Landlord’s indecent behaviour – paid rent

I am living in Noida with my hubby Ankit as our three bedroom flat is in society,landlord comes in a month to have rent but it’s my hubby who have paid rent to landlord I have seen Afroz too many times,he is a young ,smart guy of 30 years but I know from tenants that he is a Rima is a young lady of 26 years,her married life is not satisfactory but extramarital relations have given me pleasure as my sexual desires have mounted while my sexual organs have grown large In last 4 years of married my boobs are well covered in 34d brassiere ,my vagina needs panty of 26 size as my round sexy ass is like a dome of 36inches,it’s a working day and after having my lunch at 01:15 afternoon ,I rested for a while as my eyes closed and I have a sound sleep till 03:00 evening.after leaving my bed,feeling bit tired ,I frisked inside washroom as I took refreshment and than walked to my dinning space.

Now while sitting on sofa,I switched on the t.v as I started watching a episode,after a while,I felt to drink tea as I moved in my kitchen and prepare it,now back on sofa,I am watching t.v while drinking tea and there ,my mobile started ringing as I can see Ankit’s name on screen,I receive it and started talking……….


“hi Rima
(Rima)hi are you free from your work
(Ankit)no baby ,listen ,our landlord will come anytime ,so fill a cheque and give him.”

And this will be the first time Afroz will come in my house in my hubby’s I am bit scared as I have listened too many stories of landlord,anyhow I thought it’s the chance to enjoy but if he approaches I walked towards my bedroom as I opened my wardrobe and than choose a nice red lace short V neck dress ,it’s upto my semi thighs as it’s parts are going to provoke a hungry fox as he love to enjoy other’s wives ,lastly as I put my dress and than walked to dinning space , sits on sofa as I am watching t.v while looking at me also.Its 03:40pm as door bell started ringing and I walked to door as looked through door’s hole,Afroz is standing there and I opened the door as he smiled and came inside dinning space but as I walked forward,he locked the door from looking at me like a horny guy,he walked to me and I smiled……….

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“Afroz bhai please sit
(Afroz sits on sofa)you are looking too sexy rima
(Rima)thanks for it ,wait for the cheque.”

as I moved inside bedroom and took out cheque book ,filled it and than came back standing near him as I hold my cheque and put my hand to him ……….

“Have it Afroz bhai.”

And he took cheque as he hold my wrist,trying to pull me as I have put my whole energy ,going to fall on his lap soon and than as he pulled me hard,I left myself and falls on his as my sexy ass is on his lap ,he is holding my waist and my face is opposite to him as he put his lips on my neck but his hand started massaging my breast hard and I pressed my sexy ass on his lap as I am feeling his bulge of penis on my sexy ass,I said………

“Afroz you came in my hubby’s absence ,so you can force me for
(He is kissing my neck)oh baby you are so sexy never got chance to enjoy you,are you not interested in me ?.”and my desires are mounting as I am voiceless .now Afroz made me sit on sofa as he hold my neck and started kissing my lips to face ,my hand stuck to his jeans as I started removing it.

He is sucking my rossy lips as my hand have removed his jeans ,so it’s an undies showing hard bulge on it,god knows it’s size as he opened his mouth and I put my long tongue inside.He is sucking hard , while I took out his cock,so hard as thick ,length is not more than of my hubby’s while masturbating his penis slowly ,my tongue is getting sucked and I am enjoying his hand on my my body is in sensation as Afroz left my tongue and stand infront of me,he took out his jeans from legs as his cock is in my hand. Looking at him,I removed it’s skin as I put my lips on it frequently and than his soft long glans is moving on my face,love to enjoy his dick as I put it on my lips to rub but my mouth opened and I swallowed his my hand is on his waist as he have hold my hairs and I started moving my face fast ,giving his cock a nice jerk as he is moaning”uuhh aahh you are too hot ,bitch I will arrange for a gangbang party soon”as I am feeling his cock getting harder in my wet penis is out of my mouth as I am licking it with my tongue and he is screaming in joy .now he knelt infront of my legs as he stretched my legs ,looking at my panty ,he kissed on it as he unhooked pulled out as my reddish vagina is nude and Afroz put his lips on it as he is kissing its labias and I put my fingers on labias as I widend its hole,he put his tongue in my soft vagina and started licking it sexy voice sounding louder”oohh aahh uumm”as his strong palms have grabbed my boobs and massaging it harder while fucking my cunt ,Afroz is a new chapter in my sexual I pulled out my dress and removed my brassiere also, completely nude infront of landlord while he is licking my cunt and after a while,he left my sexy glory hole .

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He stood infront of me as he is removing his shirt,his strong thighs with wider hairy chest is making me horny ,so I stand infront of him as I kissed his face and than we both walked inside Afroz is sleeping on bed with his legs straight as I started kissing his chest to downwards,his hand is on my back as he is screaming”oohh you are so good in sex uuhh”and I kissed his waist as I hold his long cock ,now took out my tongue and started rubbing it’s glans on it,feeling too horny,I sucked it for a while,as his cock is not longer than of my hubby’s ,Rashid,Ishan or anyone ,who have fucked me ,but it’s thickness is much more and I want to have it while sitting on his I sit over his cock , putting my legs wider as my sexy ass is up and Afroz hold my waist and I hold his cock, started rubbing it’s glans on my vaginal hole , slowly pushed it inside as it’s going inside as my sexy ass is going downwards ,it’s my vagina ,never been with such a thick cock as it’s going inside ,he smiled as he have hold my waist tightly and fucked hard from my vagina is in bit pain as it’s inside it and Afroz is fucking me from below as his speed with power is at maximum,never got such a pleasure in fucking but it’s a lady vagina never going to be satisfied.I know it’s elasticity and flexibility grows as ladies took tools frequently and it’s length as well as thickness are not an issue ,if they get fuck for 4-5 years .as I started bouncing my ass up and down ,it’s penis is hitting my vaginal depth and I am feeling too hot as it’s my addiction to enjoy fuck in different positions,bit pain and brushing have never made me a coward bouncing my ass fast as he have hold my waist,I am screaming”oohh aahh fuck fuck you mother-fucker ,fuck fuck”and my vagina started pouring cum as I stopped my bounce,he wake up as both moved inside washroom to have refreshment.

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