Freedon given to be naked……crosses limits !!!

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Hello Readers,

My name is Sri. I am going to share an incident of mine which happened during my childhood. I think I was 10-11 year old then. My parents both used to work. So during summer , winter holidays they used to leave me at Bhagirathi aunty’s house. She was mummy’s best friend. Bhagu aunty would have been in the early 40’s then, maybe 43.

So during April-May and even in October, daily mummy used to leave me at Bhagu aunt’s house. In that house Bhagu aunt’s brother also was there. But he used to go to work early and come late. Bhagu aunt was a widow. Her son Vijay used to study in another city. Another member in that house was her sister Shashi.

However during summer holidays another boy Purushottham used to come to Bhagu aunt’s house. We called him Puru. He was a year older to me. I think he was a relative boy of this family. Since it was summer heat Puru used to wear just shorts at home. On seeing my fully clothed, Bhagu aunty used to tell me “Sri…..In this heat why are you wearing that full sleeved shirt,banian and all….Be comfortable…be in your shorts….see Puru”.

So the entire day I and Puru used to be in just shorts….shirtless….we used to play chess,carom….also their backyard was huge and well covered….we used to play cricket, shuttle cock there. Sometimes even Bhagu aunt used to join us during shuttle-cock,carom.

Morning and Evening she used to give bath to Puru. Since Puru was her relative he didn’t have any shame in front of her as he used to remove his shorts and stand naked before her. In fact, one evening Bhagu aunt told me “Putta…remove your shorts and join in…I will give bath to both of you”.

When I showed shyness in removing my shorts she told “Ayyo….you are feeling shy….come on putta, I am like your mother….”. Even Puru told me “Come on….remove your shorts”. But I was so shy that I was saying “no…no…don’t want”. Seeing time getting wasted Bhagu aunt suddenly came from behind me and pulled down my shorts and made me naked. Quickly I covered my cock….feeling ashamed….but Bhagu put her hand on my head and told “come on,son….dont feel shy…be comfortable”. Slowly I uncovered my hand from over my cock and stood naked before her. Initially I was shy but as a couple of days passed my shame disappeared. As soon as she called us for bath both me and Puru used to throw aside our shorts and stand naked in front of aunt.

For me getting bath from Bhagu aunt was pleasurable. Aunty’s hands moving all over my naked body….my hands,shoulders,neck,waist….in fact when her hands moved over my stomach, thighs there were many times when her hands went over my cock. Really felt happy about the fact that an aunt’s hands over my cock. Another advantage is when she was bathing us many a times her pallu used to slip and slide down. Since she was wearing a loose blouse we used to get her mammoth cleavage view. Also we used to observe how her balls used to shake from within her blouse when she was vigorously washing us. Also there were times when her breasts used to bulge and give us a view of her aerola peeking out. With water splashing on her as well….her blouse got wet…some water spilled on her cleavage….Wet breasts….ooohhh…As expected our cocks used to slowly erect. Surprisingly she ignored the erection. Maybe she thought it was natural and also didn’t want to embarrass us.

However a thorn in the flesh was that Shashi aunty. On seeing us both naked she used to scold us “Chee….Chee..arent you boys ashamed to be naked like this”

Bhagu aunt used to say to her “Its ok Shashi….they are still children”

Shashi aunt used to hit back “Children? Akka…these are grown up boys”

Also sometimes on seeing Bhagu aunt’s exposed breasts she used to say “Akka…What is this? Your mimmi’s have come out…these are grown up boys. Cover yourself properly”. But Bhagu aunt cared a damn about her exposure. I don’t understand whether she was careless in this regard or whether she was an exhibitionist.

After bath we did use to wear shorts. But after Shashi left for work…..again we used to silently remove our shorts, get naked and play…..Bhagu aunt used to encourage us as we used to be naked full day. In fact when Bhagu aunt used to wash utensils,clothes purposely we used to be with her. Because while bending and washing we used to get nice breast view of aunty. In the evenings we both used to play naked in the backyard – cricket, shuttle,football. Totally, from morning till evening we both used to be naked in the house either playing indoor games or playing in backyard or watching TV or hovering around a breast exposing Bhagu aunt.

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