He builds life with two wives in Colorado mountains

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Seth Connors had a problem. He was in love. He was in love with the most beautiful woman in the whole town and she said she was in love with him. He had graduated high school almost two years ago and still had not talked her into marrying him. Seth and Patrice had been a couple since their sophomore year in high school. Seth was the quarterback on the school football team. He also run cross country and track during the seasons. Although he was a jock Seth was not the typical jock. He was smart. Unfortunately for Seth he had not studied hard enough to get a scholarship to college and his parents were too poor to send him. Instead of studying during school Seth did just the minimum to get by and partied with his team mates the rest of the time. Well, he partied and chased pussy. Seth did like his pussy and being a jock he got more than his fair share. He did listen to his father though. He always made sure he wore a rubber when he fucked his conquests. He didn’t care if they told him they were on the pill or not. He used a rubber. Even if they were protected he believed in being careful so he would not get a disease. After all, the little skanks partied with him and his team mates and he knew many of the other boys didn’t use protection. After all, they were typical jocks. They were the modern day centurions. The football field was their battleground and the women who flocked around were theirs by right of conquest. If there wasn’t enough women to go around so what, they just double or triple teamed them or worse. Was the girl a little hesitant to fuck them? No problem. They were jocks and stronger than the little bitch. Take what you want. Hell, you deserved it. It’s fine. Oh, sure some of the girls cried a little but so what. None of the boys got into serious trouble for it so they said, no harm, no foul. Seth didn’t approve of that kind of ‘coercion’ so unfortunately he didn’t get along well with his teammates. They tolerated him as a goody two shoes while he had been in school.

Seth was smart in another way also. He continued going to school after he graduated from high school. He attended the local junior college where he took a Hodgepodge of courses including agricultural, geology, some machine shop, welding and automotive technology courses. Seth was a typical young person in most ways. He had no idea what he wanted to do with his life so he took whatever course interested him or that he heard was easy to get a good grade in. Because of that it took him longer to finish his two year degree than most. He had way more credit hours than required when he finally completed the last of his required courses for the degree. Seth finally earned enough credit hours to be awarded his Associates Degree. His parents watched proudly when he walked across the stage and accepted his degree from the Dean of the college. Here his formal education stopped. There was just no way he could afford to go on to obtain his Bachelors Degree. His parent’s income was too large for him to qualify for a grant when his small amount of earnings was considered. He refused to obtain a student loan for the money so he was out of luck. He had some vague plans to return to college at some indefinite date in the future “when he could afford it”.

Seth did have what passed for an acceptable job in his small town. He made $7.50 per hour working in a local factory building chairs. Unfortunately he spent almost all he earned on what many would consider frivolous items. Seth drove an old beat up F150 and lived in a small efficiency apartment over his parent’s garage. He had to purchase his own food and even pay the utilities for his apartment. He had been spending a lot of money on the upkeep of his old truck. Over the last year he had completely rebuilt the entire drive train and installed new brakes and bearings. Most of the remainder of his money seemed to trickle through his fingers through no real fault of his own. Well maybe it was his fault. He seemed incapable of telling Patrice NO when she demanded something from him. And that is what she did. She demanded things from him. It was beneath her to ask for them or for her to work and purchase things she wanted with her own money.

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