Donna falls for Priya, but things work out for everyone – Part 13

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She didn’t respond to my offer as she climbed in under the covers. She was dressed in her long tee shirt that she’d worn every night since she arrived. My cock went instant hard and I could hear my blood jack-hammering through my ears. I didn’t dare move except to press my cock down to my stomach so it wouldn’t tent the covers and give me away. I wanted so bad to make love to Frankie like that day at the park, but I was terrified that I’d scare her away and if that happened, I was surely doomed.

My heart was booming in my ears as I held my breath so I wouldn’t give my erratic breathing away. I was certain that she could hear my heart pounding. I scooched further away from her to give her plenty of room so she wouldn’t have to touch me unless she wanted to. I prayed that she’d want to.


Frankie was adjusting her position for several moments and then I realized that she was wriggling out of her tee shirt. I heard the sound of the soft material hitting the floor, with an almost inaudible thump. I had to release the air in my lungs. I pulled in another breath and held it again. My senses were alive to Frankie’s movement beside me.

Then I felt her lips fall on my cheek and I turned to face her. I could see her form in the darkness as she’d taken a position on her side on her elbow looking down at me. At first, I thought she was just kissing me good-night, but then she bent down and kissed me on the lips and quickly pulled back. I could see the contour of her bare breasts as she moved one hand up to caress them. I was frozen in place as I watched her fondling her own tits. Then she bent down again and kissed me with passion and I eased the held breath from my lungs and kissed her back.

She whispered, “I can’t stay away any longer. I thought you’d make a move at some point, but I understand why you haven’t. Once burned, twice shy or maybe even, twice burned, three times shy. I love you Jack and I can’t stay away anymore.” She kissed me again and I pulled her over on top of me. She felt my hard-on pressing up against her and she broke her kiss and giggled as she said, “Holy shit Jack. That’s the welcome committee I had hoped for.” She ground her pubic mound on my cock and moaned. Then we were all over each other. I kissed her hard everywhere I could reach and she did the same. I was on fire as my hands roamed up and down from her ass to her shoulders and back again as she rocked her pubis, dry-humping my cock while she held my face in her hands.

Neither of us could find enough air and we gasped over and over again. Frankie lifted her hips and grabbed my throbbing cock and maneuvered it to her sex. I was frantic to help her. I was so aroused that when I finally pushed my glans inside her pussy, I barely got one stroke and I groaned out, “YYUUNNNGG,” as cum exploded up my shaft. I was so embarrassed. This hadn’t happened to me in forever and I was dying that it had happened then. I started to apologize, but Frankie put her finger to my lips and shushed me. She pulled her finger back and kissed me as she lifted her hips and slowly dropped them back down driving her pussy on my still rock-hard cock. She groaned this time.

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