Donna falls for Priya, but things work out for everyone – Part 13

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The owner recognized me and came over to our table and said, “Hi Jack. Where have you been? We’ve missed you.” His wife came over, dressed in her waitress uniform and apron and insisted on a hug and kiss and then stepped back with a sultry smile.

She looked me all over and said, “Wow, Jack. You’ve been working out.” I smiled. I was glad to see them. They were good people. We ordered and ate and drove back home and stopped at a fuel-mart to pick up a few things until we got groceries tomorrow.


When we got ready for bed that night, I wondered if the camera in the ceiling fan was still there. I found the circuit breaker for the light and fan and shut it off. Frankie and I showered together and started molesting each other and we got laughing. She laughed easily and she was easy to love. We did get ourselves rinsed and dried off but Frankie pushed me down on the toilet seat and gave me an incredible blow job as she knelt between my knees looking up at me with those big, beautiful emerald green eyes.

She sucked me dry and kept on sucking until I was hard again. Then she led me to bed and pushed me onto my back and climbed up straddling my hips. She dragged her tits across my chest and then pushed each one to my lips. I gently kissed and licked each nipple to a series of moans. Then she reached between her thighs and pulled my cock up and slid her pussy on and pushed down to her depth. With her tits still on my chest, she used her thighs to drive herself up and down my shaft. In this position, she was dragging her clitoris along my shaft as she fucked me.

Frankie groaned hard into an orgasm and when she got control of herself again, she kept going and drove herself into another one. Then she pulled off my cock and crawled past me and grabbed the headboard and said, “Fuck me doggy?” I couldn’t get into position fast enough. She moaned constantly as I drove my cock into her from behind. Just looking down at her incredible ass brought my orgasm out and I ramped up my pace as I poured cum into her. She was screaming hard. She laid the side of her head on the headboard and gasped for oxygen. Her eyes were pinched shut as her lips formed an “O”. Her hips flailed on my cock until I was finished and sat back pulling my softening cock from her.

Frankie didn’t move as she gasped for air. I draped my body over her back and held her trying to get my breath too. After quite a while, Frankie collapsed under me and curled up in a fetal position on my pillow. It took a while before we were breathing normally again and Frankie was fingering my soft cock. She giggled and said, “I love your cute little dick when it’s like this.” After a few moments, she giggled again and said, “I really love it when it’s not like this.”

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