Servant is for Mom and Mom is for Son

Hi users i am regular reader of incest stories, fan of mom and son stories. This story is about me, my mom and our servant. My name is Faisal and my mom name is Farhath Najma.

I am 25 my moms age is 49. I have become incest reading stories watching porn and mostly observing moms assets and changing dress taking bath. We are 4 members in our family me Mom dad and my younger brother and an additional working member our servant Ramu who is aged 52-55.

My mom who is 49 does not feel so attractive at first instance but who observe her carefully would want feel her huge assets she is having 40D boobs each boob could not be fit in one hand, her boobs are bit saggy but would feel brilliant while pressing, sucking or having sex, huge ass each jiggle when she walks, long black hair which comes down down to her ass.

My dad runs a business and earns a handsome amount, he leaves for the store morning at 8 and returns at 10 in the night, I was occupied by college and usually leaves at 9.30 and return at 5 in evening, my brother who was also studying would go to school at 8.30 and returns after 6 in the evening after the completion of tution classes. It’s only mom at home and our servant would come between 11-12 for cleaning dishes and washing clothes and other chores of house.

Coming to the story my mom wears a salwar kameez usually and sometimes saree. She is just a typical conservative indian mom so far I thought, it all started a day when I started noticing my mom as a women but not as my mom. As a regular porn viewer I watched porn and wanted to jack of my cock as usal but at the very instance bathroom was being occupied by my mom, she was about to enter bathroom before entering the bathroom she was collecting her inners and her bra fell down for which she bend to pick it up and her boobs were visible to me through her dress hanging in front of me and she took a long period to pick her bra or it felt to me like a century while she offered me to look at her beauty while picking her bra. My cock which was already at the peek of stiffness started to grow more in my pants as if it could burst in my pants. Then mom picked her bra and went into bathroom I felt the urge to see more of her for which I tried looking into bathroom but the door was locked. Then I tried get a peak through bathroom air vent, before this I confirmed if anyone is available at home. It was only me and mom, I went to the terrace and sneak through bathroom air vent there she was.

My mom removing her clothes and freeing her evey part of the body from the clothes, she already have removed kameez and was removing her salwar. She just unsnapped her salwar knot and it fell down in a swift she just picked her kameez and hanged it to the wall hanger. Now she was semi nude only in bra and panty, she unclipped her bra and removed the upper layer covering her boobs, her boobs sprung out as if they wanted to get air. She put two fingers in her panty side and and bent to remove her panty making her boobs to hang. There she was my mom in her immense beauty naked without any cloth, small bush formed above her clitoris making it even sexier. She started cooling herself by pouring water on her body making her hair long hairs and body wet before applying soap, water dripping from her head through her face rolling down on her humungous tits and towards her pussy.

Now she started applying soap all over her body and then came the tits, the jiggling of tits while she applied soap felt like I wanted my face between those tits. Now slowly she moved her down towards her public hair the tiny bush just above her pussy and soon she was applying soap on her pussy rubbing it all over her clitoris. As she started rubbing her soaped hand on her pussy her face expressions changed. A lusty seductive expressions were all over her face, now comes the shock to me as she inserted her finger in her pussy and started fingering herself slow and steady making extravagant face expressions. Slowly she increased her pace by inserting her other finger. Now she was fingering herself with two of her left hand fingers with a increased steady pace pleasuring herself, she extended her other hand towards a storage deck and took a carrot which was shocking to me.

She then licked the carrot and removed her fingers from her pussy and started pressing carrot in her pussy. She slowly pressed carrot inside her and took her left hand fingers which was drenched in her pussy juice in her mouth sucking her fingers and also covering her moans. Now half of the carrot was inside her pussy then she started moving carrot in and out of her pussy. It was a shock for me to see carrot inside bathroom I think she planned it earlier and placed the carrot inside bathroom to enjoy herself. She was now fucki herself with carrot and soon she was on the edge of her orgasm and increased her pace of fucking and soon she was released. She was panting with self orgasm which made me cum too, and then she took the carrot out of her pussy and licked, sucked and ate the carrot. Soon she bathed and started wearing her clothes I came down and went to my room she to was out of bathroom soon. This incident changed my way of looking at my mom, now I used to get a peek at her body at every instance I get.

I started masterbating thinking of mom her body and the bathroom scene which was always in my head. Then soon later on after two days I planned to jerk in my mom inners then I decided that I would go in bathroom before she does. She was getting ready to take bath and she kept aaj her clothes in bathroom before she closed the door I asked her if I could take bath before she does as I have to leave for college urgently for which she said ok and I entered in bathroom. As I closed the door I could see her bra and panty hanging on the wall, I searched for carrot but could not find any. Then I jerked off in her bra cups and hanged it to the wall, and I came out wearing just a towel. Then as soon as I came out she entered the bathroom and closed the door. I went upstairs to watch her, to my surprise date did nothing odd soon she removed her clothes bathed and then she wore her panty and then took bra in her hand. She felt the wet sticky substance in her bra cups, but she ignored it and wore the bra. I came down changed my clothes and was waiting for my mom to come out of bath. She was looking gorgeous in her green salwar kameez, and the it took me by shock as the wet spot on her boobs was visible on her tits above her dress. My cock rock hard again thinking my cum on my mom boobs, she was wearing my sperm filled bra above her boobs, my cum was all over her boobs making it visible through the wet spot on her boobs.

Then I went to college and could concentrate on any of the lecture I skipped the college and returned home earlier at 10.30am, when I returned home I wanted to see if mom is engaged in any other naughty incident. I planned to enter from the side building which was under construction. I went on our terrace through side building and heard some chatting voices from my house, when I went closer to the duct and observed it was coming from the kitchen, the voice of my mom and our servant Ramu kaka. I was very much dissatisfied hearing his voice, I cursed him for showing up earlier to work. I decided to leave but then there chat shook me. They were talking about how less time they get with each other and no nights to enjoy and then I took a peek.

Mom: Ramu kaka how many times I have told you not to engage in work as soon you get here. I call you earlier so that we can spend time together and start working.
Ramu Kaka: My dear I understand but as you know I need to finish this work too, I too love to spend time with you but this is also my duty. Now don’t get angry come here, come near me.
And he grabs my mom by her hand and pulled her towards himself hugging her from behind pressing her.
Ramu kaka: You know darling that I am working here only for you.
Mom: Yeah I know, but you too understand that we get chance only twice a week and if we waste the time in this you know I can’t bear it, I want it now.

Ramu kaka started smooching mom form behind, kissing her neck sucking her earlobe and pressing her boobs above her dress.

Mom: You know I have waited for a week and fingered myself even had a carrot in my pussy thinking of you.

Ramu kaka suddenly rotated mom and kissed her on the lips, there lips were locked they were both rotating there hands all over eachother. Mom and our servant were sucking each other tongues making it a intense kiss. Our servant groped mom boobs and started squeezing them hardly.

Ramu Kaka: Why do you wear bra today, I have told you many times not to wear any under garments.

Mom: You told me, but I didn’t know that you would show up today. You showed up suddenly.

Ramu Kaka: I wanted to surprise you, did you like my surprise. Now remove your unwanted clothes and be a good slut as you are.

Mom: I loved it, I always want to see you. You to get undress and let’s get to work.

Ramu kaka started removed mom kameez and untied salwar knot making it drop to the floor. My mom was standing infront of our servant in only her bra and panty. Mom too removed servants shirt and untied servants salwar know dropping it to the floor. Making him full naked, as he was not wearing in underwear. He was having a good sized dick which seemed to be 6.5 inches. They both engaged in kiss again and Ramu unclipped mom bra and removed it freeing her boobs from the bra, and took his hand down to panty and pushed it down making it drop to the floor. Meanwhile mom was stroking ramu kaka dick with her hand making it ready. Ramu kaka broke the kiss and started sucking my mom’s right boob and pressing the left boob with his right hand.

Mom: Aaaahhh ssshh I have been missing this feel, I have missed the feel of your mouth on my boobs, I have missed the feel of your tongue circling my nipples. Aaahh don’t bite my nipple, you know they are sensitive.

Ramu kaka kept on sucking her nipples biting them at times and took his other hand to mom’s pussy. He was rubbing his hand on her pussy and inserted his finger inside mom’s pussy making her moan. Meanwhile mom was stroking ramu kaka dick hard bringing it to the full size may be 7 inches long and 2 inches thick.

Ramu kaka: Mistress(Malkin) you are really a slut, you know how to make a dick hard. You make my dick hard instantly even at this age.

Mom: I know it’s hard for you at this age to get your dick hard, that’s the reason we could barely fuck twice a week.

Ramu kaka: Mistress I don’t even let my wife have my dick so that I could serve you.

Ramu kaka went down to his knees and started kissing mom on her pussy and then he inserted his fingers in mom’s pussy making her moan. While fingering her he started licking her pussy which made mom to moad louder. Mom was pressing his head in her pussy and with other hand was pressing her boobs.

Mom: Oohhhhhh you do it so good, you lick my pussy so good, you make a slut out of me. Ahahahah sshhhhh woowwww Let’s get to the bedroom.

Ramu kaka stood up and then they both went towards the bedroom.

I thought to my self ohh no now I will not be able to watch them and then I thought let’s get down and see if could watch in bedroom. Even if I get caught I can blame them for having this ill relation. I went down through stairs luckily the door was not locked, I crawled down on my knees towards the bedroom slowly and stopped near the door I could clearly see my mom and our servant who were smooching and kissing eachother.

Then my mom got on her knees infront of Ramu kaka and strokes his dick for two or three times then licked his shaft with her tongue making him feel in heaven. He closed his eyes and enjoyed the lick through my mom’s tongue.
Then mom stroked his dick again telling him lets get it lubricate for the my pussy and took his dick in her mouth. She started slowly sucking his dick taking inch by inch of his dick in her mouth slowly at every stroke. Then she increased her sucking pace and took his full dick in her mouth, engulfing the hole dick in her mouth. He then kept his hands on my mom’s head started fucking my mom’s mouth.

Ramu Kaka: Ohhhh mistress you do it so good, you suck my dick so good, no one makes me feel the same. Aahhahah yeaaahahh take it deep in your mouth, deep throat my dick you slut.

Then she took his dick our of her mouth depositing a large amount of saliva on his dick.

Mom: Now it’s lubricated good now fuck me with this hard dick of your and make me the slut which I am.

Then mom laid down on bed her boobs juggling with her movement, opening her legs and inviting for the dick. Ramu kaka stood between mom’s legs and positioned himself between her legs holding his dick with his left hand. Mom then opened her pussy lips for our servant’s dick. He set his dick on mom’s pussy and teased her with his dick and his right hand was on mom boobs pressing her boobs hardly.

Mom: You motherfucker don’t tease me I can’t want any more do it, do it now, fuck me.

Ramu Kaka: As you say mistress.

Then he inserted his dick in my mom’s pussy making his dick head to go inside mom and then pushed a little more making his half dick inside mom. They both moaned as his dick inserted inside mom’s pussy. He took his dick out until it was almost out of her pussy and then pushed again making his full dick insert in mom’s pussy. He just stood as it is after inserting his full dick in mom’s pussy taking gasp, then he started moving his dick in and out fucking my mom.

Mom: Aaaahhh oowwwww you I have missed you so much, I have missed your dick filling my pussy. Now fuck me fuck me hard like you mean to. Fuck your mistress, my servant is fucking me on my bed where I and my husband sleep.

Ramu Kaka increased his fucking speed while pressing and sucking mom boobs, his dick was going deeper and deeper with every thrust in my mom’s pussy and mom was enjoying his every stroke. Mom trolled her legs behind our servant making him to go deeper. They fucked for arround 5-7 minutes and I removed my pants and was jerking my cock in ecstasy watching my mom get fucked by our servant. They started moaning loudly as they were at the climax of there orgasm.

Ramu Kaka: Mam I am about to cum ohhhh your pussy feels so good on my dick

Mom: Oohhhhh just keep fucking me I am about to come too and don’t you cum in me.

Ramu kaka pumped few more strokes with his dick in my mom’s pussy bringing her to the edge of climax. He then removed his dick out of mom’s pussy and cummed on her stomach. Meanwhile mom was panting heavily with her own orgasm, his sperm was all over mom’s stomach. She took tissues and wiped his sperm cleaning herself, and then Ramu kaka laid beside mom on bed for few minutes catching his breath and then they smooched for few minutes. I too emptied my balls at the door entrance watching mom fucked and left from the place and went on the terrace. They came back to kitchen and was talking.

Mom: This felt good after two weeks.
Ramu Kaka: What felt good madam.
Mom: Your dick in my pussy, and this surprising visit made fucking more enjoying. I was aching with the pain in my pussy, lets get dressed before anyone comes.

Ramu Kaka: Whats so hurry madam let’s be undressed for sometime and who knows I may even get ready for round two and for some more fun.

Mom: Oohhhh my I wish you could but this happens rarely, earlier we used to have two rounds but now thai doesn’t happen. Now you barely fuck me twice a week.

Ramu Kaka: Don’t get so low I have made an arrangement to have round two today and this time we will fuck in doggy style. Only some encouragement and I will be ready again to fuck you.

Mom: Oohh wow really, you are making me wet again thinking of round. My servant need encouragement for round two. How about my milky boobs.

Then gain they started smooching and kissing each other.
I thought let’s get inside house before they start round two and I went out back through side building and rang our house bell.
It took them a long period to open the door, they might have been wearing the clothes hearing the door bell. Then our servant opened the door and wished me. I pretended casually to him as if I know nothing and asked him.
Me: Hey Ramu Kaka you came earlier any surprise.

Ramu Kaka: No sir ji just I wraped my work earlier and came, the surprise is already given to your mom.

Me: What was the surprise and where is mom.

Ramu Kaka: she haut went to take bath.

Me: Ok, by the way how was your trip.
.I could see his bulge in his salwar, I think mom just encouraged him to have round two but I showed up just before they could start the round .

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