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Hi my name is Nadine and this is my story about how I went from a flirt that only had sex with two men to a hot wife slut, taking three cocks at once.

A little about me first, I am 5’4” with 36 DD breasts and a tight ass. My hair is long auburn leaning more to the red, and my eyes are blue. If you wish to see pictures of me then search Nadine, Mature Slut! At 34 years old and 105 pounds I make a very hot package.

My ex-husband wanted me to dress sexy but went into a jealous rage when a man looked at me. When I tried to dress down he would say go change because I looked like a grandma. Talk about mixed messages. When we had sex it was him on top fucking me hard for a minute or less, filling me with cum and that was all there was. I am a natural flirt, and that together with his jealous tantrums destroyed an unsatisfying bad marriage.

My current husband likes me to dress sexy, flirt and show off, nude beaches are welcome. There is no jealousy in him at all. He has taught me how to enjoy several kinds of sex, be it oral, anal, fingers, toys, and more. I never had an orgasm before him and he will not let himself cum until I have had as many orgasms as I need at any time. He has an athletic build, good looking blonde at 5’ 7” with a very hard 7 inch cock.
So how did I become a hot wife slut? Well it all started with me liking men’s attention and being able to flirt freely, and then come home to great sex while telling him all that happened. A few porn movies with one woman and two men stirred my libido causing fantasies of him under me in a 69 position licking my clit with another’s cock pounding my vagina. When I told my husband about them he just smiled and said maybe someday. I took this to mean that this may happen, and was okay with trying to make it a reality.

I started a new job as a staff floor manager and server at a resort very high end restaurant who’s owner and head chef’s name is Guy. This is one very sexy man. He is of slender build not much taller than I am with dark shoulder length hair. He is also a shameless flirt like me. At times I think the staff, were certain I was fucking him. The resort catered to conferences for professionals. I was hit on every night by many horny men who were away from home, and me being who I am I flirted back. Now with Guy there were casual touches, a rub of a cock on my ass as he passed behind me. As a manager I stayed late with him to tally up the day’s receipts and set up the next menu. I always got a good job done hug and a peck on the lips at closing time. I am sure I could often feel an erection in his pants and he could feel my breasts as we hugged goodnight. Horny as hell I headed home to tell hubby about my about my night, and of course it goes without saying great satisfying sex. My husband would listen to my stories and just smile as I told of all the night’s offers of sex. I asked him if he was upset with all these men wanting to have sex with me, he said that all is okay, as I always came home to him, horny and have great sex.

Now my life changing tale of how it all happened. The resort started a business advertising campaign to increase exposure and scheduled a booth at a conference in a nearby city approximately 2 and half hours away. I would never think that I might be the one exposing my charms. Guy asked me to join him at the booth. I told hubby about the trip and he watched as I packed an overnight bag with some very sexy clothes. Guy asked me to dress sexy, knowing that my looks would attract a crowd. I said sure as I like to dress sexy. Well after a day of being propositioned, hit on by about 50 men all with their own hotel rooms I was very wet and horny. If I was still with my ex I would have fucked them all. The day finally ended. We went back to Guy’s room, grabbed a change of traveling clothes and went to the washroom to change out of my sexy wear. I wiped my drenched pussy, and contemplated a quick masturbation session, but heard Guy calling asking what I would like to eat. I then slipped a short summer dress on, my panties were drenched so I did not to put them back on. When I stepped out of the washroom there was my very sexy boss in his briefs with a bulge in front. He asked what I would like to eat and he would order room service. My thoughts would like the answer to be your cock. My answer was that I must head home. We had been at events like this before and I always went home at the end of the day. He looked very sad, and said can’t blame a man for trying.

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