Journey to Chandigarh : son & his friend have a nice weekend (part – 4)

Nancy is on bed as her cunt is full of semen and as Rahul fucked me ,it’s his second penetration of a day and a hungry lady like me is waiting for her last fuck tonight with her young son Rohan. so Rahul moved to washroom as I am sleeping on bed and my son Rohan is enjoying his drink ,so looking at me he smiled (Journey to Chandigarh : son & his friend have a nice weekend ( part – 3 )

“need more or have got your fuck quota
(Me)I think you should give me a hard ass fuck
(Rohan)sure ,let’s move to washroom and have bath together as we will enjoy anal sex on bed.”


And so as Rahul came back while putting a towel on waist ,he get laid as Nancy and Rohan frisked inside washroom . so as my cunt is too sticky with body in immense heat ,I just sit on my legs under cascade and my son Rohan first moved towards toilet pan as he urinate there and Nancy hold a mug as a bucket is full of water ,so I starts putting water on my vaginal zone as it’s too hot with cums inside my son came there as he sits infront of me and looking at his hanging erected penis ,I just hold it and said

“Rohan ,I am too tired as my vagina is feeling lot of bruises in it
(Rohan)oh sexy ,don’t think like a teenager as you have enough capabilities of getting our cocks in holes and I will fuck your ass hole only.”

So as Rohan hold my wrist and both stands under cascade ,my legs are in pain but it’s true that I am too excited to get his penis in my ass hole .as Rohan hold my waist and starts kissing my face to lips ,his erected penis is touching my sexy vagina as I first thought to put it inside my cunt but left him free to do what he wants and so I can see bathtub filled with water as he kissed my lips and starts rubbing my heavy butts with his hard palm .now our bodies are closer as I put my hand on son’s back and as both took eachother’s lip in mouth to suck ,I am feeling too horny but my vagina seems to be a dead fleshy hole as lot of frictions have made it burning and than sticky also .

So Rohan opened his mouth as I pushed my tongue in his mouth and while sucking it hard ,his finger starts rubbing my ass hole as it’s going inside and as I put my legs closer to him ,both are touching eachother’s ,while enjoying tongue in son’s mouth I am feeling his long finger in my ass hole as he is fingering it fast and getting horny with my son as we are not enjoying bath ,I know he is going to be with me in bathtub as I pushed his face back to free my tongue ,he than starts pressing my breast and his cock have erected like a iron rod as I hold it and than sits on my legs to love it and Nancy is nude with her young son Rohan as he is standing under cascade and her slut mom is holding his penis as I starts kissing his hard cock ,so as I removed it’s foreskin and my tongue starts moving on its glans ,he is bit hot as his hand is on my hairs andbutv than I took his cock in my mouth as my hand is on his waist ,so as I starts sucking his cock and my hand have hold his waist hard as I start feeling his cock’s erection in my mouth but today I have already spent lot of times in love as my mouth starts watering ,so left my son’s cock and now we both moved towards bathtub.

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Bathtub have capacity of two persons as it’s water is foamy and as I put my legs inside , slowly leaned down and while holding its side surface I just get laid in it as my head rests on backseat and looking at me ,my son Rohan came inside as we both are now holding eachother’s body and as our mouths are straight ,Rohan hold my long hairs and starts kissing my lips as his hand is rubbing my back and now our bodies are rubbing eachother’s as I can feel his hard cock hitting my I just put my hand down to hold my son’s penis and as we are inside bathtub in vertical position ,I put my knees bend as I starts rubbing his cock on my hole and Rohan kisses my face “need my cock in your cunt sexy
(She)let me enter it inside and than give me a hard fuck.”

So our bodies are under foamy water as Rohan’s glans goes inside my cunt and so Rohan just hold my back ,pushing his long thick penis in my cunt as his cock is in my cunt ,I just gave him free hand to enjoy Rohan is just shaking his waist in upwards and downwards position as my cunt is getting fucked ,so while my hand is on his back ,he have just put his cock from front portion in a vertical position but his speed is slow ,so while kissing his face to lips “Rohan fuck me hard “and than he took out his cock as he moved out of bathtub giving me a shock ,so he just waived his hand and I came out of foamy water as our bodies are nude and covered in under cascade ,he turned me and I put my both arms on wall as I put my heavy butts slight up and looking at him ,I can see Rohan holding his penis as he made my legs wider .

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So like a four legged animal ,I am feeling too horny and now Rohan moved his hand on my breast as his cock enters in my cunt ,so slowly it’s inside my glory hole as he starts fucking my vagina with speed and power .Nancy is enjoying her fuck as she starts swinging her butts and Rohan’s hard penetration is making me aroused as I am screaming “uh ah it’s hard go ahead “and Rohan is squeezing my boobs as he is fucking like a macho man ,so feeling my cunt like a hot tunnel as my legs are stretched with pain and shivering ,I just hold my butts as his fuck is giving me immense pleasure and he is shouting

“uh ah mom ,move your butts ,I am in heaven
(Nancy moving her butts)sure my son ,fuck me whole night “and as his penis is hitting my clitoris hard ,it’s a nice and satisfying orgasm as my cunt is waiting for it’s cum and our foamy bodies are under cascade ,getting washed with lot of water flowing on it and after a while Rohan screamed louder “uh ah it’s cumming sexy have it “and his penis rained semen in my vagina as I just moved forward to free it and than sucked it to taste it’s our bath cum sex ends for a day and night ………


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