Donna falls for Priya, but things work out for everyone – Part 13

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After dropping Priya off at her house next door, Donna and I showered and crawled into bed, I laid there, wide awake for a while looking at the ceiling. It occurred to me that I had forgotten to remove Jacob’s surveillance camera from the ceiling fan. I glanced up at it as I thought, ‘Oh well, fuck it. I’ll get it tomorrow’. I knew the camera was infrared so, I raised my middle finger to the camera.

Apparently, Donna was lying there awake too and she saw me ‘flying the bird’ at the ceiling. She looked up at the fan and said, “You didn’t remove the camera, did you?” I shook my head.

“Sorry Babe, I totally forgot,” I said. “I’ll get it tomorrow.” She kissed my nipple. I fell asleep staring up at the fan.

I came awake in the night to a vibration on the mattress. At first, I thought maybe Donna was masturbating although I couldn’t image why. She knew I was always available to take care of her carnal needs. Then I realized that the vibrations were short in duration and not a rhythm consistent with masturbation. It was more of a quick shudder than a vibration. The vibration started and stopped again and started and stopped and I knew what it was. Donna was crying as she lay there on her side faced away from me.

I didn’t attempt to comfort her. I laid there silent and listened. I told myself that I had no clue why Donna was sad and crying, but I was lying to myself. I did have a clue.

The next morning, Donna seemed fine. We made love with our usual passion even though Donna seemed distracted at times. She had a huge orgasm and I followed hers with my own a minute or two later. We laid there for a while. She was on her back looking up at the ceiling fan, probably thinking about Jacob watching the recording. I was fondling her breasts which were getting bigger after the titty-fairy paid a visit. They were big enough before but I love big tits. I chuckled to myself with that thought, ‘I love tits in general. Any size and any shape,’ and that thought brought a mental flash of Priya’s torpedo tits, my favorite. A smile formed on my face.

Donna saw the smile and said, “What are you thinking, right now?” I just shook my head and pulled myself over her and kissed her closest nipple.” She giggled and insisted that I answer her question.

I smiled again as the vision of Priya’s tits flashed through my brain. I lied, “I was just thinking about how much bigger your tits will get.” She laughed and cupped her breasts in her palms and jiggled them around. I chuckled and pushed my lips firmly to the closest nipple and Donna groaned from the attack. She would normally have been aroused and insisting on another round but she rolled out of bed and quickly shuffled to the bathroom with her hand shoved between her thighs so she wouldn’t leak cum from her pussy.

I laid back in the bed and reluctantly processed the changes I was noticing in Donna. I dredged up all the odd incidents and my analytical brain attempted to piece together a plausible explanation. In the end I came up with hormones. I had no first-hand experiences with pregnant women and the changes they endure, so I wasn’t completely sure that I had the answer, but I wrote it all off as hormones and that soothed my concerns.

If I looked closely, I could tell there was a baby-bump there. With clothes on even I couldn’t tell. She continued to work nights at the Inn Restaurant, in spite of my badgering her to quit. She said that she enjoyed it and would stop when the baby made it too uncomfortable. I gave up trying to change her mind.

She left every afternoon around 3:30 PM and got home around 10:30 PM. I spent the afternoons preparing for winter by carrying most of the deck chairs and tables to the basement and I had a guy come and pull my boat out for storage before the water in the lake got too low. I lifted the docks with winches until the legs were out of the water. Ice flow would rip them off if I didn’t.

Our wedding was ten days away. I was ready and I assumed that Donna’s preparations were ready too. I hadn’t seen her working on anything lately but she said everything was ready whenever I asked her. She prepared for work that afternoon like always and she came and pushed herself to me and stretched up for a kiss like always and said she should be home at the usual time and she was gone.

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