Gokuldham Society : Sonu, the Baby Hemamalini

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Sonu, Bhide’s daughter, just celebrated **yrs. her birthday. She was very beautiful, studious and intelligent, stood first each year and looked very much like her mother, Madhabi. Like her mother, she was also religious minded, chanted mantras in the worship-rooom before the marble statue of the Goddess “Maa Santoshi ” with her mother two times daily. And after puja she touched her parent’s feet ( Pranam ).

She was everything a father could want in a daughter. She loved and respected her parents dearly and was a great source of pride and satisfaction. They were very protective; but when Sonu smiled at her father, with that twinkle in her eye, she knew that her father would agree to anything she wanted.

Sonu was matured early and had been having regular periods for several years. Her body had filled out in all the right places and, like her mother, looked very much like young Hemamalini. She was a student of class-ix, practiced dances daily and played tennis. These activities kept her body firm, tuned and flexible. Her sexy demeanor also attracted the teenage boys in her school as well as the male members of the Gokuldham Society and that created a dilemma.

Sonu started dating with Tappu, only son of Jethalal and Daya Gada, an upper classman. Their marriage engagement was also completed, after four years on Sonu’s **birthday the official marriage would be held in the five star hotel Metro. However Bhide thought Sonu was too young but her mother was more willing to entertain the idea.

Sonu had always wanted to sit in her father’s lap while he was reading or watching television. As she got older and her body matured this habit became increasingly disconcerting to Bhide. She would come home from school, still wearing her short skirt and loose T-shirt, and hop onto his lap, straddling his legs with her knees under his arms, give him a big hug.

She would often say, “How is my favorite Daddy today?” Other times she would say, “Will you hold me tight, Daddy?” She would then turn around with her back against his chest, still straddling his lap, and pull both his arms around her body just below her full breasts.

In either position she seemed to rub her soft ass excessively against his crotch. After one of these sessions Bhide commented to his wife, after they were in bed, that he thought she should talk to Sonu and encourage her to be a bit more demure. After all she was becoming a sexy young woman.

Madhabi smiled and said, “Oh, don’t be so old fashioned. Sonu is just practicing her sexual lures on you. I take it that her lures are working. Is she turning you on? Does she make your ‘dicky’ get hard?”

“Madhabi, don’t be crude, remember she is my daughter. I just think you should have a talk with her about sex and things… you know… what young ladies are supposed to do and the things they are not supposed to do.” Bhide smiled.

“Well, I guess it wouldn’t hurt to have a talk with her, as she is  dating with Tappu. She did take that sex education class and I know the girls talk about boys. She said last week that some of the boys would try to put their hands under her skirt when they passed her in the hall at school. I think we both should have a little talk with her; so she doesn’t feel embarrassed during her sex with Tappu” Bhide explained.

“That seems reasonable to me. I’ll mention it to Sonu when we talk.” Madhabi smiled.

The next afternoon when Sonu came in from school Madhabi was in the kitchen. “Hello, Babe, how was school?”

“Same old, same old, Mummy. You know.”
“There are some pears in the fruit drawer of the fridge. We need to talk, Sonu. Get a snack and come into the bedroom for a few minutes.”
“Sure, Mummy, I’ll be right in. What’s up anyway?”

Madhabi got a glass of wine and Megan brought her pear into the bedroom. “What’s going on, Mummy? What did you want to talk about?”
“Well, you remember mentioning that Tappu had asked you for sex. I told your father about this and he thinks you are too young for sex. But I convinced him to let you start fucking. However we don’t want to interfere but you are so young and inexperienced.”

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