Mom’s submission : sex with son part-8

Nancy have given her sexy body to her son Rohan as we both are in illicit affairs for last one years and we make a chance to get physical in home as my hubby is not so interested in me ,a matured lady of 37-38 years have given him (hubby)my whole life with immense pleasure on bed and both are in extramarital affairs also ,so a lady Nancy have put her traditional thoughts as well as life in a backburner as her tall figure of 5’7 feet ,busts of 38 inches with waist of 30 inches and heavy buttocks measures 40 inches ,have been loved several times by some guys and now as my son Rohan is a 20 years young guy ,I have dominated him on bed and like a slut lady I have made him a sex slave ,so it’s my pleasure to suck his cock as well as to get fucked but he have never made me a whore on bed , loves me like a nice lady as get physical on my requests and have paid lot of attention on my sexy body ,but it’s true that my vagina or ass hole or whole body got monotonous as he is regularly enjoying my sexy one morning ,I get call from my nephew Yash as he is my elder brother’s son and he ……..

“hi aunty Yash here
(Me) Yash ,how are you ?
(He)fine but coming tonight to meet you
(Me)I know it my son ,have you got some work here
(He)you are in anger aunty but this time I will stay for a week there
(Me)why not , after all relations are there and so we can make a nice trip also
(He)sure ,want to see golden temple as well as rose garden in Amritsar
(Me)o k ,I will ask Rohan also to join us ,so we can enjoy together .”


And my mother’s love have taken a new height of physical love cum lust as I want to give Yash ,my sexy body to make love but if Rohan also approved it , so as my trip plan have been in my mind,I asked Rohan as he wake up late in the morning and after having refreshment ,joined me in balcony as we both are having tea together ,so looking at Rohan I smiled……..

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“want to know something
(Rohan)yes mom just ask
(Me)your cousin Yash will come in the evening and I have planned a trip to Amritsar with him but want to know your presence also
(Rohan)o k ,let him come first
(Me)but my inherent desires are limitless ,so want your opinion on it
(Rohan)sure you may ask
(Me)if Yash can join us on bed there
(Rohan bit surprised)mom ,don’t you know what you are asking for as Yash is your nephew
(Me)I know it that I am a slut lady and my hunger as well as thirst never get satisfied
(Rohan)o k ,as you wish.”

So I walked towards bedroom,now opened the wardrobe as I select a pink colour sari, sleeveless blouse with peticoat ,a thong and put my hair removal cream in washroom to shave my little hairs on armpits as well as vagina,so going to enjoy a trip with my son as well as I walked towards dinning room as i am looking for rohan but he is not there ,so I moved towards his bedroom as i hold the curtains on door to frisk inside but as my eyes stuck on Rohan’s bulge ,my mind is too firesh as his hard bulge is showing a clear imagination on his briefs as his nice physique with strong thighs and arms are attractive,so while looking at son’s body ,my vagina starts getting itchy and so I walked to him as he looked at me ,so my night robes is on my sexy body and he is bit shy………

“going for bath my son
(He)yes mom
(Me)o k but clean my washroom’s bathtub first as it’s too dirty
(He)o k let me put my bermuda first.”and my mind is too hot as I hold his bulge on briefs ,so as i hold it tight and rubbed it hard ,he screamed louder “uh my mom , please don’t hesitate to make it nude but don’t press it hard”and so my son Rohan walked towards my room as i followed him but there ,I heard door bell ringing and I walked towards door as i opened it,maid Geeta is standing there and she came inside ,while I ask him to clean my room first ,so I can enjoy love with my son there and I walked inside room as Geeta followed with broom as she starts cleaning it and now I am feeling hot as my mind is inside washroom.later on ,I said……..

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“Geeta ,now clean floor and utensils as Rohan is also not here
(She)o k madam ,let me do my duty.”and as i thought to make him feel myself alone but her face seems to be more of a lady police ,who have caught me with my she walked towards kitchen to wash utensils as I am in dinning room but I thought to move inside my washroom to see my son as my maid have lot of works to do ,she will take 2 hours I moved inside my washroom as door was just closed and I pushed it slowly as I can see Rohan sitting on his legs while his hand have hold a long bruise ,so while looking at his back,I moved closer to him and stand behind him.He turned his face as he smiled

“too dirty it will take more time to clean
(Me)sure my obedient son.”and he is looking at me as I opened the strings of night robes and as i put it towards my shoulders ,my lovely tits to smooth tummy ,waist to thighs are nude as I am standing there with my thighs crossed ,so he can’t see my nude Rohan left the bruise in bathtub as he wake up and hold my hairs ,he kissed my lips as he starts sucking my lips while putting it in his mouth and I am a hot lady in his arms as he is sucking my lips his hand is under my robes as he is rubbing my sexy butts and as he left my lips ,I opened my mouth to put long tongue in his mouth but he is a great lover as he pushed his long tongue in my mouth and now we both are standing while holding eachother as I am sucking his tongue hard and my hand put her hold on his hard bulge as I am pressing it softly in my palm,Rohan is moving his hand on my sexy ass as his finger is nailing my ass cracks and so I sucked my son’s tongue for 2-3 minutes as he pushed my head back to free it,so I asked…….

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.”my son ,are you not in mood for Love
(He)sure but have you thought about my experience.”

And both laughed as he hold my waist and both walked towards the middle of washroom as we are under cascade ,now I put my lips on his lips as Rohan removed my robes ,so without inner you are not a safe lady and than Rohan opened the tap of cascade as he knelt down and I am bit surprised as he never get in hurry ,so I stretched my legs as Rohan hold my one thigh and put it on his shoulder ,just making his face closer to his birth place and as my thigh is on his shoulder with one leg on floor ,even waters flowing on us is making us feel bit scared of getting slipped but he hold my waist hard with his strong arms and now my lower portion is well balanced as he put his nose on my hole and smelt hard “oh that’s great , natural scent coming out of it”and than he put his fingers crossed as he opened my hole and starts licking my vagina fast ,he is a nice lover for a matured lady like me as he always perform oral sex to make me hot and now as his tongue is licking my cunt fast ,you lady can imagine the pleasure as his tongue is hitting my clitoris fast and I am screaming in pleasure

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