Step daughter and daddy’s first night

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“Holy shit! I-I, that was…” She was lost of words. She just had her very first orgasm. Henry pulled his fingers out and moved up to kiss his 's soft lips eagerly. Their tongue battled against each other and Henry brought up his right hand to squeeze Jenna's throat. Putting gentle pressure on the sides to cut the air supply for few moments before releasing her and she gulped in air through her mouth and nose. Her heavy bosom moving up and down. Henry didn't stop. He moved to her ear and nipped it before whispering, “Are you ready for the real thing?” Jenna shivered and goosebumps racked her sweat covered .

“Yes, me , own me, cum in my slutty pussy.” Jenna moaned as she moved her hips. Henry tightened his grip on her hips and growled.

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“But sweetheart, are you on pills?”

“Yes, I am.” And that was all he needed. Henry would love nothing more than filling her princess with babies, but that'll have to wait. Maybe, maybe after . But now, he needed to fuck her without any worries.

He reached out and pulled out the lube bottle from the beside drawer and slicked up his massive girth. Jenna watched with anticipation, both her legs on either side of her daddy's strong hips. Henry gripped them and pulled them closer.

“Are you ready?” He asked again.

“Yes, ready as I'll ever be.” Jenna replied with a smile.

“Okay sweetheart, loosen up, it's gonna hurt a little.” He said and bend down to take one of Jenna's breast and sucking it as a distraction. His mushroom head rubbing against the opening before he gently pushed in.

Jenna squeezed her eyes close, as a trickle of tear escaped her eyes. Her fingers digging at Henry's shoulders legs wrapped around his hips.

“Shh sweetheart, the pain will be over in a second.” Henry shushed her. He kissed her with his hands squeezing her .

Henry bottomed out, his heavy balls brushing against her and true to her daddy's words the pain slowly subsided. Henry felt her relaxing ever so slightly. So he moved his hips. Again and again, in and out. At first slowly and then in a rhythm. Before long Henry was full on thrusting into Jenna pussy with full force.

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“Ah.. fuck yess, yess daddy, harder…” The pain changing it's form to pleasure.

Henry sat up and then thrusting in harder then ever, his greedy hands pinching and pulling at Jenna's soft swollen nipples till the turned red. Jenna's own hands were gripping the bed sheets in a tight fists overwhelmed with pleasure. Sweat trickled from both their bodies and the bed creaked loudly. Henry grabbed Jenna's creamy fat ass and tilted it to get a new angle and she screamed with pleasure. It was too much, too much of everything she thought. And then just like earlier her body jerked and she orgasmed. Henry stopped his movements, letting his princess ride out the pleasure and then he moved again, his fingers gripping her hips, leaving marks for sure. And then with one last shove Henry rode out his own orgasm, cumming inside his step daughter's pussy. He groaned and kept moving albeit slowly. Huffing for air.

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