Donna falls for Priya, but things work out for everyone – Part 13

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She stopped talking and moved toward me. She pressed herself to me but I couldn’t bring myself to bend down to allow her to kiss me. She stretched up on her toes and kissed me on the chin. I pulled that away from her too. With her face pressed to my chest and her arms around my back, she said, “I’d still love to have it all Jack. You and me and our baby and Sylvia and Priya and probably even Divi. We’ve discussed this amongst us girls but we haven’t talked with Divi. Priya confessed that she has been in love with you all summer but her own hang-ups kept you two apart.” That statement rang true.

I was too hurt to hear and process what she was saying. I pulled away from her and pushed my socks and underwear, that I never wore, into my suitcase. I was on automatic. I closed the suitcase and snapped it shut. Donna was frantic. Again, she said, “I love you Jack. I love the man you are. I love your sense of humor. I love your cock.” I smiled to myself, she was using all the ammo. She continued, “Give it a chance. Please. We could all fit comfortably in my house. It would be tight here or at Priya’s but if that’s what you want, we’ll make it work. Please Jack. I’d hate to lose you. Please. Give me a chance. Give us a chance.”


I was softening a little but I was hurt too badly to just say, ‘What the fuck, let’s give it a go.’ I wanted to hurt her back and when I picked up the suitcase and headed for the garage, she shrieked out, “NO. PLEASE JACK. DON’T GO.” She chased after me to the garage and tried to stop me from opening the rear door all the while pleading with me not to go. I eased her away from the door and put my bag on the backseat. I moved to the driver’s door and she planted herself to block me. I moved her away to the side and reached for the door handle.

Before I could pull the door open, another hand came out of nowhere and rested on mine. I turned to see Priya standing beside me. Donna was screeching, “Priya please make him stop. He can’t go. Not like this. We have to talk this out.”

Priya looked up at me. She must have recognized the resolve on my face as she said, “Jack. I know you’re angry. I understand why. We should have had the conversation that we need to have before you found out this way. I can’t even imagine what kind of pain you’re feeling. When Naveen told me he wanted a divorce, I wasn’t really in love with him anymore so it wasn’t all that big a deal. I know the kind of love you and Donna have had. I know how hard it must have been to love her after Anna. I want you to know that I love you too, and so does Divi.” She stopped talking and smiled as she continued, “Sylvia? Well, she loves your cock but that’s all Sylvia can offer to a relationship.” I couldn’t help it. As stern an image as I wanted to project, I laughed.

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