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Hi readers its sai I’m going to continue my story with my neighbor, and her friend. 30 minutes later, divya friend came to her home, by the time we had dinner, i was in her room. Neighbour friend sexual desire

Divya introduced to her friend to me, her name was ramya(name changed), she stood 5.7 feet tall, with a lean body type, and a medium complexion. We shaked hands, i saw divya and nodded my head. Divya understood, and she told ramya about their masturbation. Ramya was shy, to share their experience. I said her to be free, cause itrs common to do such things at this age, and said her that its going to be between 3 of us. Ramya was wearing a black jeans and a sleeveless top, her hands were lean.


Divya started to seduce ramya, in front of me. I was only wearing shorts, divya made ramya stand and pressed her boobs, massaging her, pussy over her jeans. I was aroused and my cock made a stand inside my shorts, ramya was turning on, she noticed my boner and bit her lips i stood up and went to ramya and pressed her boobs, damn wat a size it was, i removed her sleeve less top she stood topless, she was not wearing bra, wow, her boobs was 36, damn.

Though she is lean, she is possessed with quite a big boobs. It stood firm, she had a atlethic body just like me, she was well toned, with biceps, shoulders, abs, abdomen part, we both smooched passionately, she was caressing my toned chest and abs, and moved to my cock, “wow you are nice sai, i want it inside me” ramya said. She winked her eyes and took a deep breath and bend down to my hard cock. she kissed over my shorts and pressed it gently. “hhaaaa..yyyaaaa…mmmm” i moaned, she slowly removed my shorts and saw my boner. “wow man, you are sexy” ramya said and slowly took my beautiful cock inside her small mouth. Meanwhile divya sat opposite to us and watched. Ramya pushed me on the bed and licked my shaft with her long tongue. damn it was beautiful. She licked it thoroughly for 5 minutes and lubricated my cock. I sat back and removed her jeans, she was toned with her thigh and leg part, she was lean and well toned. She wore a green color panty, i kissed on her panty, “mmmm…hhhaaa….sexy” she moaned, i put her on bed and removed her panty with my mouth. She smiled, her pussy was very beautiful, i kissed on the clit and inserted my tongue inside her hole, her insides was visible. I sucked her vagina for 5 minutes. I put her in cowgirl posture and she slowly took my boner inside her toned pussy. It went easily, maybe she already had slept with someone. I started giving her pleasurable strokes, she was enjoying it.

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Divya was fingering her pussy and watching us. “, aahhhhhh….mmmm..uuuhhh” she moaned. i was stroking her, comfortably. after 10 minutes we changed to doggy style. She looked like a real pornstar, “sai bang me hard please, i want you full deep inside” she said. I obeyed to her and increased my speed, i was hitting her insides, wow it was so free inside her pussy, my cock was making her pussy drilled, I made her ass more up and throbbed her hard, by sitting posture. “what a view guys” divya exclaimed. I winked my eyes.

Ramya was banged continously for 10 minutes, “aahhh..yyyaa..uuuhhh..mmm…oohhh..ffuuucckk..sai” she was singing her moans, she squirted on my chest a little, i tasted a bit of her juices, She made me sleep and tasted her own love juice over my chest. ramya said”sai you are well toned, and fantastic”…we were paused for a seconds. We kissed again very softly, i lifted ramya up and stood on the bed and throbbed her sexy pussy. She was a feather weight hence i could easily lift her. “oohhh..fuck..sai..come on…mm..uuhh…ss…oohhh…fuuckkk…yess..yess..aahhhh” she was moaning which made me hard, i throbbed her to the core of her pussy. I sucked her boobs and biting her nipples…”aahh…you are nottie…” she said and kissed me, we were deep into kissing and by this time, ramya’s pussy was real hot now. I put her on bed and fucked her in missionary position. “aahhh…ramya…you are…a perfect figure tonight..mmm” i exclaimed. Divya had already squirted couple of times. I unleashed my thick sperms over her boobs,”aaahhh…yyaaa…sai…your…cum is sooo…tasty and thick….mmmm”. I slept over her, while ramya was carassing my head. She made me feel complete, i kissed her, she said “i slept with my boyfriend, he was having same size cock like yours, but he did not last long in bed, he had little sperms i was left unsatisified, but im satisfied sai, thank you”.. i said i did for friendship. Divya joined us in shower, both of the girls cleaned me well. We ate again and i banged both divya and ramya in anal. Ramya was into anal, I could easily penetrate into her asshole, I lifted divya and throbbed her, while ramya was tickling my balls. I made divya sleep and fucked her from behind, she was flowing with my motion, and i sucked ramya’s pussy. She unloaded her juice on my face. Both of them licked and smooched me, my tongue was sharing theirs. They both rided on me with 10 minutes each.

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After 20 minutes of sex…”here sai drink our juices and they both squirted on my mouth, i tasted their juices, it was mixed with sweet and salt taste. Immediately i sprayed another huge load of cum, on their faces, and my jonny became small “wow sai you still have so much sperms to unload, how it is possible” both of them asked, for which I smiled and winked my eyes. Both were soaked with my sperms. I too was soaked with sweat, the girls took me to the bathroom, we cleaned ourselves under shower, they put me between them and cleaned me from top while, i was caressing their big balls. They massaged my dick and testicles. I was feeling amazed, i bent down and sucked divya’s pussy and fingered ramya’s pussy for 5 minutes and did vice versa, both of them squirted again. The girls were strong enough to stand after squirting continously. I complimented them “you girls are very amazing and beautiful”.

It made them feel encouraged, they where happy, they made me stand and stroked my manhood, i gained erection within a couple of minutes while we were sharing our salivas. I took a deep breath, and I banged ramya, in standing position, “ahhh, yyaaa…keep..ffuucckkiinngg sai” she exclaimed, ” You are such a nice guy sai” divya responed, she was sucking my balls, with a strong vaccum in her mouth. 10 minutes later i took divya in my arms and throbbed her, this time her pussy walls were free and let my cock inside, divya was caressing my shoulders, arms, “you deserve a beautiful kiss sai” divya said and kissed me passionately, i was very happy and responded to her kiss. Then i kissed ramya, she too was a amazing girl, “you are a amazing kisser sai” ramya said and kissed me, i too responded to her. We had shower for 20 minutes and came out, Both the girls cooked food for me. They fed me of course, we finished our dinner and slept naked they put me between them and caressed my body.We woke up it was 3am,we had oral sex, i licked both of their pussies,first divya squirted then ramya and i cummed a small load on their boobs, i slept sucking their boobs, while they were stroking my boner and balls. Oralsex after vaginal, anal sex is like a heavan. please send your feedback to [email protected]

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