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Hii I am Shabaz from Bangalore, about 7 yrs ago I got married with my lovely wife Suhana, talking about Suhana was a Very sexy and beautiful girl, around 5.6 inches tall with a naturally gifted Body any man will die to get, plus she did Yoga daily to keep herself in shape, I was 30 and she was 26 that time, I worked in a good company and had my individual flat in which we lived, our sex life was so good that we use to try new things on a regular basis, she loved to suck my 6 inches circumsized Dick and when I was about to cum she let herself go to tease me.

After few months of marriage I started to fantasize weird things about our Sex life like Threesome, wife sharing but was scared to tell Suhana, but still when we went outside for Dinner or any Party I convinced her to wear Reaveling dresses, Suhana was a Modern lady so she happily wore such dresses and when People use to stare her lustfully I enjoyed very much, in bed I use to convince her to think someone else and our Sex becomes Great by that, now I use to fantasize about bringing another Guy Fuck her while I watch and somehow told her, Suhana became angry and Said,

“are you mad Shabaz, up-to this it’s ok but I can’t do what you are saying, just don’t think of this”

so I never discussed about this with her after that, after few days a couple came to live in our Complex, beside our Flat, a south Indian couple, the Guy Deepak along with his wife Anjali and their two yrs old Son, Deepak coincidently worked in my Company was transferred to our City, He was a Nice Guy and we became friends within a short span of time, Deepak was tall, above 6ft with a inborn Huge Posture and was Dark-skinned, Suhana and Anjali also became friends, we chatted together at night, use to go for Picnic together, one Day after Coming home I saw Suhana in a worried state, so I asked her,

“what happened Darling why are you looking so tensed”
she replied,
“today something happened which I didn’t expected”
“Today I went to Anjali’s flat after you went to office, I felt thirsty and went to the kitchen to drink water, as I was drinking water someone grabbed me from behind, I got scared and saw that it was Deepak, I didn’t scream and told him to leave me politely, but he was so strong he grabbed me hard and kissed me on my lips, I tried to free myself from him but he’s too strong and kissed me for one minute, after that I somehow freed myself and ran from there but Anjali stopped me and asked me to forgive her husband, she also said that it’s Deepak’s weakness that he’s extremely horny and has cheated on her two times

After hearing this I became so excited By the thought that such a Huge guy like Deepak kissed my wife, Suhana asked me,
“are you not angry with Deepak”
“Anjali has already apologized on behalf on him so What can I do”
“o really Shabaz”
That night while having sex I asked her if she likes Deepak, she replied
“what do You want to hear”
“I am just asking you”
“what If I say Yes”
“o really darling that means you also liked when he kissed you”
“I don’t know”

Two days later Anjali went to their homecity with their Son for few days, so I called Deepak to our flat that night for a Drink session, I also convinced Suhana to join us, after one hour I pretended to feel sleepy and told them to continue and went to the bedroom, but after moving from there I hide at the end of our guest room, watching them,
I heared Deepak saying

“I am sorry Suhana for that day”
“It’s Ok don’t let it happen again”
“What can I do you are so beautiful that I couldn’t resist myself”
“It’s OK thank you for the compliment Deepak”
“Seriously I just want to touch your fingers once please”
And he took her fingers and started kissing them
Suhana,”Deepak what are you doing please dont”
“O Suhana I have to kiss you again or I will die”

And he grabbed her again by her waist and kissed her, Suhana tried to freed herself but she was drunked so couldn’t, Deepak was kissing her lips with full force, he was trying to open her lips with his tongue but Suhana was trying her best not to do so, Deepak slowly then started kissing her neck, his style of making love was so good that Suhana was slowly giving in to his Lust, He continued kissing her neck then suddenly kissed her lips again, this time she finally gave in and opened her mouth to allow his tongue inside her, after that Deepak said,

“Suhana my darling tonight I am going to fuck you really hard”

After that he removed her nightie, she was in her Inners,only bra and panty, Deepak lifted her and threw her to the Sofa, I could imagine how strong he was, after that he jumped on her and started kissing her furiously, he kissed her lips, neck and now he was biting her nipples from outside the bra, till that Time Suhana has totally succumbed to his Lust, she was moaning hard as Deepak was pinching and biting her Breasts, after that he removed her bra also and her Huge Breasts were now in his sight, he took one in his hand and starts pressing while sucking the other, Suhana was moaning in pleasure, After 5-10 minutes like this Deepak stood up and removed his Dress and got naked, Now I saw his Dick which was erect, it was almost twice bigger then me and extremely thick, I got scared by thinking that He will fuck my wife with this Monster Dick but I couldn’t stop them as I myself wanted that, till then Deepak has removed her Panty also and now is going to suck her wet Pussy, as soon he touched her pussy with his tongue Suhana moaned,


Deepak got excited by this and started fucking her with his tongue, Suhana’s whole body was shivering in Pleasure and within minutes she have her first orgasm, but Deepak didn’t stopped and continued his work, After 5-6 orgasms Deepak now stopped and got up and positioned his Shaft onto her pussylips, Suhana was now begging,

“Please fuck me, Please”

Deepak teased her for few time than started to insert his Dick while Suhana was moaning in pain and Pleasure, Deepak starts fucking her hard, his strokes were so powerful that her breasts were dancing with his strokes, he was kissing her lips passionately, sucking her breasts while Fucking her hard, Suhana was wrapping him with her legs and was putting her nails on his Back, after 20 min of Furious Fucking Deepak increased his speed and said,

“O my bitch your Pussy is milking my Dick, I am about to Cum”

And with a huge groan he cummed deep inside her Womb, Suhana was moaning in extreme pleasure, after that He layed on her for few minutes, within minutes he was back in form and started fucking her Again, I was totally taken away by his Stamina, that night Deeply fucked my wife total four times, in the morning when Suhana came to the bedroom I pretended to sleep for the whole night, I saw her completely exhausted by the fucking she got, she told that she need some sleep and went to sleep, that was the starting of their Affair, next day She went to his Flat for their next Sex session, I understood She was addicted to his Powerful Fucking, So that night I told her that I knew everything, Suhana was shocked but I told her it’s OK I like to watch her with her lover, she understood my condition and smiled and asked,

“so you want me to continue the affair”
“yes of course, but I want to watch”
She smiled

After someday Anjali returned and she came to know of her husband’s affair with Suhana, she came to me and said to me,

“Thank you so much Shabaz for letting your wife fuck my husband,now he has two women to fuck so he will be in control”

From that day Deepak started to fuck Suhana on a regular basis, sometimes in our house, sometimes in his flat, Suhana slowly stopped having sex with me and told me that she loved me from inside but her Body needs Deepak, I was ok with that bcoz I use to enjoy more jerking by watching her getting fucked by her lover, after few months she got Pregnant by Deepak, and after nine months she gave birth to a beautiful baby Girl, I was so happy, they continued their affair for two more years while making her pregnant once more, this time a boy, with that Deepak became Father of four children, two from his wife and two from Suhana, after two years Deepak got transferred to US and went with his Family, After that Suhana became a loyal wife again, now 7 years have passed and I am happily married with my Beautiful wife and two Children

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