Bikini babes Tony

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It’s an incidence that happened 05 years ago as my sister tony is still unmarried and she is in a college trip to chennai as I am with him for assistance as well as her elder sister tony is a 22 years gal as she is beautiful and her physical appearance looks attractive as my eyes can measure her physical measurement of 30-24-34 and her nice tits are sexy as her round shaped ass is tight and hot.we both reached Chennai as college management have booked ticket for their students as well as parents and we both are happy as we both have enjoyed sex lot of times earlier on.its a day one as students moved to see historical places and parents are in hotel and in night ,dreams shattered as girls have been living in different rooms as I am staying with a matured person in a room.anyhow ,after two days of visit to historical places and nature’s paradise ,on day three……students have got chance to enjoy their day as well as night Tony planned a trip to Marina beach in the morning as it’s a moderate atmosphere and we both booked a cab for marina drive as Tony have put some dress for us in her small bag and I have put 3-4 canes of beer in it.we both are at Marina beach as we can see couples in their bikini&undies .now we both are sitting near beach as Tony is wearing a tops with skirt and looking at me ,she said…….

“Mohit ,I am going to change my dress .”

And she opened the bag as she took out a black coloured while sitting alone there ,I started removing my trouser and than my shirt ,now I am in Bermuda as my upper portion have no cover.I can see too many gals eyeing on my strong chest and after a while ,Tony came to me as my eyes are on her hot body.she is looking like a hot blonde with her boobs covered as well as her pelvic zone is covered ,in bikini except boobs and holes ,every part is visible as I stand and hold my sister’s wrist ,I ask…….

“Tony this bag is a burden
(Tony) no no hold it.”

And both are walking on beach as her hand is on my waist and she is walking with me like my girlfriend.looking to her back ,I can see her sexy ass swinging as it’s nude but this is the dress for sea we both are walking towards deserted place ,Tony is touching her waist as well as breast on my body making me we both are sitting near sea beach as I put bag on ground ,we both sits on sands ,now I took out a cane of beer as I put a cigarette in between my lips ,Tony lit it but took it to we both are drinking beer as well as smoking cigarette .my hand is on her thigh as she have put her legs straight ,now I hold her breast and pressed it hard “ooh aahh Mohit don’t press it hard ” and she sits on my our hunger as well as thirst for sex started mounting .Tony is sitting on my lap as her legs are wrapped on my waist ,she is facing me as her breasts are on my chest ,she is putting her lips on my face as my hand is rubbing her Tony started sucking my lips as her soft boobs is giving me a nice touch on my chest ,slowely I pushed my tongue in my elder sister’s mouth as she is sucking it hard and my hand is rubbing her nude back as I can feel her soft sexy ass on my thigh.Tony left my tongue as her head is on my shoulder and I make her lye on sand as I put my hand on her shoulder and put down her lashes of bikini as her small boobs is out of it .now I leaned on her breast and took it in my mouth to suck and her palm is rubbing my back while I am sucking her breast and other ones is getting the massage of it.she is screaming……”oohh Mohit suck my boobs hard aah my vagina is getting the sensation.” And I left her right boobs as I took other ones in my mouth to suck ,my penis is in erection inside my bermuda.on Marina beach ,my sister is lying on sands as I am sucking her I left her top as we both are sitting and she put her bikini in place as her boobs are well covered.

Tony is too hot as well as horny as she is sitting near my waist and we can see couples making love on sea beach ,they are visible but too she put her hand inside my loose Bermuda and took out my long cock as she holds it tightly ,she bowed her head down to love she is kissing my penis as my hand is rubbing her soft nude ass , Tony is rubbing it’s glans on her lips as she took my whole cock in her mouth as her head is moving fast ,she is sucking my cock while my hand is pressing her soft ass.I am screaming in joy…….

“oohh aahh you bitch suck my cock hard.”

And I am trying to push my finger inside her bikini to finger her cunt as her bikini is too tight ,but I pushed my finger in it from the corner and now it’s touching her vagina and lastly ,my finger is in her vagina as she is licking my penis with her we both are hot as I want to love my sister’s vagina ,she took my cock again in her mouth as she is sucking it fast and my voice ……

“oohhhhh aahh Tony my cock is rock hard and hot leave it.”and Tony sucked my penis till I pushed her I put my cock inside Bermuda as Tony is resting her head on my shoulder,she said……

“Mohit my cunt is wet and I need hard fuck
(Mohit)ok let’s move towards isolated place.”

And both love birds walked away with a small bag as my sister is walking with her hand on my waist .now we are too far from people’s gathering and near sea beach ,Tony is sitting with me as I pressed her breast hard……..”remove your bikini Tony ,I will fuck you.”

And she started removing it .she is nude as I put her on knees and while sitting on her back ,I removed my Bermuda and now I am licking my sister’s cunt with tongue as it’s wet and than ,I pushed my cock in her cunt and started fucking her fast as she is moaning……

“oohh aah fuck me fast you dirty guy oohhj.”

And my penis is brushing her inner vagina as my penis is hard and hot ,I am giving her a hard Tony started moving her ass fast as my hand is on her boobs and I am going to pour cum ,so I shouted……

“aahh Tony have my cum you bitch .”

And penis ejaculated sperms in her vagina and later on ,I put my cock in her mouth as she sucked it to taste it’s cum.

Added by Mohit

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