Mother’s love

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My is 32, and she has raised me on her own for all eighteen years of my life. Because she looks so young, we get mistaken for a when we go out. I'm not going to lie, if I had a girlfriend that was as hot as my mom, I would be pretty happy about it. I'm right around six feet tall and she is only a few inches shorter than me. She has long black hair, green eyes, and her smile lights up the room. She keeps her figure tight doing yoga on a daily basis. It doesn't surprise me to see men swoon after her. A month or so ago, I was on my way home from basketball practice and I had to use the bathroom so badly that I was about to piss myself. I ran into the house and dropped my stuff by the door. I'm not even sure I closed the door all the way. I burst into the bathroom already unzipping my pants and was just about to pull out my cock when I saw my mom standing in the shower with her leg propped up on the edge of the tub toweling off. My eyes immediately scanned up and down her wet body. Drops of water ran down her perfect and flat tummy. The moment passed quickly as she yanked the towel up to cover her body and I turned and shut the door behind me. My gaze had not lingered so long as to seem awkward, but it had been long enough for me to get a full view of everything. I yelled an apology through the door and waited impatiently for her to come out so I could pee. Mom came out in her robe and that was that. She didn't even say anything to me about what had happened.

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That night I couldn't get the image of my mom's dripping wet, body out of my head. My mind even wandered toward imagining her playing with her bald . My cock hardened at the thought of her squeezing her tit with one hand and finger herself with the other. I began jerking off as I imagined what she would sound like as she got closer and closer to climax. I blew my load very quickly.

Before that night, I never really looked at my mom as a sexual being. I can't tell you the number of times I have seen my mom in yoga pants with her ass in the air or her top only covered by a sports bra. I have been to the beach and the pool where all she wore was a small bikini. Not once, in all of my years, did I ever look at her and think about tearing her clothes off and ravaging her body. I've had friends tell me that they want to bang my mom, but I never saw her that way. She had always just been Mom.

After that night, I couldn't see her in any other way. The next day, I walked into the kitchen and she was bent over picking something up off the floor. Her small cotton shorts were stretched across her tight ass. I felt my dick stirring in my pants. I couldn't take my eyes off of it until she stood up and turned around. At that point, my eyes went straight to her chest. She wasn't wearing a bra, and her nipples were poking through her white spaghetti strap tank. This was normal morning attire for her, but I had never even noticed how provocative it was. I shook it off and forced myself to go on about my day.

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