Fingered a girl in the movie theatre

My name is Varun (pseudo name) I don’t want to use real names in my story because i still do respect her and it’s my responsibility to protect her identity.

Okay lets get into the story
This incident happend when I was in my college

I’m a nice handsome 5’10 21 years old guy and her name is Rita we met at a dating platform and started to meet outside and within in few meetings we started to like each other.

College was given a weekday holiday after exams and I went to my home and i missed her a lot and I want to go back to Hyderabad quickly and spent time with her.

So we decided to go a movie after coming back to college
Like planned
we went for a movie it was all good
She was in a red top and tight black jeans and her curves in those dress blown my mind the movie started and after 20 min suddenly there was a scene in the movie where hero is trying to intimate the heroine and that was so intense I don’t know what happened to me that made me so horny and I want to nail her to the wall and fuck her so hard but I just want to start it slow so I just hold her hands first it’s a sign we used to have when i want to kiss her she understands it and she starting leaning towards me idk what’s her super power she got some special aroma which makes me to get into action so started to kiss on her forehead and chicks continuously she is blushing and she is so happy that I’m back and then I started to kiss on her lips woooww her lips were so sooooft and then slowly I started to move my hands from neck towards her breasts her breasts so huge and I love holding big breasts I started kissing her neck and started rubbing her nipples she started moaning in a low voice to rub more and started to rub more and she is out of control and she hold my dick and asking me to let her hand in so that she can hold my dick I never seen her like that before may thats because of the gap we have because of holidays and I was okay with it but that made me soo soo horny and I started to rub her thighs and slowly we opened our zips parrelley and for our god sake we went for old flop movie and they also provided some blankets for the recliener so we were good to go

After we parallely opened ours zips I can sense her hot panty and I started to massage her vagina and which made her so horny and she wants me to put her fingers into her vagina and meanwhile she started playing with my toy she is squeezing it and she changing her frequency while masturbating that was a ride to heaven and I am fingering her this we went for 10 minutes and I’m about to cum so I told her to stop but she want to feel that warm liquid coming out my dick so I let her finish it and cleaned her hands with the tissues and we kissed each other and continue ld watching flims

Please let me know your feedback and if you girls want to ping me for any kind of fanatises you want to fulfill you can contact me at [email protected]

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