Sweet Accident in Bangalore

Sweet Accident
Hi my name is Aditya , I am staying in Bangalore from a long time after reading so many excited stories , I am just curious to share my own encounter with a hot lady couple of months back
I am in my 20’s and working for an boring IT industry in Bangalore like the most
I left my office on a Friday evening and was sitting in my car waiting for the traffic to move on and was about to take a turn towards my apartment and from the other side a car came and hit my side mirror recklessly without seeing it.
The driver immediately stopped the car and I was about to shout at him/her and was dumbstruck when I saw the lady driving it
She was with a kid in the front seat and was little nervous because of the small crash and coming to her figure she was about 5’6 in height and her measurements were
She was wearing a saree and was in a hurry to take her kid to some dance classes, I don’t wanted to miss this opportunity of getting to know more about her , I started to create a scene with an argument that, can’t u see while driving ?? Who will pay for the damage now ?? I am going to register a complaint and everything
She asked me to calm down and said she is ready to pay for the damage done but I didn’t wanted her money , I just said her to replace the side mirror and come along with me for service station or else I will register a complaint with police.
After some time of heated argument she agreed to come with me to the service station when she will be free tomorrow morning and I took her cars photo and exchanged my phone number
On the same night , she texted me to meet her near the XXX mall and from there we can go to the service station. I asked her sorry in the message saying , I was very rude this evening, she said no worries for that
Next day , I met her at sharp 10 near the mall and she was waiting near the coffee shop. My god , because of the saree I was not able to recognize her hidden beauty but today she was wearing a blue top and black jeans with a white purse on her shoulder
I just went to her and said Reema(name changed), she turned back and said Hi, how are you ??
I asked sorry for the trouble once again and persuaded her to come to coffee shop and we sat in a corner and started discussing about the car

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Reema : How is your car ??
Me : Yeah , it’s fine just the mirror
Reema : okay , I know my bad
Me : So , Are you working ??
Reema : Yeah , I am working as a teacher in school
Me : Wow , that’s good but why teacher didn’t saw the car coming from opposite side
Reema : Everyone makes mistakes


We finished our coffee and asked her to come in my car till the service station which was parallel to the mall. When she sat inside the car I was able to see the peoper shape of her structure and was not able to concentrate on riding as her boobs were crying to come out and do massage for my dick. Intentionally I dropped my phone which was near the gear box towards her and when she bent towards it , I was able to see her voluptuous boobs from the side and my dick was like trying to come out from the boxers, I controlled myself and we went near the showroom
The guy took the payment and told me to come in the afternoon to collect the car so we were on foot and it was too early to send her back
I asked her , we can go to some hotel and wait for some time till the service is over but she was like , my home is nearby we can wait till the repair is done as my home was too far and she also had some work after 3 in the afternoon
We took a cab and went to her home and as we entered inside the home she asked me for water and told me to wait until she get dressed up and come

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I was waiting in the hall while she went to her room to change her dress. I was scanning all the things in the house while she was inside. Once she opened the door , I was mesmerised for what I saw.
She was in her night pant with long hair and a tank top with her bra straps which was visible. my dick started to salute her at that point of time
I asked her another glass of water just to see her ass. When she turned back and was walking towards the kitchen I was staring at her round ass which was going up and down as she walked. The ass cheeks were waiting for me to spank them and play with it and suddenly she turned back and caught me staring at her ass. She came back with the water and sat opposite to me asking about me and general stuff
When I asked about her she revealed many things , she was working as a teacher and her husband is working in sales, her daughter 8 years old is staying with her and she has to look after her and would be busy with work most of the time in weekdays
At all this time I was looking at her assets and was not able to see her face and she was sitting on the sofa with one leg on the floor and her sleeveless top was tempting me to touch her boobs. It was all wet situation for me as I was in a very bad situation because of her beauty and voluptuous body

I controlled myself and asked her where are the toilets ?? When she pointed towards the bathroom I stood up and for my embarrassment my dick was standing straight and made the bulg in my pants and she noticed it and coughed for that with a quirky smile.
When I came back from the bathroom , I was dumbstruck with a view , she was bending towards the sofa and was searching for something. It was such a view that her round ass was asking me to put my rod inside it and teach her a lesson. I made some sound to make sure I am there but she didn’t bother and told me to help her to find her key bunch from another side of the sofa. When I went front I was clearly able to see her soft boobs with such a nice shape which made my dick to stand again. We saerched the key bunch and was chit chatting then I left after some time

I came back to my home in the evening and around 7:30 I got a message from her that
I caught you with a wink smiley , I asked her what she caught
Reema : Someone was trying to come out
Me : Who ??
Reema : You know who ??
I was surprised to know that’s she observed and she is so open about it and I asked her SERIOUSLY ??
Reema : Common, everyone knows sex and we are not kids and don’t be so innocent now
It was like a jackpot for me and didn’t know if I was dreaming or for real
Me : What to do if a woman is killing with her beauty like that ??
Reema : You don’t want to punish her for that
Me :Ofcourse
Reema : It’s tuf to control the urges when someone looks at you like that and you don’t get sex for long
Me : So when to punish the lady??
Reema : Hold on!! Patience bears nice fruits

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After that conversation I started to touch my dick which was already standing to salute her. I just touched it softly and rubbed it up and down and my hot cum oozed out for her assets with just the thought of fucking her and I slept peacefully after that

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