Unsatisfied Sunita

This is Bikey again with a new story . As all of you know that I’m a 45 years old men with full sex power and a thick fat hard dick of six inches length and five inches circumference . I live with my wife . We have two son .
Near our house lives a married women named Sunita . Sunita is still waiting to get pregnant and it is more then fifteen years of her marriage she is not able to give birth to a child . All the neighborhood knows that her husband was unable to fuck her . He was a patient of erectile dis function so they couldn’t have sex . Her husband couldn’t fuck her to satisfy her sexual urge .
They used to run a mobile repair shop . Her husband goes to the shop early in the morning . I was a good friend of him . So after my lunch I used to go to his shop so that I could pass my time there surfing in internet at their computer . In the mid day Sunita comes to the shop and her husband used to go home for lunch . It was one and a half hour time she used to be in shop . I was not thinking erotic about her in the beginning . I just read sex stories in the net and get hot but never thought about fucking her . She was a decent lady . Let me tell about her , she was about 34 years old and was fair and beautiful with firm big boobs . Her ass was a bomb shaking while she walks . She had a very nice and sexy curves . She used to wear decent dress , no one ever saw her cleavage or her smooth sexy legs and thighs . She used to look at me with sexy eyes . A pain of unsatisfied sex was seen in her eyes . She used to talk about my son and always says that my wife was lucky . Later my wife gave birth to my second son and Sunita was even eager to know that how fast my wife get Pregnant and how I could make her pregnant.
Slowly I too started to chat with her in double meaning words .
At the time she was in her shop when her husband was at home she used to talk about unsatisfied sex about her . She told me that her husband cock was very small and it doesn’t erect at all . She played with it or suck it she couldn’t make it hard so she was never fucked . She was still a virgin . While we talk she always point out at the coke bottle and say that mine dick was may be that size . She wanted a big hard dick which could fuck all her holes hard . I told her that I could show my dick to her if she will also show her pussy to me . She was spellbound but eager to see my cock .
I was also getting hard inside my pants . I pick up my phone and went Inside the toilet and took out my dick . It was red and hard and sprang out of the pant . I made a video while jerking it . I took a very close up while starting masturbation but couldn’t control my sexual emotion so I closed my eyes imagining Sunita and continued the handjob . I was about to come so I stopped and started recording the video and jerking also . I came a huge lot of semen all over the floor . I was relaxed now and came out of the toilet to her shop . She looked at me with surprise and asked where I was . I told her that I was in the toilet playing with my coke bottle and all the coke was spilled to the floor . She looked at me with great lust and sexual dissatisfaction. I started the video and gave it to her and went inside the computer room . I was looking at her from there . She was watching the video I made in the toilet . Her face turned red , she bit her lower lips and slowly rubbed her boobs with her left legs . She was aroused watching the video . I thought she was totally wet down in her pussy . She now took her left hand and touched her pussy within her shalwar . She rubbed her cunt may be her clit and took a deep breath . She was so aroused that while watching that video she just touched her pussy with her cloth on and get a great and huge orgasm . I just knew it as she twisted her body and felt relaxed .
Than she looked at me and sent me a sexy smile . She told me she need to go to the toilet and told me to stay outside in her place in the reception . I came there while she was just going out from beside the showcase to my surprise she caught my pants and hold my hard dick in her grip just for a second or two and left for toilet . I searched my phone on her desk but couldn’t find it . She had taken it with her . After fifteen minutes she came to the reception of her shop and gave me my phone . I took it and went into the computer room again . While handing the phone to me she gave me a killer and sexy smile . I thought I could hug her hard and kiss her mouth roughly exchanging saliva and exploring tongues .
Without delay I opened my phone , went to gallery and Saw a new video . I was exited. I started the video . First of all I could see the pussy region covered with pink panty . The bulgy place where the pussy touched was seen wet . Slowly she opened her panty . Squatted down on the toilet pan and I could see her pink pussy . The pink lips with large clits was over sexy . She was hairy . She spread the pussy lips and showed the pink hole . Than she started rubbing her clit. I could hear small low moans . She was very much excited and aroused . She was now inserting her middle finger like a dick and started fucking with it . The to and fro motion was slow at first and than it grew faster and faster until she got an orgasm . Water starting flowing away from her thighs which were white and smooth . I took my cock out and started playing with it while watching the video . It was an awesome feeling . The pleasure was different from all the masturbation I have done till now . She was looking at me from a small window . She could only see my upper part , only my neck and face . But she was aware that I was stroking my cock . She asked me to stand up and do it in front of her . So I stood up and showed my hard long and fat dick to her . When I pulled the foreskin she could see my penis head red and hot . She again bit her lips and swallowed her spit . I starting stroking my dick faster and faster . I was subconsciously doing it . When I was about to come I shouted her name ‘Sunita ……’
she ran towards me and was inside the computer room in front of me . I was furiously jerking and when I came I found that my hard dick was deep throated inside her mouth and all my juices were dropped inside . She swallowed all those semen and made my cock dry .
She told me that she could not resist to spoil the semen which could make her pregnant so she drank it .
I was sorry for her . She begged me to make her a mother . She had a desire to become a mother that she touched my penis tip still dripping and took a last drop of my cock and inserted it to her pussy . I hugged her and kissed her deeply in her mouth .
The moment we separated her husband entered the shop and she with a clam face welcome him , lifted her bag and purse and left the shop . She gave me a sexy look as if saying to wait still tomorrow .

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