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At eighteen, Gary thought he knew it all but his education was mediocre, his childish looks were quickly fading, his goals in life were mere questions and his sex life crested half his life ago. Soon after his nineteenth birthday, Gary realized his state of being had been little more than a frustrating search for an illusion.

During the final months of high school, Gary’s best friend, Jimmy had a girlfriend he talked little about and the reason was simple enough. The guy believed his sex life private and something he never discussed with anyone, even his best buddy. It only took Gary a few days to deduce his buddy was getting some on a regular basis, while Gary prowled the school halls only to find cock teasers and coeds he coined as; mister-baiters.

The summer after graduation, Gary finally got the opportunity to meet his buddy’s girlfriend but only after the secretive couple had explored each other to the point of having nothing else filthy to do with each other except visit the world outside their sacrament of lust. That day was normal enough for Gary as far as Saturdays went, he was making extra cash detailing a motorcycle and was busy polishing spokes with a strip of leather shoelace soaked in a polishing compound, but when he saw his best friend ride up on a scooter with two girls onboard he started to wonder if his best friend was getting more pussy than he deserved.

The girls were physical opposites. One was taller than the other by a few inches. One was a brunette and one was blonde. One had substantial breasts, one had subtle breasts, one had a heart shaped buttocks, one had an apple bottom, one had bedroom brown eyes, one had dreamy blue eyes but to Gary, both girls were definitely pretty. Although Gary had a passion for blondes, he understood why his friend was attracted to one of the girls when he noticed she couldn’t keep her hands away from the guy’s genitals. Gary thought it rather odd the girl was so open about her affection and he found himself chatting with her best friend, the short brunette with bedroom brown eyes. Her name was Susanna, but everyone called her Suzy, the icemaker.

Suzy was a demure girl and seemed aloof at times nearing the point of being indifferent to Gary but that day the foursome enjoyed the time together and nothing seemed out of place except Gary’s constant gazing at Suzy’s adorable physical features. Before sundown, the two girls and Gary’s buddy zoomed off down the street on the scooter leaving Gary to polish wire spokes, or so they thought.

As soon as the threesome was out of sight, Gary went to his bedroom, pulled his pants down and masturbated while visions of Suzy’s stiff nipples, the gentle curves of her vaginal folds and the tantalizing curves of her little round buttocks flashed in his mind’s eye. It wasn’t the first time Gary had the illusion of having intercourse with a hot looking girl, but Suzy had captured something deeper and this time Gary didn’t bother to open the special magazine he kept hidden under the mattress containing what he had come to appreciate as his illusion … the perfect woman.

Summer went by in a flash and a new couple could be seen walking the junior college halls together while offering the world around them signs only known to those who understood subtle public displays of affection. It took Gary nearly three weeks to get the chance to place his hand on one of Suzy’s breasts and feel the stiffness of one her nipples, and when he did his throbbing penis filled his pants with semen. Gary realized what was happening and he couldn’t cope with his premature ejaculations not realizing Suzy thought it an easy way to get through sex with a guy in the least amount of time possible.

Two months later, Gary and Suzy were married in a small chapel with a few relatives present partly for the opportunity to watch a virgin groom ruin his life and partly for the potluck food. The newlyweds went to a nearby motel, undressed each other completely for the first time then Suzy proudly announced she was on her period. Gary blew off their honeymoon as a way to hand over cash to a sleazy motel after Suzy convinced him a woman’s menstrual cycle was the ultimate barrier to consummation but four days later, Gary discovered his new bride was no innocent virgin. After settling in as a married couple both had to drop out of junior college and search for full time jobs gullibly inviting the beastly insanity of survival of the fittest to claw at their lives.

Suzy had no problem finding a secretarial position in a large manufacturing plant about an hour’s drive from their small rented home and Gary took the only job he could find as a package boy in a popular grocery store a few blocks away. Their life seemed at best a struggle of never ending issues with bills to pay and sex became monotonous missionary style for a few moments on Saturday nights when there was nothing to watch on the television.

A month later, Suzy told Gary she had to start working Saturdays because her employer was awarded a huge military contract and the plant was understaffed. Suzy reasoned they could use the extra money and Gary felt he could use the time alone to pursue his illusion.

The next Saturday Gary was alone in the small house for over ten hours. He had little to do except wash and detail his car, suck down a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with a can of soda for lunch, watch TV, take a nap, watch more TV, pull out the magazine he had stashed in a secret hiding place containing the foldout of a hot blonde with perfect breasts, a sweet smile, teasing eyes and a curvy buttocks, get naked and hump three pillows he fashioned into the hips and buttocks of a woman while trying desperately to imagine what the skin with tiny hairs on the subtle curves of a round white buttocks printed on high gloss paper would feel like if the crown of his stiff penis were gliding over the real thing. Suddenly, Gary found himself scrambling to hide the bed sheet and pillowcases he had painted with semen.

Two months went by and Suzy began working every weekend leaving Gary to his fantasy world. The extra money helped greatly, but Gary was going out of his mind with lust for the woman he married and couldn’t figure how to change things or new places to temporarily hide messing bedding.

One Saturday night Gary decided to be the aggressor telling his pretty bride he’d settle for a hand job followed by a blowjob but Suzy refused, using her exhausted state and her inexperience with oral as her leverage. The following argument was their first and Gary unloaded his rage on the woman scaring Suzy to the point of tears.

Oddly, the next morning Gary was awaken when Suzy started playing with his penis and he remained silent watching the young woman fondle the stiff pink rod like it was a foreign object. He thought things were going to change for the better, however a few moments later Gary was gazing at the curves of Suzy’s tight round apple bottom under her pajamas and panty as she stood at the bathroom sink washing Gary’s semen off her hands.

Gary came to the conclusion he had received no sexual satisfaction from his bride and he began questioning his marriage and his manhood. He called his best friend from a pay phone at work seeking some advice from experience then met Jimmy for lunch the next Saturday, and for the first time, they chatted about their sex lives. After listening to Gary’s sad story, Jimmy opened up about his escapades with the blonde explaining they had called it quits after running out of filthy things to do to each other. Jimmy explained it all in graphic detail as if it were a rant of revenge. It did nothing for Gary except make him horny for Mindy, the extremely cute blonde cashier he never had the courage to approach.

He thought it odd, his best friend enjoyed vaginal, oral and anal sex on a regular basis for nearly a year, and a simple blowjob was completely remote to Gary’s wife. After that day, Gary’s life slowly morphed into a constant search for a willing and wild sex partner casting discretion aside. He felt he could maintain the illusion he was married and faithful to the vows in front of Suzy while returning to a prowler’s life. Unfortunately nothing happened for several months and Gary began getting the impression he was simply unattractive and worse, he would live his life as an undesirable hermit with a permanent hard-on for beautiful blondes.

One Saturday morning, a few months later, while washing his car at the curbside in front of his rented home, Gary noticed the small Spanish style house directly across the street buzzing with activity. Gary giggled at first thinking it odd four young men were moving in with an older but attractive lady not realizing they were helping the woman move her belongings into the small house.

Gary began studying the woman closely and liked what he saw. First, she had long wavy light blonde hair nearing silver, she had an attractive face for an older woman and her breasts were huge but not pendulous. Gary thought she appeared to be slightly thicker than most females he had ever studied but realizing the impact age had on a women’s form he thought she was probably older by a few years but aged fairly well. The features affecting him the most were her smile and taunting eyes. Gary thought the woman’s smile reminded him of a girl he once knew and her pretty blue eyes reminded him of the way the girl admired him during their special moments together.

Washing his car became a slow motion waltz as Gary studied the woman move around ordering the men. By noon, the two pickup trucks and pair of station wagons along with the men drove off and the lady disappeared into the house. Gary shrugged the entire scene off as entertainment thinking he’d never see the buxom blonde again.

That evening Gary decided to make meatloaf and mashed potatoes with canned sweet peas for dinner and try to enjoy a nice evening with his bride, hoping there would be even the slightest chance the woman would loosen up a bit and have a playful and filthy time with genitals on their marital mattress.

Just before Suzy was to arrive home, Gary heard a gentle rap on the door. At first he thought Suzy had come home early and had forgotten the house key again but when he opened the door, to his surprise the chesty blonde was standing on the porch and she began speaking as soon as the door was fully open, “Hi, hate to bother you, but you’re the only person in this neighborhood I’ve seen so far … can I borrow a stick of butter … I’ll pay you back on Friday after I get paid.”

Gary had never been in such close proximity to very large breasts, especially undulating breasts with huge thick nipples under a shirt with severe transparency and he felt his face blushing. He wanted desperately to look down at the lady’s massive chest and rub his penis on her erect nipples, but he forced his focus into her big blue eyes. His mind went blank for a moment then he snapped out of it when he realized his penis was rising and could blow in seconds. He wasn’t sure what to do or say until the lady broke his trance and asked, “You okay dear?”

Gary grinned a little then said with a slight quiver in his voice as he nodded his head, “Yeah … I think I do have two stits,” then Gary cringed and corrected himself as he tapped his forehead with the heel of his hand, “I mean sticks … in the fridg.”

The Lady giggled a little as she said with a grin, “You’re cuter than a puppy,” as she gently pressed her finger into Gary’s stomach just below his navel then pulled her hand back to her side.

Gary didn’t know what to do next. He liked her gentle touch and knew she was aware he had an erection in his shorts then he completely forgot his wife would be pulling into the drive in a few minutes as he begged in his mind like mental telepathy for the woman to suck his stiff penis. He felt a flush of heat rush his face and he asked with a quiver in his voice, “Want to come in and help me find the butter?”

The lady placed her palms on her hips and cocked her head to one side, then asked as she glanced down at Gary’s bulge then looked back into his eyes, “Do you really think that’s such a good idea sweetheart, with that going on down there?”

Gary wanted to yank the lady through the doorway, slam the door shut, lock it, rip her blouse open and stick his erection between the beautiful flesh balloons and let his penis do what it was about to do in seconds anyway.

“Um, yeah, I guess you’re right, you better wait here, I’ll get a stit, damn it … I mean stick … a stick of butter,” Gary said, then he turned and before he took a step forward he closed his eyes to tattoo the vision clearly on the walls of his mind of the pair of white blobs of flesh hiding behind shear white material and praying there wasn’t a wet spot on the front of his shorts.

After gently placing the chilled stick in the lady’s hand she looked into Gary’s eyes and said with a soft voice, “You’re such a sweetie, maybe we could have coffee sometime and just chat,” then she waited for Gary’s response, and when he didn’t respond, she turned and said, “Come over any time darling … thanks,” then as she sashayed away Gary examined her buttocks wiggle under the material of her slacks.

‘Holy shit,’ Gary thought as he felt his penis throb in his shorts, ‘am I really thinking what I think I’m thinking?’ then he went to the bedroom to change his shorts.

That night after Gary burned the meatloaf, under baked the potatoes and spilled a cup of warm peas on Suzy, the closest he came to sex was watching Suzy dry off her wet naked body after showering before she slipped on her bra, then her panty, then pajamas then promptly entered the bed, rolled away from Gary and whispered, “Goodnight Gary.”

Gary was fully awake and so horny he had to get some relief. After an hour of contemplating how he would get Suzy’s pajama pants and panty off then mount her so he could slip his erection into her, he gave up, pulled the sheet off his sleeping bride, knelt next to the young woman and masturbated while visions of two massive breasts with stiff fat nipples danced in his head. Gary’s ejaculation was so powerful he nearly fell off the bed and thinking Suzy might have felt his motion and wake he remained uncomfortably still. After a few minutes, Gary sat up in bed, studied his limp penis and the drying semen on his bride’s pajamas then the curves of his bride’s round curvy buttocks while thinking the beautiful curves closest to him where light years away. Over the following week Gary concluded he had to make a hard decision about his sanity for the first time in his life.

The next Saturday morning was the usual madness of Suzy showering in a rush, doing her makeup, dressing then gulping down two cups of black coffee while Gary remained clear of the spaces she occupied by scooping up a bowl of cereal. Just before his bride dashed out the door giving Gary with a quick peck on his cheek she tossed a strong feeling of guilt at him as if it was his fault she had to work all the time.

That morning, Gary never noticed Suzy’s forest green car back out of the driveway and race off down the pavement. His eyes were focused on the wooden entrance door of the quaint Spanish style house directly across the street while visions of what the occupant might be doing with her breasts flashed in his mind.

After a few moments, Gary sat down and contemplated his life. He had no reasonable way of making a decent living because he had always hated school. The only reason he ever went to school was because of the pretty coeds there and he engulfed himself in their beauty. As far back as he could recall he always wanted to be near beautiful girls and inhale their essence not realizing they felt uneasy the way he studied them. He never understood how girls could be so cruel by shunning a boy who sincerely adored their beauty and treasured the fact they were alive, full of life, and to Gary, the most powerful force on planet earth.

For some strange reason he suddenly felt a chill thinking one day young girls would look at him as a dirty old man not realizing his passion for the awesome power of youthful female beauty had affected him his entire life. Gary snapped out of his antipathy long enough to gain the confidence to visit the lady across the street, sit down with her, have a few cups of coffee and simply listen to maturity and hopefully she’d understand his frustration and could possibly explain to him why it was so difficult to find a beautiful girl, willing to be his filthy sex partner.

Gary had no idea what to wear but he figured a pair of shorts without briefs and a simple pull over would do, not thinking he could repeat his prior embarrassing performance. He was so numb when he walked out of the house he never locked the door and walked mindlessly across the street, stepped up to the lady’s front door and pressed the doorbell button. After hearing the chime he waited with an empty mind for something to happen. When nothing happened except getting butterflies in his stomach, he looked down at his bare feet and asked, “What the fuck am I doing?”

In defeat, Gary turned slowly around and stepped down the pathway to the sidewalk nearly missing the sight of an older station wagon slowing down in front of him. When he looked up the lady was in the stopped car leaning toward the passenger side then she said aloud, “Looking for me honey?”

Gary paused for a moment and decided he would let whatever was to about to take place happen, and he wasn’t about to halt anything from that moment forward. He smiled a little then said with a crack in his voice, “Yes ma’am.”

“Let me park the car, you can help me take the groceries inside,” the lady said then the car suddenly lunged forward with a squeal, turned into the driveway then stopped with a jerk. Gary stood numbly on the pathway as he watched the lady exit the car then step to the rear, open the hatch then motion for Gary to come to her.

As soon as he was near the lady his nostrils filled with the odd scent of her perfume and he noticed she was wearing a bra under her bellowing light blue blouse. Her thighs were larger than most he had seen and her calves were very curvy and show-white, and her shoes appeared to be some sort of heeled sandal with the strap nearly covering red toenails. He had never seen the shoe design nor had he ever before seen a girl dressed the way she was dressed. He wanted to ask the lady if she was married and if it was okay to be with her in her house and talk but he never got the opportunity. Suddenly Gary found himself in the lady’s kitchen watching her bulbous buttocks wiggle under the smooth cloth of her white pleated skirt as she organized the contents of the grocery bags on the counter. Then suddenly she turned toward Gary and said, “Why don’t you make coffee dear, everything you need is over there, tap water is fine.”

A half hour later Gary was sitting at a small round glass top table studying the lady’s eyes, nose and lips then the curves of her cheeks and chin wondering why his penis was numb and his hands didn’t have the urge to reach out and cup the round blobs before him. His blank stare was broken when the lady picked up her cup of coffee, held it in her hands with her elbows on the table then asked, “What’s your name sweetie?”

Gary looked down at the steeping cup of black coffee in front of him and nearly whispered his response, “Gary.”

Then the lady reached out with her right hand and said softly, “Hi, Gary, pleased to meet you finally, I’m Elaine, my friends call me Lane and I believe I own you a stick of butter.”

When Gary looked down at Lane’s hand he instantly compared the differences between a young girl’s hand, a young woman’s hand and an older lady’s hand. Her skin was so white it appeared to be bleached with the bones, the wrinkles and veins protruding seeming to indicate they had experience. The color of her fingernails didn’t match her toenails but none of it mattered as their hands touched. Gary felt an incredible spark fill him and he sensed he was being transported into a world he had never known he could venture into with such ease. Her skin was so soft it felt like silk in his hand and a cordial invitation to enter a sexual world with her seemed plausible. He blinked as if to clear his mind then he spoke softly, “Hi Lane, pleased to finally meet you too.”

As they held hands Gary felt he needed to do something else but before he could, Lane spoke in a near whisper, “I feel there’s a lost little boy in there … one who needs answers but doesn’t know where to look to even find the questions … are you okay Gary … Huh honey?”

Gary cleared his throat knowing he was about to confess to a complete stranger all his desires had been shattered and he had no direction in life except to find that one perfect piece of ass. Then he thought it would be too much for the lady to handle during their first meeting and he simply said, “I don’t know … you’re right … I really don’t know what questions to ask.”

Lane gently squeezed Gary’s hand and said softly, “Tell you what Gary … as you can see … I’ve much more experience in life and I know it shows … but I feel I can help a friend discover some things he never knew existed … that is, if you’ll have me as your teacher … I’ll teach you.”

Gary knew at that moment the lady’s voice was hypnotizing him and he felt he was about to have sex with a woman twice, maybe more than twice his age and he felt he needed to say something. Without thinking he blurted out, “I’ll be twenty in a few weeks.”

Lane slowly released Gary’s hand then grasped her coffee cup, took a sip of the liquid then said, “I see a very frustrated young boy, one who loves women and cares about them but only wants sex with the pretty ones, but he fears the power of returned affection is always missing … am I right?”

Gary looked deep into the eyes of the women before him and began to feel a strange comfort inside his soul. He wanted to tell the lady she was right but he spoke as if he was in a confessional. “The last time I was with a pretty girl was a long time ago … I can still remember how the room smelled and how much I liked playing with her and watching her eyes watch me … it was so awesome at the time, I thought all girls reacted the same way … but I had no idea what I was doing or cared how much she liked playing with me.”

Lane tilted her head forward and said softly, “Did the same thing honey … you’re not alone in this world, Gary … you’re part of it, you just don’t know it yet.”

Gary smiled a little and had to ask the only thing he knew what to ask, “Are you going to teach me how to have sex?”

Lane giggled a little then placed her coffee cup on the table, placed her hands palm up and looked deep into Gary’s eyes, “Give me your hands, Gary.”

Gary looked down at the seasoned hands and felt he had to interlock her fingers with his. When their fingers entwined he looked up and saw Lane’s eyes had a certain glisten in them and he wanted to know why. Then she spoke with a deep voice nearly as low as a pubescent boy’s when it finally broke the barrier, “I’ll teach you how to approach women and when I’m finished I promise you will be more confident in your decision making in a everything you do … I’m not going to have sex with you Gary … do you understand?”

Gary felt somewhat let down. He really wanted to slide his erect throbbing penis between her massive tits and watch it ooze semen all over the soft white skin. He felt he had to respond and again without thinking things through he asked, “How is possible to teach it without doing it?”

“The innocent ignorance before me is incredible,” Lane said as she gently squeezed Gary’s fingers in hers, “I can tell you I would love to explore sex with you but to discover you walked away afterward and never learned anything would bother me greatly … I’m very open about such things … too open, as a matter of fact … there will be physical contact … there will be kissing, and licking, and sucking, and fondling and, believe it or not, even careful thought and adoration of ever move … I don’t consider it sex, I see it as making someone you really care about feel themselves from within, kind of like a slow dance … I’ll admit, I haven’t been with a young man for a very long time, but if you’ll be my student, I’ll do my best … that’s all I can offer.”

Gary felt he was about to be forced to place his face between two white thighs and would be expected to kiss whatever was hidden between them. He felt a bit frightened, but at the same time his curiosity was exploding and his libido was boiling. If Lane opened her blouse at that very moment he’d bound over the table and burry his face between her breasts and let his throbbing penis fill his shorts with semen. Gary knew he had to move forward with Lane and give her an answer, reasoning the offer before him would probably never happen again in his life, he asked. “When do we start?”

Lane smiled knowing the feeling of conquering had returned. She looked deep into her subject’s eyes and said, “Any time you’re ready … lets say next Saturday … if I’m not here, there’s a small wooden box on the wall at the front door with a small pencil and pad of paper, just write G on it then I’ll know you came over … I’ve watched what I thought was your girlfriend leave every morning around six and return late in the day, but you’re ring tells me you’re married, it also appears you hang around on Saturdays and Sundays with little to do except wash your car … I can only imagine what goes on in your house the rest of the time … I have things to do some Saturdays, I won’t know until it happens … but if I see the note Saturday night, I’ll make arrangements to be home Sunday, and, if at any time you see the drapes halfway open on the window behind you, it’ll mean we can spend some time together … sound like a plan?”

Gary felt somewhat honored the lady took the time to watch the goings on in his life and he had nothing to say about her voyeurism but he had a feeling deep in his soul he was about to be transformed. It wasn’t exactly the way he had envisioned his life but there it was in front of him, an older woman offering to teach him how to be a man. Suddenly he had to know the answer to a question but he wasn’t sure if he should ask. He had always heard the older women in his life make fun of their age and often thought they did it to hide something from men, but Gary had to ask the question anyway, “Can I ask you something?”

“Sure you can Gary, ask away,” said Lane as she placed her empty coffee cup on the small table.

“Um … within a few years is okay … but … how old are you?” asked Gary with a slight quiver in his voice.

Lane giggled a little then looked to her right as if to seek the correct answer by cheating off a fellow student, then she turned her head and gazed deep into Gary’s eyes, “I’m forty six … is that a problem?”

Gary instantly felt he had to recover from the embarrassment of asking such a stupid question and he felt he needed to smooth the air in the room over with a clever response, “No … it’s not a problem at all … you don’t look like any forty six year old girl I’ve ever met … you look hot as shit … I mean it, really, you do.”

“You’re a sweetie, I don’t get compliments quite like that anymore, don’t get me wrong, I did get compliments like that once, at thirty I looked twenty something, but now a days, it takes a lot more work even to look forty again, and I still don’t get compliments,” offered Lane as she glared into Gary’s eyes thinking she’d love to yank the kid’s shorts down and suck his erect penis with one of her vibrators shoved into his colon.

Gary went home feeling he had accomplished something and that night Gary made a baked chicken, mixed vegetables and rice for dinner, and for some reason it all worked out just right. Suzy even commented on his excellent cooking skills for the first time but made a remark about the odd fragrance she occasionally smelled on him. That night Gary showered to rid his body of the lady’s perfume and prayed he had rid his body of the aroma before resting on the mattress next to his wife. Then he made a mental note to be sure to thoroughly bathe after every lesson.

That night was a bust. As usual Suzy fell right to sleep and Gary was clueless how to relieve his frustration. He lowered the sheet and gazed at Suzy’s little round buttocks hiding behind plaid pajamas and white panties and compared what he was gazing at to the larger forms he had witnessed a few hours before. As he gazed at the subtle curves of Suzy posterior he began to realize the young woman closer to him than his neighbor really had a beautiful bottom. He couldn’t resist gently smoothing the curves with his hand and his penis began to rise as he felt the soft flannel cloth covering the cool skin. Suddenly Gary heard, “not tonight, I’m too pooped for that.”

Gary snapped his hand away then sat glaring at the wall covered with old paint. He felt his penis retract then he tried to sense he was fondling the lady’s huge breasts. After a few moments, Gray realized he needed to actually be touching the lady’s breasts if anything was going to happen. An hour later, Gary rolled over on his side with his back to his bride and fell asleep with thoughts of the buxom blonde across the street gently sucking his penis as she manipulated his scrotum with gentle maturity.

Sunday morning, Gary woke to find Suzy gone. He glanced at the alarm clock and after noticing it was 8 o’clock he panicked. “Holy shit, I can’t believe I slept this late … fuck … Suzy never even tried to get me up … damn … I’m loosing time with my teacher … shit … what am I going to wear … fuck it … the same ol same ol … why not … it worked the last time,” reasoned Gary as he paced the bedroom’s squeaky wooden floor. Then he glanced across the street and noticed half opened drapes in the right hand living room window.

A half hour later, Gary found himself standing on the lady’s front door stoop pressing the doorbell button. A few moments later, Gary decided nothing would happen that day then suddenly the door opened and to his surprise the lady was standing with a cup of coffee in her hand at her waist.

“Well … good morning, Gary” Lane said with a harsh voice as Gary scanned her voluptuous body behind the shear cloth of her nightgown.

“Hi … Lane … Um … Am I too early?” Gray asked with a nervous tone to his voice.

Lane quickly scanned Gary’s clothes and giggled a little inside. She had already outlined her syllabus and needed to get a few things out in the open before taking on the innocence before her. “Come in …please … have a seat at the table … let’s chat,” she said as she opened her free arm offering Gary direction.

Gary thought; ‘this is going to be wild, I can feel it.’

After Gary sat, Lane approached him, set her coffee cup on the table and began running her fingers through Gary’s hair. Gary felt his penis rise and he wondered how long it would take the lady to get him to ejaculate in his pants.

“Gary … lesson number one … personal hygiene,” Lane said as she circled behind Gary then placed her hands on his shoulders, “Take your time when bathing Gary, and thoroughly wash everything … your hair …your face … your body … your armpits … your penis … your scrotum … your anus … and especially your mind.”

Gary felt his world imploding and there was little he could do to argue Lane’s point. Then he waited for her next words as his penis began to retract while Lane gently rubbed his shoulder muscles.

“I know, I have a problem with body odor … I’ll go take a shower and get cleaned up … then come back … should be an hour or so,” said Gary confidently.

“Don’t waist your time honey, I won’t answer the door when you come back … I have a small package of personal care products for you on the kitchen counter … I want you to study each item carefully, read the directions … think about me when you use them and get back to me next weekend … okay?” said Lane as Gary felt her gentle hands lift away from his shoulders.

As the door closed behind him, Gary felt the school’s biggest bully had just beaten him to a pulp. He felt defeated and wondered if he should ever go back to Lane’s for sex. When he was standing at his kitchen counter he opened the small bag and peeked inside. He saw a new bar of soap, a new canister of deodorant, a new tube of toothpaste, a new toothbrush, new bottles of shampoo and cologne he never knew existed, and two sticks of butter matching the brand he gave Lane.

“Okay, you big titty sexy bitch … I get it,” said Gary as he plucked each item one at a time out of the bag and lined them up on the counter, “but what do I do with the stiff dick in my pants until then?” then he had a thought; ‘how do I explain to Suzy I suddenly started using this shit?’

After Gary found a place to store each item he sat down at the table and looked at the stack of bills. He could never figure out how there was never enough money to pay for everything, but he wrote a check for each, stuffed the envelopes, placed a stamp on each and defiantly wrote the return address over any envelope having a preprinted return address in the top left corner. When he was finished Gary pondered what to do next, then suddenly it dawned on him.

Gary took an extended shower and was amazed how his skin felt after using the strange soap. Then he shampooed his hair following the directions on the small bottle the best he could. After he dried off, he brushed his teeth, twice, combed his hair, looked at the deodorant, used it then splashed his unshaven face with the cologne thinking it was aftershave. Suddenly he felt his face stinging and said, “Fuck, that’s strong aftershave.”

Next he opened the closet and looked at his meager collection of cloths and decided he needed new clothes to look sexy, but he had no money left to buy any. He decided the best clothes he had were the black trousers and white shirt uniform he had to wear to work. He made a decision to wear them to his next sex class.

Gary made burgers and fries for dinner that night but as soon as Suzy entered the house she seemed nervous. Not thinking the woman smelled something different about him, he had clean hair and his torn fingernails were clean for a change. Gary couldn’t take the pressure of Suzy’s glaring and as they sat opposite each other enjoying the burgers he blurted out, “What?”

Suzy placed her half eaten burger on her plate and her hands in her lap, then asked as she sat back in her chair, “What’s going on Gary?”

Gary was unprepared to answer the question and was caught leaning forward chewing a French fry with his forearms on the edge of the table. He glanced up at his bride and after swallowing he offered, “Nothing, I took a shower and cleaned up a bit, that’s all.”

Suzy grinned a little but Gary didn’t think much of it. After eating, the couple cleaned up the kitchen together, which Gary thought odd then they sat on the sofa and Gary never heard a word as Suzy ranted for an hour about her workday while the television flickered nonstop nothing at them. That night they went to bed and Gary noticed something interesting. Suzy removed her pajama pants before entering the bed. Gary felt his penis rise but for some reason he was thinking about Lane’s tits and not Suzy’s luscious young buttocks inside her white cotton panties.

After a few moments of waiting both felt the other refused to make the first move then Suzy rolled over with her back to Gary while saying softly, “Goodnight Gary, see you in the morning.” Strangely, Gary felt relaxed, slept peacefully and had a dream about pumping Lane’s giant tits with his penis. Gary never realized he had a whet dream until the next morning.

Monday morning was mayhem as usual, and both Gary and Suzy fled the house like they were escaping some spooky entity occupying their home. After their token morning goodbye kiss, they left for work unaware each had their own thoughts about what was happening. Gary was thinking about his next lesson with Lane and Suzy was thinking her husband was fooling around with a younger woman.

At the grocer’s that morning the manager approached Gary and told him to be at work at 5 o’clock on Saturday to help unload the week’s shipment. Gary knew if he was told to work unloading stock there was a promotion in the near future but he was torn knowing there was something else on his agenda. Gary panicked realizing he might be missing lesson number two if he worked overtime. Gary knew it took the stockmen about an hour to unload the semi trailer and another hour to stack the boxes in the stock room. He calculated he could rush home, clean up and be knocking on Lane’s door by 9 o’clock never considering he’d have a few extra dollars in his paycheck.

Later that day, Gary was gathering orphaned shopping carts in the isles. One of the tall stockmen was arranging cans on the canned vegetable isle and he saw Gary pushing a shopping cart. “Rumor has it he plans to give you dry goods,” the guy said with a condescending hint in his voice.

Gary stopped for a second, looked up at the guy and with no clue what dry goods were he said, “Yeah, I heard that too,” then he noticed the guy’s eyes look behind Gary.

“Holy shit, look at the set on that old broad,” said the guy in a near whisper.

Gary turned his head and saw Lane slowly walking in his direction while scanning the shelves. He snapped his head forward and as his heart began to beat faster he thought; “oh crap … I don’t need a hard-on right now I might be bagging for Mindy in a few minutes.”

When the tall stockmen looked down to teld Gary something immoral he liked to do with the old broad’s tits, Gary had vanished, and suddenly an older blonde woman was standing in front of the tall young man with her breasts leading the way. She looked up and asked, “Where’s the dried beans sweetie?”

The kid appeared dazed to Lane but he managed to blurt out the words, “Um … isle three, ma’am.”

A few minutes later, Gary found himself bagging at the cute blonde’s checkout counter. He had always thought Mindy too cute to be working in a grocery store and began studying her body the best he could while bagging groceries for a middle aged couple with two very young children and praying Lane wouldn’t appear at Mindy’s check out counter. Later that day, he walked into the break room and found Mindy sitting at one of two small tables reading a thick magazine. He approached with caution and sat down at the opposite table with a sandwich and a soda he purchased at the store’s deli then asked cautiously, “Hi Mindy, whatcha reading?”

Mindy looked up and oddly stared at Gary for a few seconds more than she thought normal and thought she saw something different about him then she blinked and said with her soft childlike voice, “It’s Cosmo … kind of a girl’s magazine, I guess, it has a lot of bullshit adds, but some of the makeup stuff is cool.”

Gary’s penis began to rise not because he wanted it to, it just seemed he was in the presence of that perfect piece of ass and he was totally unprepared to make anything happen other than get an erection. Gary felt he was a looser and he had nothing to offer the pretty blonde accept compliment her on her sweetness and unbelievable beauty. His throat began to swell but he managed to say, “I don’t think you need any of that stuff, Mindy … you’re a beautiful woman.”

Mindy quickly looked down at the open magazine then grabbed her belongings, stood up and walked away. Gary didn’t even scan her tight little buttocks as she sashayed away he just sat and thought; ‘typical, I’m as honest as the day is long and they run away, every fucking time.’

The following week was uneventful and went fast then suddenly it was four in the morning on Saturday. Gary showered, shampooed his hair, shaved, brushed his teeth, used the deodorant, splashed his face with the cologne and felt the same sting, but this time he looked in the mirror and noticed his cheeks were pink. “What the fuck, this shit doesn’t do a damn thing except sting like hell and make my cheeks red.” A moment later he kissed the sheet on the curve of Suzy’s hip and left without exchanging a word with his bride.

At 5 o’clock, Gary was standing at the loading dock with five young men and the middle aged assistant manager. The smell of diesel exhaust filled his nostrils as the sound of a large truck air braking interrupted his thoughts of sucking Lane’s massive nipples.

The worst duty in the store other than cleaning the incinerator was roller rail loader inside the confines of a semi trailer. It was hot and after a half hour it took all of Gary’s strength to lift even the light boxes and place them on the roller racks. After 45 minutes, Gary felt he needed a drink of water and yelled at the crew on the other end of the roller rack, “Hey! … I need a drink of water, it’s hot as shit in here.”

The next thing Gary heard echoing in the hot tight space was the assistant manager’s voice screaming, “There’s only a few boxes left asshole, get this damn thing unloaded … driver is on a schedule.”

Suddenly Gary felt angry and decided it was time to take a stand. He was hot, his shirt was soaking wet with sweat, his hands and back were killing him and his mind was numb from all of Suzy’s rejection. He felt he needed to break away and let a woman with giant tits jerk him off until his penis was stiff enough to stick into an old woman’s sloppy pussy.

After the last box was placed on the roller rack, Gary hopped off the truck’s bed onto the hard surface of the loading dock while untying his apron then he tossed the white cloth at the apron rack missing the hook and the last thing Gary heard was the assistant manager screaming, “Hey asshole! … Where the fuck are you going?”

Gary returned to an empty home, and by 9 o’clock he had showered and shampooed his hair again, brushed his teeth again, used the deodorant again, splashed his face with the cologne and felt the same sting, and once again he looked in the mirror and noticed his cheeks were pink. “This stuff sucks,” he whispered. Then he dressed in the only pair of black pants left in the closet and pulled the purple shirt he hated over his shoulders, buttoned the buttons and stuffed the shirt into his pants, buckled the belt, then slipped his feet into his only pair of loafers, then quickly ran across the street to hopefully be caressed by a woman with a loving touch, huge tits and soft white skin never thinking to check the drape’s position in the right hand window.

Gary stood on the stoop and looked at the doorbell button as his heart raced in his chest. After pressing the button he felt he was about to be comforted and he couldn’t believe how much he longed to be treated like a man by a real woman.

When the door opened, Gary looked at Lane as if she was the only thing left he had in the world. She was wearing tan shorts and a light blue blouse nearly unbuttoned all the way down. Her breasts were so inviting, Gray wanted to lunge forward and burry his face into the cleavage between the white blobs of flesh, instead he heard Lane say softly, “Good morning Gary … please come in,” as she offered Gary entrance with her open palm and outstretched arm.

“Good morning Lane, you look nice this morning,” was all Gary could think to say.

“Thanks, Gary,” Lane said as she closed the door then locked it, “Have a seat on the sofa … want some coffee?”

Gary sat gently on the crackling material then scanned El’s thick thighs as he responded, “Yes ma’am, a bucket of coffee would be perfect … I had a crappy morning at work.”

Lane quickly disappeared around the corner then shortly returned with two mugs of coffee, sat down next to Gary on the sofa and handed one of the steeping mugs to Gary.

“So … what did you and your wife explore last week?” asked Lane then she took a sip of coffee.

“The usual … nothing … what did you do?” asked Gary with a slight nervous tone.

Lane placed one hand under her coffee mug and looked deep into Gary’s eyes then said softly, “I had an interesting evening last night, Gary … I gave myself an enema … I took a long bubble bath … washed my vulva and rectum thoroughly … towel dried my naked body with soft towels … then went to bed … placed a pillow behind my back … spread my legs nice and wide … and had thoughts while I ran my vibrator across my clitoris … and sucked my nipples … it didn’t take long that time … I covered the sheet with my water and nearly screamed for someone special to fuck my ass … I just now finished replacing the sheets … the mattress was soaked,” then she grinned and lifted her coffee mug to her lips while gazing into Gary’s surprised eyes.

“Oh,” said Gary as he sat numbly gazing at El’s pretty blue eyes.

Lane slowly placed her coffee mug on the table and reached for Gary then said softly, “Come here.”

Gary scooted closer to the woman like a leery puppy then she placed her hands gently under his jaws and asked while studying his face, “What’s the matter with your cheeks, they look pink … are you blushing?”

“It’s that aftershave you gave me, it burns like hell and my cheeks get pink,” offered Gary as he tried to get Lane to look into his eyes.

“Silly boy … it’s not aftershave, it’s cologne … I guess Tabac is too powerful for your sensitive facial skin … just put a little on your wrists, then rub them together … don’t use it on your beautiful face again … it might ruin your fair complexion,” then she released her gentle grip and sat back with her palms on her thighs.

“Oh, I had no idea I was doing it wrong,” offered Gary as he quickly glanced down at Lane’s massive erect nipples then back into her clear blue eyes.

“Give me your hands,” asked Lane as she reached out again and waited for Gary to place his hands in hers. When he felt the softness he felt calm fill him.

“What do you see?” asked Gary as he noticed Lane studying his palms then the backs of his hands while her perfume engulfed his nostrils like the scent of a fragrant exotic flower.

Gary watched Lane’s lips as she spoke and said, “You need to stop biting your fingernails dear … it’s not sanitary to begin with … and it’s one of the things girls first notice about a man … they know … girls fear, fear, and if they see a man’s hands reflecting his fear, and wearing a wedding ring … they walk away …do you masturbate Gary?”

Gary coughed a little not believing what he had just heard but he felt it was part of his training and had to answer, “Yes.”

Lane looked deep into Gary’s eyes and asked softly, “Will you masturbate for me?”

Gary felt nervous but he felt he needed to clear the air of something then he said in a near whisper, “I thought that was done in private … sort of self-gratify, ing, or something.”

Lane gently squeezed Gary’s hands then said, “it is … but some girls like to watch, you know … they think it’s actually beautiful when a man plays with his penis and doesn’t know the girl is watching … to some of us girls we think it’s an extraordinary sign of endurance and power to watch a man stroke that long pink rod until the semen jets out of the tip … the submissive look on the man’s face at that moment is precious.”

Gary suddenly became confused and wanted to ask a question. His mind was overflowing with possible sexual positions with Lane but instead of expressing his thoughts he asked, “You want me to pull my pants down and play with it so you can watch?”

Lane released Gary’s hand and sat erect while glancing down at his crotch then she looked up at his eyes and asked, “What do you, as Gary, the man, want to do?”

Suddenly Gary felt frightened and he wanted to tell Lane he would do it but he wouldn’t last very long instead he blurted, “I don’t know.”

“Lesson number two, know exactly what you want … do you know exactly what you want, Gary?” Lane asked with a calm voice.

Gary wanted to press his face between Lane’s massive tits and feel what it would be like to have a woman hold him while he kissed the white blobs of flesh then suck her huge nipples. Then he though she was asking a trick question and he said, “I want my wife to sleep naked with me so I don’t have to take her clothes off before we do it.”

Lane sat erect again and gazed at each of Gary’s eyes then said softly, “Tell her.”

“I have,” responded Gary as he watched Lane’s lips move.

“She refused?” asked Lane softly.

“Yes,” responded Gary, as he felt more confused.

Lane giggled a little then said with composed sincerity, “spank her tight little ass then tell her you won’t sleep in a marital bed with a wife who refuses to sleep naked with you … if she resists … tell her you’ll find a woman who will … demand it and don’t falter …okay?”

Gary thought for a moment then shrugged his shoulders. He looked at Lane then at the floor, then at the ceiling then back at Lane and said, “If I spank her … she’ll walk out the door.”

Lane tilted her head to the right with raise eyebrows and said, “If she walks out on you for being a husband … she didn’t need or want you in the first place.”

Once again Gary left Lane’s without having sex with the woman, but he felt his attraction to her becoming stronger. His feelings were a jumbled up mess and his mind was racing with thoughts he had to untangle. He began thinking deeply about Suzy and why he thought he had to marry her and not the one he wanted. Then he thought again and couldn’t recall any single girl he wanted. A shiver ran up his spine when he realized the subtle moves of the eyes of a girl a long time ago told the story he missed. Then his mind began racing about how beautiful Mindy looked even when she was reading a stupid magazine. Just as he stepped through the door of his shattering home, his mind danced with the vision of Lane standing naked in front of him with open arms. “Fuck, I’m losing my fucking mind,” Gary said as he slammed the front door closed.

That night after dinner, Gary watched Suzy slip on her pajamas over her panties and bra. His heart began to pound and he tried to consider whether it was anger or frustration. He didn’t have to take it any more he told his mind, then he blurted out, “No more pajamas, no more panties and no more bras in bed, I’ve had it to here and I’m sick and tired of sleeping with a friend, I want to sleep with my wife and I want to feel her naked body next my naked body before I stick my cock in her cunt.”

Suzy stood erect with her hands cupping her hips and looked directly into Gary’s eyes then said with a stern voice, “I’ve slept in pjs as long as I can remember … I’m not changing because you say you don’t like it … and I hate locker room talk.”

Gary stepped closer to Suzy and looked down at her then said softly, “You want me to spank the shit out of you?”

Suzy giggled a bit then said after she turned her back to Gary and reached for her pillows, “I’ve never been spanked in my life, you wouldn’t dare.”

Gary looked down at the tight curves of Suzy’s buttocks under the flannel cloth, raised his hand high in the air and swung as hard as he could. When his hand smacked the cloth the pain ran through his fingers like an electric shock and he wasn’t prepared for Suzy’s reaction.

Suzy fell forward on the bed and without looking back she said softly, “You just won yourself a place on the sofa.”

Gary felt empty and wanted to tell his teacher she gave him the worst possible advice. He turned and stepped toward the living room, glanced though the window and saw Lane’s living room lights on but all the drapes were closed. He looked at the sofa as he heard the sheets in his wedding bed rustle. When the light went out in the bedroom Gary sat down on the sofa and began giggling. A few moments later he heard rustling in the bedroom, then the toilet flush, then unbearable silence. Gary had nothing else to do except curl up on the sofa and wait for a dream.

That night Gary had a strange dream. Three females were grabbing at him and begging him to take them but he resisted. One was a little girl, one was a young woman, and one was an old lady but they all looked the same. He woke and heard nothing except a single cricket chirping in the distance. Gary began to sense he was lost and would never find himself then suddenly he heard a car’s breaks squeaking outside the living room window then a car’s door close. He got up and pulled the drapes slightly open and peered through the window. He watched a shadow walking up Lane’s walkway as his heart began to beat harder and as he waited to see what would happen next as his heart began pounding in his ears.

“Don’t answer the door Elaine,” he whispered as he watched the large shadow stand motionless on Lane’s stoop.

His ears strained to hear anything, but when Lane’s door opened the light from the interior lit up the entrance and Gary saw the shadow of a large man present something to Lane. “No Elaine, don’t take it from him,” whispered Gary.

Gary watched as the couple embraced and as his heart began to feel empty, suddenly the man bound down the walkway, jumped into the car, then drove away as Lane slowly closed her door.

Gary’s emotions were driving him insane and he sat on the sofa to gather his thoughts while speaking softly to no one. “I have to get my shit together … I’m loosing my mind …I just know it … I want to fuck Lane’s tits … I want to fuck Suzy up her ass … Mindy will never love me enough to fuck me,” then he sighed with the feeling of despair filling him.

Sunday morning Gary woke and the house was empty of any scent of Suzy. He ran to the bedroom and found an unmade bed then he ran to the bathroom and glanced around for signs of any female artifacts. When he saw everything was pretty much normal he scratched his head then ran to the living room, opened the drapes and gazed at the half open drapes of the right hand window across the street.

“Oh Lane, I have a shit load of questions, and I need truthful answers, right now,” Gary whispered as he pulled the hem of his shirt out of his trousers.

Gary undressed then took a long hot shower, scrubbed his body with the special soap, thoroughly washed his penis, scrotum and spent a lot of time on his anus, then he shampooed his hair, twice, rinsed, toweled his body dry, shaved, tapped his wrists with the cologne then dressed in black trousers and a white shirt to have sex with a real woman.

Two minutes later, Gary was pressing Lane’s doorbell button and waiting with nothing on his mind except determination. When the door opened, Lane was standing barefoot and holding a bath towel in her hand. She was dressed in a light blue bathrobe and it appeared she had just bathed. “Good morning sweetie,” she said softly then she opened the door wider and whispered, “come in.”

As Gary stepped over the threshold his nostrils picked up a flowery fragrance unlike anything he had ever experienced. He thought about embracing the woman instead he stepped beside her and waited for her to close the door. He watched her elegant hands turn the lock device, set the chain lock then throw the dead bolt knob. He felt he was being imprisoned for one thing only and his heart began to pound in his ears.

When Lane turned toward Gary she smiled and placed her hands on his cheeks then said, “You smell nice Gary, I’ve always liked that cologne on my men,” then she brushed by Gary and he felt her breast gently brush his arm as he inhaled her fragrance. He had to speak but it was harder than he thought to ask the woman if she’d take her robe off and show him what she looked like completely naked. Instead he said, “I have lots of questions now.”

“Have a seat on the sofa honey, give me a few minutes, when I get back you can ask all the questions you want … and put that ring in your pocket,” said Lane as she motioned toward the sofa.

Gary quickly pulled his wedding ring off, stuffed it deep into his pant pocket then sat on the sofa as Lane disappeared down the hallway. When she was out of sight, Gary began scanning all the objects in the room. He noticed things he had never seen before and they appeared too expensive for his taste but he had no way of judging their value to Lane, or their cost. He noticed a fancy wall clock in the distance mounted above a paper calendar in the kitchen but time was unimportant. Gary waited patiently while straining his ears to hear anything indicating a woman in the other room doing something special. After not hearing anything for a while he glanced again at the wall clock and felt he was timing Lane, but didn’t know why. An hour later, Lane emerged and Gary nearly fell off the sofa.

Lane had completely changed her look. Her hair seemed lighter and the waves were fluffier, her eyes seemed to be the focus of her face and she had an incredible glow, Gary couldn’t resist gazing at her huge breasts and her thick but shapely body until he realized she was wearing a bathing suit and high heel shoes. He had never seen anything as tiny as the cloth she had around her shapely body and he had to ask, “What happened to your robe?”

Lane stopped walking toward Gary then she smiled and performed a perfect pirouette before him. Gary didn’t know what to say, except ask, “You’re a dancer?”

Lane giggled a little then stepped toward Gary, sat down on the coffee table in front of him and said softly. “I wish … that was long time ago … so honey what’s on your mind today?”

“Um … why are you wearing a bathing suit and heels?” asked Gary as he tried hard not to look at Lane’s huge breasts nearly completely exposed in front of him.

Lane giggled a little then said, “Sweetie, this is a teddy … it’s a garment of seduction … I wore them a lot a long time ago, you can look all you want … I don’t mind.”

Gary glanced down at Lane’s huge stiff nipples for a nanosecond then back into her eyes, “I don’t know what to look at first.”

“Lesson number three … know what you’re looking at, not what you see,” Lane said as she placed her hands on her pure white thighs.

“What I see is … an unbelievable set?” asked Gary as he felt his heart pound in his ears.

“Gary … what you see is a pair of 38 DD’s but do you know what you’re looking at?” said Lane and offered her breasts to Gary by holding them up.

“I’m not sure what you mean, Lane,” said Gary as he felt he needed to lunge forward and sink his face between the giant blobs of white flesh.

“Have you ever heard the saying, a diamond in the rough?” Lane asked as she released her breasts.

“Yeah, I think it means there’s something special under all the dirt or something like that,” said Gary as he tried hard to understand why his penis hurt.

Lane wiggled a little driving Gary crazy, “Close enough, but there are two sides to that saying … the diamond is rough before the cuts, then the beauty emerges when the correct cuts are made by the right hands, then in time the preciousness becomes rough and the luster forgotten,” said Lane calmly as she tried hard not to tell the boy sitting in front of her to stand up and drop his pants so she could suck his stiff cock.

“I think I get it,” said Gary as he felt his penis throb.

Lane smiled a little then spoke with a soft voice, “Now …this is what you’re looking at … When I was a young girl, I had a dance teacher … he was very handsome and gentle with me … he made me feel, well lets say, he made me feel like a woman … but I was told when my breasts began to grow I could never be a prima ballerina because my tits were too big …I was offered an alternative, and I accepted not knowing what I was getting into … but …I fell in love with the lifestyle … met some very wealthy and powerful men and women … bought new clothes, saved a bunch of money … traveled a lot to places I never knew existed and did it all with other people’s money … basically, I enjoyed being what I was … am I boring you honey?”

“No, I’m beginning to know what I’m looking at,” said Gary in a near whisper, then he added with confidence, “You were a hooker, weren’t you?”

Lane sat very still for a moment as she glanced back and forth into Gary’s longing eyes then she asked, “Is that what you think you’re looking at … or are you sure that’s what you’re looking at?”

Gary shrugged his shoulders then looked down at the white blobs of flesh before him, cleared his throat then said, “I mean it was just a guess, Lane … I mean … I’m sorry … you could have been anything … like maybe an actress, or something.”

Lane smiled then said, “actually you’re getting close … girls like me were known in our special industry as blue girls … we were only known to certain clients and only those with hefty bank accounts … we were not hookers, we acted out fantasies, much like actresses … but unlike the professional models today who pose for men’s magazines … we went a step further and did it in front of movie cameras and flash photography and all before it was legal to do so … lesson number four … choose your words carefully.”

Gary felt embarrassed as he sat numbly on the hard sofa. He recalled in school all the boys made fun of girls who had a certain reputation, and they often made jokes about hookers and prostitutes. He had heard many jokes but suddenly he realized Lane was not joking. If she made naughty movies he was actually proud of her profession and what she had accomplished in life. He wanted to say something pleasing but he couldn’t think of anything worthy of Lane’s past. His silence was broken when Lane asked, “You want to take my teddy off Gary?”

Gary covered his lips with a clinched fist, coughed, blinked then dropped his hand but didn’t realize his mouth was open until Lane reached out and gently pushed his chin up. Then she sat erect again and said softly, “Do I scare you honey?”

Gary cleared his throat and glanced at Lane’s breasts then looked into her eyes, “I guess you do, I didn’t think you were going to go this far with me … I mean, don’t get me wrong … I wanted us to get to third base on the first day, but you said it wasn’t going to happen.”

Lane giggled a little then said, “I believe boys call it, third base, men call it fucking.”

Gary reflected slight shock in his expression then said, “You said there wasn’t going to be any sex,” as he felt a shiver run up his back.

“Lesson number five …when a woman talks to you, listen carefully to what she is saying not to what you think she’s saying because sometimes what she isn’t saying is what she means,” Lane said as she scanned Gary’s crotch.

Gary’s face reflected a look of confusion. He strained his brain to recall exactly what Lane had told him about sex, but his mind was blank of memory and focused only on her offer to remove her teddy. Gary’s breath started to become shorter as he realized he was about to undress a real woman for the first time. Suddenly he realized he had not ejaculated in his pants but his penis was stiff and ready to explode.

“I sense you’re having trouble Gary … Stand up,” Lane commanded softly as she gazed into Gary’s eyes, sat erect and separated her legs to give him space to stand.

Gary’s mind raced with all sorts of visions of clothed, partially clothed and naked girls as he rose from his sitting position and stood between the separated legs of his teacher. He was so close to her he could feel the heat from her body and as he gazed down at the cleavage below he felt his entire body thumping while his erect penis twitched in his briefs.

He couldn’t believe he was controlling his premature ejaculation but when Lane noticed he had a wet spot on the front of his black trousers she raised her hands to Gray’s belt buckle. His stomach twitched and he thought for sure his penis would release. Then he watched as the women before him undid his belt buckle, opened his fly and pushed his trousers until they fell to his ankles. Gary’s first reaction was to lift his hands to his pectoral muscles and when he did, Lane pulled his shirttail up to his stomach then said softly, “Hold this for me honey.”

Gary was so mesmerized by Lane’s massive breasts he hardly felt her fingers slipping between the elastic waistband of his briefs and his skin then he waited for Lane to make her next move as his ears pounded with the thump of his heartbeat. For some strange reason Gary looked into the kitchen and glanced at the wall clock and thought it odd the time had gone so swiftly. His thought was broken as he felt his briefs being slowly lowered down his hips then he looked down as Lane slid her fingers to the front of his briefs to pull the elastic over the tip of his throbbing penis.

“I think a circumcised penis is the most beautiful weapon on earth when it stands swollen and at attention … and you have one hell of a pretty weapon Gary, turn around,” Lane whispered.

Gary shuffled slowly around trying not to trip on his trousers until his buttocks were facing Lane. He closed his eyes for a moment and waited for her to say something, but when he felt her fingertips gently trace the skin of his buttocks he looked down at the tip of penis as Lane whispered, “Oh baby your skin is so soft and your buttocks looks like a little girl’s bottom … bend over honey.”

Gary slowly lowered his torso until he was leaning so far over he had to place his hands on the sofa’s cushion to keep from falling then he felt Lane’s hands grip his upper thighs. He remained silent thinking all sorts of thoughts about a time in his past then suddenly he felt Lane’s lips gently kiss the skin of his buttocks and he twitched.

“Honey … don’t move … just relax for me baby,” whispered Lane then Gary felt her tongue press gently against his rectum as her long wavy hair gently brushed his skin. Gary had never felt anything so wonderfully sensual and he wanted her to do more. When Lane’s tongue began to tickle his anus Gary had to say something before his penis exploded, “Lane?”

Lane released her grip then pulled her tongue away from Gary’s rectum then whispered, “You’ve been using the soap I gave you … I can taste it … that’s good … it makes me want to give you an enema … turn around for me you sweet thing.”

Before Gary knew what was going on, his briefs were around his ankles and his throbbing erection was inches from the lips of a woman over twice his age. He had no idea what to do next as Lane gently raised her finger to the tip of Gary’s penis. When her finger barely touched the tiny hole, Gary flinched. “Its okay sweetheart, I’m just going to taste your pre-cum,” said Lane softly as she glanced up then looked down at the glistening tip of Gary’s long pink rod.

Gary’s body began trembling as he began realizing he had never been in the presence of such incredible sensuality then he began recalling how he felt a log time ago. The same warm feeling of being desired and wanted for something beyond human, that feeling of longing leading passion for more physical pleasure just before the physical emerges to capture the essence of the moment. Then he suddenly inhaled through his nose and the fragrance in the space reminded him of a scent he smelled in a small room long ago.

As he looked down and watched Lane’s finger surround the glistening tip of his penis we wanted to tell her how much he wanted to feel her breasts against his throbbing penis, but when she placed her wet finger in her mouth and sucked it then looked up at him with a sexy gaze, Gary’s crotch became heated and his penis exploded. A stream of semen flew into the air and before it landed on Lane’s breast another stream followed, then another. Gary’s knees became weak and he dropped his hands to the top of Lane’s head as his loins caught fire. He thrust his hips forward and held her head against his abdomen then as his penis continued to pump against Lane’s neck he whispered like a squeaking small creature in pain, “I can’t help it Elaine.”

Gary exhausted what little air he had in his lungs, fell back onto the sofa and sat as he watched his semen ooze down Lane’s neck and breasts. He sat still for a moment catching his breath as he watched the woman before him use her fingers to wipe the white goop off her skin and lick the sticky sauce off her fingers. Gary was so overcome by the vision in front of him he had no words then Lane smiled a little and said, “Lesson number six …you know what honey … let’s save lesson number six for next weekend, I think you’ve learned enough for one day.”

Gary felt he had failed to the point he needed to apologize for his stupid penis, and after his breathing returned to normal he said in a near whisper, “I’m sorry Elaine, I can never hold it.”

As Lane licked her fingers she gazed into Gary’s eyes and when she noticed his sincerity, she dropped her hand to her thigh and said, “Go home, take a hot shower, get my smell off your skin, and if your wife refuses tonight, tell her to pack her bags and get the hell out of your life.”

Gary was shocked at the expression on Lane’s face and he had to ask, “What are you going to do?”

Lane giggled a little then said calmly, “If you must know, I have toys to play with and I’m going to shove one up my twat and the other into my colon and turn the sons of bitches on high … if you hear screaming tonight, it’s the old bat across the street having one hell of a fucking orgasm,” then Lane stood, pat Gary gently on his head, turned then stepped toward the hallway. Gary could only gaze at Lane’s white buttocks wiggle until she disappeared. Then he signed, dressed then left in silence clicking the door shut behind him.

Gary went home, undressed, tossed his clothes into the hamper as if they were foreign matter, showered, shampooed his hair again, scrubbed his penis, scrotum, cleaned his rectum with his finger and began having thoughts about approaching Mindy and asking her a very personal question about her clitoris. In a few moments he found himself stroking his penis while visions of Suzy’s naked buttocks flashed in his mind.

“Fuck … I can’t get a hard-on for my wife now … what the hell is going on?” Gary asked the wall in frustration.

That afternoon Suzy came home early and Gary felt he was being pushed over the edge. When Suzy entered the front door an extremely attractive and sultry blonde girl followed her. The girl was so beautiful to Gary he nearly ejaculated in his shorts. Suzy did her usual token peck on the lips then turned and said, “Gary this is Gwen, she works in the station next to me at the plant, we’re going out … girls only… there won’t be any trouble I hope.”

Gary was completely caught off guard and wanted an answer and he wanted it quickly without pause or a lie. He stood erect, glanced at Gwen’s gorgeous young body then her angelic face, snapped his head toward Suzy and spoke with a firm voice, “Yeah, there’s trouble, you’re not going out on a Sunday afternoon with a girl who looks like a hot porn star dressed like that, lick her pussy then shove a dildo up her ass,” suddenly the girl turned around and said as she stepped toward the door, opened it then stepped over the threshold, “I have to go Suzy … I’ll see you Tuesday.”

Suddenly Suzy lunged forward toward the girl and pleaded with an outstretched arm, “No! … Wait Gwen, he doesn’t know … oh, shit … Gary you are such a jerk!” yelled Suzy then she ran after Gwen slamming the door behind her.

Gary felt a hard knot filling his stomach and his chest began to ache but he knew there wasn’t anything he could do except step to the living room window and watch the woman he married caress a beautiful blonde girl he knew could make him have whet dreams. After Gary watched them kiss he turned and stepped confidently toward the bathroom, sat down on the toilet then urinated and while looking at his penis he said softly, “You’ll never be inside Suzy again.”

A few moments later Gary heard the front door click shut then silence followed. He flushed the toilet then stepped into the living room where he found weeping Suzy sitting with her face in her hands. Gary sat in the chair opposite the weeping woman and waited for her to look up and when she did all he saw was a little girl in trouble but he wasn’t about to help her.

“What’re you looking at, asshole?” Suzy asked with harsh voice.

Gary twisted his mouth then said calmly, “A very confused little girl.”

Suzy bent her torso forward, placed her arms on her knees like a male ball player, looked down and asked in a near whisper, “How did you know?”

Gary knew he had no clue about Suzy’s relationship with Gwen and what he said was said in anger and obviously it was too close for Suzy’s comfort zone, but he felt he needn’t say anything further unless he was coaxed.

A few seconds later Suzy raised her head and said softly, “I don’t hate you Gary … I’m just not in love with you.”

Gary smiled a little and spoke softly, “If you don’t hate me and you’re not in love with me it means you’re indifferent toward me, I don’t know which of the three is worse.”

Suzy sat numbly and gazed at Gary like he was a spirit in the room. She had no clue what he was talking about and didn’t care if she did have a clue. She concluded it must be she was indifferent but she didn’t want to admit it. Gary suddenly broke the silence in the room and said, “Lesson number two … know exactly what you want.”

Suzy’s puzzled look didn’t surprise Gary and he knew she was about to make her next move. His eyes followed her body as she rose and said as she turned toward the door, “I have no clue where you are Gary, or where you’ve been but I have to go away from where ever it is you are and especially where you’re going.”

“What about work tomorrow, you’ll need a change of clothes,” said Gary as he glanced at Suzy’s little round buttocks.

“Gary, it’s a holiday, God … you’re so dumb sometimes, I wonder what it was I saw in you,” said Suzy as she reached for the doorknob.

Gary felt he needed to quickly respond and he wanted to make as much impact as possible, “when you lick that stinking pussy think of my dick fucking up your shit hole!”

“Jerk,” was all Suzy said before she slammed the door shut.

Gary sat in silence for a few moments and thought; ‘Lane will completely understand,’ then he stood and stepped toward the living room window and peered across the street. When he saw a strange black expensive looking car parked at the curb in front of Lane’s house he asked himself; ‘What the fuck? … Is that the car I saw the other night?”

For some reason Gary felt his relationship with Lane was being violated but he didn’t want to make a scene. He noticed the drapes were fully closed in the windows and he began wondering what was going on inside the small Spanish house across the street. His imagination began to work overtime and he began having visions of Lane sucking some strange man’s long penis, then he thought; ‘Lane said she was very open about such things, maybe she’s taking it up her ass.’

Gary decided he needed to understand more about his teacher than just having sex with her. He grabbed a chair from under the kitchen table then placed it in front of the living room window, sat down and studied Lane’s front door waiting for any sign the woman across the street wasn’t playing the role as a blue girl again.

After sitting in the hard wooden chair for over an hour, Gary felt he was wasting his time punishing himself and worrying about an old large breasted blonde with an appetite for semen. He decided it was foolish of him to claim her as his personal sex partner when she obviously was proving what she earlier had explained she was. Gary stood, picked up the chair, placed it back under the kitchen table and looked around at the space he shared with Suzy.

With nothing to do except masturbate to a glossy picture in a magazine of a hot blonde with a beautiful buttocks while thinking about Mindy’s adorable face, Gary washed the dishes instead. After organizing only his dirty laundry and the bedding, Gary stuffed the articles into two pillowcases, scooped up the coins in the glass dish, grabbed his car keys, stepped through the front door, locked it then turned toward his car. After placing the stuffed pillowcases in the trunk Gary glanced at the black car then at Lane’s front door. He shrugged his shoulders, plopped into his car then headed for the coin laundry down the street unconcerned about anything in his future just as twilight filled the atmosphere with its haunting glow.

When Gary returned from doing laundry he pulled his car to the curb under the streetlight and noticed the black car was gone. He sat in his car for a moment pretending Lane’s drape was half open, and when he finally looked he noticed the drape half open, he suddenly had another hard decision to make. Moments later Gary was standing in his shower again, washing his body, penis, scrotum and anus thoroughly, he shaved then slipped on a pair of shorts without briefs and a short-sleeved shirt, brushed his hair and teeth, dabbed his wrists with Tabac then headed to a small Spanish house with a blue girl inside hoping the old woman felt him worthy enough this time to fuck some brains into his confused head.

Gary stood numbly on Lane’s porch and studied the lighted doorbell button. To him the little golden dot of light represented his near future. He reached out and gently pressed the glowing button then heard the chime inside. A few moments later he heard the door latch click then the door opened. When Lane appeared she was standing inside wearing skintight short-shorts and a blouse with a hem so high her navel was exposed. Suddenly Lane appeared gorgeous to him and all he wanted to do was give her a long hug and hold her tight in his arms. His thought was broken when Lane asked softly, “You okay honey?”

“God Elaine … I need a big hug,” said Gary in a near exhausting voice.

“Come inside sweetie,” said Lane softly while holding her hand out for Gary to clasp as she surrendered to the sound of hearing her real name for the first time coming from the mouth of the man child before her.

When Gary’s hand touched the softness he melted inside and said in a near whisper as Lane pulled him close, “I’ll do anything you want Elaine.”

When Gary felt the huge mounds of flesh press against his chest he exhaled then dropped his head on Lane’s shoulder as he embraced the tender woman. “Your hair smells very good and your tits feel like soft pillows,” whispered Gary in the woman’s ear as he heard the door click shut behind him.

Gary felt Lane’s arms tighten around him then one of her hands gently caressed the back of his head and he knew she was pleased he returned to finish what they started a few hours ago. His euphoria was elevated even higher when Lane whispered, “Take your clothes off Gary, I’ll lock up so we won’t be bothered.”

As Gary slipped off his clothes Lane secured the front door with all the devices then she pulled the coffee table to the side then tossed the sofa cushions on the floor in front of the seat. Then she looked at the naked male form in front of her and grunted then said as she gazed at Gary’s penis she said softly, “I love the way your cock responds to me Gary, it’s beautiful.”

Gary smiled a little and had no clue his penis was limp, or he was naked in front of a woman he never knew only a few days before, all he knew was he was about to stick his penis in a very attractive old woman’s body.

“Lesson number seven … when a young man wants to fuck, I never refuse,” said Lane as she crossed her arms, grabbed the hem of her rib-tickler and pulled up. When Lane’s massive breasts fell out Gary gasped at the sight of the huge blobs of snow-white flesh and he had to comment, “Elaine, your tits are so, um … pretty.”

“Thank you sweetheart,” said Lane softly as she tossed the scant piece of material to the floor, then she added, “I did something earlier … I hope you’ll like it … I thought it would remind you of someone … it’s okay if you want to fantasize.”

Gary was perplexed as he watched Lane grab the waistband of her short-shorts and push. When her pubic area was exposed Gary smiled a little and asked, “You shaved it?”

Lane stood at attention with her arms outstretched and with her short-shorts tight around her thighs she asked, “You like it?”

Gary nodded as he felt his penis start to rise and as he studied the puffy triangular folds between two thick, white thighs his nostrils began inhaling a sweet fragrance and he felt his erection begin to throb. He knew he would loose it if Lane touched him then suddenly he had a feeling she was watching him gaze at her shaved triangle too long. He looked up and into her eyes as she asked, “Want to pull my shorts off honey?”

Gary felt drawn to the female before him like an obedient dog obeying its master’s command. He stepped in front of Lane and gazed at her erect nipples as his body slowly lowered to a kneeling position in front of her. As he studied the fine hairs on her abdomen, Gary grabbed the leg hem of the shorts and pulled until they slipped down to her ankles. She lifted each foot up as Gary tenderly slipped the material free from her bare feet. When the shorts were free of her body, Gary tossed them over the rib tickler then he looked up at the two breasts above his face.

“Sit on the floor in front of the cushions, lean back and rest your head on the edge of the sofa Gary,” commanded Lane as she stepped back a step giving Gary room to move. Gary positioned himself as she had ordered then he waited while glancing at her massive breasts.

“Lesson number eight … Have you ever tasted pussy Gary?” asked Lane in a near whisper as she straddled Gary’s hips

“No ma’am,” whispered Gary as he suddenly felt he was about to do something he never thought he’d be doing.

“Well, when girls get older it becomes more difficult for us to get wet down there and we need special lubrication for, well, before we can comfortably accept a penis, but thank heaven for tongue … if you lick my pussy just right, honey, it’ll get wet … and when it does get wet … well, then we’ll see about lesson number nine,” said Lane as she moved her body up Gary’s body to rest her crotch on his face.

As soon as Lane’s vaginal lips were above Gary’s lips he closed his eyes and began thinking about Mindy. He thought he would truly be in heaven if Mindy was doing to him what Lane was doing but his penis would ejaculate in seconds. Then he began smelling a sweet aroma like the pleasant soap Lane gave him to bathe with. Suddenly Gray felt he needed to look at what he was doing and when he did Lane lowered her crotch and gently placed her soft vaginal lips on Gary’s mouth. He felt the insides of her soft thighs against his cheeks then he heard, “stick your tongue out, I want you to find the little button sweetie.”

Gary pushed his tongue between the soft folds then he heard, “there you go … a little higher honey.”

Gary adjusted his tongue until he felt a tiny hard spot then he heard, “that’s it, right there, yes, right there, keep doing that, yes, oh you naughty little boy, that’s it honey lick mommy’s pussy … oh you’re such a good boy.”

Gary felt his world dissolving into a bizarre sexual fantasy and he wanted to know why he felt so drawn to the feeling of being filthy with the woman. Then Lane began snapping her hips and speaking with a quivering voice, “Yes daddy, see, yes, a boy is licking it … lick it sweetie … yes daddy … he’s licking it … grab my ass … do it … now.”

Gary had no clue what Lane was talking about or how he could take another breath of air except breath through his nose but he raised his hands and grabbed her buttocks with both hands and began massaging the soft blobs of cool flesh. Suddenly he started tasting a sweet liquid just as Lane began wildly rubbing her crotch against Gary’s face and growling; “fucking little shit, spank my ass you fucker … spank it hard.”

As Gary’s mouth began to fill with the silken liquid he began slapping Lane’s soft cool buttocks with both hands then he heard her moan in a deep voice, “Stick your finger in my ass hole … do it!”

Gary was drowning in moisture and he had no idea where the woman’s rectum was as his fingers began searching the crevasse between her buttocks until he thought he found the spot. When he pressed his pointing finger into the warm hole, Lane jerked her hips and growled, “Fuck,” then Gary felt her body quiver then stiffen.

When the frenzy was over Lane lifted her body off Gary and rolled to his side, grasped his bicep and rested her head against his shoulder, “My God … it’ll take a week for this afterglow to glow away, Jesus I can’t even talk … God, Gary you sure know how to send a woman off the edge of the frigin planet,” said Lane as she gently squeezed Gary’s bicep.

Gary felt a new confidence fill him and as Lane’s moisture dripped down is chin somehow he felt like a man. He began to wonder why he never asked any pretty girls he had ever known if they wanted their pussy licked instead of talking to them, but he concluded he wouldn’t have known what he was doing if it weren’t for the naked woman with big tits sitting next to him at that very moment. His thoughts were interrupted when Lane suddenly whispered, “Kiss me you foolish little fuck.”

Lane moved her body on top of Gary’s body, grasped his face with both her palms then pressed her soft lips against his and began gently kissing him. Gary placed his hands on Lane’s soft waist then he felt something happening. His penis began to rise and before he knew it, his erection was easing its way into the warm wet vaginal cavity of the woman above him. “My God kid, you’re going to send me right over the fucking edge aren’t you,” whispered Lane as her massive breasts surrounded Gary’s face.

Gary couldn’t believe how soft Lane’s vaginal cavity felt and his penis strangely remained stiff. Her breasts felt like soft bubbles as they pressed against his face. Lane’s motion was slow at first then gradually her hips began to rock faster. Suddenly she lifted her torso, grabbed Gary’s face and kissed him as she moaned, then he felt her hips quiver as she whispered while exhaling, “oh fuck, you feel so fucking good inside me.”

Gary wanted to tell Lane how much he loved what was happening but he had no idea what to say. His body was on fire and he began sweating as he tried to hold on to Lane’s rocking waist. He was completely aware his penis was stiff and not ejaculating when Lane suddenly stopped and whispered as she gazed into Gary’s eyes, “I wanna fuck backwards.”

Lane pulled the cushions out from behind Gary and she ushered his body to reposition his back flat on the hard floor. Gary felt as if he was simply the stiff penis below a woman out of control as he watched Lane stand then turn, squat and use her hand to slip his erection in her body once again. Gary watched the white blobs of flesh bounce in front of him as his penis began aching from being forced into an unnatural position. His body was tingling all over then he heard Lane growl, “Spank my fucking ass you bastard.”

Gary felt he was being ordered to do something he though improper but he began slapping the white blobs of flesh until he started seeing pink hand marks on the rocking buttocks before his eyes. The sound in the room of his hands spanking her buttocks echoed slightly as Lane moaned, “Oh God help me, I’m gonna fucking cum again.”

Gary had no clue he had been holding his breath but when he gasped for air he began breathing heavy to catch his breath as he felt Lane’s inner muscles twitch while she squeaked, “Oh, God!”

Gary watched Lane’s pinkish buttocks as she suspended it partly off his body. For some reason her brown anus began making him shiver, but he liked staring at it and wanted to lick it and sniff it. When he finally looked down and saw his glistening penis and beyond the white blobs of Lane’s breasts Gary suddenly felt his penis twitch and his rectum heat up then a strong surge of warm filled his loins and his penis began to pump.

“Oh Elaine, I’m sorry, I can’t help it,” Gary moaned softly as he grabbed her thighs and lifted his hips to sink his penis deeper into the woman to fill her body with every last drop.

The couple remained silent and still as Gary’s penis retracted and popped out of Lane’s moist womb then his semen began to roll down her inner thigh. After a few moments Lane asked softly “Gary?”

“Yes ma’am?” responded Gary as he began smoothing the pink areas of Lane’s buttocks.

“Do you remember what lesson we’re on?” Lane asked as she tried to move her body.

“No Elaine, I don’t.” responded Gary as he felt moisture drip over his scrotum.

Lane giggled a little then said, “I forgot what number we were on, but whatever the next number is don’t ever apologize for a being a fabulous fucker.”

A few moments later, Gary found himself caressing a beautiful blonde woman who just happened to be somewhere near twice his age. He felt close enough to ask her a question but he didn’t have the courage. Gary decided whoever the guy was she was seeing didn’t matter at that moment, then suddenly Lane said in a near whisper as she encircled his stomach muscles with her finger, “My son will be here in the morning, I think you had better leave, I don’t think it’s a good idea to have him know I’m fucking around with a kid twice the age of my granddaughter.”

Suddenly reality smacked Gary across the face. He just had sex with a grandmother who at one point in her life made raunchy sex movies and she was the best fuck he ever had. He began to realize somehow he needed to thank her for her patience and understanding of his dilemma but the words wouldn’t come out of his mouth, “You’re right as usual Elaine, but I must confess, when I see you again, I just what you to know, we’re going to have to fuck again … you’re very good at it.”

Lane raised her hand to Gary’s mouth and pressed her finger on his lower lip then whispered, “Lesson number whatever, find her, hold on to her, tell her every day how much you love her, then watch what happens in your life … if you knock on my door again … I won’t able to control myself …and I fear you’ll run away from what I have in mind to teach you next.”

Gary raised his hand to gently pull Lane’s wavy blonde curls from her face then wipe the tear from El’s cheek as he said softly, “Elaine, I’ll do anything you want … I finally have a great teacher.”

That night Gary slept alone yet peacefully for the first time in a long time, but he was completely unprepared for Monday morning. Instead of the alarm clock wakening him at 7 o’clock he heard a knock on the door. He glanced at the alarm clock hands and noticed it was 6:30 then he rolled on his back and whispered, “Oh crap, Suzy’s back to get her shit.”

Gary rolled off the bed and slipped on his pull over thinking if Suzy saw his limp penis it wouldn’t matter. He stepped to the front door and peeked through the sidelight and nearly crapped, “Holy shit, what’s she doing here?” he whispered as he cupped his mouth in his palm. Then he ran his fingers through his hair and tried to make himself look a little presentable.

Gary noticed the shadow on the porch floor change then he realized the girl was walking away. He cracked the door open and spoke softly, “Hold up, Gwen, I’m here.”

Gwen turned and faced the door as Gary opened it fully and stood looking down at the blonde beauty. Gwen looked into Gary’s eyes and said coyly, “Have you seen Suzy?”

Gary blinked and had to clear his mind of his thoughts before he spoke then after a few seconds he said, “No … I thought she was with you.”

Gwen dropped her head then suddenly cupped her mouth. Gary thought she was going break down and cry when she looked up with a gaze of fear and said in a near whisper, “You don’t have any pants on.”

Gary grinned a little and said with confidence, “I was jerking off.”

Gwen looked to her right then to her left and asked, “Um, maybe she’s at her mom’s place … but I don’t know where her mom lives … can I use your phone to call her mom?”

“Don’t have a phone … I can give you her mom’s address … come on in,” said Gary as he scanned Gwen’s gorgeous body.”

“I don’t think I should do that,” Gwen said softly as she shook her head quickly.

“Why? … I thought girls like you didn’t care about pricks,” Gary said as he scanned Gwen’s beautiful wavy blonde hair glowing in the early morning sunlight.

Gwen inhaled then exhaled as she looked to her left, “I guess it won’t hurt … it’s not like I’d do anything with you anyway.”

Gary stepped back and pointed to the kitchen table then said as he sniffed Gwen’s perfume, “Have a seat at the table, I’ll get a pad and pencil then write her mom’s address down for you.”

“Thanks,” said Gwen as she stepped over the threshold purposely trying to avoid the pink shaft.

Gary’s nostrils filled with Gwen’s scent and he felt his penis begin to rise. He thought to himself; ‘My God, she’s so fucking beautiful I bet she’s even more gorgeous when she eats pussy.’

Gwen quickly stepped to the table and sat down with her back to Gary, but when he stepped past her toward the kitchen she glanced at his tight buttocks and then blinked when she realized she was looking at a man’s naked ass thinking she was gazing at a little girl’s pure white buttocks.

After Gary found the pad of paper and a pencil he turned and faced Gwen. His penis was pointing straight out, but he didn’t care. Gwen tried hard to not look at the pink rod but she couldn’t help herself. Her eyes focused on the little hole and soft round head. She recalled the first time she saw a penis it scared her and she ran away in fear, but for some reason Gary’s penis didn’t bother her and she began to ponder why she wasn’t frightened. Her thought was broken when Gary sat down across from her and began writing. She watched his clean and somewhat manicured hands and noticed they appeared soft and experienced. She felt a strange sense she was looking at the hands of the man who had fondled her lover’s body at some point. The she looked up at Gary face and studied the sharp lines of his jaw and the curls of his hair. When Gary was finished writing he placed the pencil next to the paper just as Gwen looked down.

“Can I ask you something Gwen?” asked Gary as he placed his hand over the piece of paper.

“Okay,” Gwen said nervously as she looked up and into Gary’s glistening eyes.

“There are a lot things I’m learning in life right now, I have a great teacher and there are certain things I’ve learned to accept … one of them is rejection … but how in the fuck do I get a women as beautiful as you to see me as a man she would love to fuck for the rest of her life? … Just an answer would do,” Gary said softly as he gazed into Gwen’s giant blue eyes.

Gwen pressed her lips together then felt her throat tighten. She needed to escape the space she was in, but she couldn’t move. Gary’s sincerity had captured her like chains and it felt as if she was being sucked in with no one to pull her away. She knew she had to say something, but she didn’t want to enrage the man before her. She saw him as a man with deep emotional issues and thought if she said the wrong thing he’d blow up. “I don’t know what to say,” Gwen said in a near whisper as she felt a shiver fill her body.

Gary slid the small piece of paper toward Gwen and said before he lifted is finger off the white surface, “If it doesn’t work out with Suzy, can lick your pussy?”

Gwen felt if she told Gary, yes, she could escape as fast as possible. As she looked down at the scribbling on the piece of paper then gently picked it up, she said, “Yes.”

Gary crossed his arms on the edge of the table then closed his eyes as he felt his penis release then he opened his eyes and looked deep into Gwen’s eyes, grinned a little and said softly, “I just want you to know … you just made me cum.”

Gwen though; ‘this guy is completely out of it and needs to see a professional,’ she saw her escape window then stood, turned and stepped toward the door as fast as possible as Gary studied every bounce of her tight buttocks until she disappeared through the doorway. When he heard the door click he whispered, “If I see her today, I’m going to ask Mindy the exact same question.”

After Gary showered and thoroughly washed all the parts his teacher told him to wash, he dressed for work then drove numbly the short distance to the grocery store, parked his car in his assigned space then exited the car just as Mindy pulled into the parking lot.

Strange forces hailed him to remain where he was in life as he stood and watched Mindy’s beautiful face though the windshield. When her car stopped she grinned and pointed with her finger above the steering wheel as if to single him to wait. He watched the gorgeous blonde exit the car, stand behind the open door then call out, “Wait up, Gary.”

Gary stood like a statue watching Mindy sashay toward him like a runway model bouncing her tits purposely to arose her adoring viewer’s imagination then when she was standing directly in front of him she looked up and said in her girlish voice, “Good morning Gary, did you hear the news?”

Gary looked down and deep into Mindy’s clear blue eyes and asked softly, “Morning … No, what news?”

“We’ll be late, come on,” said Mindy as she stepped around Gary and wiggled her fingers for him to follow, “I’ll tell you quick, that asshole, Fowler got fired, and they say you did it … God, Gary, you’re a hero around this place now.”

Gary felt he needed to verify Mindy’s statement and said, “All I told the manager was he refused to let me get a drink of water when I was hot and sweaty.”

When the couple reached the automatic doors Gary stopped and offered Mindy first entrance, she smiled then stepped forward while saying, “We should have lunch together today, my break is eleven thirty, lets meet in the break room.”

Gary had to stop and catch his breath. He watched Mindy’s tight little buttocks bounce as she quickly stepped toward the break room to punch in for the day. He thought it odd his penis didn’t twitch or even feel tingly and he wondered what was changing. He had the same feeling for Mindy, but for some reason his mind was having visions of an older woman talking dirty to him with his stiff penis inside her body. Gary thought; ‘how am I going to tell Mindy it’s okay, you can do what ever you want, just talk dirty to me when we do real nasty shit to each other.’

Suddenly Gary felt a strong hand on his shoulder and he flinched then Gary heard the familiar gruff voice of the store manager beside him, “Gary, I need to have a word with you in the office after you punch in.”

“Yes sir,” said Gary as he watched the double doors for any sign of Mindy to appear and when she did she looked directly into Gary’s eyes, smiled then studied the men before her as she sashayed right by them on her way to her cashier station tapping Gary’s hand as she swished by.

After Gary punch his timecard he went to the manager’s office and closed the door, sat down and waited. Gary was given the dry goods section, explained his tasks and the expectations of his performance as the new grocery stocker. He began feeling better about his future but he wanted to know if Mindy would be a part of it.

At 11:15, Gary glanced around the store at all the different people doing things for and with each other. He had to giggle a little at the young woman having issues with her screaming child and the old man and woman holding hands as if they were on their first date. Gary knew time was approaching when he had to ask a complicated question and his thoughts began to decipher how and what to ask.

Fifteen minutes later, Gary was sitting in the break room with a beautiful blonde listening carefully while Mindy spoke softly about the people she knew, her likes and dislikes, her favorite color, her tabby cat, her most embarrassing moment and the guy she dated in junior high who dumped her after he got what he wanted. Gary felt she was avoiding the subject of getting naked and fucking the living shit out of each other, and he wondered when the beautiful woman would stop talking. After a half hour of hearing the girl blab on and on, Gary blinked then said softly, “I wanna lick your pussy,” then Gary giggled inside when Mindy didn’t respond instead kept talking like nothing he said could interrupt her.

By 5 o’clock Gary had been so numbed by a chatty hot blonde he never thought he’d be thinking what he was thinking. At 6:30 he found himself standing on the stoop of a quaint Spanish style house with a thoroughly cleansed body, manicured hands with no ring, a hint of classic cologne wafting in the air, a desire to recapture a moment long ago, and while he gazed at a small doorbell button with an incredible sense he was about to live his illusion he realized he had complete control over the weapon between his loins.

When Lane answered the door, she saw a confident young man the way a woman sees desire not the way a seasoned porn actress sees her partner in the next scene. Gary saw a beautiful blonde woman dressed in a shear nightgown covering a pair of naked breasts with a dainty white panty hiding the cavities he desperately wanted to explore. Lane’s heart began to pound in her chest because she knew Gary was there for one reason and knowing her student was determined she said softly, “Gary.”

Without speaking, Gary stepped inside Lane’s space, then turned to close the door, locked it, chained it then threw the deadbolt as he said, “Let’s take this to the bedroom, Elaine.”

Their hands gently entwined then Gary led the woman down the hall to a tiny room decorated like a little girl’s bedroom, covered with shades of pink and white lace. After Gary had escorted Lane into the room they entered a new space as if they had journeyed into a different dimension. Gary’s nostrils filled with a blend of feminine fragrances only found in the air of a woman in lust. He waltzed Lane around to face him then the couple embraced and felt their bodies surrender to each other. Gary lowered his head and gently pressed his lips against Lane’s soft lips and with a gentle kiss forced Lane’s insides to quiver. When Lane felt his passion she began wetting her panties knowing she was about to experience a real moment she long ago treasured and frequently attempted to relive but had to go it alone for years.

When they released their lips Gary rested his cheek on Lane’s shoulder and whispered in her ear, “Get on the bed on your hands and knees, face the wall and rest your beautiful face and gorgeous tits on the mattress.”

Gary released Lane’s body then she turned and stepped toward the nightstand, grabbed the phone and unsnapped the small white wire from the cradle, slipped the clip under the device then turned to face Gary and said softly, “No disturbances this time,” then Lane entered the bed just as Gary had requested.

Gary reached for the vanity bench then slid it in front of him then when Lane was in position, Gary sat on the bench, separated her feet slightly then rested her toes on the bench at each side of his hips, slid the hem of her gown to her waist, slipped his fingers between her soft skin and the elastic of her panty then slowly slid the material down her hips to reveal her show-white buttocks stippled vaginal lips and the tiny brown hole. Instantly, Gary’s nostrils filled with a bouquet of tantalizing fragrances of Lane’s perfume, the scent of the special soap and a new aroma sending Gary’s body into a unique state of hypnosis.

When Gary had Lane’s panty at her mid-thighs he moved his hands to her hips and pressed gently on the soft skin pulling Lane’s hips toward him. Gary heard a slight moan as his lips gently kissed the folds of Lane’s vaginal lips but when he wiped her wet slit with his tongue and teased her clitoris, Lane exhausted the air in her lungs and waited for Gary’s next move as she felt her inner muscles twitch.

Gary began feeling he was in a dream world as he inhaled the mixed fragrances of Lane’s body. He became immersed in her spirit so deeply he began having hot flashes as he lapped the moisture offered by the soft silken skin like a kitten lapping milk. Lane began rocking her hips to Gary’s gentle motion until she began feeling a tingle deep in her bowels. Suddenly Gary slid his moistened tongue between the moist folds until the tip of his tongue discovered the warmth of her anus. When Lane felt the slippery organ touch her anus, she closed her eyes and submitted to being a blue girl once again but this time, for the nasty man behind her as he began tongue fucking her anus.

Gary felt a tug on his sense of being and he thought at that moment he would be able to ask the beautiful women if she would like a stiff penis in her other hole. He couldn’t believe his penis was hard but the desire to enter her was the only thing he could feel and he hoped his penis wouldn’t explode before it was inside Lane’s colon. Suddenly he pulled his head away from Lane’s hips and while gently holding her soft hips he asked in a hushed voice, “Elaine?”

There was an extended moment of silence as Gary waited patiently for a response from the half naked woman before him. Then he heard a voice as sweet as a little girl singing, “There’s a small white tube … in the top drawer … of the nightstand …put some of the liquid … on your penis … it will help you hold on.”

Gary turned and studied the small table noticing a drawer pull. He released Lane’s body, slid the drawer open, glanced inside and saw various objects completely foreign to him. He noticed a flesh colored fake penis about ten inches long, a small purple device in the shape of two fingers, a chrome bulb resembling a turnip with a light blue gem in the disk at the end of the stem, a pair of smooth multicolored rods with a dial at one end and a blob of pink gelatin resembling a wide fat butterfly. Gary looked closely for the tube and when he found it with his eyes, he picked it up in his hand and read the label. A shiver ran through his body as he realized what he had to do Lane had already experienced. He had to be sure she was fully aware as he turned numbly to face the woman’s pure white posterior, “Elaine?”

“Yes honey?” he heard from the other end of the woman.

“I want to do it with you back there, but I don’t want it to hurt you,” said Gary in a perfectly controlled voice.

Lane felt a sweet sense of caring fill her and she knew the man behind her was forcing her to recall a moment long ago, but she needed to remain calm and enjoy the moment with her student. She rested her cheek on the soft sheet and spoke with a gentle tone, “I’m fine with whatever you want Gary, don’t worry about me honey, just enjoy yourself.”

Gary placed the small white tube on the bed and said, “I want you to watch me do it.”

Lane’s mind began searching for any time in her past to help her understand she was about to surrender to a fucker without some sort of camera pointed at her crotch, then she spoke with a gentle voice, “We can do it in front of the mirror if you want me to watch.”

Gary grinned a little as he glanced at the wall to his right then said after noticing the reflection of everything in the room, “I have to take my clothes off first.”

Lane slowly rolled her body over then repositioned in a sitting position, pulled her panty off her legs, tossed the scant material to the floor, crossed her legs, folded her hands in front of her calves, smiled then said, “I want to watch you undress, then watch you masturbate and when you’re ready we’ll get on the floor over there in front of the mirror, tell me when you’re ready … okay sweetheart?”

Gary nodded his head, stood, slid the bench back to its place in front of the vanity, turned and began unbuttoning his shirt as Lane watched with adoration. When Gary pulled his shirt free from his body, Lane began studying every square inch of the surface of his white skin noticing every subtle curve, tiny speck and the little mole on the right side of his abdomen. The entire form before her seemed familiar yet novel and she began to wipe the visions of the numerous varieties of men she had been with from her mind. She began thinking; ‘he’s too young and too innocent … how can he possibly know.’

As Gary lowered his trousers to his ankles Lane began focusing on the lump in his briefs. She suddenly realized she was about to be exposed to a penis she believed had never felt the interior of a colon. When Gary stepped out of his trousers he kicked them gently to the side then reached for the waistband of the briefs and Lane focused on the bulge as she felt her body flush with a gentle warmth. When Gary’s penis popped out it pointed directly at her as if to remind her; ‘you … are the reason I’m here.’

Lane watched as her body began to tremble while Gary dropped his briefs to his ankles, stepped out of the cloth, reached for the small white tube of lubricant, popped the top and buttered his half erect penis with the silky substance. Gary thought it odd how cool the goop felt against the skin of his penis and he wondered what would happen if the slippery sauce was inside Lane. He looked at the woman before him and asked, “Is this okay to be inside you back there?”

Lane looked up at Gary’s face and smiled then she winked at the man and said with a soft voice, “Sweetie, it’ll be fine, it just has a tad of lidocaine in it, it’ll help you, don’t worry, you look divine, keep doing what you’re doing and tell me what you want me to do … okay honey?”

Gary nodded then began stroking his penis until he realized it wasn’t going to stand straight up. He glanced at Lane with a perplexed gaze and asked, “how come it’s not getting really hard Elaine?”

Lane moved closer to Gary by scooting her body over the sheet then she dropped her calves over the edge of the bed and whispered as she gazed at the pink rod, “It’s fine honey … you look beautiful masturbating … I have to take my gown off … you’re driving me crazy.”

Gary continued to gently stoke his penis as he watched Lane slide her gown up her body. When her breasts were exposed Gary began feeling a tingle in his rectum then he said, “I can’t believe how good you look naked … it’s like I can’t stop thinking about you.”

“What do you want me to do honey?” asked Lane as she felt her inner muscles twitch.

Gary was so engulfed in the huge white blobs of flesh he nearly forgot he was about to sink his penis into a grandmother’s rectum. He was so dizzy he began feeling weak in his knees but the urge to penetrate the woman’s body was so strong Gary felt he was in control for the first time.

“Get on your hand and knees in front of the mirror,” commanded Gary said as he felt his penis twitch.

When Lane moved to slide off the bed her hair gently brushed the tip of Gary’s penis. Gary could only hope he could hold on long enough to feel the inside of the woman’s colon. He watched carefully as Lane positioned her body on the floor with her posterior in the air then she glanced at Gary and said, “Is this how you want me?”

Gary’s body began running automatically as he stepped toward the naked woman while maintaining his stroking motion and continued until he was straddling her with his penis pointing up. He positioned his hip until he felt he could point the tip at the tiny brown hole but his penis had hardened to the point it was impossible to bend down enough without aching.

“I can’t get it to go down now,” said Gary as he pushed hard on the long pink rod while gazing at Lane’s anus.

Lane glanced into the mirror and when she saw what was going on behind her she said softly, “Bend over and lay down on me honey.”

Gary lowered his torso until his chest pressed against the soft skin of Lane’s back and when he did he looked into the mirror. Suddenly he saw a different figure in the reflection and he wasn’t sure if he was looking at himself or another person. His mind began to jumble as he recalled a moment years ago then he felt a strong urge to look at the body below him. Lane oddly appeared smaller to him and a shiver ran up his spine. When he felt his penis gently touch the soft skin of her buttocks he reached between their bodies, grabbed his throbbing penis, then began gliding it between the crack of Lane’s buttocks until he felt the tip touch a warmer spot.

“That’s the place,” whispered Lane as she reached for Gary’s leg while watching his naked white body in the mirror.

Gary felt an incredible surge of power enter him as he slowly began inserting the tip of his penis into Lane’s rectum. Gary had to blink at the boy in the mirror as the girl with the long curly blonde hair moaned slightly. Gary felt his world race backwards and he couldn’t believe his penis was inside a girl once again. His surreal sense of time was interrupted when the voice of a mature woman broke the silence with a command, “Fuck my ass hole baby … fucking do it.”

Gary’s breathing began to increase as he pressed his hands against lane’s shoulders forcing her upper body to the floor. He positioned his legs into a squat and began reaming the woman’s tight colon with his stiff throbbing penis. He was so overcome by the feeling of supremacy he began growling like a wild animal.

Lane’s body responded to the creature behind her by relaxing until she could only feel her inner muscles ache from the dull pain in her rectum. She couldn’t take her eyes off the reflection in the mirror and began seeing a tall man with long legs and soft hands pumping her small body while she screamed from his power. Suddenly Lane’s mind raced forward and she recalled herself bent over a wooden table with one penis in her vaginal cavity, one in her mouth and one in her rectum while camera’s flashed and whined under bright lights above her. Lane had to close her eyes to wipe her mind clear as she realized the man above her at that moment was grunting while his penis exploded in her bowels.

A moment of silence followed as the couple came to grips with the fact the ordeal had come to an end. Gary slid off the woman’s body as he tried to catch his breath while sitting with his back against the cold, mirrored wall. Lane lowered her hips until her thumping body was flat on the floor while visions of fully clothed people scurrying around her naked body flashed in her mind.

“Gary?” Lane asked softly.

“Yes?” responded Gary as he studied the curves of Lane’s naked buttocks for a second and noticed small specs of brownish matter between her buttocks cheeks near her anus.

“We need to shower off honey,” said Lane while she regained her composure as Gary noticed his penis was coated with the same matter.

Their world began to run in silent slow motion as they entered the bathroom, showered, washed each other then dried each other. An hour later they found themselves sitting at a small glass top table gazing into the eyes of the other. Their silent adoration was suddenly broken when the doorbell chimed.

Without thinking, Lane stood, adjusted her robe then stepped toward the door, peeked through the security sight and saw a young brunette girl standing in the faint light of the streetlight. Lane knew it was Gary’s wife then turned toward Gary with a finger against her lips as she opened the door.

“Can I help you?” asked Lane as she held her robe closed to hide her bulging chest.

“Hi, ma’am, sorry, I live across the street, um … and … with my husband? … and … well, I’m kind of locked out … I was wondering if you’ve seen him … I mean his car is here … but I can’t find him,” said Suzy in a nervous tone as her nostrils picked up a faint but familiar scent.

Lane smiled a little then said, “I was married once … but he wouldn’t sleep naked with me, so I left him for a woman who would … don’t you think that very weird?”

Suzy gazed at the old woman then scratched her head while attempting to sneak glances inside the space behind the woman for any sign of Gary. A strange feeling of abandonment filled her as she looked into the old woman’s eyes and said, “Um yeah, that’s really weird,” then Suzy felt she was being swished away when Lane said, “Well, dear, if I knew what he looked like I could tell him his wife is looking for him.”

Suzy felt she was wasting her time with the old bat and she had to escape from the strange place. She grinned a little then said, “Yeah, I guess you’re right, you won’t know him if you saw him,” then Suzy turned around and stepped quickly toward the car where Gwen was waiting patiently.

Lane closed the door, set the locking devices, turned toward Gary, dropped her robe to floor, stepped toward the filthy naked man sitting at the small table, reached for his hand, smiled then said, “Lets go back to bed honey, I need to suck a man’s cock.”

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