My Uncle (part 2)

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Heeii everyone! It’s me again. In case you haven’t read my previous story yet (it’s about what happened before the following story that I’m going to write now) go an read it! Just search for “My Uncle” by LittleAngel, I had written it on 10.November.2019.

So now to the story. Enjoy!

Still underaged (I don’t know if I’m allowed to tell my exact age because it’s under 18) I and my mom and my siblings (my father was busy at that time) went to visit my uncle. As I explained in the previous story, my uncle had been living with his wife, his one-year-old son, his mom (my grandmom) and his dad (my granddad) who’s unfortunately blind. However this time I had shaved my pussy perfectly and I was ready to enjoy my uncle’s fingers touching my pussy. Well, so thought I… I can’t believe it, but then I got my period. Like HELL WHY NOW?! I was still about 1 week before my next period does why had it to happen so early?? I was telling myself: “Well the next time, don’t get too excited otherwise god will punish you.” I was indeed too excited to get to see my uncle again. So now I got a problem. When my uncle was going to touch me how am I supposed to tell him he can’t? I know my period isn’t something I should be ashamed of, but I wasn’t that kind of girl who likes to talk about such things. I’m very self-confident about many things but not about my period especially when it comes to talking about it with my uncle. Why? Because when you fall in love with someone you’ll behave like a little girl, a bit shy, always wanting to be perfect in front of your crush…

My angel Rani Chitthi

So the night broke in and as usual, my blind grand-dad, my sister and I were sleeping in the living room. My mom and grand-mom were sleeping in my grand-moms bedroom. My uncle, his wife, and his little son were sleeping upstairs in their bedroom. I gotta say at that time I wasn’t really realizing that my uncle even had a wife. I wasn’t thinking about how they might be sleeping together right now. I was just thinking about when might my uncle come into the living room, what should I do when he comes, should I look at him or pretend to be asleep, how long will it take until he comes…, etc. These were the questions that always were attacking my mind and causing me not to be able to sleep. My heart was racing every night so fast by the thought of my uncle that it sometimes did even hurt me.

It was already early at 8 a.m. My eyes shot open. My uncle wasn’t in the room. Normally I sleep until late midday. It’s all because of him I can’t sleep properly. Whatever, I closed my eyes. I was maybe laying there with closed eyes for 5 minutes, hearing nothing more than silence, when suddenly an arm grabbed my body, leading me into a hug. My eyes shot open again. Here he laid, my beautiful uncle, looking deep into my eyes. I can’t believe that I haven’t noticed him coming into the room. I closed my eyes. He waited for a minute then whispered: “If you want to sleep it’s okay. I’ll just head back into my bedroom.” I opened my eyes, took his hand and planted a little kiss on it, whispering back with a sleepy voice: “No, don’t leave me.” We were remaining like this for a short time when he started to come nearer and to knead my breasts. How many times I’d tell you what his touch does to me, it still wouldn’t be enough. My heart was beating hard against his big hands. My mouth let out little, soft moans. Then he played with my nipples, circling his finger around each nipple, tugging my nipples gently and finally put his mouth on one and sucking it while still playing with the other. Mmmhhmm, I love it. My body was melting under his touch, under his mouth, under his warmth. After a while, he put his hand slowly in the direction of my pussy. Little by little he reached for my already dripping, wet pussy. But I couldn’t let him know that I’m on my period so I grabbed his hand and stopped him. He wasn’t planning on stopping yet, and lead his hand more forcefully towards my pussy. I grabbed him harder, then he finally stopped. “Don’t you like it?”, he asked me as if to say “Don’t you want these things to happen between us? Never?”. His question was serious. He had a certain expression on his face but he was also seeming to fall apart like a little boy when you tell him something wrong. I had to answer him. I really wanted him to touch me down there, especially after he made me all horny and wet, but I couldn’t let him so I said softly: “I do like it, but just not this time. Do it another time.” He looked at me for a while. Then he sat upright and continued playing with my boobs. He had kissed me already a few times, but none of them were french kisses. But now he leaned over to me and gave me a french kiss. At that time I had been having braces and couldn’t open up my mouth wide because of the rubber band that you have in your braces (you can remove them). I was afraid my uncle had thought that I didn’t want to kiss him that that’s why I didn’t open up my moth widely. (months after, I told him what had happened & why I couldn’t open up my mouth) However, when my uncle was looking over to the TV, I removed my rubber bands. Afterward, he kissed me one more time. His tongue exploring my mouth, his mouth sucking on my tongue, it was driving me crazy. My breath fastened, my heartbeat got wilder. Little, soft moans were escaping my mouth as he was still continuing kissing me deeply… when suddenly the door opened. It was his wife! As the door opened my uncle pulled away immediately. I don’t know if she saw that her husband’s lips were on mine, or if she saw a bit later that only his face was close to mine, or if she saw his lips on mine but did think that she was imagining it and that she had seen it wrongly. I really don’t know. However, she had that facial expression that I can’t really explain. It wasn’t anger, it wasn’t sadness, it wasn’t confusion.. it was just nothing with a slightly “Umm, what’s going on..?”-look. My uncle had been holding his phone in one hand so he came again near to my face, while his wife was watching us, and held his phone on my face, pretending to have had shown me videos. His wife came to us and asked: “What are you guys watching?” “Just some videos,” my uncle answered her.

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