Accepting Sam’s love : first night like her wife (part – 2)

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It’s a day full of love and romance as Sam ,a 25 years young guy is with me , Dipaali ,a 20 years gal with her tall figure of 5’7 feet as my round boobs are soft as well as tight ,it’s nipples are round and brownish ,so my butts looks sexy as it’s a V shaped and my reddish vagina with little pubic hairs on it upper portion as it’s for making it more nice is now nude on bed as it’s a afternoon and both have enjoyed oral sex . Accepting Sam’s love : first night like her wife

I have washed my sexual organs as Sam have but he have given me a tough task , seems to be herculean to be nude for days and night as we both are in the outskirts of Delhi ,a resort cum wedding place as it’s looks peaceful with less room booked now.we both are bit exhausted as we hold eachother and slept but soon my eyes opened as it seems that I have lost my cool and looking for more fun now but Sam is sleeping soundly and his cock is looking withered ,so I moved to sofa and put some beer in glass as I starts drinking it and looking at Sam’s nude body I am feeling too horny .

Now I lit a cigarette also as I am making myself bit bold and smokes of cigarette made Sam conscious as he opened his eyes and now moved inside washroom ,I am ready for physical love as my would be hubby awakes and now I put wine with soda in his glass ,coming back he sits near me

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“so feeling refreshed
(Dipaali put her legs crossed)yes looking for more fun
(He took his glass)sure but you will not permit for intercourse ,isn’t it ?
(Me)as you wish but I have thought about a hot night while putting lehenga and choli on my sexy body .”

And than he put his arm on my shoulder as it moves down to my breast and as he starts squeezing it ,I have put my empty glass on table and so he is drinking wine while giving my boobs a hard massage.

Dipaali is a young gal as her body is in sensation and now as I hold Sam’s cock to jerk ,he is bit crazy as he put his strong arms under my knees and hold me as I put my arms in his shoulder , so while holding me in his lap he took me on bed as I get laid with my legs he leaned on my top as he starts kissing my face and while rubbing his back ,I am lying under Sam and he is too hot as his lips are loving my neck to chest and as he hold my breast and starts licking it’s nipple with his tongue ,my vagina is little aroused as I starts rubbing my one leg on other and now he took my breast in his mouth and starts sucking it hard ,so getting horny as my eyes are getting closed ,he is on my top and I starts screaming

“uh ah Sam ,it’s in fire oh “and his mouth left my breast as his mouth’s saliva have made it wet and he is rolling his tongue on it as his one hand is massaging my it’s an afternoon as prior to our lunch I need a delicious meals from my hubby in my hole and as he starts sucking my left breast ,I starts screaming in pleasure

“oh uh um Sam it’s making me too horny , please fuck fuck me “and as my vagina is getting itchy ,I am getting hotter for fuck .so later on ,Sam left my breast as he is kissing my flat tummy to waist and as I am too aroused ,my butts are going up but like a hot lover ,he knew my desires and now he just put a pillow under my butts as Sam’s face is in between my thighs .so I felt like his nose moving on my hole as I am getting sexy

“oh uh Sam ,you are making me horny
(He)sure but you have first ignited my mind as well as body.”

And he starts kissing my vagina as it’s labias are too closer and than my hand is rubbing his hairs as I can feel his tongue in my hole ,well it’s a tool to make my hole satisfy if his penis is lacking energy and his tongue is not going towards it’s (cunt)end as it’s flexibility with width is at my cunt is bit hot but it’s cum ….not going to make my cunt wet Sam left my cunt as he moved to washroom and I can see his cock getting some erection as I am still on bed ,so he came back as he asked me

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“baby ,have to order for lunch
(Dipaali)sure but ask room service for lunch at 02:30
(He smiled)sure but what you will do for nearly two hours
(Me)you will see .”and than Sam ordered for lunch on intercom as he sits again on sofa to drink wine and like a hungry gal ,I sits on my legs Infront of his legs and as he is preparing his large pack of wine ,I asked “Sam ,now move forward with legs stretched
(He laughed)oh I see !going to make my tool hard
(Me)don’t waste my precious time as come forward soon”and Sam than hold his glass as he put his both legs on sofa stretching it wider and his anus hole is on corner as I have to lick it to make his cock hard soon.dipaali is new to love as I have read too many articles on sex ,sexual organs and positions as I know licking of ass hole can make guy’s penis hard in lesser span of time . so I just hold the bottle of wine as I am willing to put it’s some drops on hole but as Sam knew my desire ,he gave me his glass and now I just dropped little wine on his hole ,than put glass on table .now my finger is rubbing his anus hole as drops of wine have made it wet and now looking at him ,I put my fingers on his hole to make it wider and starts licking his hole with my tongue as my other hand is moving on his semi erected penis and my tongue is too fast while rolling in his hole as he is drinking wine and screaming

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