Sleeping Mom

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Hi guys my name is Rajesh. This story took place when I was 17 years old. After my father’s death my mom doesn’t look for a partner. Let me tell about my mom. She is 36 years old. She has firm big tits and round shaped ass. She often takes care of her fitness. I’m a tall average guy with 7 inch cock. It all started at one of our cousin’s wedding dinner. As I’m underraged I wasn’t allowed to drink alcohol. But my mom had a little bit more of alcohol than she would normally drink. This made her super drunk. Gladly I can drive car. On the way home she was swaying due to effect of the alcohol.

After reaching home I bringed her to her room. When I placed her on the bed her Saree fall off her shoulder causing a massive cleavage and her voluptuous navel came to sight. I’ve never looked my mom like that before. I couldn’t hold my lust and took my pants off and started jerking off. After a few minutes I encourage myself and moved towards her. I can hear her snoring so loudly. I went on to touch her body starting with her hip. My god it was so warm and smooth. Slowly I went to her navel. After rubbing I bought my hands to her massive tits under her blouse. Starting with her left tit I groped and started pressing it. Following with her right tit I was playing with her tits about 5 minutes. Then I went slowly to her face. She looked so beautiful. I slowly climbed on top of her and looked her right in the face. Without hesitating I placed my lips over hers. It was so soft. I was kissing her for 5 mins than the devil inside me asked me to do something beyond it. I went and sit on her breast then placed my 7 inch cock on her lips. It was heaven. Then I slowly part her lips and pushed my cock inside her mouth. I felt so good. I started mouth fucking her for a while till a moment I heard her moan. I lost my shit and get off her immediately. I put back her pallu covered her with blanket and went away. I was too scared that my mom would found out what her son was doing to her. Since then I had been lusting to my mom. Then I came up with a plan. I decided to mix some sleeping pills in her drink and Fuck her. It was Saturday night.

My mom was so tired after doing houseworks. I mixed some sleeping pills in the coke bottle and offered it to her meanwhile she was watching movie. She accepted it without any doubt. I was so anxious of what about to happen. After 10 minutes she drank it she droze off to heavy sleep. At this point she was wearing a night dress. I confirmed by shaking her body few times. But no response so I started my plan. I slowly pushed her nightdress till her thigh. I was so nervous to watch her pussy. I pushed it much higher and was delighted by the sight. My mom wasn’t wearing any panties. As I was mesmerized with the sight I immediately pushed the dress all the way up and threw it away. To my suprise she wasn’t wearing a bra neither. This made me super horny watching the pair of huge firm jiggling tits. Without wasting time I get undressed and started sucking her tits while playing with her pussy. After 10 mins I bringed my hard cock and placed it in her mouth and started moving fast. After a long period I ejaculated in my mom’s mouth. It felt so nice. I took a break for 10 mins. After my cock got hard again I pushed her on her stomach and fucked her from behind. This went to about 15 mins then I turned her and started fucking her in missionary position. I fucked her in that position about 20 mins. Then I felt I’m gonna cum. Afraid of getting my mom pregnant I pulled my dick out and cummed all over her face. I took some pics with my mobile, cleaned her up dressed her and I went to sleep. The next morning she doesn’t seem like knew what happened. This gave me excitement that I can Fuck her anytime I want after this.

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