Vacation trip to Goa (Love in Goa)

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Hello friends,
It’s a nice trip to Goa as we four have spent 2 days and nights in Mumbai in a we visited some historical places as well as sea beach and Bina,Sonal,Anish and Kirti have crossed every limits while enjoying physical we four reached from Mumbai to goa in the evening,a long 600 km journey ends as we are too exhausted in a road trip from Mumbai to hubby have booked a resort near agonda sea beach,The white resort as we four got two rooms facing sea beach and now as I frisked inside my room with hubby Anish,Sonal have been with locked the door after service guy put bottles of water as well as chilled beer and wine inside, started removing my long skirt with tops,even I removed my panty and brassiere in room as I am lying nude on bed while my hubby is inside washroom.later on ,mobile started ringing and I received the call ………

“Hi Sonal ,feeling lonely without our company
(Sonal)yes Bina,I think our rooms are in the end of resorts as we can live together after our dinner
(Bina)sure ,come in my room with Kirti and we will have drinks together.” And Anish came in bedroom as looking me nude ,he smiled……..”oh Bina,you are waiting for sex,isn’t it?

(Bina smiled)no darling , actually my vagina and boobs are feeling caged as it have been put for 10-12 hours .” And I walked inside washroom as I took refreshment and a brief bath ,came out of Washroom nudely but as I walked inside bedroom ,I am bit surprised with sonal’s and kirti’s presence I put my legs back inside washroom as Anish screamed”oh baby ,no need to worry ,come out .” And I walked nudely to them,both are in night dress as Kirti is in Bermuda ,Sonal is wearing a front laced gawn but I sit on a chair with my legs Anish is putting wine in glasses but he have put beer for both lady,Sonal took her drink as I put my arms forward and Kirti provided me a we four are drinking ,both guys are eyeing my lovely boobs to sexy thighs and legs and Sonal……

“Bina ,put some dress on your sexy body
(Bina)no not possible now ,after 8-10 hours or so.”

And feeling jealous with my sexy body presentation infront of both guys ,Sonal put her empty glass on table and opened her gawn’s laces ,as she removed it showing her nude organs,nothing is on her boobs or vagina as both lady are nude.a 27 years lady with lovely tits having long browenish aerola is sitting infront of a 25 years lady with her nice boobs and sexy thighs,both guys are drinking wine as Anish smiled……..”Kirti ,I think we should enjoy a single lady at a single time
(Bina laughed) don’t make me jealous you guys,I am not nude for your cocks but have removed everything to provide them fresh air.”

As Sonal walked to me and stands there,I stood as I hold him in my arms and started kissing her face and lips,she is also loving my neck to face as her hand is moving on my sexy butt.we two lady are standing nude as my hand is on her ass and she pushed her long tongue in my mouth to suck.while sucking sonal’s tongue ,my finger goes inside her vagina from below as our sexy tits are brushing eachother,she is rubbing my back and after a while,Sonal pushed my face to take out her Sonal is on my legs as I have stretched it wide,she is looking inbetween my thighs as his face is there,kissing my vaginal parts,she is putting her lips on my labias as my one leg is on chair,she opened it’s hole and started licking my vagina fastly while I can see both guys putting their empty glasses on table and walking to me.anish is standing on my right side as Kirti is on my left ,they both started kissing my face to lips as Kirti is pressing my boobs hard ,while my sexy voice”oohh aahh lick my cunt fast” is making them horny,I pulled down kirti’s bermuda and hold his long penis as Sonal is loving my vagina ,Anish started sucking my lips as my hand is hearing his long cock.later on ,Sonal took my vagina in mouth to suck and I can feel kirti’s bermuda going down to legs as two cocks are in my hand ,while masturbating their long penis fast ,I am in joy as Sonal left my cunt and Kirti is sucking my hubby Anish left my lips as I pushed my tongue in his mouth and he is sucking it wildely ,my vagina is in fire as Kirti is sucking my boobs and Anish is sucking my tongue ,while I am jerking two cocks fastly,now Anish guided his long finger in my hot cunt and started fingering it fast.while feeling horny ,I am jerking their cocks like a whore,now pushed my hubby’s face as I took my tongue out of his mouth but Anish put his mouth on my right breast as he is sucking it and I am “ooohh aahh I will cum soon” as Kirti left my breast and sits on his legs.

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