Donna falls for Priya, but things work out for everyone – Part 13

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I started examining my fingernails. I couldn’t look at her. I was too embarrassed. ‘My soon to be bride ran off with another woman’ explanation, made me sound like a total loser and maybe I was. I just said, “It’s complicated.” She got the message that I didn’t want to talk about it and she stopped her Q&A.

Martina got up to retire to her bedroom. We had no history so she was just listening. She said, “Good-night Jack. It was really a pleasure to meet you.” She emphasized the word ‘meet’ and it sounded more like “meat” than “meet”. She giggled when she saw that I had got it.


Eva used the alone time to ask how long I was going to stay away from the bad situation at home. In the end, she really wanted to know if she could rent my house for a couple weeks next summer if I didn’t go back by then. I laughed and nodded and got up to leave. We kissed at the door and she said, “I’m leaving tomorrow afternoon, after I get Martina started. She’ll be here as long as it takes to straighten this company out. I hope things work out okay at home. I’d love to rent your house but not without you in it.” We kissed and I went home to my sparsely furnished cabin by the lake.

When I got home, I sat out on the patio and listened to the crickets and the waves lapping on the shore. The moon was full and lit up the night. The mosquitos weren’t a problem like at home during the summer. It was still hot here in mid-October. I caught a whiff of the sex I’d had with Eva and Martina. It wasn’t offensive, at least not to me and there was no one anywhere nearby anyway. I smiled to myself when I though of Eva. Her appearance out of the blue was just what I needed to lift my spirits. I thought, “Well, maybe there is a God after all.”

Just as I’d learned ten years ago, in spite of the brief respite with Eva and Martina, I took my despondence with me and it wasn’t any better now than it was when I left. I should have learned from my own history. I fell asleep in the lounge chair and woke with the rising sun in the same position. I stood up and stretched the kinks out of my back and neck.

The wind seemed to blow here a lot during the day but it was always very calm early in the morning and at dusk. I decided to go for a workout in the kayak. I usually went later and then struggled to get home again against the wind. It seemed that the wind was always blowing against me regardless of which direction I was going. I took it as a sign that everything was going against me. I needed a shower and I’d take one when I got back. I changed into my bathing suit and dropped my kayak in the water.

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