Mother is sex god

Hey guys i m back. Sorry to keep you waiting but i needed some time off to write this special episode .
So if you don’t remember the last parts
Plz go and read them
Mother is kissing god part1,2,3
To get extra cum out of your dick

As you know i wanted to kiss my mom as i have never kissed anyone in life before. Last time when i got the warmth of her lips
From that time i ws just dying and my urges for kissing her was my lifes main goal and i just want to feel her really bad.
So now a sudden change happened one day. Now my dad left the job and we have to shift back to our old house because the apartment we were living was of the company in which dad worked.
So now i was back at the old house in which we used to live. And i was happy because i had my urge relaxers (peepholes) in that house to relax me i used to watch my mom bathing through them.
So my father had left the job and used to go work at some different cities. One day he was not at home
At that time i was in 11th class
And summer was going on at night what happened we set up the mosquito net and my mom and sister went to sleep and i was kind of late night sleeper and was watching tv. So then my eyes fall on my mom boobs and her lips i thought how hot and beautiful she is and no one will leave a chance to make love with her.


My mom is a very religious women
And i have never seen her being romantic with my father or nver knew how mush of a sex bomb she could be. My mom was a teacher so she sometimes became very tired and used to sleep early and and in very deep sleep. So now i thought i should also sleep its veen very late i turned tv off and layed on bed next to her she was inside the net and i was outside as mosquito net was was not big enough to cover whole bed. I switched the light off and was not able to sleep and afyer some time some light was coming from outside and my eyes got stuck to moms lips was thinking that last time ihad feel of her breasts and i want something today also .

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Have you seen a seen when hero removes the ghunghat and make love to her wife. In same way i removed the mosquito net 😆and first smelled her lips . At that time i was in heaven she had her lipstick on her lips and was bot removed and the smell of lavender was a turn on for me. Her lips were bit shiny . That day i prayed to god and asked him to give me courage to try thid act of pure love with all my feelings. First i confirmed that she eas in deep sleep by touching her lips with my fingers and pressing her boobs then i thought last i made a mistake and had gone to kiss ger directly with my raw lips. This time i tried to lick her lip with my tongue first. I slowly move my mouth towards her mouth and was so feared to try , i knew that i had to do it in a flash so that she doesn’t wakes up . And it happened i licked her lower lip and there was no reaction . Then i thought now i will try to lick with mu full power with close eyes and will not fear the outcome i slowly landed my tip of tongue on her lower lip and and taste of her lips with lavender was like the top most feeling in world so tasty and so soft like you just want to suck all nectar out of it. i was in heaven you know , my heart was pumping so

fast i can’t tell. I was licking her lips and counted till 30 nd there was no reaction now my dick changed position with my mind and now inwas thinking with power of my dick and thought now i will go for Lip to lip kiss. Till then what i got to know that women are not awaken if you touuch their lips with somthimg soft and with little moisture or little with juicy and know i licled my own lios to make them soft and bit moisture to feel soft to land on moms lips and i tried my life first kiss on mom and touched my lips with her lower lip
Oh man my heart was out of my body I was looking in moms eyes and was lio locked to her and was in same position for 30 secs

This special episode will be continuing in next part stay tuned

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