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Hi readers,
I am living with my hubby in Noida as we have a rented home of two bedroom in an apartment. my hubby Anish is a software engineer as I am a house wife ,married for three years ,we have no kids as we both want to enjoy life for 5-6 years without any extra responsibility. Its my daily routine as I walk in lawn of the appartment’s in evening for 20-25 minutes to maintain my physical appearance as I know a house wife with lot of sexual activities can make her body fleshy.

It’s a nice evening as I am walking fast in lawn while wearing a loose pyjama with tops and I can see a guy walking fast in the lawn also. I can see him eyeing at me and looking at me in an improper manner but I can’t recognise him as he is new for me but I am still thinking about that young guy of 19-20 years.after my walk ,I sit on a bench in a lawn as the guy is still walking and while crossing me ,he always looks me.I am wet as my clothes look transparent while I am still sweating ,after a while that guy came and sits near me.I am looking straight as my eyes always goes to his bulge of penis on his Bermuda and I can see his bulge of penis He is a young guy of 19-20 years as he is tall and his physique looks good.I am waiting for him to start the conversation as I moved closer to him and looking towards him ,I smiled and he asked……


“aunty are you living in this apartment ?
(Bina)yah in block-C and you
(Guy)I am Raj lives in block-E
(Bina)nice to meet you Raj,what are you doing right now?
(Raj) preparing for entrance exam of medical colleges and you
(Bina)I am a housewife and my hubby is a software engineer.”

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And we both walked towards our blocks as I can see him looking at me.I came inside my home as I removed my clothes and than have refreshment before preparing a cup of while sitting alone in balcony I am drinking tea as my mind is on young guy.He have eyed my breasts as well as ass ,if he is thinking about physical affairs with me?,I can’t evening ,I choose other dress for my fast walk as I put a tops and Bermuda to give him a nice look of my thighs as well as nude legs.

Next evening,I am in appartment’s park as I am walking fastly and I can see some people sitting on bench and some are eyeing on my nude legs as well as some portion of strong thighs. I am walking fast as my eyes are in search of Raj but he is not inside lawn ,anyhow I kept my walk and after some time ,I can see Raj inside lawn as he is waking with me in the same direction.I can see him looking my nude legs as well as some portion of nude thighs as we both are walking f till we are sitting on grass and Raj is eyeing at my boobs as I am sweating.looking at him ,I put my hand on his thigh as I started rubbing it and Raj is getting hand is moving inside Raj’s Bermuda and he is moving his palm on my thigh as we both are sitting in the corner of lawn ,we are not visible to my hand got the touch of Raj’s penis as I hold it tightly and took it out of his bermuda.raj is moving his hand inside my Bermuda as I can feel his soft touch on my panty,now I am masturbating Raj’s cock as he is rubbing fingers on my panty and we are too hot.I kissed his face and asked……

“Raj,do you need my panty removed?’ and he smiled .so I put my hand inside Bermuda and unhooked it as I took it Raj pushed his hand in my Bermuda and he is rubbing my vagina as I am masturbating his cock and later on ,Raj pushed his finger in my vagina as he is fingering my cunt fast and I am masturbating his cock slowly.Its a dark evening as we both are enjoying oral sex in lawn and Raj asked……

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“Bina if you want to suck my cock ?.”

And I smiled as I can see no one in lawn ,I pulled down his Bermuda and leaned my face on it.His penis is long as it’s semi erected,now I took his cock in my mouth and I can feel his hand on my breast ,he is pressing my boobs hard as I am sucking Raj’s cock .a new taste in my life as he is young and smart and his penis is inside my mouth as I am sucking it hard,he is pressing my breast and screaming……

“oohh aahh Bina ,suck my cock hard aahh.”

And he is too hot as I took out his long reddish cock and now my tongue is licking her penis and I am now sucking it’s glans.raj is pressing my breast hard as his hand is moving on my sexy ass and after a while ,I took his penis again in my mouth and started sucking it wildely.raj is a young guy as he is unknown to my sexual activities.after a while ,I left his cock and now we both are sitting on grass.raj is holding me tightly as he took me on his lap and started kissing my lips to breasts are pressing hard on his chest as I took his lips to suck and later on ,my tongue is in Raj’s mouth as he is sucking it hard while rubbing my back.His long erected penis is touching my waist line but I will take his cock in my vagina right now ? Is the question going in my mind.after a while ,Raj left my tongue and I sits on grass as I hold his penis tightly to masturbate,while masturbating Raj’s cock I asked…….

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“Raj finger my vagina dear ,I will make your penis cum
(Raj pushed his long finger in my cunt )ok Bina but when we will enjoy fuck.”

I am masturbating his penis fast as he is screaming in joy……..

“oohh aahh Bina I will cum.”

And after some time ,his penis ejaculated sperms as I took his cock in my mouth to suck and tasted it as he fingered my cunt till my pussy become juicy.we both left the lawn.

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