Donna falls for Priya, but things work out for everyone – Part 13

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Donna’s sobbing morphed into a smile when I laughed. Priya stretched up and kissed me and whispered, “Stay. Love us all like you’ve loved Donna. Like you loved Anna.” That was it for me. I burst out crying and collapsed down the driver’s door and sat on the garage floor with my face buried in my arms and knees. Priya came down with me and cradled my head to her chest. Donna came down to the floor too and did the same. I cried like a baby. I hadn’t cried like that since I had curled up in the corner of my bedroom in much the same position I was in now when my mind finished processing the fact that Anna had died in her sleep, and that was where I was in my mind at that moment.

Donna and Priya were both crying as they held me. Sylvia casually strode into the garage and said, “So, is he staying or leaving? I hope he’s staying because I was really looking forward to fucking his cock down to a nub or least down to a normal size cock.”


Donna pulled her face off mine and looked up at Sylvia and said, “Sylvi. You’re not helping. Go back to Priya’s. We’ve got this.” Sylvia turned in a huff and stomped out of the garage.

There was a time in my life when having one beautiful woman pleading with me to do something would have swayed my decision. Now I had two beautiful women. But there had been a lot of water over the dam since then and I steeled my resolve as I stood up. Before Donna and Priya could get up to renew their objections, I pulled the driver’s door open and got in. I locked the doors and started the car. Priya and Donna were both yanking on the door handles to no affect and were left with no other recourse but to pound on my window with their fists. They were both shrieking at me then. I backed out of the garage leaving them behind.

As I sped up the road, I saw Donna sprint across the road behind me and into the woods. She was heading for her car. I had no sooner made it to the paved roads when I saw her BMW leading a huge cloud of dust behind me. There was no way I was going to outrun her but I knew I didn’t need to. Her poorly thought out plan was to follow me and renew her pleas when I stopped for gas or whatever. She stayed right on my tail for two hundred plus miles before she frantically began flashing her lights and tooting her horn. I kept on going and I watched in the rearview mirror as she pulled off the road into a gas station. Her pursuit was over.

I had no destination in mind. I was just driving as my mind looped through the day’s events over and over again, faster and faster. After a while, I started to analyze my reactions. Was leaving the right way to handle this. Whether it was or it wasn’t; it was my way. It had always been my way. I drove until I couldn’t keep my eyes open and I pulled into a truck stop and slept in the backseat until sunrise. I sat in the diner at the counter totally oblivious to the flirting waitress and drank my coffee as my mind churned. I was a mess…again.

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