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Hai friends i am harish of age 25 from Coimbatore.. I am working as a hairstylist.i am regular reader of this site.this story is real one. Kindly mail me for queries and comments.

This story is about my social media friend suguna. She is a married women with two children living in outskirts of Coimbatore.Her husband is working in north India.He will come only two months once. Suguna is of age 40 with little fat.Her size is 38 36 40 with small tummy which u all will enjoy. This story is about our relationship.

While surfing instagram i saw rani and started to follow. Next she to followed me. Then i started chatting with her.intially i don’t have any intention on her. Then i asked her pic. She sent without hesitation. We have been chatting for six months.

One day i told her that I love you. She was in shock. She doesn’t speak for one week. After that she advised me not to think like that because she was married. Again we chatted for three months. In mean time i will ask her pic she will send her pic daily. She will be awesome in sareee.i will always praise her beauty. She loved it. Then again one day i told her that I love you.i want to marry you.she was angry and hesitated. Then immediately i called her and spoke. She told that she too has intrest but her situation don’t allow it.i convinced her to say i love u. Then she called me only by my pet name.she loved me lotss. While texting one day i asked for a kiss.she refused continuously. Then atlast she gave a kiss. Then we started do sex chat.during that she told that she was so eager for that. Since we had been chatting for 2 months. One day she asked me to come to her home since her children were went to her native place. I asked her to come to Coimbatore. She refused.any way i made her to come. She came to singanallur bustand in green sareee. I was cherrished on seeing her. Immediately i told her I love you. I want to marry u. She told I love you too. Then i told her that I have a plan to go to Ooty. She immediately agreed.i took to funmall. There we purchased a Jean and t shirt for her which s so hot. Then we took car and went to Ooty and booked a resort. We reached there by 12 pm.there She prepared lunch and asked me to eat. But I pulled her near me and mad her sit on my lap and gave food.she ate. Then I moved towards her lips and got a food from her lips. It was tasty. We had lunch like this.

Sinnndy’s First Time

Then we planed for sight seeing. She got ready and was in sareee. I asked her to wear t shirts and Jean. First she regretted,then changed her dress. In that dress she looked like 30’s . She was awesome. Then I took bike, she sat on bike by hugging me from back tightly and placed her face on my shoulder. I was so happy.

We went to the spot but need to walk some distance.i parked the bike. I put my hand on her shoulder and she put her hand on my waist and holding me closer. She was laying her face on my chest and walking along with me. It was a awesome feeling. Then we sat at one place and had romance. We both were looking into each other eyes for half an hour. She was laying on chest. We both were roaming like lovers. At one spot we sat together and started smooching each other. I was playing with her boobs. It’s awesome. I was rubbing my hands on her lips. She was in heaven. Her eyes are lusty. I was playing in her neck with my tongue.she enjoyed it. I moved my hands into her t-shirt and pressed her navel . She shouted. It was awesome.then I smooched her legs. She wore leggings. It showed her legs which is awesome. I played with her foot. Kissed her foot. She moaned. Then came to boobs which I touched it. She cuddled my hair and I played with it. I started pressing it. She enjoyed it. I twisted her nipples which is awesome. I played with her whole body. She enjoyed it. We went to cottage at 6.00 pm she prepared dinner which we shared by our mouth.she hugged me and we both moved to the bed .she pushed me on bed. She tied my hands on bed. She removed my t shirt and pant. I was only with my underwear. I was shy because first time being nude infront of a lady.then she started smooching near my underwear. I was so hot. She started undressing herself.she was whole nude. I was too nervous to see first time. She was using her finger and touching my body from top to bottom. I was so hot. I twisted my body. Immediately she kissed me on lips. She was biting mine. Cuddling my hair.then she started biting my chest. She placed her boobs on my mouth.i was biting her.she forced boobs into my mouth.then she moved down and removed my underwear. She was playing with 5.5 inch cock. She told that her husband cock was small. She was sucking badly.she was talking my ball into her mouth. Sucking deeply.then she was rolling her tongue from top to bottom.she was playing with my body. Then she placed her pussy on my mouth. I was licking it. She started moaning while licking. She made me to lick for half an hour. She was moaning louder . She was pulling my hair. Immediately She moved down and took my cock into her pussy. She started stroking it. She was jumping hard.she told she was enjoying me.

Remaining How i Fucked her will be explained in next part.

thanks for reading this story.kindly mail the comments to mail I’d [email protected].

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