Young married maths teacher

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Deepa was a teacher in a school. She was married to a man who works in a mill.they had one child of 3 years. Last year deepas husband died in a machine injury. The company paid a lump sum amount to her. Then she didn’t marry any one. She was living alone with her mother and her child. Intially Deepa was a sex starved person.since she had regular sex with her husband.after his death she was starving for sex. One day I got a mail by saying that your story was nice and other things. In that way the chat started. Then latter we exchaned our mobile no. Then we started chatting in what’s app.oneday I asked her photo. She sent the photos after a long hesitation. On seeing that I was stunned. What a beauty she looks homely. She was so cute. I cant believe that.

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Then she went to bath room and shaved all her pussy. All the things got over by 3.00pm. Then we decided to go for shopping. She came in saree and I made to sit in my bike and stated the travel. In the shop I asked her to select a modern dress. She decided to buy salwaar hamez. But I asked her to select a t shirt and jean. She didn’t liked that but due to my compulsion she noded yes. Then I selected a white t shirt and blue jeans and asked her to wear. With hesitation she entered dressing room and my angel become more modern in that dress. The dress showed her assets . Then we went for a coffee shop and romanced by touching her hands and looking her eyes etc. Then we moved to home.

Fucking my teacher

Now starts the enjoyment.she Asked me to get refreshed. I told her also to have bath and wear a cotton saree. She wearing saree and entered the room where my angle was ready for me.she pushed me on the bed and sat on me. She then removed my shirt slowly and made me nude.she was stunned on seeing my cock.i asked her to undress herself.but she didn’t done it. She tied my hand on my back. And she told me to undress her by my mouth. First I removed her saree pin.and slowly removed the saree by holding saree in my mouth.then I licked her bare navel which was awesome.she liked it.

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