Indian Hotwife Sona Cuckolds Hubby

I am Sona, 30 year old married woman from Bombay, India. My height is 5 feet 1 inch, little dusky , ,buxom with 34-28 -36 figure. My thin Jeweler hubby is 5 feet and 6 inches. We are married from 7 years.

We don’t have any kid as my hubby has some sperm problem. After marriage I realized that my hubby is not good at sex. He has a tiny limp cock… which cannot even erect properly and looks as if it is a kid’s tool. Jokingly, I call it a useless cock.

He knew that he can not satisfy me and felt guilty, so to please me, he started to lick my cunt before entering his limp cock inside my pussy. Frankly, I never had had an orgasm with his tiny cock. He almost daily showed me various kind of porn on laptop. We liked femdome videos a lot. I started to dominate him like those xxx videos.


Slowly, Prem became more like a sex slave for me. He used to worship my big ass & fat cunt. He also developed a taste of licking my asshole, rectum too. I often sat on his face and rubbed my cunt all over his mouth and chest.

After sometime he realized that I need more than just pussy licks to satisfy my sex hunger. I often got irritated and started abusing him while he licked me, like “you are worthless, useless dog, I need a real man’s cock instead of your tongue to fuck my slutty unused cunt”. Some time I stopped him to even lick me and punished him to deny the sex for several days.

He introduced me to yahoo chat and encouraged to do sex chats with strangers, so I can get sexier and hornier and let him lick my cunt and my big ass more often.

Reluctantly I made a sexy ID-Sultrysona and started to chat with strangers. Initially I was not comfortable but slowly I got addicted to it.

I met many men there on Yahoo Messenger. I used to enjoy chatting with mature, well built rich men and also enjoyed watching their big lunds (Cocks) so often. I made many chat friends, mostly with mature muscular men with well built bodies and big cocks. Specially those who talked rough and dirty in Hindi. Some of them used to share porn pics and videos, with me and my hubby Prem.

My hubby was happy to see me act like a slut. I also enjoyed to show my juicy figure to few selected mature males whom I liked. I squeezed my big boobs and played with my puffy cunt on cam for those big cock mature guys. I let Prem lick more while I chatted and watched other men.

One night, While chatting, I met a Dubai businessman Samir Khan, 46 year old. He was basically from India but settled there. We chatted for two hours that night. He talked so dirty and made my cunt to drip so soon. He showed himself on cam. He was staying at some rich 5 star hotel suite. When he got nude I was amazed. He had a sculpted figure with a very handsome and big cock. I fell in love with his manly figure and his huge lund ( Cock). First time I wished to worship a dick.

I was also eager to impress him. When I showed my figure and cunt on cam, he told as many guys told me in past that My figure resembles Rani Mukerji (an Indian celeb)and I look Like Madhuri Dikshit. He liked me a lot and we began to chat more often.

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I frequently showed my figure on cam to him and he reciprocated. We masturbated to see each other, even Prem enjoyed a lot and cum many times to see us. He also become a good friend with him.

We exchanged our phone numbers too. We did sex chat on phone in nights and role played frequently. His voice was rough and dominating and made the role plays sexier and more realistic. He sometime abused when I was in heat -like- “Slut!One day I will make you my whore.I will deflower your big tight pussy ,bitch!”

Surprisingly , I used to like it.

He loved my cunt so much and called it with many names like sandwich, camel toe, puffy, cushion cunt. He pampered me a lot like… I have best boobs and greatest round ass in the whole world and he would do anything to fuck my sexiest lips. I liked such praises a lot. He made me to think and feel like a queen and a slut as well. He told me that he wants to meet me at any cost and will surely make me his personal slut and if my hubby does not mind, he would like to impregnate me. Prem told me to tell Samir that he would like to see my big swollen cunt get fucked by his big animal cock.

He started to send me cuckold vids. I found those vids very dirty but erotic as well .I never got such arousal before .I began to like it a lot, of course Prem did too. We also role played like those cuckold sessions vids on chat and phone.I used to have great orgasm while we all three role played and got involved in virtual adultery.

He was so rich and soon he impressed me further to give gifts via online shopping portals. He mostly sent sexy dresses and sex toys. Once he send a big dildo and told me to imagine that it’s his lund as it was very similar to his cock in length and width.

I started to fuck myself with that dildo often. Sometime I told Prem to hold the dildo in his hand and insert it in my cunt and fuck it, then I closed my eyes and fantasized that Khan is fucking me. Prem said that it would be so erotic to see me get fucked by a real big cock like that dildo… I told him that it is just like Khan’s big cock.

I told Prem that I used to dream that Khan is fucking me mercilessly like whore in front of him. Later, Prem told khan about my fantasy .

I often rubbed my cunt and came to orgasm imagining such scenes in late night while Prem slept. Perhaps I wanted to get fucked by him badly.

Khan was also very eager to fuck me. In fact he traveled Bombay so often and always asked to meet. But such thing was risky in real so I never responded seriously. After he insisted so long… I decided to meet him in a restaurant in Bandra at dinner with my hubby Prem.

I was bit nervous, Prem too I guessed. I wore a sky color saree and low cut sleeveless blouse. Prem told that I was looking too sexy.

When we entered the restaurant I saw a mature sexy man waving his hand to us. I said-“Prem! There he is.”

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Khan was a hunk and looked sexier in real. He greeted us and told that I look damn sexy and not more than 25 years old.

Khan said,”Frankly luscious Sona! I though that sexy filmstar Madhuri Dixit has entered in the restaurant.”

I giggled.

He was staring at me the whole time while we chatted. I felt like he wanted to fuck me then and there. He gifted me a diamond ring on our first meet.

He told us that on our anniversary, he will give us two return tickets and 4 days stay at Armani at Burj Khalifa if we are serious and wish to take the relationship further. He said-“It will also spice up your married boring life.”

I told that me and Prem will talk with each other and confirm later.

He told-“I understand it as it would be your first sex adventure outside marriage. Take your time! But I want you badly Sona! I would like to do anything to fuck you.I want to make you my slut!”

I liked his confidence and his hunger for me. My cunt started to itch.

After some time, we decided to meet him and soon planned for a vacation on our anniversary.

In cold of 25 th December 2013 we flew to Dubai. I never ever had sex with any other man except Prem, my hubby. I was wondering how it would be to get laid with other man in front of Prem. I was bit nervous. But Prem comforted me and said that all will be sexiting and okay.

Soon… We were there and as expected he received us at airport and took us to the Hotel. Wow…!! Burj was too awesome…glamorous .. we were mesmerized when we entered its premises. It was just like it’s reputation …Grand!!!

Our suite was booked in Armani (Hotel)on 39th floor. I could see the flash, and dash of the town from there. Ohhh, it was an amazing suite with a big royal bed. Everything was so elegant, perfect.

He told us to relax and excused himself and went for some official meet which was going on the same floor of the hotel.

At 7. 30 in evening, he came back to the suite and took us to the restaurant, where we enjoyed great beef less Emirati_cuisine. we also wandered the city a bit and returned to the Burj (Armani Hotel)little late.

At 10. 45 PM, We entered our suite again. To my surprise, Khan offered us an Ecstacy tablets (Drug for getting high) as khan knew that we sometime take that tablet to feel relaxed and high . He promised in our chats that he would also try it with us when we meet. I never thought he was serious about it. All three of us took a tablet each.

After some casual chat he took out a shining red color cloth wrapped box which looked so elegant. He told me that this box is a present to us on our anniversary. I tried to open it but he naughtily stopped me.

I began to feel little high now after the Ecstasy dose… I smiled and yelled -“hey guys! It’s show time.Lets have fun!!”

Khan winked to Prem and as we role played in past in our chats,… we started our night… as planned.

Khan put some soothing sexy music of Kylie Minougue as he knew she was my favorite. ” I can’t get you outta my head..” was making the night more ecstatic.

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I went to the bath. Prem followed me with that red box which Khan gifted. I curiously asked -“what is inside the box Prem!”

He said-“Khan told if you want to see this be nude and remove your old jewelries.”

Hmmmmmm. I smiled and told Prem-“Help me!”

He started to undress me… and removed my jewelries too as Khan instructed.

I was being impatient.

I removed the cover of the box in a haste. When I opened the box, I was awestruck. There were some beautiful, very expensive golden and diamond jewelries of De Beers.

I did not know Khan wanted to impress me that much.

“Prem… you see how much he likes me “-I said.

He was also surprised to see such expensive gifts from khan.

I was over the moon to get those jewels. I wanted do anything for him now. I wanted him to own me, my body, my cunt.

I was only in my red thong. I said- “Prem, remove this too I need a shave there.”

He obeyed.

I glared my nude, faint dusky, luscious body… and thanked God for blessing me with such voluptuous figure who attracted a man like khan. I sat on the commode, smiled, and ordered Prem-“Clean my cunt bush and prepare me well for Khan!”

I do Yoga often so I have a flat tummy but I look voluptuous,buxom. I have 34 D tits and very big round ass.

Prem started foaming the small grown hair on my puffy soft cunt and started to shave it.

I moaned-“Ah Prem!I am feeling so good today. I am really thrilled that Khan’s big circumcised cock will enter my cunt tonight. Aaj mujhe wo tumahare samne chodega. you really want him to fuck me, no?”-I asked

He continued to foam & massage my cunt and said-“Come on Sona! I am proud of you. Lots of rich classy men want to fuck you. Khan is very lucky that you chose him. He is dyeing to fuck my hot wife’s sexiest cunt… it is an strange feeling. I badly want to see him ramming your big cunt on that big bed. I know you will make him a slave too to cast your magic spell.”

I took his face in my hands and kissed him.

“you are so loving Prem!” -I said and kissed his cheeks. “Khan is as hungry for sex as I am. He is a perfect bull for me, a bastard chodu, a fucker,… and I liked him for his animal instinct. I want to be his sex slave. I want that circumcised big cock to dominate my cunt.I want to get fucked like dirty whore!”

He smiled and said-“Sona! I always knew that you are made to get fucked like whore. God has given you a perfect hot body, a great ass, a juicy fat cunt for whom any man will die. You are too much for me… you need at least two men at once or a big wild bull like Khan to fuck rough and long to satisfy your ever hungry cunt.”

I smiled and asked-“What if he impregnates me.?”

He said-“You decide my queen.”

I laughed.

Prem finished his work & said –

“Touch your pussy and feel now.”

I touched and felt my cunt. He did a great job.It was silken smooth. Prem kissed it all over and said-‘This is the most precious jewel I have ever had. ‘

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