Hey Shipmates

Hey Shipmates, I’m an old man now. One that still enjoys a good sea story. I served in the Navy for 28 years, been everywhere. Retired Master Chief, Married, four daughters and three grandchildren.

One day awhile back I learned about sex stories from one of my daughters, was she surprised when she found me reading one from her computer, she left open. (Another story for another day). I read a story that reminded me of my second ship cruising the beautiful Pacific Ocean. Gray walls, great food, 5-star accommodations, who am I kidding, I was on a Navy ship, haze gray and under way. There were only a few things we could do with our short times to ourselves. Sleep, masturbate, eat, masturbate, Drill, fight, watch movies, masturbate, or sit on the fan tail with shipmates telling the craziest and of course always true sea stories.

I was a Second Class when this all started, in charge of a small group of deck apes. We would spend our time off with good old bug juice or a good old can of pop if available. During this time, we would tell stories of our fun adventures to deferent port of calls. Day after day we would listen to stories, sometimes repeated with different endings just to help pass the day. But this story is about a young man who just sat with us with a can of Dr. Pepper each day when available. He would listen and never share in the sea stories. I liked JR; he was one of my hardest workers. Never really talked but was ready to work on anything to keep busy. He was also an amateur body builder and a hometown local champion swimmer, like his Uncles and Aunts. Yet he enjoyed body building more than swimming.

One day I had everyone be quiet while I tried to get JR to share a little about himself. It took some work, but he finally opened a little. After a few months we believed he had the best sea story of anyone on board in years.

This is my telling his story, I am sure I will mess it up a little and of course I am taking some liberties in telling it, it is so outlandish it must be told, He is aware that I am telling it and is ok with my liberties.
Our sea stories melted away listening to this young man. JR came from a family of red heads with green eyes. He himself was an identical twin, his twin was a sister. We would bust on him, telling him she must be one ugly old broad. Which he just laughed, telling us she was sending him a picture of her in a swimming suit for our viewing pleasure, which of course sounded exciting. Unfortunately, we haven’t received mail in months. So, we just listened and enjoyed his tale. It was better than any of our sea stories anyways. Hope you enjoy.

JR was telling us that his grandfather was 6’4” and a Champion Olympic Swimmer. He had been in four Summer Olympics, bringing gold medals home to the USA each year. His Grandmother was also an Olympic swimmer, for three years, she stood 5’11” she also had impressive story of winning gold for the USA. We were truly enjoying the stories of his grandparents’ adventures and wins. Then he hit us with the story of having seven Aunts and two Uncles on his Mother’s side and two Aunts from his father’s side.

All of them with Red hair and green eyes like JR himself. All the Aunts were trained swimmers (both sides), and a few were champions at different levels. One even being an Olympic Champion herself. He said he sent his mom a letter asking for pictures of his family. His two uncles were professional body builders and wrestlers. When he mentioned their Wrestling name’s we all started to believe his story even more. The brothers came on the scene at a time wrestling was losing its flare, they came on as Irish brothers, believed in honesty, Integrity and would beat it into anyone that challenged them. They were a hit, and long-time tag team champs that also used the Tag Team song as there entrance.

“Whoomp! (There It Is)”

As the days went by, JR got more comfortable telling his story, men from other divisions would join us to listen. The first question from everyone was. what was his sister like? He was hesitant to share, but told us they were very close, and they did everything together growing up. This of course brought him cat calls and ribbing for days. At times our Chief would join before telling us to get our asses to work. Sometimes he would just have a seat on a chair one of the deck hands got for him. A few times we would see the officers watching us from the bridge, we would laugh because they couldn’t fraternize with us. Except our Ensign. We think he was sent down to listen so he could relay the story to the officer’s mess.
As the months drew on our time together was broken up to do real work. There was a war going on for peats sake. Then we would be sent out of our patrol area for an unknown time frame, which was used to get us much needed liberty. Also supplies and mail, if there was any. So, we all got together finally, and JR had really loosened up, he was enjoying telling his family story. We didn’t get mail during this port visit.
“So, JR” says seaman Jones, “you say you and your sister are Identical twins? What is she doing while we are out here enjoying this beautiful Pacific Ocean Cruise?” Jones was great at making light of any situation, plus I think he was really into learning about JR’s sister, of course Jones was a redhead. Jones never said a bad word about JR’s Sister.

JR: “Joanny is in college, she is studying kinesiology, which is the study of movement. She wishes to train swimmers, so they can further their swimming dreams.” “I really don’t understand it myself, but she is very dedicated to her studies and doesn’t date, sorry Jones” Jones just smiled, and said” We’ll see” Bringing us all to a good laugh. But Jones was a lot like JR, very athletic and never drank, never messed around on port visits, (well just once). He was also doing college courses on board.

JR continued, “She and I did all the same classes in High School, stayed after to do our work outs, last 3 to 4 hours a day. Get home and do homework. We just didn’t spend time with others, we had goals and we were going to get them finished.” Jones “What kind of goal did you have that you gave up so you can be a glorious Navy Deck Ape” I think JR liked Jones, we enjoyed his questions also. “I studied the human body, I learned everything I could to become healthy like my uncles, built my body to be strong but flexible.”
Time had come to get to our duties.

To make a long story short and a lot less boring JR finally started talking about his personal life with his Father, Mother and Sister. His father was a successful engineer and spent many months away from his family, like none of us on the ship didn’t know that feeling. His mother was a businesswoman and still swam every day to stay in shape so she could teach swimming at their local YMCA. Very impressive.

Then after a few days of action, we got back to our resting area and JR continued his story. But it changed. He told us he listened to our stories because he and his sister had no sex life, and they were ok with it. The two of them would lay together on the couch to watch mystery shows or whatever was picked that evening, but nothing serious ever happened between them. His sister would tease him when he got an erection while laying with her, but they never took it to far, he would tease her telling her to get her boobs and nipples out of the way of the screen. This would lead into rough housing, but he loved his sister and would stop once it got to the point of touching each other. Many times, they would just stare at each other and she would smile at him and head to bed after giving him a small kiss on his lips. He spent many nights masturbating because of seeing her nipples through a shirt she wore, or her butt cheeks from the t-shirt she was wearing. He would learn she did the same.

Then the story became very personal, one night they were watching a movie on TV and there were sex scenes in it, Joanny went to her room refusing to continue watching the movie, JR had no idea what was wrong, but did notice a wet stain on the couch where she laid. Johnny turned off the TV, cleaned up the wet spot and went for a swim. He loved swimming on Friday nights, he would turn off the lights, usually the family was out for the night and he would swim nude for half hour, shower and go to bed. But this night his sister was watching him. She was memorized by the site of her brother nude. She watched him get out of the pool and walk to the house. This was the first time she saw his thick penis. (Of course, everyone gave him hell for saying he had a large package. But some of the deck hands would start laughing and tell us all he sure did; shipboard showers and berthing aren’t very private.) He went to his room, showered and went to bed, forgetting about his sister being home.

This is where his story got juicy, and we would see many Chiefs and Officers break with fraternization and join in the story. Our skipper didn’t care, if we did our job he stayed out of the way.

JR. shared that his father was away again for a few months, and his mother was at work late. He could feel sleep creeping up on him after he had masturbated a few times from thinking of his sister long nipples. His eyes were at half mast, when he heard this terrifying and load scream. He jumped up but not fast enough, his sister was already in the room and ran to him, jumped into his arms screaming and crying, it was dark, so he didn’t realize she was naked yet. He sat down on his lounge chair, and held her tight, she was soaked, and had a very weird smell to her. He also realized she was totally naked as was he. He tried to calm her as he reached for his blanket to cover her because she was shaking so much. He wanted to know if she was hurt, he wanted to look but he had to keep the blanket over her, his erection was at full attention. And it was between her legs. He reached for his phone called his mom, she didn’t answer, so he left a 911 message, get home fast something is wrong with Joanny.
The story was interrupted with a battle station alert. Action had found us. It kept us busy for a few days, when it was over, we were happy when the Skipper announced we did a great job and no injuries nor damage to the ship, joking he said to bad for the other guys. We sunk a few lbs. of steel during those few days. We were being sent further out for a day swim call. Of course, JR was challenged by many of the crew in a swim around the ship. No one ever came close to beating him, matter of fact, he was around the ship before many even got near the stern. After the race we wanted to hear more of JR’s story. Whether true or not he had everyone’s attention, even the Skipper was given a brief update by the XO.
One of the Deck hands took JR’s duties so he could meet with everyone to continue his story this evening. Skipper would later say the story had brought his crew together in a way he had never seen in his years as a skipper. We would joke that he was the skipper on the Ark. JR started right where he left off, I watched him tell his story, he didn’t come across as a bragger, or liar, his story seemed legit.

“So, I’m holding my sister, she smells, and I liked the smell, and I have an erection, her breast felt so good against me and she had a wonderful wet and warm bush, I tried my best not to look. I couldn’t get her to calm down, then I heard the front door. I yelled to our mom “We’re in my room” She came running in, I had taken the blanket off my sister just as she entered my room. Mom froze when she saw we were naked, then came to us to find out what happened. As I was looking down Mom was talking to my sister, but I couldn’t help but notice mom had on black panties. Mom saw my erection move, she smiled and continued to talk to my sister. Joanny finally told us what was wrong, I was shocked to hear that a 19-year-old woman had wet her bed, then I wondered why would I like the smell? Mom smiled, told me to carry my sister to the master bath for her. Plus, Joannie wouldn’t let me go. I sit on the bench in mom’s very large shower, and then mom enters. I almost dropped my sister. Mom was naked.”

I like everyone else just stood there with our jaws open, Jones of course has no filters. “Wait you mean you want us to believe you got to see your twin sister and your mother naked on the same night?” JR said yes. Jones says he needs to use the head, we all cracked up. Then there was chatter all around us until we all hear a very familiar voice telling us to be quiet and let the man speak. We all jump to attention; it was our skipper. We immediately got a chair for him and he told JR to continue.

“My Mom, her name is Jackie, came over and smiled at me, and told me her being naked was necessary to shower Joanny. That made sense, I said ok but told her I was very embarrassed. She looked down and noticed right away. She bent down looked me in the eyes and said don’t worry this is a very natural reaction to seeing any women naked, not to mention two.” But I said to her, “Mom it’s you and Joanny, that’s not natural.” She smiled again and asked me to carry my sister closer to the shower. I was not expecting that, I thought she would take Joanny, and I could run off. But, Joanny was now digging into my large arm, it was bleeding. She was shaking and crying.
“I have to tell you I almost came right there; I had my sisters’ breast on my arm, now my mother’s left breast on my side and her pussy on my knee. Both were very hairy” The smell from them both was overpowering. He heard the skipper make a belly laugh, “Son are you sure you should be sharing such a story as this? Every man here is now going to want to meet your mom and sister.” “Yes sir, they are both far from our home port, so chances are great none of you will ever meet them.” Skipper smiled and said, “carry on then.”
Half hour later, Taps played, and the story would have to wait until tomorrow night. Our day was very relaxing, we did have to bring on some supplies, but once again no mail. I believe if it wasn’t for JR’s story, moral would have been nonexistent. Skipper makes an announcement for all hands to meet on the fan tail. He the XO and the Command Master Chief were to the left in chairs, there was one in the front of them facing the crew. JR was called up to the chair, where the Skipper asked me to have him continue the story. In all my Navy history I have never seen anything like this. This crew was all in and enjoying the story. The cooks even brought pizza and cokes down and a Dr. Pepper for JR.
JR, he didn’t change any, he continued to tell his story as if he never stopped. Before I get to his story the cooks were great, they brought coffee donuts popcorn also, it was the craziest thing ever.
Jr continued to tell us what was happening.

“My mom, continued to try to talk to my sister, as she was washing her, and having me move her this way or that while she moved to different areas.” Suddenly my sister turned and sat right on my lap facing me, arms and legs wrapped around me, still shaking and making my erection feel like a rock.” I turned white. I told my mom that I was very close to Joanny’s pussy, I could feal her hair on the tip of my penis. I told her I was sorry for the way I said it, but I couldn’t move to stop her from me entering her vagina. My mom reached down, grabbed me, held me for a moment looked up at me, smiled. Then moved my penis away. I was scared and relieved she moved it. My sister was a virgin.” We world learn later he was also.

“My mom rinsed us both off then herself, it seemed like she was doing it in a seductive way. I couldn’t believe I hadn’t cum yet.” “Mom turned off the water and then put a towel around us, told me she would be right back. She had changed my sister’s sheets, brought in pajamas for her. Joanny finally let go of me. Mom dried her lower half, and mom asked me to dry her upper that included her breasts. I looked at her breast and I thought I would pass out. Mom again smiled and dried my sister as I stood there like a moron. We got her dressed, Mom asked me to take Joanny to her room and put her to bed. I did and then mom asked me to go make coffee for us. She wished to talk to me about what happened.
JR went to the kitchen and made coffee. He sliced two pieces of pie, covered with whipped cream. He was shaking he said, he couldn’t believe everything that just happened. The coffee was ready, and he poured two large black coffees. He turned around and almost dropped them. His mother was standing in front of him naked.

Our story was interrupted once again by another battle station, we were well trained in this and we were ready in record time. This wasn’t a drill; we were heading away top speed and weapons ready. Not knowing what was happening yet we sat ready to respond when called on. By the time we were done, we had used most of our weapons and I’m not at liberty to say where. But it lasted a few days. This also gave us a chance to go to a base to be reloaded and received more food and supplies. One thing I like about our skipper was he didn’t mess around if he needed something, he got it. He demanded our mail be found before our next visit.
About a week later we were headed back to sea. Crew moral was down, during that week our mail still hadn’t found us. Skipper called for another all hands, he had JR relieved again. The story was to continue. The Skipper needed his crews minds free of home and back to their duties. I thought it funny having JR telling his porn story a strange way to keep our minds off being home, but the Skipper was right the crew wanted to know everything about these redhead babes.

JR. “when I saw my mom, all I could say was yum. This caught her by surprise, she expected wow, maybe you look great, amazing, but yum?” We all laughed and as he blushed at this part.

He continued,
Mom, “let’s take this to the living room so we can talk, I watch her ass as we walked, she yells stop looking at my ass and sit down, I could hear her giggling.” “She covers herself with an afghan” I see the curtains are open and I walk over after I place my coffee and pie on the end table.
Mom: “you know JR it is a good thing we have no neighbors” I asked her why,
Mom: “Well you are completely naked and standing at our large living room window naked”, I turned looked out and we both laughed. Any other night there could be housekeepers or night workers at our home.
Mom, “JR please sit and tell me what happened, she stopped me, then left the living room. She came back with the first aid kit, and began to clean and bandage my arm, this wouldn’t be a problem, but she sat on my lap as she did it.” If you have ever seen Robin Hood Prince of Thieves, where Robin is behind the curtain singing with his sword, and his men are glued to the curtain, well that’s what this must have looked like if you saw the crew.

Jones interrupts the moment of dreaming with a question. “Would it be wrong to ask what your mother and sister looked like, measurements hair color etc.” I was expecting someone to chastise him, but it seemed it was a question on all our minds. I even noticed the Skipper leaning forward. You could even see many of the men adjusting themselves, just thinking what this would have been like.
JR. “Well, my sister and I are identical twins, (everyone booed with laughter). If you were to look at my mother and sister together it would be almost hard to tell them apart. They had the same size breast 34C, butts and pussies. Eyes same color as mine, our hair is red, everywhere. Their vaginas are almost identical, which is weird when you think mom gave birth to both of us. But they both swim every day, and they are very fit.”
Jones, “Are you saying their breast are the same?” I mean your mothers didn’t change after breastfeeding you two?” There were giggles, but JR said that his mother had very little changes to her body. No sagging, no stretch marks, no cottage cheese, tight butt.” I noticed several of the men would disappear and return some minutes later. Didn’t take much to figure out why, I was even feeling the tightness in my own pants.
JR returns to his story, of his mother being nude, sitting in his lap while she bandages his arm. His sister had left some serious cuts on his massive arm from her long nails. “I told mom she had to move, I felt like I was going to cum, instead of moving she looked down, just in time to get a face full of my cum (Cheers from the crew, even the Skipper laughed), the rest landing on her breast and then her lap. She started to giggle when she saw how much cum I covered her with. I was trying to apologize, but what she was doing stopped me from speaking, when she took a finger full of my cum and tasted it. Then she tasted more. She looked at me, smiled and kissed me. Telling me I was very blessed with very sweet cum.” Again laughter. Jones: “Like there better not be anyone here to confirm that comment.” You would think you were in a stadium with the laughter and cheers, Jones stepped and took a bow. JR just laughed and said thank God.

“Mom then stood up and returned to the couch took a sip of her coffee and ate the pie. I continued to tell her about the scream and how Joanny came running into my room crying. I didn’t realize she was naked until I sat down with her, that’s when I noticed she was very wet and had a strange odor to her. So, I covered her. I tried to get her to tell me if something was wrong, was she hurt, but nothing. That’s when you came in.”
Mom stood up still covered in my cum, she told me she would be right back. She walked to the kitchen still naked. As I was watching her tight rear end, I once again had an erection, she once again told me to stop looking at her ass. When mom returned, she was holding two large glasses of wine. She handed me one and she sat down on the coffee table in front of me. “I must have finished half of the wine before she told me to slow down.” She stood up again, kneeled before me and took my glass. She placed it on the table with hers. She looked me in the eyes and asked me if I have ever been with a woman, I told her I was still a virgin. She asked me to follow her, to dad’s recliner. She sat down, then she took her legs and spread them over the two arms. (the crew exploded with clapping and cat calls). I fell in front of her, mesmerized by what I was seeing. She was perfect, so much hair, though again it was covered by my cum, yet trimmed for her swimming suit.

Mom, “Ok are you over with the shock of seeing me like this?” I just shook my head yes. She then continued to show me her vagina. “Your sister is called a squirter when she has an orgasm her body releases a certain amount of liquid, with Joanny it is obvious she squirts a lot.”

Mom pointed to her Clit, “Under our clit inside our vagina is a spot called the g-spot. Here give me your finger.” Mom took my finger and she had me touch her clit, then pulled my finger inside her. “Now feel around can you find a rough spot?” I felt around, and sure enough I found the area she was talking about. She released my finger telling me to hold my finger where it was. “Ok now, take your thumb and rub my clit in a slow circular motion and the g-spot rub up and down at the same time. I was shaking so much, and I felt pain in the tip of my penis again.
She told me to move both of my fingers faster, then she started to wiggle, then she started to hump my fingers. Then she started to moan as she was explaining to me what was happening to her. I was in shock; I was playing with my own mother’s pussy and I loved it. She told me to take two fingers and rub the rough spot inside. I did as she asked. I heard mumbling, then suddenly I saw a gush of water come from her vagina, she was rocking and told me not to stop rubbing. I couldn’t help myself; I had an orgasm at the same time. Once again it was all over my mom, as her orgasm flooded me. She collapsed and became silent. I pulled my fingers out and shook her to see if she was ok. She opened her eyes and smiled. She reached for her wine, drank it all, then told me to follow her to her shower. We washed each other and talked about all that just happened. As she washed my penis, she smiled and took it into her mouth. I had another orgasm and couldn’t believe she swallowed all of it, not to mention all my cock. We dried off and went to my room, she laid beside me for a few minutes gave me a very wet and deep kiss. She said good night and went to her room. I jumped up and watched her walk away. As she was closing her door, she waved at me, opened it again and said stop looking at my ass.” I just stood there for a moment listening to her laughing; I must be dreaming.


This session was over, the skipper had us hit our bunks and we would continue this training another day. I watched as everyone walked away talking and many adjusting themselves again. JR was just sitting there, I walked over to him to see if he was ok. He said he was, and he wondered if his mom and sister would be upset with him telling everyone so much. I told him I wouldn’t know, but it sounds like they are very open and honest with each other, so they may think it’s kinky. He thanked me and was off to bed.
In the morning, I had the crew hard at work, even though our ship was in top notch shape, each morning the Skipper would tour the ship just to find something that needs attention. The YN was writing as fast as the skipper talked. Within an hour we would all have a list of things to complete that day. It was a great challenge for the crew to see if they could be the division with the least hits, Skipper never made it easy on anyone. Being Deck, we always seemed to be the worse in hits. But you don’t want to hear about my problems.
Seamen JR was busy working and the Skipper came down to see me. He told me he was impressed with the seamen’s story and how it captivated the crew’s attention. He would like to make it a Wednesday event, because we had no movies on board. It was important to keep crew moral up. The situation with our mail is becoming a problem, yet this Seamen’s story is wild enough to keep them entertained. Also, if for any reason moral sinks, we may have to do two sessions. I saluted him and told him I will make it happen. He turns to me and tells me he is impressed with our work, and he is hard on me because I keep the ship in top notch shape, he never compliments, I was flying high. Be prepared for the days ahead it should be interesting.

Unfortunately, we went several weeks without a story, war is hell. Our ship took a few hits and we had to pull into port in the Philippines. Which turned out to be the best morale booster ever, our mail was found, and it took two days for it to be sorted and delivered. The skipper gave everyone the day off to read mail and have fun.

Repairs were completed ahead of time; Skipper has the Command Master Chief do All-Hands Inspection. Dress Whites. When it was time the skipper joined us and told us this was a surprise award ceremony. The Admiral would be on board any minute and will be handing out awards to the crew for our magnificent work so far. So, we waited at Parade Rest for an hour, then the Admirals boat came aside. What an impressive man. Stood 6’6”, thin, he was a marathon runner also. Crew came to attention.

Dozens of awards were handed out from the Skipper down, field advancements were handed out. I was one of them. I was advanced from Second Class to Chief. Shock of all shocks, but the Admiral was very impressed with the condition of our ship, and the skipper gave me all the credit for it. I of course had already turned in evaluations on my men weeks ago and was excited to see 7 of my men get field advancements also, one of which was Seamen JR. Because of his dedication to crew moral, the Admiral advanced him to First Class. This brought applause and many Congratulations. The admiral invited JR to stand next to him, as he was awarded a few other awards also. Then the Admiral bent down said a few things which made JR turn bright red, which is cool when you are a red head already. He saluted the Admiral and the Admiral left. Oh, did I mention, our Skipper was advance to full bird. He was being prepared for his first duty as an Admiral, only he knew when. The XO was also advanced to Commander. Our Skipper was very proud of this crew.

The Skipper invited everyone to the fantail, where he asked Petty Officer JR if he was up to continuing his story. He also asked him if he had a real name, of course he was joking. He just loved to hear the crew laughing. Once again, cooks and mess cooks showed they were the best in the fleet, we had food, coffee, soda, and beer, compliments of the Admiral. The skipper made sure we had two cans each to enjoy the night.
JR took his place and before he started, he saluted the Skipper thanking him for the promotion, then came to me and told me, he will work twice as hard, because of the respect I gave him. He also gave me a beer and then handed Jones one.

JR of course new just where he left off, with all that muscle I sometimes wondered where he kept all his knowledge. He started by congratulating everyone.
“If you remember, I was watching my mother return to her room, I was in shock to experience all that had happened that evening, I have heard of things like this, but to actually be a part of such a thing is so different. And to have a Mom so hot well, what can I say.” “By the way I received the pictures of my Mom and my sister.” One of the yeomen handed them to the Skipper. His response as well as the XO and Command Master Chief had the crew on the edge of their seats waiting to see them. I would be the last to see them, two hours later, the picture was of two red heads in very thin yellow polka dot bikinis. They were just as JR described. Skipper had the yeoman take a survey to see how many would pick who to be the mother and the sister. The crew would learn later they picked my mother as my sister.
“When mom closed her door, I stood there for about 5 minutes. Then I peeked into my sister’s room to see how she was, she was sound asleep, I walked in, pulled her cover up. Kissed her on her forehead and told her I was happy she was ok. I then went to my bed, undressed and went to sleep.” About three in the morning, my door opened, I was laying on my bed naked and uncovered sound asleep. The person who entered, was quiet. It was my sister. She sat on the edge of my bed, looked at my manhood, she would tell me later, she was in awe. She had never seen one before other than on TV or her computer. But never one so thick. She lifted it up, turned it around then kissed it. She noticed liquid coming out of my hole and she licked it, first she was afraid it was urine, but it was colorless. She loved the flavor, she tried to put the head of my cock into her mouth but gave up in fear of waking me. Then she stood up smiled, got undressed and joined me, naked (Cat Calls). She then laid her breast against my chest, and a leg over my lap. Trapping my penis under her leg.” The men looking at the picture were in awe; the women were beautiful. I would agree when I got the picture finally.

In the morning, my mom woke and dressed kind of skimpy, walk to my sisters’ room to see how she was, she wasn’t in there. As she walked by my room, she was shocked to see us both naked. She just starred for a while, then went down to the kitchen to cook breakfast. About 10 minutes later Joanny was in the kitchen in tears, she went to my mom and hugged her. Mom was happy to see her dressed.

“Joanny, may I ask why you were in your brothers room sleeping with him naked. Joanny blushed and asked if they could go outside to talk. So, they grabbed breakfast and coffee, went outside. As Joanny followed her mom, she was amazed at how little clothing she had on, Joanny could see her breast, her pussy and her butt through the sheer outfit. Her mom smiled and told her she will explain in a while.

“I heard someone enter my room, I was trying to sleep, but I was still upset about peeing in my bed, suddenly Johnny reached down kissed me on my forehead told me he was happy I was ok and went to his room. I felt so good I fell asleep. I woke about three, went to see if he was awake so we could talk, but when I saw him naked, I just undressed and joined him. I woke up, and started to think about what happened, then I heard you, so I came down to see if we could talk.”

“So, Johnny didn’t know you were in bed with him?”
Joanny, “I don’t think so.”
Mom: “We can talk about that at another time.”
Joanny: “Mom what happened to me last night?” “I haven’t wet my bed since I was a baby.”
Mom got up got a refill on her coffee, offered Joanny some. Mom realized she had tears in her eyes. They went to the chairs near the pool so mom could talk to Joanny without anyone overhearing them plus they were more comfortable.
Mom: “Joanny may I ask if you are still a virgin?”
Joanny, blushed and said she still was. “Sorry Mom I guess it isn’t as easy as I thought to talk about sex.”
Mom: “I understand, I had a hard time also with all my sisters and brothers around.” “But it is something we must talk about without feeling any embarrassment or shame at this time, ok?”
Joanny, looked into mom’s eyes and felt she could share and not be ashamed.
“Mom, do you know what I was doing when I peed?” Jackie tried not to laugh, yet at same time she felt her groin moisten just thinking about it.
Mom reached into the bag next to her and pulled out a dildo, Joanny looked shocked. Mom giggled, “Joanny don’t worry this one is mine, I use one also when your dad goes away on his trips.”
Joanny wanted to touch it, she also felt moisture in her loins just looking at it. She had no idea they used the same one.
Mom: “Joanny you said you are a virgin, so obviously you never placed this deep inside yourself?”
Joanny: Blushing, “no I just rub it against my clit and then I use my fingers inside me.”
Jackie looked around, “Joanny please show me what you do. I think I can explain to you what happened.”
Joanny looked at her as if she was nuts,
“Mom that is so private I can’t do that in front of you.”
Mom: “Tell you what, I’ll do it first so you can see what you look like masturbating.”
The crew became so quiet for a moment, bets were made that Joanny would do it. This brought a giggle to JR.
Well, my mom pulled out Joanny’s dildo, and handed it to her. Joanny was shocked again that her mom had hers also. Mom then dropped her pink silk panties and started to masturbate, slowly by rubbing her clit. Joanny knew they were alike in this area also, so she was really caught up in watching mom. Then she found herself reaching into her pajamas and rubbing herself. Then she looked around. She was worried I would see her.
“Mom; what happens if Johnny comes down, he will see us. My mom laughed. “Joanny he saw us both naked last night remember?” My sister blushed; little did she know I was in our bathroom looking down. I couldn’t believe this was happening. To see mom in the daylight with nothing on her pussy gave me such an erection. But then Joanny pulled her pajamas down with no panties on and she started to explain what she was doing last night. I was going to masturbate, but decided I was going to sneak around to the edge of the bush and watch. I was in my briefs, and I was unable to hold myself in because I had a full erection. Little did I know my mom heard me and had a smile on her face.

Joanny: “I started like I always do” She showed mom who was still rubbing herself, mostly for my benefit I would learn. “But last night I was very excited, I saw Johnny in the pool swimming naked, he didn’t see me, and he has such a beautiful penis, not to mention that body.” Mom had to fight off a laugh as she heard me gasp.
Mom: “I understand that feeling, I have also seen him, big difference since you two were born.”
Joanny: “I was on my bed, undressed and all I could think of was seeing him and he wasn’t even hard, I think?” I suddenly felt this strange but wonderful feeling, it got more intense, then I felt I was going to pee, but I couldn’t stop. I kept going and going, until I peed all over my bed and floor and my wall. I was so angry and scared. I ran to you, but you weren’t home. So, I ran to Johnny. That’s all I remember”
Mom: “Ok please continue to show us what you were doing when you orgasmed.”
Joanny: “us?”

Mom: “Johnny, come over here and grab a chair.” Joanny looked so angry, until she saw my penis sticking out of my boxers. She started to rub harder, as did my mother. My mom had me move a chair right in front of them both, the Cheshire cat smile on her face worried me. I had forgot what happened a while ago.

Mom: “Joanny, I know this is strange and maybe wrong, but you both need to learn what happened. This is the best way to show you both.” I then remembered what happened earlier and I wanted to move, but mom gave me that mothers stare and I stayed put.
Joanny and Mom were now doing the same thing, both had two fingers inside their pussies, and the dildo rubbing their clits. Joanny was a lot loader than our mom and then she told mom she was starting to get that feeling again.
Mom: “Johnny start to masturbate so it helps us reach our orgasms.” I started to and in no time, I was moving as fast as they were. Joanny started to cry, mom was smiling.

Mom: “Joanny don’t cry, what you are feeling is very natural in some women, let it happen, concentrate on making yourself happy and fulfilled.” I was about to cum myself, when Joanny screamed and I was bathed in her beautiful orgasm, then mom had one also. Hers wasn’t as strong but I was drenched. I couldn’t hold my orgasm any longer, but I stood up and shot loads on both of my mother and Joanny’s pussies. When they came down from their orgasm, they couldn’t believe I had also cum, and how much there was. Joanny had never seen a man’s sperm, mom reached down showing us both what Joanny had to do now. She lifted my cum into two fingers, then took her own juices and put her fingers into her mouth and swallowed. Joanny was so excited, she took two fingers, but put them into my mother’s vagina, then scooped my cum from mom bush and sucked on her fingers. She had a small orgasm from doing this, it was so strange seeing the liquid still come out of her.
Mom told me to get down quick and lick the liquid from Joanny as it flowed out of her. I had no problem doing this, Joanny didn’t realize I was eating her out at first, but she said nothing as she readied for her third orgasm and it almost chocked me. She can really squirt hard.
We were interrupted by an announcement for the skipper to go to the bridge. That ended the story for tonight. Many were so into it; they didn’t want JR to stop.


Like I said at the beginning, this is my account of the days that a shipmate spent telling us a truly unbelievable story, until he proved it.
A few days later our ship was called into another engagement, it was very nasty, but we fought with everything in us, when all was done, we had taken an island and it was a turning point in this war. We were sent back to the Philippines for more repairs, our ship took a lot damage, yet not one sailor was hurt. The Admiral came aboard and inspected the ship. He held another award ceremony, not as grand as the last one but the ship received many battle awards that my crew had the honor of painting on the ship. During this time, we were working 20 hours a day, we wanted to be back in action. Skipper was impressed with the dedication and desire of his crew to be the best. Let me tell you this, our ship was different from most in many ways, but honor and dedication are a Navy way, and each ship had its own standard. We finally got ready to get underway, but this time we were given strange orders, we were to head out and destroy a submarine. For the first time I saw fear in the eyes of many officers and crew members, but then JR and Jones were men of a different breed they were ready.

Well, enough Navy talk. While we were out searching and the Skipper wanted to get some normality back, so he asked me if JR was available to give his Naval Training this evening. I told him it could be worked out. To my surprise there was a microphone set up so everyone could hear his story. We couldn’t leave our spaces empty while searching.

JR proudly walks out to have a seat; he was in his new uniform with his new rank on it. Impressive man.

“Joanny was finished and was just laying with her eyes closed. Mom was looking at her with a smile, but what happened next shocked her. While she was looking at Joanny, I crawled over to her and started to lick her pussy. She didn’t say a word. She just put her head back and enjoyed. When she orgasmed for the third time, I was covered in a thick creamy sauce. I decided to jump into the pool. It was so refreshing, and I felt clean. Then I heard two splashes. Mom and Joanny had jumped in. We enjoyed a few minutes of refreshing water. Mom then had the two of us move to the shallow end. She sat on the pool deck steps with her legs spread, giving us a wonderful view. I could feel Joanny shaking, I held her tight, she kissed my check. Mom asked us how we were doing and if we had any questions. Joanny said no. But added “This has been such a wonderful time for learning, I don’t want to ruin it by asking questions, except one.” “Mom, you look so hot sitting like that. Would it be wrong if I came up and tasted you again?” Mom smiled and opened her legs even further, Joanny went to her and started to eat out our own mother. She was so load and giggling. Mom told her the giggling was making her hornier and asked her to continue giggling against her clit. Mom orgasmed over and over. No fluid yet, just small continuous orgasms. Mom finally fell backward, she was asleep. We both laughed as we climb up next to her and just held her tight.

It was getting dark and a little chilly. I woke both Mom and Joanny and got us into the house. They went to take a warm shower, I made fresh coffee. I went up and got dressed and we all met in the living room. I handed out the coffee, looked at my mom and asked if she was ok. She smiled and said that she would like to just relax and finish her coffee and go to bed. Joanny and I looked at each other and smiled. Mom finished and I took her cup, she hugged us both and said good night.
Joanny came to me and held my arm, pulled me down and whispered into my ear. “Mom is going to her bed, alone. Let’s sneak in and join her.” So, we went up and went to mom’s door, we heard her in her bathroom. Joanny got undressed, turned to me, pushed my jaw closed and told me to hurry and undress. We ran in and jumped into mom’s bed. The lights were off so we didn’t think she would see us. Mom turned off the bathroom light and came to her bed, she dropped her robe, stood there naked. She was deep in thought, looking herself over, shrugged her shoulders and got into bed. Just as she adjusted the bedding, we rolled over to her. She screamed, then started to laugh as she tickled us. We all wrapped around her and went to sleep.


The next morning, I awoke first. We weren’t covered so I slid out to the bathroom, did my thing, returned and Joanny was laying on top of mom, both with their legs spread wide. They were kissing very heavy. I looked at their pussies, they were wet and matted, so I slid up and started to lick each one. Very gentle and slow. Going from one to the other. Mom let out a small scream and pulled Joanny to her side telling her to watch what she does next. Mom grabs me by my hair and pulls me up to her and we kissed heavy. Only took a second to forget she was pulling my hair out, but she was so horny, she tells me to get on my back. She grabs my cock and starts to rub it. I thought I was going to get another blow job, instead she sits up, aims and lowers herself on me. She took all of me into her. I was no longer a virgin. Mom called Joanny over to her and they started to kiss while mom just sat on me. Then she whispered into Joanny’s ear. She smiled. Joanny came to my head and turned and sat her pussy right down on to my face.

It was heaven she smelled so good, and her fresh taste was out of this world. Mom started to rock on me slow at first. Then Joanny started to twist mom’s nipples and mom went wild, she must have emptied every ounce of fluid in her body before she collapsed on my chest. Joanny continued riding my face until she had a small and wet orgasm. She then helped me roll mom to my side. Joanny then grabbed my cock and was ready to break her cherry. I stopped her. Told her what to expect, and to get a rubber. Mom woke up saw what Joanny was doing, gave me a large wet kiss to distract me.
Then I felt something I was totally shocked by. My sister lined herself up and just jammed me inside her. There was a ton of blood, fluid and she was screaming in ecstasy and pain. She just sat there with me in her vagina. Mom and I couldn’t believe what she did. Joanny then smiled, there was a heavy lust in her eyes. She then rammed me in her again and continued going in and out for at least 10 minutes we weren’t sure if the tears were of joy or pain or both. I tried to stop her, but I felt the boiling in my groin. I tried to warn her I was coming. Mom told me she was on the pill give her all I have. So, I started to match her as she rode me. I thought for sure she wouldn’t make it to an orgasm, she was so pale, sweating and dazed. Then it happened. I could feel the orgasm build and then she let lose like I hadn’t seen her do before. She rode me hard, but she passed out before I came. Mom and I made sure she was ok; she had a smile on her face like the joker from the original Batman TV Show. Mom then took my cock and rode it until I came. We laid there until sleep took us again.
There is a boring but necessary part to this story so I will try to tell it so you can understand how it affect this family’s life.

They were awoken a few hours later by a phone call. It was the police. They asked Jackie to go to community hospital. He husband was in a plane crash and was in ICU. They all showered dressed and JR drove them to the hospital.
When they arrived, they found their husband/father with tubes and wires all around and in him. He was in the ICU and he wasn’t awake. The Doctor came in and asked to speak to Jackie alone. She said no, she needed her children’s support. He explained her husband’s condition, I will not go through that, but he was in serious condition.

A policewoman came in and asked us if she could talk to her down the hall when she was ready. She looked at her husband and said they would follow her now. Joanny, changed her mind and stayed with dad. The Police Officer told them her husband and three others were on their way back to his office, when they were struck by another plane. Your husband’s door and the one behind him came off with the wing. Your husband and a MRS. Kelly who is also here in the ICU were thrown from the plane, fortunately still in their chairs. The Pilot and Mr. Kelly died when the plane crashed. The accident was not your husbands’ pilot’s fault and the pilot of the second plane died from a heart attack causing the crash. All his information is in this police report. She gave Jackie her cell number and told them she was available anytime. If she didn’t answer, please leave a message. JR got up took the card and hugged the officer thanking her.

Action once again interrupted JR. As we sat waiting for information on the submarine we got to talking. It came to be that the husband was showing JR his business, explaining the issues he was having and how he didn’t want to lose it. His father was going to help him. I think his father had eyes for the Mrs. Kelly. She was a normal looking woman, no fancy clothing, little make up. Clothing probably from Macy’s. She was a beautiful brunette and an athletic figure. But also laid in the hospital in critical condition. JR’s mom learned the husband had no money, and no insurance. His wife time in the hospital would be handled by some programs but she would be in debt probably her whole life.
JR’s mom had her moved to her husbands’ room, it was a room for two. She had her care moved to her insurance and all her needs would be covered. She made sure she had the same doctor as her husband. The hospital wasn’t for a woman being in the same room that wasn’t a relative, but they knew better than to argue with JR’s mom. Jackie contacted one of her sister’s explained the situation. She was a lawyer and got involved in the whole case. JR’s mom bought the company, kept it in Mrs. Kelly’s name and another one of Jackie’s sisters became the manager of the company. Long story short in the months Mrs. Kelly was unconscious Jackie’s two sisters saved the company and turned it around so Mrs. Kelly would have a good life if she woke up. I learned her first name was Angel.

Jackie would help in her daily care bathing, brushing her teeth etc. Just as she did with her husband. Jackie was there morning to night every day except Sunday. She called her oldest sister and asked her to keep an eye on Johnny and Joanny. They didn’t need a sitter, but she wanted her to be around in case their dad died.

The skipper had us hiding behind a small island, no lights no movement. We had learned from locals that the mysterious submarine was coming in for the night. The skipper wanted to capture it instead of destroying it. He had a crew put together. Jones, JR and I were part of the crew. We all felt good having JR with us, he had been training us in fitness and self-defense. So, we all kind of trusted him to get us on board. We went ashore and met to our surprise a beautiful woman named Sandra, she and a group of women would be helping us get on the sub. She was an inch shorter than myself, and she took a liking to me. She gave us her plan, the XO being in charge loved it and told us what to do. Which he was smart enough to tell us to follow her orders. Funny thing, she was just a businesswoman, no military background. She just hated the men on the sub and wanted them gone. We were met by a group of Marines; they would take care of the crew if the plan worked. If so, we would have a sub and prisoners. She asked the XO if she could have me go with her to meet some people, he agreed. Took me aside told me to be careful.
To my surprise, she didn’t want anything but to sleep with me before the attack happened. What a wonderful night. I would never had taken her for being such a strong sexual being. That night went by so fast, and I was happy that not a minute was wasted. When we were done, she was professional again. News came that the sub was seen, and our plan went into effect. Sandra took Jones, JR and myself to be lookouts for her plan. For three nights she took care of each of us sexually. She admitted to us all that JR was a freak of nature, but she really liked me, and we hoped to continue a long friendship. Jones was like a puppy the whole time. He never seen such things but loved every moment.
The sub was seen, the crew left the boat, and went to their favorite drinking pub. Which this evening turned out to be a bad night for them. They were captured by the marines easily after they were drunk. The sub was taken just as easy because Sandra and her girls dressed as entertainers, they kept the crew entertained until they pulled weapons on them. We walked on board and couldn’t help but laugh when we found the crew naked and tied together. We searched the sub and found no one else. Though it wasn’t as easy I just wrote, I kept it short not to bore you the reader.

After the Marines took control of the prisoners and escorted them to a local base, we waited for a crew to take control of the Sub. While waiting, the marines guarded it, giving our crew some liberty. Sandra and I spent those days in her home. I grew very fond of her. Plans were made to stay in touch.

The US Sub crew showed up, the sub was underway under guard by Other US Subs, the Marines were gone, and the people gave us a hero’s farewell. Sandra was there, still the strong businesswomen. They would be met in the months ahead to receive our governments thanks in capturing the submarine. We became the most decorated ship in the Navy. Our Skipper was transferred to a Carrier, it was a sad day. But we gave him a hero’s farewell also. We sat there for a day waiting to learn our fate, who would be our new skipper. Would he be as good or as caring?
We found out when an all hands was called to the fantail. JR was in his normal seat, but he was quiet. Then the Command Master Chief comes to the speaker and calls us to attention for orders. The new CO/skipper was to be announced. The XO comes forward wearing a jacket, in 120-degree weather. The Command Master Chief reads orders for the new CO. The XO removes his jacket, and sure enough he was wearing the CO’s pin and a new rank of Captain. All hands clapped and congratulated him with his first Command salute. The engineer was advanced to XO, it all stayed on board. Made the day excellent. The XO was a great man and we felt he would make things just as good or better. He didn’t let us down; he was a hard charger and very fare to the crew. Many ways better than the old skipper.

His first order to the crew was to relax and listen to the continuation of JR’s amazing story. He reminded us all that what is said on the ship should stay on the ship. Or at least change names to protect the innocent. He pointed at himself and we all laughed as he went to the skipper’s chair. He stopped looked at it, turned to us and said wow, this makes this so real. Has a seat and tells JR to carry on.

Joanny and I were told by our mom to go home and get some rest, she will call a few times a day if she can. We would visit every other day unless dad woke up. Joanny had tears in her eyes as she laid her head on my shoulder, she would curl up a bit and she went to sleep. It was a half hour ride home, but she was so tired and overwhelmed. As she slept, she moved her legs and because of the skirt she was wearing it became obvious she never put on panties. I reach for her jacket and covered her legs. I didn’t want anyone crashing seeing her in this condition. Me for example. When I covered her, she whispered a thank you, and held me tighter. We got home and she was out. I picked her up making sure she was covered and carried her into the house. I put her on the couch and covered her with the afghan mom wore a few days earlier. It smelled of mom, so I went and got a fresh sheet. I got myself a coffee and sat down next to Joanny slowly lifting her head and putting it on my lap. I fell asleep in minutes.
When I woke, she was still asleep, I turned to grab my coffee and it was still hot. Not sure how, I was asleep for three hours. When I lifted the cup, I saw my Aunt Joan sitting across from us. I choked on the hot coffee. Her legs curled up and she was asleep. But like Joanny, she had a short skirt on, and I could see her ass and the beginning of her hairy pussy. I once again, moved Joanny and I went to get another sheet to cover my Aunt. She shocked me when she said, “What’s wrong you don’t like what you see?” She scared the shit out of me, but she had this grin on her face and her eyes appeared to be closed. She looked just like mom sitting there. There was a year difference in them. So, I went back to the couch leaving her uncovered with a grin on my face and an erection in my pants. I sat and lifted Joanny back to my lap, she moved a little, grabbing my cock in her hands. I didn’t know what to do, she needed her sleep. I saw Aunt Joan smiling, but we didn’t speak.

About 10 minutes later after we both just sat there looking at each other Aunt Joan, reached behind her, removed her thong so I could see all. She was covering her mouth to hide a giggle as she tossed her thong at me. I’m not sure, but I wondered if women react to the smell of another horny woman, because Joanny, reached into my pants and pulled out my cock a few inches. Aunt Joan sat right up in shock. Joanny started to lick me but was frustrated it was confined. Aunt Joan came over so quiet, unbuckled my pants and unzipped them, pulling down both my pants and underwear. Joanny had a big smile and thanked me. I didn’t know if she was asleep or awake, did she know our Aunt was here? Aunt Joan just sat on the coffee table legs spread and she was slowly rubbing her pussy just amazed at the sight before her. She slid over to ensure Joanny didn’t see her if she opened her eyes, but she had a great line of sight. She reached for the sheet on Joanny and placed it under her and the floor.

Could she also be a squirter?
Joanny slowly turned, revealing her ass, Aunt Joan turned to look, and I knew right away she liked women also. I saw that same look on my mom’s face. Joanny started to give me a blow job and she moved to all fours. Aunt Joan slowly moved so she could see Joanny from behind. Joanny was making so much noise, and I did all I could to talk to her telling how great she was etc. Suddenly Aunt Joan strips. I almost came. Joanny asked me why I got so excited I told her she will know in a moment. Aunt Joan put her mouth straight to Joanny’s crotch before sitting on all fours on the couch. Joanny screamed so load I grabbed my cock to make sure she didn’t bite it. When she saw our Aunt, she thought it was mom, she grabbed her and hugged her and started to cry. Once Aunt Joan spoke, Joanny jumped back into my lap eyes wide open looking at our naked Aunt. When the shock wore off, she jumped back into her arms and hugged. Then she asked, “Were you really going to eat my pussy?” Aunt Joan pushed her back and dove into her muff. Joanny lost it and had several orgasms before slowing down. Then she got up dripping like a faucet. She jumped me pounded on my chest like a drummer laughing the whole time. Aunt Joan cleaned up a little as she was laughing. Joanny sat right on my cock and she started a barrage of questions as our Aunt laid in her lap. What an amazing site for a man not to mention Joanny never moved she just squeezed me as she talked, I came so much it leaked out of her.
Joanny: “Aunt Joan, Johnny sprung a leak want help me clean it up. Like two cats on a bowl of milk they lapped up all my cum, then Aunt Joan cleaned out my sister also. We went to mom’s room to shower. We got dressed and went to the pool with pie and soda. We talked for hours until mom called.

Aunt Joan answered. “Hi Jackie”, we heard mom scream thanks and they talked awhile. Joanny looked at me jumped into my lap and started humping me while they talked, she was again not wearing panties, nor was I wearing underwear. Aunt Joan. “The kids are doing great, they were both sleeping when I came in, so I grabbed a nap also. Yes, they are right here like a pair of rabbits.” Joanny blushed as Aunt Joan pushed the phone to us on speaker. Mom laughed “can’t you stay away from your brother for an hour?” Joanny laughed and said only if he is busy with you or Aunt Joan. Mom said what, “you just got there, and you have already raped my son,” laughing. Aunt Joan, “Nope, your daughter first he’s next.” Aunt Joan took the phone went into the house we continued until Joanny took me into her mouth again and swallowed me not missing a drop. She jumped back into my lap giving me a great big cum filled kiss. I thought I was going to die. “What you expect me to taste it and swallow your cum without you knowing what it is like?” She laughed stripped jumped into the pool. I didn’t take long to jump in with her. Mom could hear us laughing and splashing. I was again as hard as a rock, Joanny didn’t have to say much or do much to excite me. She swam over to me, hugged me and asked if she could jump on and just swim around with me in her. I smiled kissed her and walked around with her head on my shoulder. She was in tears. I asked if she was ok, she kissed me and said never better. She fell asleep so I continued to walk just enjoying the feeling of her.

Aunt Joan came out giggled then she saw I was inside my sister. She stripped then slowly entered the pool and helped me put Joanny on a cot and covered her. She slept another three hours. Three hours Aunt Joan and I used to explore each other. We never spoke, just had sex several times and very different ways. When she became tired, we got out and dressed. I went in and made us a few drinks than we talked, while watching Joanny wake up. “What you couldn’t dress me” Nope, now you have to walk over and get dressed next to us.’ She instead jumped into the pool, swam awhile. Watching Aunt Joan like a hawk. She saw her chance as Aunt Joan reached to fill her glass. Just as she turned to relax, Joanny jumped on her drenched and hugged her. Aunt Joan was laughing so hard and enjoying the moment with her Goddaughter. Joanny got up looked at me. “I dare you! Joanny new better, so she just slipped on her dress and grabbed a drink.
Aunt Joan: First things first, your mom said no changes in your dad. She would like for us to take a moment away from sex and bring her clothing for a few days.” We all laughed and sent her a text. Joanny told her she will stop by next week with fresh panties” Mom responded with a middle finger with a kiss.

Aunt Joan, “looks like we will be together for a while, here are the rules.” We looked at each other ready to say something when she giggled and said, “Rule one, please call me Joan while were here together.” We smiled and responded ok Joan.
Rule two, if there is going to be sex in this house you better not forget the old broad! Joanny jumped back into her lap hugging her again and kissing her.

“Rule three the Master bed is mine until your mom and dad come home.” Of course, it is always open to guest. We all smiled; my cock must be on steroids it grew to its full length in a second.

Rule four: I do the cooking; you guys do the laundry. I hate laundry. We were more than happy with this rule, Aunt Joan was an excellent cook.
Rule five, I want hugs continuously. I jumped up and joined Joanny and we hugged for a while.

Aunt Joan: Ok who is hungry for something other than each other? My treat you name it. We said the steak house. We all went and showered, Joanny took care of my erection fast, and we dressed nicely. Joanny grabbed clothing for mom, I snuck in and removed all the panties and placed them in a separate bag just in case she got mad. Joanny never saw me do it.
I brought my car around, jumped out and opened the door for both ladies, who ignored the front seat and sat in the back. I laughed as they got in, until I saw neither of them had on panties. Aunt Joan laughed closed the door and told me to roll up my tongue and let’s get going. As we were driving, I realized I forgot the bag of panties, boy was I in trouble.
We got to the restaurant and the valet opened the door for the ladies, who made sure he enjoyed his job that evening. I handed him the keys smiling. “They have no panties on, you are one lucky man.” He handed me a parking tag and I caught up and they both took my arms, and we were taken to our table. I once again held the chairs for them, and they again rewarded me and the tables close by a marvelous view. The wives weren’t happy but the men sure were.


At this point JR asked for a break, he wasn’t feeling very good. A corpsman was right there and helped him to his office. The Skipper dismissed us and told us to make sure the ship stayed clean. “I don’t want to see one drop on any deck”. He laughed as he left, everyone saluting him and our other new officers. One of our Warrant Officers became the new engineer. Unheard of but no one knew the engines better than he did.
JR became seriously ill, and we hightailed it to a base, the Admiral (Former Skipper) met us there with an escort. JR had a gallbladder issue and needed surgery. After several days of I guess detoxing, he was given surgery and released back to the ship a week later. Our time was coming to an end and the Skipper was concerned we would not perform if needed. So, we had three very long days of drills. He was very pleased with the performance when he sat with the officers who each gave reports on their divisions. Two days later we would be very happy he did this. A radarman made a sight report, we were at battle stations. Sure, enough we had sailed right into a wasp nest. There was no report of this hiding place and boy was it a full nest. We were ready for a ship maybe two but a fleet. Sorry no way, we hightailed it, but in fairness to the enemy we dropped mines for them. Our fleet was made aware, and they were hours away, planes even closer. And I swear the sky went black as our planes hit those ships and the island. They had planes also, but I don’t think they were as ready as we were. We sat there watching planes crash by the dozen every minute for half an hour.

There was fire everywhere. We were now tasked with picking up survivors as well as a couple other ships. They may be our enemy, but they are human, and the US was not like China and Japan we took good care of prisoners.

In one day, we had destroyed this fleet, not one ship survived. Thousands of prisoners. The Army was there and ready to feed and provide medical care in a day. Our skipper was awarded a few medals for his fast thinking. He sunk three ships, blocking the escape of the other ships. I guess they never thought that part out. But to give them credit, it was reported that from the sky they were very well hidden.

We were given liberty in Perth Australia, a much-needed break. For seven days the crew was able to stand their duty and still get out and enjoy themselves. We also had Marine security. Not to mention a few close by ships. Word was out we had to be sunk for our discovery. On our last night only, a few hands went on liberty. We had a guest on board, who was never announced because of security. JR was asked if he could finish his story in one night. He said he could. Then he was told who the guest was, he smiled and said he would be honored.
A few hours later JR was in his chair, there would be no microphones this time. Those that couldn’t be there could watch the tap. As we took our seats, we noticed a fourth chair, this one to the left of the skipper. I didn’t even know who it was for. The Skipper comes to the side of JR who was at attention as well as the rest of us. He smiled and said he had a guest on board for the finishing of JR’s story. Everyone was bumped to hear it was coming to an end. Then a man stood up in the back of the crowd, he walked forward we all cheered as we saw our former Skipper join us. What a way to end the story. He walked up to JR and returned his salute, thanked for everything, asked him how he was feeling. Then he took a seat next to the Skipper.

The Yeoman handed the Admiral a folder, as well as the Skipper. They both looked up at each other then at JR. They started to laugh as the folders were handed out. In the folder was a picture of his nine Aunts, his mother and his sister blowing the crew a kiss. Each of them in a yellow bikini. The two brothers were on the sides, and we could have sworn they were JR but older.

“I was able to call my Mom while in the hospital thanks to the Admiral and told her what was going on with my story. She laughed thinking that I of all people could do such a thing being the shyest one in the family. She said I guess we all brought out the best in you. I never told her about my advancement, I want my family to be surprised when they meet us on our return.” Of course, Jones was the first to stand, “are you shitting us, all these babes are meeting the ship? Admiral, are we heading home tonight?” He started laughing saying hopefully soon, then asked JR to continue. Still smiling at the request. He did have a surprise for us later.
Jones: So, after you saw your Aunts and Sister’s pussy could you eat or did you have to run to the head” everyone cracked up, Jones was jumped and gaged.

JR laughed and continued.

“We enjoyed a very fine meal; my Aunt is very rich, and we were told to pick anything. So, we had Shrimp Cocktail, Wine the works. After a couple hours it was late, I helped them both out of their chairs and they greeted the new guest around us with their lovely beavers. The looks on people’s faces was priceless. I handed my ticket to a new Valet; he wasn’t as nice nor good looking. He missed out on a treat as my Aunt waited at the front passenger door. She told the Valet her husband would get the door for her. I did just that and she took her sweet time getting in. I was still hard as a rock because they both teased me all through dinner, now this. My sister was tired, so she got in on her own and laid down. She told us she was ok, just tired. So, we left. Being the sex addict, she had turned into she had pulled her dress up over her breast and was laying there rubbing her clit. Aunt Joan smelled her sex and turned and laughed. Joanny showed her the towel she brought with her. Joanny only came once but you could hear the water from her squirting hit the driver’s side passenger door. I said thanks you’re paying for the cleaning. She never responded; she was asleep smiling again. Aunt Joan just closed her eyes. I had to drop off the clothing for my mom, but it was already late. A nurse came out and took the bag. She saw my Aunt sleeping and couldn’t believe her eyes. I turned smiled told her it’s my mother’s twin. She already thought my sister was. I thanked her and drove us all home.

My Aunt took this time to remove her dress, like my sister she had nothing on under it. She then laid her legs over mine. I couldn’t drive straight she just laughed. Suddenly my sister jumps up and yells What’s happening. I almost drove off the road. Aunt Joan then jumps up and is halfway over the seat tickling my sister, but then I hear slurping. I slowed down and sure enough Aunt Joan was eating out my sister. I of course pulled over into a vacant lot, turned and started to eat out my Aunt. We were only a few miles from home. When both had had enough, I started the car and drove home. Aunt Joan pulled my cock out and started licking it. I didn’t think we would make it home. We pulled into the driveway, then the garage. I was about to come when my phone rang. Aunt Joan looked at me and laughed, she continued. It was my mom, so I answered it. “How is Dad he awake?” Mom said no but she wanted to thank us for the clothing, she had a nice shower and is now walking around with no panties. She wanted to know if I had anything to do with that. I told her no, Joanny packed her bag, I had nothing to do with it. But I would mention it and be sure we bring some tomorrow. Of course, I orgasmed at that very moment and Mom laughed told me to be there tomorrow.
Aunt Joan and Joanny walked into the house nude and went to the shower. I got a coke and relaxed a moment. I was so tired. Thinking maybe I could sneak into my own room and sleep. I almost made it, but wouldn’t you know they must have figured I would try this, and they were both in my bed. I just hunched over. Started to undress. My Aunt Joan started to laugh, “Never known of a man that would be so upset having two babes waiting for him in his bed.” I just gave in and climbed in between them. Told them to do what they wanted; I was going to sleep. To my surprise they both turned their backs to me and went to sleep.

It was a restful night for me, I woke to no one in bed, I could smell something cooking. I ran to the bathroom did my thing, brushed my teeth and walked back to get dressed. But as I entered there, they were both naked holding plates of food. I sat on the floor as they sat on the bed. I tried to not look at them, but how could I not look at two beavers staring at me. I ate fast, tried to get up but they jumped me, and we started a whole new game of eating pussy and screwing. We had to stop and shower after a few hours Mom was expecting us. I never mentioned the panties. I couldn’t wait to see moms expression. When we arrived, we all hugged and then went to see Dad. He hadn’t changed a bit. I looked over and I saw the lady in the bed next to him. She was gorgeous. So, I had to go look. She was in the same condition as my dad. I felt so sorry for her. But I still had to peek, she had gorgeous tits and no bush at all. There was a tube running out of her vagina, gathered that was for urine. I walked away fast, but mom caught me. She was a little upset but told me not to look again. She wanted the women respected. I agreed. Mom then turned to my sister and thanked her for the missing clothing from the previous day. All three turned to me. Busted. I smiled and they laughed.
This routine lasted two more months and Dad never woke up. Neither did Mr.’s Kelly. We had a funeral for them, and we went home really devastated. Joanny returned to college, and Aunt Joan stayed with Mom. I of course joined the Navy. I spent several weeks feeling really drained until I met a young lady at the gym. She was watching me lift. So, I thought. My cock had slid out of my shorts and that was what brought her over to ask me if I needed a spotter. I looked at her and started to laugh. Told her sure she could help. She walked around me, as I was bringing the bar to my chest, she jumped on it, her feet barely touching my chest.

Told me if I can still lift it, she will help me with my problem. I had no idea what she meant. So, I lifted her, laid the weights in the rack stood up, lifted her and helped her down. I knew right away what she meant. I was a little embarrassed. She was a tiny thing, beautiful blue eyes and long black hair. Runners breast and a tight ass. She didn’t say anything, bent down to tuck me back in, but she just stood there in awe. I had come completely out of my shorts with a full erection. She looked around and took me into her mouth, cleaned my pipes well, then packed me away. I picked her up hugged her. We married two days later.

Mom and her family continue to get together with dads family. We get together as often as we can because we all live so far from each other. Mom never remarried, neither did Aunt Joan, I think they are just happy together. My sister, well she graduated and is now training people to swim and take care of themselves.
We all clapped and thanked JR for the story, and the Admiral shock his hand. Our Skipper had us hold fast. The Admiral had an announcement for us.

“Shipmates, this is not a normal announcement from some Admiral, this is a former skipper telling his former crew how very proud he is and that he has put the ship in for overhaul back home you leave in the morning. You will be home in seven days. Cheers could be heard for hours. The Admiral left as quiet as he arrived. The skipper told us to head home, he was going to bed.
Seven days later we are all in our dress uniforms, we are topside ready to moor. What we didn’t know was we were being given a hero’s welcome.
As we got closer to the pier, we were shocked to see 9 redheads, one short babe with black hair, a brunette, one of the red heads (my sister) had a sign, “Welcome Home Jones” and of course two beasts of men standing there all waving at us. The crew all turned to JR no words can explain the looks on their faces!

Jones fainted when he saw the sign!

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