Hot blonde Ruhi:part-04

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Hi everyone,
It’s a closed door sexual relations going on in my house as my younger sister is here for a week.she is married for last 2 months only and her white complexion with a height of 5’5 feet makes her attractive (read prev story Hot blonde Ruhi part 3). Her physical measurement is 32-26-36 and her lovely tits are too hot as she looks wild as her sexy ass moves while she walks. It’s a nice morning as I am in dinning hall with my sister and mom having a morning tea together.looking at mom ,Ruhi said…..

“mom today I have to meet my friend Anika
(Mom)sure have your breakfast and than go to her home
(Ruhi) but I will have company of my brother
(Rohan)but I will feel bore in your friend’s home
(Ruhi smiled)ok than I will go alone
(Mom)no Rohan will be there.”and I moved to my bedroom as I took a towel and clothes for bath.I am going towards washroom as Ruhi came inside my room and said……”Rohan why you don’t want to give me company?
(Rohan)I will be with you ,ok
(Ruhi smiled )we will go towards outskirts of town to enjoy together.”

And she left my room as I moved inside my washroom .now I have a bath as I am eating my breakfast and Ruhi joined me there as I can see her in sleeveless kurti and skirt upto her knees length. It’s 10:15 am as we both left our home ,she have put a high heel sandle on her legs and now she is on my bikes back seat. I am riding my bike towards a market place as we have to buy some items and then we will be on highway to move out of town .now we reached market as I bought two canes of chilled beer with a packet of cigarette and Ruhi asked me……..”Rohan ,buy some condoms also
(Rohan) but what’s its use?
(Ruhi)if I will conceive than what my hubby will think as he always use it
(Rohan)ok .”

And I walked towards a medicine shop as I got a strips of contraceptive pills to be put inside vagina before fucking .now we both are on bike as I am riding it fast towards highway and lastly we reached a natural place as it’s a dense forest zone with a lake. I stopped my bike inside greenery zone and both are sitting on grass as we are inside dense bushes and no one can see us from a narrow path. I took out cane of beer as I started drinking it and Ruhi lit the cigarette,looking at me she is smoking cigarette and I took it from her as I am drinking beer while smoking Ruhi moved closer to me and put her hand on my bulge of penis on trouser as she smiled……..”are you happy with my meet with my friend ?
(Rohan hold her boobs)sure I love your surprising move .” And she is removing my trouser as I helped him to take it out and now I am in my undies only.
Ruhi now sits on my lap as her sexy bum is on my thighs and she have put her arms in my her skirt is near her pelvic zone as she is in a comfortable dress for sexual Ruhi put her lips on my lips as my hand is on her back and she pushed her tongue in my mouth as I hold her neck tightly ,I am sucking her long tongue as my hand is lifting her tops up and my hand is inside her loose tops as she is rubbing her soft breasts on my chest. I left her tongue after 3-4 minutes as she put her head on my shoulder,now my hand is moving on her soft back and I can feel lashes of her brassiere as I opened it and Ruhi stands in front of me and in hurry took out her tops to remove her brassiere. I have got visibility of her nude boobs for a while and than she lifts her skirt upto her waist ,I put my hand on her thigh to rub it and than unhooked her G her vagina is nude as I stretched her legs wide and now my lips are on her vagina.looking at me,Ruhi opened her vaginal mouth as it’s elasticity is low and I put my tongue in her cunt to lick tongue is licking her cunt as my hand is on her sexy ass and she is screaming…….

“oohh aahh uummm lick my vagina fast .”

And I am fucking my sister’s cunt with my tongue as her legs are shivering ,she have hold my hairs tightly just pushing my face towards her vagina. I am feeling hot as my penis is in erection inside my undies and I left her cunt and walked towards a large tree to pee. I came back as my sister took out a bottle of water from her purse and than removed my undies to wash my she is holding it tightly as she asked me to stand and Ruhi is on her knees as she is kissing my penis ,looking at me she put it’s glans on her lips as she is rubbing it on her lips and I am feeling the sensation.ruhi loves cock sucking as she opened her mouth and took my whole cock inside to suck.she is holding my waist as she is sucking my penis hard and hand is on her hairs as I am screaming……

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