California – The First Night Cuckold

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– The First Night .. I lay awake in bed, unable to sleep, my mind racing and heart pounding. I couldn’t stop thinking about what my was doing, and all the things I was imaging just made the reality worse. My sister-in-law was laying on the far side of the bed from me, both of us naked under the covers, and from her shallow breaths I could tell she was sound asleep. My wife on the other hand was still out back getting fucked by my sister-in-law’s boyfriend. The image of my wife, wantonly swinging her legs up to hook her knees around the arms of the man fucking her was still locked in my head. Her expression had been one of complete lust.

More surprising than hearing my wife cuss, cum, and fuck like a whore was my reaction to it. I was so turned on that my cock was swollen almost painfully, even laying her in bed having cum in my sister-in-law just minutes ago. My mind struggled, I couldn’t tell how much time had passed since coming inside, it could have been minutes it could have been an hour. As I lay there in bed I kept thinking about what I was going to say to my wife when she came in for the night. I was hurt, I was angry, I wanted to scream at her and storm out of the house, I wanted to leave her, but a deep part of me never wanted to lose her. A part of me was excited at what had awoken in my wife, in all the years she and I had been married I’d never seen her so lost in lust as she was tonight… with another man! My heart sank again and I fell back into despair and anger.

I heard the sliding door facing the pool open and close. My wife and Todd had come inside, I could hear their muffled voices through the door, they were both sneaking through the house trying to be quiet. I sat up in bed listening to them moving through the living room and heading back toward the bedrooms. I quickly put on a pair of boxers, suddenly ashamed that my wife might see me naked in the same room as her naked sister. I ran my hand through my hair, trying to compose myself, but as the sounds and Todd and my wife moved closer to the bedrooms I started shaking. My emotions had totally taken control of me, I was having trouble breathing and my thoughts became lost and scattered.

There in the dark I stood shaking, trying to calm myself down, waiting for my wife to come into the dark bedroom. I heard them stop outside the door. Things went quiet for a second and then I heard them kissing. After all that had happened, listening to my wife kiss him goodnight didn’t seem all that bad. The kiss was lasting longer than I had expected, I stepped a little closer to the door, straining to hear better. There was a thump against the wall startling me, it sounded like someone had leaned back against the wall off balance. I could hear them kissing again, my wife moaning softly.

I wasn’t sure what was happening, but they’d been outside the door for a couple minutes and it sounded like the kiss good night was getting heated up. Inside I raged and hurled curses at the door, but I was too stunned and hurt to even move. My wife had just fucked this man for who-knew-how-long outside by the pool where all the neighbors could hear what was happening, and here she was right on the other side of this door doing who-knew-what with him. The sounds intensified, her moaning, the lewd kissing sounds, and the sounds of flesh rubbing against flesh.

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