Radha mam (How i fucked my teacher)

Hi readers im sai from bangalore im 5.7 feet with a average tool in my pants. Im going to tell you how i fucked my teacher. I am doing my ug froma good college . I had some fantasy of having sex with milfs .

When i was in 3rd year of degree i had come across a new teacher name rosy(name changed for privacy purpose) her physique was perfect with standing 5.7 feet with fair complexion with big rounded sexy ass beautifull face big boobs.Coming to the story she was handling a practical subject which was handled by other teacher before .

I was good at her subject and i became close to her gradually and she too became close to me(since our mother tongue was same).


One day i went to the staff room to submit my assignment and i saw her speaking over the phone very angirly and kept the phone and i saw her tears rolling down the cheeks ,i went to her and asked her wat happened and she tried to hide her tears and told me to mind my work , i said

” Life has problems its better to share with some one ” and i asked her wat happened she said nothing and i returned back to class after the class when i was about to leave she called me asking for a minute to talk to her
Me: why did you call me mam?
Rosy: I wanted to speak to you sai
I went insidde the staff room , there was nobody around us. I asked her why did she call me she was felling hesitated and also shy . I asked her to feel free to tell me
Rosy: Sai though im successfull in my profession Im not feeling happy in my personal life
Me: what happened mam you are not happy with your family?
Rosy: My husband doesnt look after me he is a drunkard always abuses me

I felt sorry for her but at the same tym i had a chance to seduce her. Then i got an idea , i gave her my number and told her to feel free to speak to me i said her lets be friends at first she hesitated to give her number but she gave it.We used to chat to on watsapp. Sometimes i used to have dreams of fucking her. Finally the D day came which i didnt expect
It was friday and since the next day was 4th saturday we had day off. On friday morning rosy handled her subject , she was trying to tell me something but she was not able to.

Later i came out she told me that she has a lot of college work but she needs assistance and she called me and my friend. Me and my friend assisted her the half day. It was almost evening my friend left as he was working. Rosy was in needed for an assistance which she called me without hesitating. I followed with her to her home since it was about to down pour heavily. She welcomed me properly and i placed her things in the hall. All of a sudden it started down pouring heavily nearher home we both got drenched a little. my mom called my i told her that im safe in my friend’s home since it was holiday the next day i will come home 2moro. I asked her where is her family she said that her husband is gone to his home town with their children.Rosy starded to enquire about me which i obliged to share. she told me to have tea and went to kitchen and i was seeing her family photos on the wall.

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All of a sudden she appeared behind me as i turned i was bit shocked she gave me a cup of tea, she was covered with sweat and water droplets on her face which made her to look even more sexier than before. Her black bra were visible,damn she had a big hotters big and fuckin thigh and shiny fat legs which i loved. I tried to look away from her, she gave me towel to clean myself and went inside and came out with tight tee shirt and shorts.I was mind struck with her structure she came beside me and sat holding a cup of coffee.

We finished our drinks, her home was far away from near by houses. She was giving me a unusual smile,we remained silent for few seconds,at this tym i realised that my cock was slowly gaining erection. She asked me whether i had a girlfriend, for which i said i had a crush at my pu she said i look handsome. She was nearing to me. My heart was pounding very fast since i was never been so close with any girl. we kept on looking into our eyes our distance closed maybe the other side of me was behaving i planted a kiss on her lips, she was shocked and remained silent and eventually she responded and planted a kiss on my cheeks eyes earlobes and finally she kissed on my lips. I ws really shocked that this is happened she noticed that my heat beat was pumping very fast she tried to put her tongue in my mouth, for which i immediately responded, but i didnt know how to french kiss a girl. her tongue was exploring my mouth and i too was exploring her tongue, wooow wat a soft lips she possess, i started to move my hands over her big waist and ass cheeks she was holding my neck with one hand and hold on to my tool. We kept kissing for 5to 6 minutes and she started to kiss my chest tummy and over my cock. she said that her hubby has not even temped to kiss her. I was jealous of her husband. she make me to stand and started to undress my shirt and she slowly slide her soft big hand into my pants. She caught hold of my cock an started rubbing over my cock and parallely kissing me passionately. she removed my pant and kissed my dick over my underwear, by this tym i had already cummed a little, she noticed it and pulled my undies and stared at my cock it was already erect with 6 inches she planted a kiss on the head of my penis. I asked her how big was her hubby’s cock she replied “he had a baby size penis dear and cummed within 10 minutes. I was pity on her ,she then started taking it slowly inside her mouth. I was in another world and let a uncontrolable soft moan for which she was happy she was sucking my cock and teasing my balls at the same tym.

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I grabbed her boobs and pressing softly , i removed her shirt damn she was a fitness freak. Her boobs were perfect in shape like a handball. she was muscular body with abs, biceps,shoulders, i wanted to enjoy every second her boobs was so softer than i thought, it was fair in colour and her nipples were rock hard by now. I pinched her hard nipples, and she let a big moan aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh……….. oooooohhhhhhhhh……..yeeeeeesssss! i was happy hearing to her long moans i continued to suck her nipples and press her boobs, she said kai vechi yena nalla ammukkuu da( press me more hard) i kept on pressing her for 10 minutes. She said ” you know how to handle a woman i love you” i agained kissed her softly and slide my hands in her shorts she didnt wear panties. Her pussy was sooooo soft and had not been fucked for years. I started to rub slowly over her cunt and kissing her passionately
She was giving beautiful moans which made me more harder. I made her stand up and removed her shorts, she uncovered her boobs and pussy and stood like a fitness freak pornstar feeling shy. I was admiring her body, each part was well tonned, I made her stand in front of me and started stroking my meat pole. she bit her lips and bent over my dick and kissed it and said ” vandu yenna trupthi paduthu da”( please satisfy me) . I lifted her , she was heavier than she looks. she spoke dirty ” en kudhi ye un pool eh vechi tallu da”.

I made her stand, we were naked and we both kissed standing naked, I was pressing her ass while she was stroking my dick,I was about to cum so I put her on bed and, i started to lick her juicy pool(pussy) slowly, she let a moan yyyyyyaaaaaaaaaaaa…….mmmmmmmhmmmmhhhmm…….oooohhhhhhhhhhhh……aaaaaaahhhhhhh………sai………please dont tease me ” un pool eh yen kudhi ulla vitu adi da” please….

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