Servant is for Mom and Mom is for Son – Part 3

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Hi users this is the continuation of Servant is for Mom and Mom is for Son, to understand the story better I insist you to read my previous stories. Servant is for Mom and Mom is for Son and Servant is for Mom and Mom is for Son – Part-2

So as our servant wished mom was not wearing any bra and I think she was not wearing panty too. I was surprised that mom would do that. As mom was not having dupatta over her I could clearly see her big cleavage and nipples poking through her shear kameez which was hard.

Next day I woke up and could see mom was not wearing any bra today and I went to college and bunked my classes and returned home walked to my terrace from side building and was waiting for our servant to arrive. Soon he was at our house. They were in the hall just talking dirty and making jokes and nothing happened between them just some smooching and pressing, mom was trying to make his dick hard by touching rubbing his dick but was of no use.

Ramu kaka: Mistree (Malkin) wow you are looking hot today without bra your nipples are poking through your dress. Didn’t your husband noticed you today.

Mom: Yes my dear I have done this for you as you wished.

Ramu Kaka: I have asked you something before leaving did anything happened about it.

Mom: About what.

Ramu kaka: About Munni your sister in law, did something happened is there any progress.

Mom: I have told you earlier too, that nothing can be done in that case, It’s too risky.

Ramu Kaka: Oh my dear darling you are thinking too much about the risk be optimistic.

Mom: Why should I be optimistic, am I not enough. You are unable to keep up with me. You are only able to do it twice in a week and you need one more.

Ramu Kaka: Ohhh darling you just think of her she is a widow who have not taken any dick in 20 years. Just imagine how horny she would be, how desperate she will be to take a dick in her pussy after so many years. It will be profiting to both of us, you can complete your fantasy of lesbian and threesome.

Mom: You are correct she is a widow and had no dick in 20 years but it’s too risky. If anything wrong happens then we will get caught.

Ramu Kaka: Don’t worry you just prepare her, or get her alone with me I will do the rest.

Mom: Ok I will try. Now get down and show some respect to your mistress.

Ramu Kaka: Thank you mistress for everything, and I own you my respect and doing what you say is my duty.

Ramu Kaka went down on his knees and removed mom’s salwar, she wasn’t wearing any panty. He started licking mom’s pussy making her moan. Soon he made her cum and he licked all her pussy juice.

The day went on and yet nothing happened, as mom said and due to his age it was hard for him to make his dick hard again. But he kept asking mom about my aunt and they were talking dirty about my aunt and how her urge for sex would be as she was a widow. I came back at the gate and stayed at home for the day they stayed seperated doing there chores for the day. The day passed and I went to sleep my dick was hard thinking of mom, I wanted to have her, wanted to make love to her, wanted to have my dick in her mouth, suck her boobs, lick her pussy and fuck her hard and thinking all this I slept.

Next day when I woke up mom was already fresh and was wearing a purple colour dress and as yesterday she was having no bra. I did the same thing today informed about leaving for college and bunked my classes after sometime went onto terrace and waited for servant to reach. But he didn’t show up today and mom was also busy in house chores and slept and later at the evening around 4.10pm the knock at gate could be heard and it was our servant. Soon our servant entered the house and he quickly locked the gate behind and went inside in a hurry. Mom was in kitchen preparing food for the night.

Mom: wohhh how come you are here today, you told you want leave for today.

Ramu Kaka: Yes mistress I wanted a leave for some work, our work.

Mom: Our work? Which work.

Ramu Kaka: Our sex work, I mean to serve you. See I am ready for you and I have done this only to make you happy with my service and so I could get more mistresses for me. Such as you and your sister in law it’s my duty to serve your family.

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