kitchen, dining and living area. That was probably a job for next summer though. He didn’t have the time or money to do much about better quarters right now. That was why he had winterized the old office building. That had not cost much because of the material he had been given that summer.

To Seth’s surprise when he got home the next day all the insulation had been installed in the office and they had begun working on the windows. He was pleased with the work and told the girls so. He got a squeal of happiness then to his surprise two beautiful women ran up to him, gave him a hug and a kiss. At least Charity kissed his cheek. The next three days when Seth got home he was surprised. The two young women worked well together and accomplished as much as if Seth had been working with Tasha. On the third evening Seth commented on their rapid progress and the two women beamed.

Charity smiled and said, “I grew up on a small farm. There were two of us girls and Daddy taught us to help him with the work. He said chances were we would marry a farmer and he wanted us to know how to help our future husband. Besides, even with mother’s help he needed us to do some of the work. Tony grew up on the farm next to us and we became friendly. We both decided we didn’t want to work as hard as our parents did so when we got a little money ahead we took off for Reno. He had a friend who had gone there and told us it was easy money and loads of fun. You know what happened to that dream. Anyway, I learned how to fix things and work. All I have is my body now. I owe you my life or at least I owe you for keeping me out of jail and fed. I intend to do everything I can to help and pull my own weight here.”

“Well anyway, you girls are doing a great job and I appreciate it more than I can say. I have to work again tomorrow at the garage but we close at noon. Do you need anything from town? Or would you like to go in with me and spend the morning? I think I even have enough extra cash we could get a pizza before we came home if you wanted to.”

Once again there were two feminine screams and Seth found himself buried in soft delectable female flesh. He became instantly aroused. Charity’s presence had severely curtailed his and Tasha’s lovemaking and Seth was feeling the reduction. He vowed to remedy his lack of pussy the next day or he would know the reason why.

The next morning the women dressed in their best clothes and accompanied Seth to town. They were healthy young women and used to hard work and walking at altitude so they planned to leave Seth’s truck at the garage and walk around town after the stores opened. Until then Tasha and Charity sat in the garage waiting room and drank coffee and watched the TV there for waiting customers. Before they left Seth gave each of them $20.00 to spend for personal items. He promised they would do family shopping before they returned home.

By the time they had finished their lunch and done the shopping it was almost 4 p.m. They decided they were ready to go home and lay around for the rest of the day. When they got home they put the purchases away. The women prepared a light supper and served Seth first as was the custom. Seth still felt uncomfortable with that but justified it by telling himself there was enough for all so what did it matter who got the first plate full? At least the two women did eat with him. After the small house was cleaned Seth and the women sat on the porch enjoying the evening until it got too cold outside.

That evening they sat and talked until almost ten p.m. before they went to bed. Seth lay on his side facing Tasha and began kissing and gently caressing her body. She began to moan and writhe from his attentions. They kissed and caressed each other for almost an hour before he gently pushed her onto her back and knelt between her thighs. She gasped when she felt his tongue lapping at her flowing pussy. Seth used every trick Gramps had taught him and his specialized knowledge of Tasha’s body to bring her to a screaming climax. Seth grimaced when she screamed out her pleasure. He was sure Charity heard and he was not as used to making love with an audience as Gramps had been.

Seth kneeled above Tasha for a moment then gently fed his cock into her still throbbing pussy. He tried to take his time. He really did but it was just too much for him. He rapidly fell into a fast energetic fuck. He could hear the smack, smack, smack as his pelvic bone smashed into Tasha’s drooling pussy as his cock stirred her steaming cauldron. Way too fast for either of them Seth felt his seed rising. He slammed into Tasha one final time. He let out a loud groan when he felt his cum rush out of his cock and splash against the back of her pussy. Tasha screamed out her completion at the same time and locked her heels behind his thighs. She thrust her pelvis up slamming into him repeatedly as her orgasm ripped through her. He grinned and reveled in the feeling of her pussy fluttering, caressing, and squeezing his cock as her orgasm slowly died out.

Seth bent forward and gently kissed Tasha then let himself collapse to the side of her. She pulled the covers over them and cuddled against his side with an arm and leg thrown over his body. He could feel her wet pussy leaking their combined juices onto his thigh. Just before they drifted off to sleep they heard Charity scream and moan in the night. They smiled when they heard the smack, smack, smack sounds she made pleasuring herself.

The next morning Seth watched with a little embarrassment when he caught the women standing closely together talking softly and giggling from time to time. He was sure they were talking about him and or what happened last night. They would look over at him and smile. From time to time when they looked at him they would blush.

Sunday was a beautiful day. They spent part of the day doing heavier work that required Seth’s muscles to help the women. That afternoon they spent visiting and relaxing. Seth took the time to cuddle and let Tasha know how much he loved her. Several times he caught Charity watching with a sad look on her face. One time when he walked past Charity Seth stopped and wrapped his arm around her. He pulled her to him and gave her a gentle kiss on the forehead. Charity sighed and relaxed into his embrace.

Seth went into town the next morning to see if he could pick up some work. The women did whatever it was they found to do on the place. Seth was lucky. He managed to work at least part of four days the next week.

Each day when he got home he found two very tired women. They both seemed to be exhausted but he couldn’t see that much work had been done. He asked what they had been doing but all they would tell him was they had been working on projects that had been put off all summer.

Friday evening Seth drove his truck into the shop to park it. Tasha had begun leaving the doors open for him several days earlier so he didn’t have to get out to open it. This evening when he came out of the shop Tasha met him half way to the office building. She was excited and smiling from ear to ear. She wrapped her arms around him and gave him a deep kiss. Charity stood a few feet from the small porch and she was beaming from ear to ear too. He could see the excitement in her eyes too.

Seth wrapped his arms around Tasha and gave her a big kiss. He set her back down on her feet and said, “Ok you guys. Why are you so excited here? If I didn’t know better I would think we won the lottery or something.”

Tasha grabbed his hand and pulled him toward the office. She smiled over her shoulder at him and said, “It’s something like that Honey. I can’t wait for you to see what we’ve found.”

When Seth walked into the house he saw three buckets sitting on the floor beside the door. They were full of quartz. There was something yellow embedded in the quartz. Seth felt himself gasp. He moved rapidly the two short steps to the buckets and dropped to his knees beside them. He was almost positive the yellow substance was gold. He picked up a rock and pulled his knife from his pants. When he pressed the metal it easily bent with the knife.

Seth looked up at the women who were almost jumping around the room. He smiled and said, “Where did you find this? I had been planning to see if I could find some small flakes in the dust but I never dreamed I could find quartz with wire gold and flakes in it this size.”

Tasha smiled and said, excitedly, “You remember where the cave in was? When you showed me the tunnel remember I said I thought I saw something shine in the light on the far end? Charity and I were bored earlier this week and decided to explore. We still saw the glow at the far end of the tunnel cave in so decided to see if we could find out what it was. I know you said the mine could be dangerous and we were careful honey. We moved enough of the cave in to get to the far end. When we got there this is what we found. I don’t know how much there is there honey. We can see some more up in the ceiling and there is a lot laying on the floor. It looks like there is a lot mixed in with the rocks. Is it really gold?”

“Yeah I think its gold. Why don’t we see if we can clean this up some then I’ll take it out to the shop tomorrow and see if I can melt it in the crucible out there. I don’t have any way to see how pure it is but the old acetylene torch will melt it fine. Depending on purity it melts from a little under to a little over 2000 degrees. We have moulds to pour the melted metal into also. After we get a little ahead we will take it to Denver and get it assayed and see what it will sell for. When I moved out here I wanted to see if I could find some gold so I did some research on it. I even bought some flux to use in the melting process and some nitric acid to see if we have the real thing.”

The women took Seth into the tunnel first thing the next morning. He was no mining engineer and was afraid the mine was unsafe but he could find nothing that looked horribly dangerous. He agreed to let the women crawl into the shaft and pick up the ore lying on the floor but he made them promise not to do any digging in the ceiling or shaft walls. The next two days the three worked from morning to evening getting gold out of the old mine.

While the women brought buckets of ore out of the shaft Seth cleaned the quartz from it and melted it down. The first three buckets yielded what Seth estimated to be an ounce and a half of melted metal. They had decided to work on the ore until they had the floor cleaned of the metal then they would make the trip to Denver.

By the time they had picked up all the ore that had fallen from the ceiling Seth had thirteen small bars. They had not dug into the pile of rock to get that. As they had promised the girls only picked up what was easily found on top of the cave in and that had rolled down into the shaft. Seth had no idea how pure the gold was but estimating the purity at 90% and the bars weight at one ounce each he had almost $19000.00 in gold. He was scared to have that much ore lying around even though he had done his best to hide it.

Ten days after the girls showed him their first three buckets of gold Seth decided it was time to go to Denver and sell it if they could. He needed more flux to melt more ore and he wanted to get rid of the ore also. If he didn’t sell it he was going to put it in a safe deposit box for safe keeping. All three of the young people were excited the day they left. It felt like the trip was taking forever. Seth had placed the gold in an old ammunition can behind his truck seat and was almost afraid to leave the truck when they stopped.

Their first stop in Denver was the public library where they accessed the internet to find out where they might get the gold assayed and to try and find someone to purchase the metal. He could find no one who purchased and smelted ore. He did find out that commercial smelters in the US were few and far between because of strict environmental laws. There were any number of places who would purchase jewelry and coins but none of the advertisements mentioned raw ore.

The places listed who purchased ore were some distance away. Seth would have to ship it to them. He hated to do that because he didn’t trust it out of his possession. Seth did find a place in Reno NV that would take raw ore and purchase it. After talking it over with the women he decided they would drive there and see what they offered.

This was turning out to be a headache deluxe for the three young miners. Finally after a two day drive from Denver they arrived at Reno. They got a cheap room and waited for the next day to visit the offices of the company whose advertisement they found.

When they told the people what they were there for they were ushered into a small private room. They talked to a smarmy greasy looking man. He treated them like welfare beggars. He said, “I understand you have some gold you want to sell us? How much do you have? We usually don’t buy jewelry from individuals here.”

Seth felt his anger rising. Something about the man’s contemptuous attitude made him go from nervous calm to blazing hot anger in a microsecond. He looked at the man and said, “I wasn’t asking about selling jewelry here. I came in to see if you wanted to purchase some raw ore but I think I’ll find someone else.” He stood and walked out of the room. The women followed quietly.

The man followed them to the door to the room and said, “If you want to sell your rings why don’t you visit a jeweler next time? I’m much too busy for games like this.”

Seth’s face was contorted in anger by now. He again turned toward the door and began to move once more. To his embarrassment he bumped into a large older man in an immaculate suit. He apologized and started to step around him and leave. The man saw Seth’s angry face and the tears running down the cheeks of the women. He looked at the sneering man standing in the doorway to the private room. “I’m the manager of this operation. Is there a problem I can help you with sir? You and your ladies don’t seem very pleased with us right now.”

Seth looked at the man and started to speak when the buyer jumped into the conversation. “I was told we had a customer who wanted to sell a large amount of gold sir. When I got to the room I found these people there. I merely told them we didn’t bother with purchasing a piece or two of jewelry here that we dealt in larger amounts of gold and precious metals.”

The man turned to Seth and said, “I’m afraid he is right sir. We purchase in larger quantities here. Smaller businesses purchase individual items or you can ship them to one of our other centers.”

“I understand that but we thought what we had to sell was a large enough volume you might be interested. Unfortunately your buyer over there didn’t seem to believe we had enough product for him to bother with. He told us he wasn’t interested even before we discussed volume and prices.”

The older man glared at the young man and turned back to Seth. “Well young man just to be fair how large an amount of metal do you have to sell today?”

“I really don’t know sir. I have” Seth heard the man behind him snicker and turned to face him once more. He was smiling at them. He said, “See sir. That’s why I invited them to leave. As you can see he doesn’t even have anything with him.”

Seth turned back to the man he was talking to and said, “To continue sir, I do not know exactly how much metal I have to sell. I have a small gold mine on some property I own. It was a working mine until the early 1950’s when my grandfather closed it up. Over the last little while I have mined some ore from it. I have no way to test its purity. I have melted it into small ingots using the equipment my grandfather left at the mine. I have 13 small bars that I estimate weigh about an ounce to once and a quarter each. I understood from your advertisements on the internet that you would assay and purchase ores AND jewelry. That is why I am here. And I DO have the ore with me. I just did not bring it into the building until I saw what I was dealing with.”

The older man looked at the young buyer once more. This time there was real anger in his face. The young buyer’s face was pale. He looked sick. The older man said, “You are absolutely correct sir. We do purchase ore and we do test it for purity. We can either do an exact analysis by melting and purifying it or we can drill your bars and get a more inexact analysis in that manner. In any event we will pay 99.7% of the daily London spot price for gold based on the analysis of your ingots. Would that be agreeable to you sir?”

Seth smiled and said, “Yes. I can live with that. If you’re interested I’ll go get the ore now.”

“Yes, we’re interested. Do you have it with you or will you have to go somewhere and pick it up?”

“No, it’s outside in our truck. I’ll just be a moment.”

When Seth turned to leave the building the older man looked over at a security guard. He said, “Sam would you go with this gentleman and escort him back with his ore please?”

Seth carried the ammunition can into the building. When he saw him the older man said, “If you would please follow me we’ll find a more comfortable place to finish our business.”

The older man who finally introduced himself as Roger Wilkins led him into his very ornate office. They had barely sat down when a man in a white coat came into the room. Roger told him they had some ‘product’ that needed to be assayed as soon as possible. Seth handed the man the ammunition can and received a receipt for the can and 13 bars of gold. He turned and left the room. Roger said, “Shall we go into the viewing room so you can watch the tests?

They went into a glass enclosed room overlooking a clean laboratory. The man walked in carrying their gold and began working. He carefully weighed the ore then drilled a small hole in the middle of each bar. According to a large digital readout Seth could see from the room they had 16.4735 ounces of ore. The man placed the drillings in a crucible and began doing his tests. After a short time he turned on a microphone and said, “This is remarkably pure bullion sir. It tests out to be 96.537% gold and 2.367% silver. The rest of the weight is non metallic detritus.”

Roger smiled at Seth and the women. He said, “Well then. Shall we adjourn to my office to complete this transaction?”

When they returned to the office calculations were made. At the prices for gold and silver that day Seth left with a check in the amount of $24,677.04. He and the women were smiling so widely their faces hurt. His first stop was a branch of their bank to deposit most of the check. He did keep $667.04 out for spending money.

From the bank they went to a mall where they each picked out some winter clothes and one nicer outfit. From there they went to a Holiday Inn Express and got a king non smoking room. They all bathed then put on their swim suits and headed for the indoor pool and hot tub. After a couple of hours relaxing in the pool they returned to their room to dress for supper. Seth told the women they could go anywhere they wanted for the meal. To his surprise they chose a Red Lobster.

After the meal they returned to their room and relaxed watching TV until almost midnight. They were all too excited to go to sleep. They called out for a pizza and soda for a late night snack then went to bed. To Seth’s surprise instead of using the sleeper sofa for Charity both of the women climbed into bed with him. Even more surprising was the fact that Charity crawled into bed with them as naked as they were.

When Tasha snuggled against him on his right side Charity snuggled against him on the left. Seth flinched when he felt Tasha’s hand reach down and begin fondling his cock. It had already been hard from seeing the naked women. When she touched it he became steel hard. He gasped and began moving his hips slightly as the good feelings rolled. He turned to Tasha’s ear and whispered, “Tasha Honey please don’t do that. I’m horny enough I can hardly stand it now. If you keep doing that I’m going to hurt or make a mess in the bed.”

Tasha moved to gently kiss him. She gave him a wicked grin and whispered back, “Oh, no my husband. You have been neglecting your duty to your wife. Tonight we’re not going to let you get away with just laying here in this wonderful bed and going to sleep.”

“I can’t make love with Charity right here with us. What would she think?”

Tasha laughed and said, “I suppose she would think you were pleasuring your wife or that maybe we were fucking or maybe even making love. We’ve done it before with her in the room with us. We do it all the time at home. You know it is a modern thing to hide it from sight. We love each other and this is just one of the ways we show it. Besides I am your woman and it is your right to take me anywhere and any way that you want any time you want. Whether Charity or anyone else is here or will see has no bearing on things. If you want me you may take me.”

Seth relaxed a little and began to slowly caress the side of Tasha’s breast while he enjoyed what she was doing to him. He almost wished the women were not lying on his arms like they were so he could pay more attention to their naughty bits. WAIT! What was he thinking? He meant he wanted to pay more attention to Tasha’s naughty bits.

Seth continued to lay there and exchange gentle kisses with Tasha while he enjoyed her jacking him off. He pulled his arm from under Charity and turned more fully to Tasha and gave her a deeper, longer kiss. He smiled when she moaned into his mouth and thrust her wet pussy against his thigh. After the kiss he pulled back and laid his head back on his pillow. He felt Charity turn more onto her side and throw her leg over his thigh. OMG she was rubbing her wet pussy on his thigh just like Tasha was! He jumped once more when he felt Charity’s hand move to his crotch. She stretched her head upward toward his and gave him a kiss also. He gasped and tried to turn his head away from her.

Tasha raised herself up on her elbow, smiled and said, “My husband you should remember the old ways. You have taken this woman from her man at least technically. Did you not take her from her village and move her into yours? Granted there was no fight as there might have been in the old days but you have taken this woman from her man and her village. You have assigned her tasks in your home. You have fed her and cared for her. She is your chattel. You may use her, sell her or marry her as you see fit. Since she has done nothing I am aware of that requires you to abuse or punish her unless you are a sadist you have two choices at this time. Both of them include making love with her. You are being cruel to her when you pleasure me and ignore her. Since you have been lax in performing your duties we decided to take matters into our own hands tonight.”

When Tasha finished talking she pulled away from Seth and threw the covers off the bed. Charity was absolutely beaming. Her smile was a mile wide. She once again moved to give Seth a kiss. The kiss rapidly intensified. Their tongues were wrestling. Charity moaned and ground herself harder against Seth. He could feel her diamond hard nipples boring into his chest. They kissed once again.

With a groan Seth rolled and flipped Charity onto her back. He moved over her and between her thighs. She smiled up at him and wrapped her arms around his back while at the same time spreading her legs for Seth. Seth gasped when he felt Charity’s hot, wet pussy contact his cock. He felt Tasha move his cock slightly and then it popped into Charity’s love tunnel. Charity moaned and adjusted her stance slightly. She rocked back then moved her hips upward slightly. She slammed her hips up then and slid Seth’s cock completely into her oh, so tight little pussy. There was a loud smack when she bottomed out on Seth. He could feel her inner pussy muscles fluttering as she enjoyed his man meat as deeply inside her as it could go. Charity raised her head slightly and gave Seth another kiss. Seth began thrusting into Charity and she met him stroke for stroke. She clenched her pussy muscles each time he withdrew. She moaned and groaned, she panted and whined, she writhed and cried as she enjoyed her first fuck with the man she had come to adore.

The women had Seth on a hair trigger. He said, “Charity Honey. You need to stop a minute or I’m going to pop. I can’t hold out much longer babe.”

Charity smiled at him and sped up her thrusts. She tightened her inner muscles even more if that was possible. Every time she moved on Seth’s cock she moaned. When she slammed up on him she groaned. Charity closed her eyes and bit her bottom lip. She was gasping. Her pelvis was rolling and rocking, moving in circles after every deep penetration. She took a deep breath and screamed. She slammed upward on Seth’s cock and held herself as tightly to him as she could. Her heels were locked behind his thighs while she strained to hold him as deeply inside her as she could. He felt her pussy fluttering, squeezing and throbbing on his cock. There was a flood of moisture. It was all too much for Seth. He withdrew as far as she would let him then grabbed her hips and slammed into her one last time. His cock began pumping his sperm into his new lover. Seth groaned and collapsed back onto the bed.

Charity finally relaxed under Seth and gave him a gentle kiss. She turned her head slightly and looked over at Tasha. She looked back at Seth and whispered, “I love you so much. I’m not ever going to get enough of this my man.”

The women let Seth rest for a few minutes then they began once again to kiss and caress him. As soon as he got hard enough to do them some good Charity pushed him back and held his cock for Tasha to take a ride. When Tasha screamed out her orgasm she collapsed onto Seth and gave him a gentle kiss. Afterward she rolled to his unoccupied side and the women pulled the covers over the three young lovers.

Early the next morning the three young people hit the free breakfast buffet in the lobby. They ate their fill and, even thought it was not completely ethical they each took enough meat and bread back to the room for their noon meal. They all took care of business, picked up their bags and loaded up the old truck. It was a long but very happy drive back to their home.

When they got home Seth sat at the small table with a pad of paper and pencil. He made some notes and then some drawings. He did some figuring and made more notes. Finally he called Tasha and Charity to him. “I’ve been thinking about what we need to get done around here. A lot of what I want to do will have to wait for spring. We can’t afford to do everything I would like to do because we don’t have the money. I won’t get a lot of work in town this winter to get more money either. Things had been slowing down before we left to sell our gold. If I’m lucky I might get one or two part days work a week if I can even get to town in the snow that’ll soon be here.”

“What I think we should do is work in the mine during the cold part of the year and see how much more gold we can take out safely. The first thing we should do is finish cleaning up the rocks that fell into the old shaft. I know you got most of the large flakes and wire gold but there might be some small pieces in the dust and dirt. I think we need to get it picked up and until it gets too cold to work in the water we will wash and pan out the dirt to get any gold dust and small nuggets we can find. After that if it looks like we can dig into the vein safely we will try to mine more out.

“I don’t want to get wild and crazy here. I would love to find a million dollars worth of gold but I don’t want to end up hurting or killing one or all of us trying to get it out. If we are careful we can hopefully find several more dollars of ore easily. With that money we can make us a nicer place to live and maybe even put some money in the bank.”

Tasha looked at Seth and said, “What about having someone come in and mine it right Seth? We could do that couldn’t we?”

“I thought about that Honey. Right now we don’t even know if there is enough ore there to interest a large mining company. I really don’t want to get one in here if I can help it anyway. I don’t want our little home torn up for the mining. I would like to see what we can do first. I suspect we might be able to take as much money out by ourselves as we would be paid in royalties if we got a large company in to do the work. If we can do it safely why should we give them some of the money we could get with a little muscle work?

“I know they have ways to get every speck of gold out of the rock using their chemicals and so forth but I just don’t want to go that route if we can get out of it.”

Tasha looked at Charity then back to Seth. “I don’t want to see the valley torn up either Seth. I guess I was just getting greedy. If we do it ourselves and just make a little every year that would be fine. I would like to have a nicer place to live though.”

She saw Seth’s face cloud over and rushed to continue her statement, “NO Seth. I don’t want or need any mansion. If we fix up the old store like you talked about just so we had a little more room I would be fine with that.” She laughed and continued, “Heck, we already live in a better building than many of those on the reservation. I don’t care about things like that. I just want enough dishes to cook and eat off of and a safe warm place to live. I don’t care about fancy.”

Charity looked over at Seth and said, “Me neither. I can be happy…” Charity gasped and pulled her hand to cover her mouth. She looked almost sick. She had tears in the corner of her eyes when she continued talking, “Oh, I’m so sorry! I don’t know what I was thinking when I said that. I know I’m just a guest here. I’m sorry for saying that. Please forgive me! I know I have to go as soon as I can find a way to do it.”

Tasha glanced over at Seth and moved to wrap Charity in her arms. She turned her gaze on Seth once again and glared at him. She looked back at Charity and buried her nose in her hair. The two women snuggled together while Charity cried.

Seth sat watching. He thought for a moment about how the last few weeks had gone. He liked his life here now. Sure he was working harder than he ever had before but he had a good life. He loved these women. He liked to be with them when they were working or relaxing around the place. They were almost a part of him already. He had his epiphany. It would be a lonely and emptier place if Charity left.

Seth stood and moved to join the women in a group hug. He said, “Charity I think I am like you. I had never considered the fact you might leave us. You are part of this family if you want to be. I would be lost if you left us Honey. Tasha and I want your input in these talks. Why do you think I asked you both to come and talk with me a few minutes ago? This is going to be YOUR house also. This is your home too if you want it to be. You are one of the family. You are one of MY women now. When we have room and can afford it I want to get us a King bed so we can all be more comfortable sleeping together in it. If you don’t want to be one of my family let us know now and we will see about finding you a place where you want to be but I am really hoping you want to stay with us.”

Charity broke away from Tasha and threw herself at Seth. She wrapped him in her arms and ground her titties into his chest. “Yes, oh yes. I want to stay with you forever and be one of your women Seth. I have been learning the old ways from Tasha so I will understand the rules here. I want to live with you and Tasha as one of your wives if you will have me or just as your concubine if that is all you will allow me. Oh, thank you so much Seth.”

The small office building was just marginally spacious enough for the three to live through the winter in. It would have been claustrophobic for just one but it was all they had. They learned to adjust and get along. To his surprise Seth grew into his role of dominant husband to the women. He never had to become violent per se as legend said some of the Indian and early settlers did with their women. He did exert more control than most modern women would allow. A time or two he spanked a delectable ass when the women argued with each other too much. More often than not his calm words and loving corrections solved problems that came up.

As he had predicted he didn’t have as much work in town during the winter as he had in the summer. Surprisingly however he managed to pick up several days work at some of the ski resorts in the area. He was actually working slightly more in the winter than he had during the summer. He found he began working at three of the resorts two days a week each filling in for an employee so they could work only a five day week. The small family now had more regular income than they had since Seth moved to Colorado.

While Seth worked in his jobs the women did what they could around their home. Most days it was too cold or there was too much snow to work outside so they worked in the mine. Unfortunately for them they disobeyed Seth and mined some of the ore from the walls instead of just scooping up the dirt for the dust and smaller nuggets. They were smart enough to be careful and never got injured seriously. They each had several scrapes, cuts and bruises over the winter. Once there was a minor cave in that they just managed to escape.

They had been working on a new shaft into the side of the mountain for ten days when Seth decided on one of his days off to check out the mine. When he told the girls what he was going to do they looked at each other guiltily. They tried to talk him out of going to the mine but he was bored. He wanted something to do and ignored them. They reluctantly followed him into the mine.

When Seth saw they had been mining the new tunnel he became angry. He was scared for their safety and angry also because they had ignored his instructions. He became even angrier when he saw where their new shaft had caved in and they had removed much of the detritus. Seth’s face lost its color then flooded with blood as his temper rose. He grabbed the women’s hands and pulled them out of the new tunnel. When he reached the old tunnel he sat on a rock and pulled Tasha onto his lap. He began spanking her and yelling at the same time. He spanked her and chastised her until his hand was in serious pain. He pushed her off his lap onto the floor.

Charity had been standing watching Seth spank Tasha. She was already crying in fear for her friend when Seth pushed Tasha onto the floor. Charity glared at Seth and rushed to comfort Tasha. When Charity got within reach Seth grabbed her and pulled her over his lap. He began spanking her using his other hand. He spanked her until she was a crying writhing mess and his hand was throbbing with pain. He pushed Charity onto the cave floor where she laid crying beside Tasha.

Seth sat and glared down at his women. His voice was shaking as he once again began speaking. He said, “Look, I understand you are trying to help. I understand that. I love you both and I know you love me too but you disobeyed me. I told you it was dangerous digging the gold out and you promised me you would only work in the main shaft. I saw where the cave in was in that new shaft you dug. That’s how you both got those scratches and bruises last week wasn’t it?”

Tasha and Charity looked guiltily at each other then they both quietly said “Yes.”

Seth continued talking. He said, “I don’t want to lose either of you. I can’t stand the thought of you being hurt or killed here. I trusted you to do what you promised and only work in the safer part of the mine. If I can’t trust you in this how can I trust you in other things? You gave me your word then broke it. A person’s word is their bond.”

Both women were crying even harder than just after their spankings. Tasha walked slowly up to Seth and wrapped her arms around him. He placed his right arm around her and pulled her to him. When Charity saw that she moved to his left side and he wrapped her in his left arm. Tasha said, “I am so sorry Honey. I really didn’t think about it like that. We wanted to make you proud of us. We just wanted to help and got excited and carried away with digging out all the gold for you. We haven’t dug any more since the cave in. That scared us enough we stopped and have only been working on what we had dug out before and piled in the main shaft.

“Please forgive us. We just didn’t think about being in danger or what breaking our word meant. We just got so excited we lost sight of things for a while. We won’t ever dig or work in the mine without clearing it with you first.”

Seth sighed. He pulled the women closer to him and said, “Ok, I suppose there’s no real harm done but it could have been a lot worse. If you ever do something like this again though…Well, I really don’t know what I’ll do but I promise to make a real believer of you if that happens. Maybe I’ll take you back to Gramps and let him help me decide on a punishment for you in that case.”

Tasha’s eyes got big around and she gasped. She stepped back from Seth and said in a shocked, scared voice, “Oh, NO. Please don’t ever do that. I don’t even want to think about the way he would advise you to punish us. He and Granny are real believers of following the old ways as much as possible. I promise now you never have to worry about me ever again my Husband.”

“Ok. Well let’s see what you’ve done and see if I can figure out how to continue.”

Seth walked back into the new tunnel the women had been digging and looked it over. He admitted he was not a mining engineer and he only had rudimentary knowledge of techniques. Most of what he did know was picked up on the internet before he came to Colorado or what he had seen in the old shafts.

Seth decided they needed to shore up some of the tunnel near the rock fall in the new shaft. He and the women spent several hours cutting and placing the supports. Finally after a lot of talking he agreed to let them clean up the area they had been working in. Their new tunnel was following the new vein of gold and rising slightly as the vein rose in the mountain. The new vein was becoming noticeably narrower and seemed to contain less ore than it had near the old main shaft.

In among their other work the women continued working in the mine. Seth worked there some also on his days off and some evenings. By the time the spring rolled around vein had played out in the direction they were moving. They had a large pile of gold bearing quartz waiting on Seth to finish cleaning and smelt down. He had not melted much during the winter and they had not run any of the dust and dirt through the sluice to clean the small chunks of dust from it.

The women had spent some of the winter working on the old store building when the days were warm enough. They had replaced many of the interior boards that needed it including all the bad ones in the floor. They had drawn up plans for renovating it into a small house for the three to live in. Seth had agreed to add a large bedroom, master bath and closet onto it. They were going to use the old part of the building for the kitchen, dining and living area. The old part of the building was 24X30 feet. The addition would be 16X28 feet. They were going to build a covered porch on the east and south of the building to mate up with the one already on the west. When all was completed they would have a very nice little home of a little less than 1200 square feet. They even made plans for adding a couple of extra rooms for if and/or when they had children.

They had decided to make the addition match the old building. Seth would use the dozer to pull trees he had cut back to the town and they would true them up with the small saw in the shop. They were going to build the addition out of logs as was the old part of the building. They would then insulate on the inside with Styrofoam like they had the office then cover it with paneling.

Seth made sure the women knew the job was going to be a long slow one. He had no intention of going into debt to build the addition. Of course with all the gold he suspected he already had more than enough money.

As the spring progressed they prepared the ground for their large garden and planted it. Seth also began working on the ore they had stockpiled smelting it down into the same size bars they had made the year before. By early June Seth was done smelting the ore. To his surprise he had 57 small bars. If they contained the same amount of gold as before they had mined 72.2299 ounces of gold. At current prices that would come to about $117,000.00. They would not be rich by any means but to them that was wealth beyond anything they had ever dreamed of.

They all agreed they did not want to sell all the bars at once. They had several reasons for that but foremost was the tax implication. Of course they now had to worry about how to safeguard their small fortune. Unfortunately for them the company they sold the gold to insisted on reporting the sale to the government so Seth had to pay taxes on his sale. They decided they would try to spread out the sales over several years to reduce taxes. Seth decided to keep his income as near the break point of personal exemptions as possible so it would not even be taxable. He and Tasha had filed the year before as married to make use of all the income exemptions possible.

Seth and the women made another trip to Reno with 17 bars of gold this time. They knew they would have to pay tax on this sale because Seth planned to continue working in town. They wanted the money from that sale however so they could pay for the renovations to their home. Seth decided to bury the remaining bars of gold in the shop under a heavy piece of equipment. They would dig up and sell them as needed. He would think of a more permanent solution later.

After a nice three day stay in the same hotel as before the three young people returned home and went back to work. The third day after they got home Charity came up to Seth and said, “Honey I have an idea of how I can be more help to you here. You remember I told you I grew up on a farm?”

When Seth nodded his head yes Charity continued, “Well Tasha and I were talking about how expensive food is and about our free time. One or both of us could try to find work in town if you want us to but I think at least for now we can help as much or more if we stay out here and take care of things. Anyway, I think we can turn a couple of the older buildings that are in better shape into small barns for animals. I would like to get some chickens to raise for food and eggs. I think there is enough grass in the valley that we could have a milk cow and maybe even raise a couple of steers every year for our beef.

Some of the land near the garden is good enough to raise a little grain we could use to fatten the beef and feed the chickens. I don’t think we could raise enough to do the whole job though. We can cut hay from some of the grass land to get the milk cow through the winter. Please can we take some of our money and get the animals? I know Tasha and I can take care of them and the garden too. I really want to do this Seth.”

Seth thought about Charity’s proposal for a moment then said, “I don’t have a problem with that. If it doesn’t work out we can always sell the animals and if it does we will have some cheaper meat. I’m getting tired of the wild game and fish anyway.”

Charity smiled and walked up to Seth. She gave him a tight hug and deep kiss. She stepped back and looked him in the face for a moment. Her voice broke slightly. She said, “Thank you Honey. You don’t know how much it means to me for you to believe in me like this. I promise we won’t let you down again like we did in the mine.”

Seth took some time off work to do the logging and true up the logs for the house addition. He also repaired the two smaller buildings they were going to use for their animals. He helped them place the logs for the walls of the house addition and get the roof on. It took them almost 4 months of part time work to get the rough structure for the addition completed. Of course they didn’t work on the construction every day. They had to take time out for the garden and other farming chores. No work was done in the mine. Seth had only worked on the dust three or four days during that time. He did get another ounce or two of dust and small nuggets however.

After the new addition was framed in Seth began working on his own projects while the women did most of the finish work on the house. He did help them with jobs that required more people or his strength and knowledge however. By the time they noticed ice forming on the water left outside overnight they had the new house completed. It was not pretty by any means. It looked like what it was—an old log building that had been almost doubled in size by adding on another log addition. It was weather tight and well insulated however. They had splurged and installed modern double pane windows and had purchased a large new, efficient wood stove for heat. All three were as proud of their new home as if it was a large mansion in the ritzy part of town. They had purchased a large deep freeze and filled it with food from their garden and meat from their herds.

They had furnished the new house with second hand furniture purchased from yard sales and second hand stores. Their only extravagance that way was a brand new king sized pillow top bed.

The week of Thanksgiving on Monday evening Seth and the women were sitting on the porch relaxing. It was just dusk and cool enough they were thinking about going inside when he first heard, then saw a newer F250 Super Crew truck coming up their road. This was the first uninvited visit he could remember in the little over two years he had lived here.

For some reason Seth felt his anger surge. He was sure the driver was one of those assholes that thought no trespassing and private property signs were meant for everyone but them. His eyes were flashing in anger. He stood and moved out into the drive to meet and give the driver a piece of his mind. The sun glared off the tinted windows just enough he could not see the occupants of the vehicle well. The vehicle stopped and the engine was turned off. Seth set himself as he watched the door on each side open.

Tasha and Charity stood on the porch watching. All at once Seth was almost running toward the truck. He headed toward the woman who had exited the passenger side. When he got there they heard him yell, “MOM,” just before he wrapped the older woman in his arms. He picked her up and twirled her around before setting her back down on her feet. By then the man who had been driving had walked up beside Seth. Seth turned and wrapped him in his arms for a moment.

Seth stepped back and said, “What are you doing here? Why didn’t you tell me you were coming? How long are you going to stay?” He began pulling his mother toward the house and the two young women.

Tasha and Charity watched with smiles on their faces. When the man and woman saw them they got quizzical looks on their faces. Seth saw his mother watching Tasha and Charity. He smiled and said without thinking, “Mom, Dad. This is my wife Tasha and my other wife Charity. We’re so glad to see you.”

Seth stopped walking when he felt his mother come to a complete stop. He turned to look at her. She was slack jawed. She looked like the proverbial pole axed steer. She licked her lips and looked at Seth then said, “What? Did you say BOTH of these women are your wife?”

Seth thought ‘Oh, Shit.’ He smiled and held his hand out for his women. He looked at his parents and said, “Yes I did. I rescued both of them from a problem and we fell in love. Of course with the laws as they are I couldn’t and didn’t legally marry them. We have had a Navajo ceremony and we are married in the old way, the Indian way. These are my wives. We love each other deeply and are building a life here with each other.”

“Oh, my,” Seth’s mother whispered. She and his father were looking around the small homestead. Their eyes slid off the women and took in the outbuildings and the house. Finally Seth’s mother sank into a chair on the porch. His father walked up and slowly sat beside her. Seth’s mother finally said, “I don’t know what to say son. We had hoped and prayed you would find someone out here after the way Patrice treated you but… How could you marry two women? Oh, my.”

After the shock wore off Seth, Tasha and Charity herded his parents into their home. They prepared a nice meal and slowly began visiting. Both his parents were impressed with what he and the women had done to the old settlement. They complimented them on the rustic old house and on their use of the small valley for growing their own food.

Seth and the women had purchased a used sleeper sofa for their living room. At bedtime they made it up for his parents to sleep on. At breakfast after the second night sleeping on it Seth’s mother looked at him in embarrassment. She said, “Seth didn’t you tell me you had lived in the old office the first winter you were here?”

When Seth said he had his mother continued, “Would it be ok if your father and I slept out there from now on? I, uh, WE think maybe it would be better if we were out of the house at night so you could uh be more comfortable when you go to bed…”

Seth looked at his mother in confusion for a moment then the light bulb lit. He felt himself blush and saw Tasha and Charity blush also. Both his women were very vocal when they made love. They had held off the first night but last night he had taken them both and they had screamed out their appreciation.

He guiltily looked at his parents. His father was smirking and winked at him when Seth looked his way. Seth said, “Uh, no, there’s no problem if that’s what you want to do but you don’t have to do that on our account. Is there a problem? Do you want to sleep late or something?”

Now his mother blushed deeper then she said, “No we don’t want to sleep late or something. I just thought you might feel a little more comfortable if we weren’t in the building at night…”

Seth laughed. His wives were smiling. Seth said, “Ok, Mother. I think I know what you’re trying to say. I’m sorry if we were too noisy last night. I’m afraid we follow the old way more than some families do. When we were living with Tasha’s grandparents before they went back to the reservation we got used to uh, being with others during special moments. We learned to just ignore and be ignored and I really didn’t think about the noise last night. I’m sorry. If you are worried about us, don’t. If you don’t want to listen to us yes, you may use the old office. It’s up to you.

Seth’s father grinned and said, “Oh, it doesn’t bother me any. In fact I sort of enjoyed myself last night.” He looked over at Seth’s mother and continued, “I don’t mind at all staying here in the living room. I do think we may need to pick up a towel or two before we go to bed tonight though if you don’t mind.”

Seth’s mother blushed deep red and turned her head. She swatted at his father. Finally she turned back to Seth and said, “Ok, I suppose I can live with it if you all can. It will take some getting used to though.”

Seth did not go into town the rest of the week to work. He did make two trips to town to purchase items for the now greatly expanded Thanksgiving meal. By the end of Thanksgiving Day not only had his parents came to accept Seth’s new living arrangement they had fallen in love with their daughters in law. They treated the two women and their living arrangement with Seth as if it was the most normal thing in the world.

During the week Seth found out his father had finally retired. His last day of work was been the first of November. They were just wandering around the country enjoying themselves for now. After they left Seth’s they planned to go to California and the southwest for several weeks. Seth promised they would all go to his parent’s home for Christmas.

Things got back to normal the week after Thanksgiving. Seth and the women were still cleaning up the dust and dirt from the mine shaft. They didn’t find a lot of color but they found enough to keep working on it. Wednesday evening Seth and Tasha were working on the dirt while Charity prepared supper. Tasha seemed nervous. Finally Seth asked, “What is the matter with you Tasha. You have been nervous the last two days and you’re even worse tonight.”

Tasha looked up then dropped her gaze once again. Finally she said, “Honey we want some babies. Charity and I want you to make us pregnant so we can have children. I know we have never talked about children but we want some desperately.”

Seth stopped working and sat down. He looked over at Tasha who was watching him with a frightened yet pleading look on her face. He said, “I never thought too much about that. I have always wanted children sometime in my life though. Why do you want to start our family now though?”

“I’ve been thinking about it for several months now but I was just afraid to say anything. If you don’t want to do it we can wait longer though.”

“No. I think now is as good a time as any. We have some money put away and we have the gold we have hidden if we need more. But I’m warning you. Only one of you can get pregnant at once. You can alternate children if you want but only one at a time gets pregnant. Now how many children were you thinking of?”

“I would like to have at least two of my own. I’m not sure about Charity. You would have to ask her.”

The discussion continued through supper. It was agreed that at her next period Tasha would stop taking her pills. About two months before she was due Charity would stop taking her pills so the children would be close together. Both the women wanted two children each.

The closer Christmas got the more Seth dreaded returning to his old home. He looked forward to being with his parents for the holiday but he was not looking forward to seeing some of the people who made him decide to leave. He did want to see a few of his old friends however. His wives could tell something was bothering him.

One evening two days before they left for his parents home Tasha walked up to Seth and sat in his lap. Charity stood near the kitchen sink and watched the proceedings. It was her turn to clean up after the meal but she was obviously paying more attention to Seth and Tasha than she was her job. Tasha leaned down and gave Seth a gentle kiss then said, “OK Honey. We both know something is bothering you. Now please tell us what it is. Is it the children? We don’t have to have children now or even ever if you don’t want to.”

Seth could see moisture in each of his wives eyes. He hugged Tasha tighter then said, “No it’s not children. I suppose I am dreading going back home. I want to see my parents and some of my old friends but I am not looking forward to some of the crap I may run into.”

“Why? What kind of crap could you run into that would be so bad you don’t want to go home for Christmas. I remember how you moped around here last year because you weren’t with your family. I would think you would be excited about going home for the holidays.”

“Well I am excited about seeing my family. It’s some of the other people I might see I dread. You know I told you I broke up with my fiancée two weeks before the wedding and that things kept getting worse until I moved out here about six months later?”

Tasha nodded her head yes. Seth continued, “Well I never told you the whole story. I hoped I could just forget it but if we’re going home you’ll probably hear some of it from someone so I suppose I should tell you all about the mess I had with Patrice.”

Seth leaned back in his chair and pulled Tasha closer to him. This time he told both women how Patrice and Harold tried to force him into a cuckold relationship. He told them what he did to Harold and how little he was punished for breaking into his parent’s home. Then he told the women about the lies Patrice and Harold spread around town about him and the fights he got into when he took exception to the hazing and comments made to him. He knew he would end up in jail if he didn’t leave or find some way to ignore the comments. Unfortunately, he told the women, the time or two he tried to walk away from confrontations with Harold or some of his and Patrice’s friends they continued to push verbally and physically until the confrontation ended in blows.

During his explanation Charity walked up and wrapped her arms around Seth and Tasha. Seth was upset remembering all the old pain and confrontation. Tasha and Charity were upset because of the way Seth was treated by Patrice and some of the people he considered friends. Tasha said, “That’s horrible! That bitch never did love you did she? All she wanted was you to work and support her and that Harold guy. It sounds like he got off on bullying people. I’m so sorry Honey.” Tasha leaned down and gave Seth another gentle kiss. He felt Charity kissing his cheek.

Seth and his ladies arrived in his old home town four days before Christmas. He didn’t go out of his way to make his presence known but he didn’t hide either. He did get in contact with his two best friends. They visited before the holidays. Somehow he let his friends and his wives talk him into going to one of the New Years dances. He was sorry he did so even before the dance but they wouldn’t let him back out.

Seth was up front to all his old acquaintances about his relationship with the women. At first they were shocked but when they saw the obvious love they all had for each other they accepted the relationship. He told everyone he was married to Tasha and they had accepted Charity as their concubine under the old Navajo ways. He further explained what that meant was for all intents and purposes he had two wives, just not legally under federal and state laws. He wanted to make sure no one tried to accuse him of bigamy.

Naturally half way through the party on New Year’s Eve Seth saw Patrice, Harold and some of their asshole cuckold friends. He watched them and became almost physically ill. The two of Patrice’s friends who he knew were married were all over large well built men. Their husbands were fetching and carrying all evening and acting subservient to their wives and their wives Bulls. Patrice and Harold seemed to have a man serving the same function for them although Seth didn’t know if Patrice was married to him or not.

About 2330 Harold and Patrice finally saw Seth. They watched him dancing with each of his wives. He happened to see their eyes narrow when during one dance both of his wives were on the dance floor with him at the same time. Finally Harold said something to Patrice and sauntered arrogantly onto the dance floor.

Harold walked up and insinuated himself into the three person dance group. He tried to force Seth out. Seth moved between Harold and the women once again. He said, “Harold you need to move on please. We don’t want any trouble here.”

This time Harold pushed Seth back and said, “Move on boy. I’m dancing with these women. You keep interfering with me and you’ll have more trouble than you can handle boy.”

Seth grabbed Harold’s arm and jerked him away. Harold’s face became very red. It was twisted in anger. About then the two other Bulls at their table grabbed Seth’s arms and pulled him back from Harold. One of them said, “We’ll just hold onto cuck boy here Harold. You go on and do your thing.”

By now many of the people around had stopped dancing and were watching the altercation. Harold smiled and turned back to Seth’s women. Just before he turned back he said, “Fine. If he wants to do this the hard way we can. You all just hold onto him to keep him from hurting himself.”

This time Harold reached out and tried to pull Tasha up against his body. Tasha reached into the pocket on her southwest peasant style skirt. When she pulled her hand out there was a flash of something bright then Harold let out a blood curdling scream. This time it was Tasha who was holding onto Harold. She was pressing her little 3″ bladed knife lightly into his crotch. She hissed loudly enough to be heard over the dance area and first row of tables, “You get your hands off me asshole and make sure your slimy friends let my husband go too. If you don’t do what I say you’ll never stick that cock into another pussy as long as you live. If you move I’ll slice that little piece of meat completely off.”

There were tears in Harold’s eyes. He looked down at the small knife sticking in his crotch. There appeared to be a small spot of blood coloring his trousers now. Tasha’s black eyes had a cold deadly look to them. She continued talking, “While we’re waiting here why don’t you tell these fine people what you were trying to do to me tonight. While you’re at it tell them about all the lies you and your friends told about my husband before he left town? You keep messing with me and my husband and what he did to you three years ago will look like kindergarten play.”

Harold was shaking from fear. His knees were weak. He almost collapsed but forced himself to stand when he felt the little knife press deeper into his crotch. The added pain and surge of fear almost paralyzed him. All at once his crotch became very wet. He had actually pissed himself from fear and pain. Seth took the opportunity to break away from the two men holding him when they stared at the blood and piss in Harold’s crotch. All the hard work Seth had been doing paid off there. After he broke their holds on him Seth stepped back slightly. The two men turned with him and began to reach for him once again. Their faces were distorted with anger. It was apparent they hated to be thwarted.

The man who had spoken to Harold previously said, “You and the little bitches are going to regret this cuck boy. You’ve messed with us for the last time.” The two stepped toward Seth and both raised their fists. Seth quickly stepped to the side and slammed his foot into the side of loudmouth’s knee as hard as he could. There was an audible crack. The large man screamed and dropped to the floor. His hands were already cradling his injured knee. Seth instantly turned on the other approaching man and slammed his left fist into his stomach. When he bent over Seth whipped an upper cut to his chin. Another loud crack and he too collapsed onto the floor.

Patrice and her two friends rushed up to the altercation. The friends were on their knees beside their Bulls crying. Patrice was dancing back and forth in fear and anger. Her eyes were fixed on Harold who was barely standing albeit he was very, very still. Tasha looked at the two for a moment then slowly pulled her knife from Harold’s crotch. When it was disengaged from his flesh she flicked her wrist and sliced his pants open. He moaned and collapsed onto the floor. Patrice knelt beside him and wrapped him in her arms. She glared up at Seth and Tasha. The two wimpy husbands were dancing around the edges of the altercation not knowing what their mistresses and Bulls wanted them to do. Finally one of them ran to the table and brought back a wet napkin that he handed to Patrice for Harold.

The other cuck stood watching. He looked at the man whose knee Seth had broken and began to smile. He walked up to him and slammed his foot into his crotch then turned and walked off. His wife looked shocked then turned and screamed, “You get your ass back here right now Samuel Wells. You are SO going to pay for that you little asshole.”

The man never turned his head. He merely held his arm up with the middle finger extended from his closed fist.

Much to Seth’s surprise when the police arrived neither he nor Tasha was arrested. Surprisingly enough witnesses told the police Harold had instigated the fracas that they let them go. It was actually Harold and his two friends that were arrested. As they were leading the three men out Patrice stood and glared at Seth. She hissed, “You Son of a Bitch!” Patrice then stalked out of the dance hall following her man.

Seth and the women returned home on the third of January. He and Tasha continued to work on getting her pregnant until one day she came happily out of the bathroom with a large smile and nothing else on. She was carrying a pregnancy test showing positive.

Over the course of the next five years the women had their children. Each had one boy and one girl. They continued to live in the old mining settlement. They enlarged the old log house adding two more bedrooms, one for boys, and one for girls. They expanded their small cattle herd and enlarged their chicken flock and garden to feed the growing family.

When the owner of the garage decided to retire Seth purchased it so he would have a steady income and job. They mined ore from the old mine until the youngest child was almost 7 years old. Finally they came to the end of the easily available ore and decided to stop. Over the course of the years they took over $450,000 in ore from the old mine. They still had $237,000 in the bank saved for emergencies.

Life was good. Love was strong in Seth’s nontraditional family. They lived following the old ways. They stood by, loved and protected their chosen spouse. They lived simply but well. Their children grew up healthy and strong. They were well versed in knowledge and practices from the old way also for after the first child was born Gramps and Granny returned to live in the old office. They cared for the children and taught them of their Navajo heritage. Later Seth and his parents fixed up one of the other small buildings for them to use during the summer so the children learned what their white grandparents had to teach also.

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