A wife’s Fantasy About Black Men

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A wife’s Fantasy About Men.. My wife has a lot of fantasy’s and many are about harsh esx with black men!

The following is one of my wife’s favorite and most delicious fantasy’s! Much of this would be a set up as I would have planned most of it out and have gotten these guys together before hand! We would be visiting Atlanta to see her sister and while we were there. I would have seen to it that her fantasy came true!

She would be naked bound and blindfolded and taken by me to this all black bar/tavern in one of the depressed areas of Atlanta Georgia wearing only a coat and 4″ Heels! Once in the bar her coat would be removed a dog collar is placed around her neck and a leash would be attached to it! It would then given to the biggest meanest black man in the place so that he or his other black brothers could do what ever they wanted to her and I mean whatever! (No permanent marks) would be the only no, no!

She is the only white woman in the place, is naked and helpless has no clothes, no money, and no cell phone nor does she have any idea where she is at! The only rule for them is that she must remain naked and bound other than that, he or his friends even several bitches can do what ever perverted thing they want to her!

I go on to tell him her name! So that she can hear every word of the conversation, and that is several of her fantasy’s about wanting to have her pussy sucked and her ass whipped and that she wants to be gang raped by many well endowed black men as possible, lots of them, and to make sure these fantasy’s of hers all come true! I also tell him to make sure an video tape and take pictures of everything especially as each big cock stretches that white pussy of hers! I want to see a close up of her face when those 12″ black cocks and the pubic hair of his, and hers meet!

Then I tell him to give me a call when he/they are done with her giving him my cell number and the hotel I am staying at! It does not matter whether it is later that evening the next morning or after several days with him and his friends as I want to make sure she is well used and that her fantasy is fulfilled! He,this big black man, goes on to say, he might not give her back, and that maybe he just might keep her naked and on the end of a leash as a white slut slave! This comment scares the crap out of her, and is intended to do so!

I the give her a kiss and a loving pat on her bare bottom telling her to have fun! She then says, in a panic that she has changed her mind and starts to beg and plead for me not to leave her there naked and helpless with them!

I go on to tell her sorry dear this is what you wanted and now you has no choice but to go through with it! Besides telling her that I could not stop what ever it is, these black brothers are going to do to you even if they wanted! ..As I am leaving I hear this big black dude say “you are a horny white nympho bitch and we are going to treat you just like a bitch dog in heat! As her forces her down on her knees!

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