Mrs. Smith isn’t what she appears to be.



Bobby swallowed hard as he stood outside the principles
office. He swore he was going to kill Steven if he got
out of this one. It had been Steve’s idea to peep in on
the girls shower, and it had been a pretty good idea
until Ms. Saunders the Gym teacher had caught them.
Correction, him. While he got his chops busted, Steve
had taken off. Saunders gave him the riot act then told
him to see the principle. When she had said that his
heart made a one way trip to his feet.

The new principle of St. Alexander’s High School was
supposed to be a real ball breaker. She had sent Ox
Fulson, the 6’8″ star quarterback out her office crying
once. No one knows what she did but the bottom line was
that no matter what, you did NOT want to get sent to
her office. And yet here he was, at the door of death
with no protection in site.

Bobby raised his hand to knock on the door and
hesitated. If Ox couldn’t handle her, how would he? She
would chew him up and spit him out without even
sweating. Forget this, he thought and was about to turn
and leave when a voice from inside the office said:
“Come in.” Bobby paused a moment then turned the knob.
How did she do that?

The principle’s office was small and somewhat crammed.
A desk sat across from the large double doors and
bookshelves lined dominated the other walls. Bobby
slipped inside, his head hung low. Better take the
penitent sinner approach while he had the chance and
pray she was feeling merciful. The principle looked up
from her paperwork and smiled.

“Ah, Mr. Calloway, do sit down.” Principle Smith
purred, smiling like a cat about to pounce on a mouse.
Bobby seated himself, continuing to look at the ground.
Smith steepled her fingers and glared at him. “I got a
call from Ms Saunders. She says she caught you peeping
in on the girls locker room. Is that correct?

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“Yes ma’am,” he mumbled. Smith shook her head and

“Really, Mr. Calloway. Surely you know better than

“Yes ma’am.”

“I mean, trying to catch girls showering? You’re a
senior, not a freshman. I’d expect a slightly more
mature behavior out of you.”

At the mention of the girls, Bobby felt an erection
flair up. While he didn’t like getting chewed out, in a
way it had been worth it to see Sherry Winslow without
a top. God did she have big tits.

“Mr. Calloway?” Smith said. Bobby jerked his head up,
suddenly realizing she wanted a response.

“Um, yes ma’am.”

Smith stood and walked around in front of him. Bobby
felt his erection stiffen a little more as she did. She
was tall and lithe, with long red hair, firm, shapely
legs and a fine hourglass figure. The white blouse she
wore did little mask the perkiness of her D-cup breasts
and her short black skirt came only to the middle of
her thigh, giving an excellent view of her legs. Bobby
squirmed a little in his seat as she approached trying
to hide his excitement. Smith crossed her arms under
her breasts and glowered at him.

“Mr. Calloway,” she said harshly. “You are a mature
young man and I am shocked and deeply disappointed you
would do such a childish thing.” Bobby tried to keep
eye contact with her, but he kept drifting down to her
breasts. They were beautiful; all full and perky, he
found himself longing to touch them. The principle put
her hands on her desk and continued: “You’re fortunate
those girls didn’t find you themselves or you might
have really been sorry.”

“Yes ma’am, I know.” Bobby stammered and folded his
hands over the bulge in his pants. He couldn’t take his
eyes of her chest. He was surprised to see that every
time she took a breath the button spaces of her blouse
opened a little, giving a brief glimps of the soft
mountains of glory that lay beyond. He was even more
surprised to see she wasn’t wearing a bra. So entranced
was he that he jumped when she thrust her face into his
and locked eyes with him.

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“Mr. Calloway! Have you been listening to a word I’ve
been saying?”

Bobby tried to respond but failed as by leaning forward
she had given him an unobstructed view of her massive
tits. He swallowed hard and tried again.

“I… uh… Yes ma’am,” he stammered. “I’m very sorry
and I promise to never do it again.” Much to his
disappointment, Ms. Smith stood up and sighed.

“I’m afraid sorry is not good enough, Mr. Calloway,”
she said, glaring down with a death stare.

Bobby erection shrank, he was in for it now.

“Something must be done.”

“Yes ma’am…” he mumbled, returning his gaze to the
floor. She arced an eyebrow at him.

“A suitable form of punishment is in order, wouldn’t
you agree?”

Bobby looked up at her with his best puppy-dog eyes.

“I am at your mercy, ma’am,” he said, hoping to make
her laugh a little.

She didn’t though. Instead she did the one thing he
never would have expected. She took a step forward and
sat down on his lap. Her long, slender arms wrapped
about him and she kissed him passionately. Despite his
shock and confusing, his erection came back in full
force. They kissed for a full twenty seconds before she
broke off and smiled at him.

“Glad to hear it,” she purred. “I think I have the
perfect punishment for a dirty little boy like you.”
She kissed him again and moved her hand down between
his legs. Bobby struggled a little and broke the kiss.

“Ms. Smith,” he panted as she rubbed his crotch. “You
shouldn’t… I mean… you’re a…” He could get the
words to come out right. It felt wonderful, but she was
the principal. Albeit a hot principal, but you just
didn’t go around boffing the headmaster of your school.
He tried to struggle away but she held him down and put
a finger to his lips.

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“Shhhh…. Don’t worry about it. Right now all I am
this a hot woman looking for some satisfaction. That’s
all the matters” She kissed him again, this time
longer. Then she pulled back a little and ran her hands
over the swelling of her breasts. Bobby’s eyes nearly
popped out of his skull. They were bigger! This was not
simply her taking a deep breath but they had grown,
going from a full D to about an E-cup. Before her
blouse had covered them completely, now they strained
against the thin fabric, pulling the spaces between the
buttons apart and threatening to burst out at any
second. Ms. Smith traced circles around her nipples and

“Here,” she whispered. “I know you wanted to see
these.” She slowly unbuttoned the blouse, Bobby held
his breath in anticipation. One by one the buttons were
undone and she opened the blouse.

Bobby nearly had a heart attack. They were huge, full
and perky, every man’s dream. She took his hands in
hers and put them on her breasts. Almost instantly she
moaned with pleasure. Any inhibition Bobby had were
lost and he caressed her massive breasts. It was
amazing, even as he touched them now he could feel them
swelling under his hands. Unable to resist he pulled
her close and buried his face in the valley of her
cleavage. She smelt so wonderful and felt so soft. His
mind was no longer his own as kissed and sucked on her
mountain sized tits.

Ms. Smith moaned and sighed as she pulled him closer

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