Gokuldham Society : Ch 5 ( Komalbhabi and Babita Iyar )

( To my dear readers : Hope you have enjoyed my previous chapters of the famous Parody serial TMKOC as Gokuldham Society : Ch 1 – Madhabi, Ch 2 – Dayabhabi, Ch 3 – Sonu the baby Hema Malini and Ch 4 – Komalbhabi. Now the Ch 5 – Komalbhabi and Babita Iyar. Please comment and give your valuable suggestions to motivate me)

The next day Gogi joined Goli for his snack and Komal stopped him from running out with Gogi . She wanted to have a talk with her son . He should tell his friend that he wouldn’t be out for a while. Goli hollered out to his dearest friend that he would be a while.


Komal just couldn’t wait. She wished that there was no one around when she did this but she wanted her son’s prick right now . She looked directly at her son in her sternest manner. “Come back to my bedroom, Goli, I have something to discuss with you.”

Goli wondered what he had done wrong. His mother wasn’t strict and usually told him when she thought he wasn’t behaving right. He was sure his mother didn’t know what he did with Gogi. He didn’t think that she knew about his spying through her window.

Komal led her son into her bedroom and sat down on the edge of her bed. She positioned Goli in front of her and, still frowning, looked him straight in the eye. “I saw you on the tree platform yesterday and I’ve been trying to decide what to do about it. What were you doing out there?”

Goli didn’t know how to handle it. How did you tell your mother that you were watching her finger fuck herself and jerking off at the same time?

“Uh, – gee, – nothing.”
“Don’t you dare tell me that. You haven’t been on that platform in a couple of years. Why is it so interesting all of a sudden?”

“Uh, – well, – I just got to like it again.”
“I don’t think you’re telling the truth. It’ll be better if you come clean.”

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“Uh, – aw gee, – I can’t tell you, Mummy. Honest I can’t.” Goli fell down before his mother, grabbed her legs and started to cry.

Komal knew she’d have him to the point that he’d be willing to do anything pretty soon. Once she got her son started , she would have no problem at all getting him to do everything she wanted him to do with her.

“You were spying on me when I didn’t have any clothes on. Weren’t you?” George just kept sobbing.

“Answer me. It won’t be any worse than it is now.”
“Gee, mom, I guess I was.”

“What else were you doing?”
“Aw gee, mom, I can’t tell you that.”

“You just better tell me. You were playing with yourself. Weren’t you?” Between sobs Goli tried to look away from his mother.

He barely whispered. “Jee mummy, mujhe maf kar do.”
With a grin Komal pulled her son to his feet ” Don’t cry and feel ashamed. It’s normal at this age and I’m your mother. So tell me in details and show me what you were doing!”

How in the world could he take out his prick and jerk off in front of his mother. He turned away. Again he could barely be heard.

“I can’t do that, mom. Honest I can’t.”
“Well you better. If you can spy on me, you can show me what you were doing.”

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Komal’s cunt was soaking wet. She could hardly wait to get at her son’s pubescent cock. She wanted to pull his pants off but thought she would have more leverage if she could make him do these things himself.

Goli looked at his innocent mother’s face in horror, but all he could see was an absolutely affectionate smile . He slowly pulled his zipper down and fumbled in the fly of his jockey shorts to pull out his limp prick.

Komal wanted to suck it right into her mouth but she held back. “What were you doing when you spied on me. I want you to do that right now.”

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Goli pulled on his prick a couple of times and in spite of his shyness, it pulsed up to an erection. He pumped his hand up and down his prick.

Komal replaced his hand with her own. The first thing she had done with Abdul was jerk him off. Now she was doing the same thing with her son that she had done with the Society’s muslim shop-keeper .

Goli was horrified. His mother was jerking him off. How could she do that. Sure he’d dreamt about her doing that to him but he knew it was only fantasy even while he was dreaming. Mothers just didn’t do things with her own son like this. He had to admit it felt real neat. Her hand felt a lot better on his prick than Gogi’s. If his mother didn’t stop what she was doing, he was going to shoot off immediately.

He tried to pull away from his mother but she had a firm hold on his cock with one hand and had the other on his ass holding him close. She wouldn’t let him pull away and kneeled in front of her son. His hips started to jerk and his cum shot out of his pisshole all over her beautiful face .

His mother would be furious about that. She was so neat and careful with her cleanliness . The funny thing was that she didn’t have a frown on any more. Rather she smeared all the white gooey stuff on her lovely face and at last licked her fingers to clean. She seemed pleased.

Goli couldn’t understand that. While he was watching her glistening beautiful innocent face, his mother took off her dress and didn’t have her bra or panties on.

Wow! His prick got hard again. He didn’t have time to be scared, too much was happening. Komal laid on the bed, spread her legs and looked at him. “All right, you were trying to find out how I’m made. Get between my legs and get a good look.”

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Goli looked at his mother in astonishment. He forgot to be frightened, and wasn’t going to give his mother a chance to change her mind. He got on his knees between her legs and he put his face close to his mother’s cunt.

There was a strange odor and drops of liquid framed the outer cunt lips. That odor smelled real good. It made his prick throb. He started to touch his mother’s cunt but got frightened again and looked up at her face. His mother was smiling at him!

“Oh, Goli beta , I’m not mad at you. I’m just as horny as you are. I’ve been wanting to do things with you since I first saw cum stains on your sheets. Go right ahead, I want you to feel around. It’ll make me feel good if you play with my bur (cunt), just as it made you feel good when I played with your lund ( prick ) ,” Komal assured her son.

Goli was catching on. He was surprised his mother knew words like bur and lund and that she used them in his presence. Well, if she could use them so could he. “You mean you got me in here so you could play with my lund and get me to play with your bur ?”

Goli wasn’t as confused as Gogi . When Goli hadn’t shown up in a few minutes, Gogi went around to the tree platform and watched through the window. He’d seen Komal aunty come into the bedroom followed by Goli .

He was shocked when Goli pulled out his prick and started to jerk off. He was more shocked when Komal aunty took over and Goli shot cum on her face . Now he sat holding his prick in his hand. He wasn’t even jerking off, he was so interested in what was happening.

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