Donna falls for Priya, but things work out for everyone – Part 13

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I drove for three days and finally came to stop in a small town on the banks of a huge lake in South Carolina. I bought a burner phone at a mall and texted the number to Jacob and Eddie with the same instructions to not provide the info to Priya or Donna. I told them that I didn’t know how long I’d be gone. Eddie texted back immediately with a string of question marks. I realized then that he knew nothing about any of this. As far as he knew, he was going to be my best man at my wedding in a week. I texted him back and gave him a short synopsis of the situation and he texted back, ‘I’m sorry, Jack. If you need anything, let me know.’

I rented a small cabin on the shore of the lake and sent the address by text to Jacob so he could forward any mail. I would do it formally through the post office. I spent my wedding day in a drunken stupor and three days after that I received a small overnight envelop from Jacob. Inside was a thumb drive. I plugged it into my new laptop that I had to buy because I’d left mine behind.


The only file on the thumb drive was a video. I thought, ‘Jesus Jacob. I don’t need to see anymore of your three-way girl on girl hot sex recordings from Priya’s bedroom.’ I hit the play button anyway and the black screen changed to Donna lying on my bed in her wedding dress, that I’d never seen. It was beautiful. She was beautiful. She was looking up at the camera and her lips were moving. I found the speaker volume and turned it up to max. She said, “Hello Jack. I hope the camera is still there and I hope Jacob has sent this to you wherever you are. Today was to be our wedding day. I’m wearing this dress, that I had always dreamed of wearing on this day, but I’m marrying Priya instead. It’ll be a simple wedding. Just us and Sylvi and Divi. Since the day I met Priya, I couldn’t resist the attraction. It was like gravity incessantly pulling on me. I wish with all my heart that you were here right now. I pray that you still want to be a part of our baby’s life, but if you can’t, I understand. Priya is as excited about it as I am and we’ll be fine right here in Priya’s house next door. I look every day in hopes that your car is in the driveway. There was a car there one day and I ran to see if it was you but it was just a guy who said he was there to close up the house for the winter. I cried all the way home thinking I may never see you again. I love you Jack. I always will. You’re the best man I’ve ever known. Thanks for everything. Thanks for our baby.” The screen went black and I sat there in silence as tears streamed down my cheeks to fall onto the keyboard of the laptop. I wiped then away with my fingers.

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