Dad’s friend : My love

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Hello friends , nothing seems to be a fantasy or dream if you love it and so ,a men of 37 years is just like my lover and to be true i love him now,so as our physical affairs starts with his forced sex and than it turns into my desires,now i am not thinking about his age or his friendship with my dad but as our meets are turning hot and memorable,i am in love with him and so the festival of love is on card as next week,valentine day will happen and so i have planned to propose him of my love instead of our physical affairs also.

Dipaali ,a 18 years gal is sexy,height of 5’7 feet with slim figure as my sexy ass and lovely tits are my great assets,i am still a virgin my dad’s friend Hitesh is a matured men with his maritial life as he have a son and daugther also but our illicit relationship will be at peak in a month,i have never thought as valentine day is approaching,i am thinking how to make it memorable as i am emotionally attached to a men of my dad’s as V DAY is after a day,i walked to nearby market in the evening and there i frisked inside a gift shop as i am looking for something special and lastly,i picked up a cute boy doll as i asked staff to pack it and now thinking of it’s as mom or dad can ask me about i moved towards a park and than called hitesh,he received my call………….

”Hi baby,how are you ?
[dipaali]fine ,i want to meet you as special day is on card
[hitesh]yes i know it darling,so i have planned some thing for a day
[dipaali]oh let me know dear
[hitesh]no ,just tell the time and place from where i will pick you
[dipaali]place and time will be same.”

And than i am in my home,so night passed as i have thought to put a dress in my school bag as school dress have made me bit shy every where and lookers are also suspicious on me with as i arranged my bag in the night,i put a purple baby doll lingerie set inside as i know hitesh will enjoy with me indoors and so next morning,as i have took my bath and breakfast on time,my heartbeats are rising as meets with him have always made me i walked out of my home with my school bag having less books and copy rather than dress and gift inside,hired an autorickshaw today for civil lines as after 10 minutes,my mobile starts ringing………

”hi,wait for just 5 minutes .”and than autorickshaw stops near that coffee shop as hitesh uncle is waiting for me,so i left auto and than walked to him…………..”on valentine day ,school bag is not important
[dipaali]i know it hitesh.”and than we both are inside car as i put my bag on back seat,now he drove the car as i am sitting on front seat,so as car is moving towards different direction today,i asked him…………..

”hitesh ,now please explain your plan
[hitesh]we are going to farmhouse as it’s near delhi haryana border
[dipaali]oh means you have planned to enjoy again.”

And he is bit shy with my bold statement and lastly,it’s 10:25 as his car drove inside a farmhouse,it’s in nazafgarh and as both left the car,a lady with her hubby came to us,seems to be caretaker of farmhouse and hitesh talked to them for a we both walked inside farmhouse,as after terrace there is a main door and as i moved inside,a dinning hall looks well decorated with sofa set as well as refrigerator in the corner and i can see two attached bedrooms to it with a kitchen also,a nice place for hitesh sits with me on sofa and there lady came inside as she walked towards kitchen and than took out glasses as well as bottle of wine and soda from refrigerator ,so she put it on table and i am bit shy as she can guess our days affair here,but who cares and than she walked away as hitesh instructed him………….

”prepare meals for us in your kitchen and don’t disturb till i ask you to be here.”so she left the dinning space and hitesh walked to door as he locked it.
He walked to me as he starts removing his jeans and as i opened my school bag,i took out gift packet for him and hitesh have removed his clothes,so wearing a briefs as well as vest only,he sits closer to me and than asked me………

”close your eyes baby
[i closed my eyes]oh what’s in my hand?
[uncle]open your eyes and see it.”as i opened my eyes to see a red small packet in my hand,i opened it and than my eyes stuck on a diamond ring ,so i took it out and he hold me in his arms as he kissed me…………….

”happy valentine,my love
[dipaali pushed him back]so it’s your gift hitesh.”and he took gift packet from me as he put it on i put packet of ring also,now both are kissing eachother as he is kissing my lips and now i pushed him back…………..”just wait,have to change my dress.”and i walked inside bedroom with my bag as i removed my school dress in hurry and than i frisked inside washroom,so after refreshment ,i put my purple coloured baby doll gawn on my sexy body as my white brassier and panty is on bed,but gawn have transparent panty as well as brassier attached to i put my gawn and walked towards dinning hall,my sexy body is well visible as my boobs and vagina have double covers on it but gawn have made me too sexy and hot,so as i stand near uncle hitesh,he looks me from top to low and than…………..

”you are too hot my valentine,my love
[dipaali]sure,so come here.”and he stands infront of me as i hold him in my arms and put my lips on his lips,kissed it hard and his hand is on my back………….”it’s my love,only love hitesh,don’t want to be in physical relationship only
[hitesh kissed my lips as he is surprised with my statement]so what sexy baby,just explain
[dipaali]nothing to say,just do it but want to be yours for whole life.”and i know he will be shocked with it as my hand is on his ass and his hand have vanished in my gawn,so my soft boobs is pressing hard his chest and now both sits on drinks are in process as i started drinking wine while smoking cigarette and it’s my mind who wants to know the truth inherent in his heart for me……..he is enjoying my sexy body or he is also in love with me…………so as drinks is going on,i put my hand on his bulge of penis as it’s hard and erected,so hold it on brief and started pressing hard,he is holding my boobs on gawn as its well covered in two layers,so he is pressing my breast hard as my hand is feeling his my uncovered sexy body as gawn is transparent as well as it’s upto inner thighs only is getting his gentle care with his hand but as our first drinks finished,i pulled down his undies to legs and his cock is like a slamming flag as i hold it hard an started jerking it,so hitesh took me on his lap as my face is straight towards wall and his hand is pressing my left tits as his other hand have started moving on my glory hole,he is rubbing his finger on attached panty and than i removed its laces,so panty is removed and his hand is pressing my breast hard as his long finger slides inside my cunt and he is fingering it fast as my back is rubbing his front body,he is kissing my neck and as i turned my face ,he is putting his lips on my face and our sexual affairs have just started,as its a valentine day and i have proposed him for marriage also,don’t laugh its my love as well as emotion with him and his finger is screwing my cunt sexy voice…….

”oh uh um hitesh today i will lose my virginity with you ,just make me your wife and than it will be our first intercourse session.”and as he is fingering hard my vagina with his hand squeezing my boobs hard,i can feel my vagina in fire and now i left his i stand infront of him as looking at him,i put my one leg on sofa and gawn is of no use,if you see it for cover and than i opened it’s laces as i took it out,so my hot body is nude and looking at me,hitesh took the glass having little wine in it an as i inched closer to him with my legs stretched,he put wine on my vagina and now started licking it wildely,i know his sexual capabilities as i love a guy or men who can love me for hours either gives me pleasure in oral sex or fuck,but my hymns are still intact,so as i put my fingers on labias to widend its hole,he is rolling his tongue fast and my ahn ahve hold his hairs as i am screaming in joy………

”oh yes,can’t be your sex slave only,love me like your sexy wife and fuck me today.”and his hand is measuring the diameter of my buttocks as his tongue is fucking my cunt,so as vagina is in fire,i asked him…………

”oh dear now suck my vagina and taste my cum and if you will suck it for more,i will love to pee in your mouth.”and his hot face become reddish as he took my vagina and started sucking it wildely ,later on vaginal fluids is in his mouth and i am bit i sits on sofa as he started pouring wine with soda in glasses,looking at me,he said………….

”dipaali,our affair is for pleasure and i think our age is not of marriage
[dipaali holding his cock]have your penis got expiry date hitesh,so marriage don’t need same age but it’s your love for me only in physical form,so you have rejected my proposal
[drinks are in process]as you think but if we will marry,my familiar relationship will die and so you will called a slut for marrying a men of your’s dad age.”and as i am drinking wine,i lit a cigaretee and started smoking ,so got the reply as it’s clear that he is a hungry wolf need my sexy body only but dipaali have too many options as my classmates are also following me,,so this will my last sexual session with him with no fuck my hand is busy with glass and smoking and hitesh is pressing my breast as he is massaging it hard,do it as you want but will have to masturbate while thinking about me he hold the cigaratee ,as i started masturbating his cock and now as my drink is near to last,i knelt infront of his legs,looking at him,i hold his cock as i drops wine on it and now my tongue is rolling on it as he is drinking wine,now i took his glans in my mouth as i started sucking it and hitesh hold my breast as he is pressing it hard,so i opened my whole mouth and swallows his whole penis,its 8-9 inches long as its 3 inches thick,so as my mouth is full of cock,i started moving my face up and down to suck it and he is massaging my breast as he is shouting………….

”oh ah uh baby suck suck,today will be a great day as i will fuck your auspicious vagina and you will lose your virginity”its a bold move as i have put my mind on hold to give him my valuable vagina for fuck,no way ,i have to resist and as i am sucking his penis hard and fast ,he is screaming in pleasure……”oh uh you bitch suck suck make my cock cum but i will make it erect and fuck you soon.”,so as my mouth left his wet cock,i started licking it and later on,i walked towards washroom to urinate but i am bit scared,if he will fuck me forcibly than who will help me,no one will be here,so thinking of something to prevent my vagina getting fucked.

I came back as hitesh stand and we two nude lovers walked to bedroom as we are on bed,he pushed the door of room as i slept on bed with my legs crossed and as i hold my breast,he leaned his face on it and i put my boobs in his mouth as he is sucking it hard,i hold his penis as i am jerking it fast,so valentine day have made me a dirty whore as he is not in love with me,so being physical with a men of dad’s age just for pleasure is not good for my as he is sucking my breast,my hand is jerking his cock and i am screaming……….”uh oh suck hard suck”and he than took my other breast as he is sucking it and than he walked towards washroom as i slowely moved out of bedroom to dinning hall an there i frisked inside washroom as i have locked the door,so bit afraid of getting fucked,i am nude under cascade as i started having bath,so my hot body can calm soon and after a while,i can hear…………

”dipaali ,oh baby where are you,come out.”and he is now knocking the door of washroom as he shouted…….”are you inside
[dipaali]yes having bath,wait outside
[hitesh]oh you have enjoyed it with me inside bedroom’s washroom.”and now as my body is wet,i started putting gels on my body and after 10 minutes of bath,i walked out as i have put a bath towel on my chest,so he is sitting in dinning space and now i walked to him,sits beside him on sofa…………..

”oh baby,enjoy my fuck first than
[dipaali]not today hitesh,we will do it next week.”

And than we are in bedroom as he slept and now i sits near his waist and he have not thought of my futures plan as i don’t want to give him my vagina and so,i started sucking his penis hard and he hold my hairs as he is fucking me from below with his long penis,his hot cock is fucking my mouth and after 3-4 minutes of my mouth fuck,he shouted………….”oh baby,drink drink my cum,it’s cumming.”and his penis poured cum in my mouth as i have it and than licked his our valentine day happens in a romantic way.

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